48 Years Old, 2 Kids - Looking to Have a Mommy Makeover - Sacramento, CA

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I have been a realself voyeur now for almost a...

I have been a realself voyeur now for almost a year. I started getting the e-mails after I receiving Botox for migraines (mind you I have not had any since!). I went on a diet at that time and started checking out the mommy makeovers and became very motivated. I am 48 years old, 5'3 and 148lbs. - athletic built with narrow hips and a broad back. I have two super awesome boys (17 & 16) and a superman supportive hubby! I have lost over 40lbs. and am ready to check out the possibilities with a mm.
At first, I was just checking out the tummy tucks, however after loosing more weight my poor boobies were becoming less full. In the last 2 years I have had some medical issues and could not get on track with a diet or weight loss program. 2 years ago I had a hysterectomy, then suffered pancreantitis twice due to gall stones. Had my gallbladder removed February 2015 and started feeling better and got busy trying get my mind and body healthy and loose weight. My weight has been an issue my entire life I put weight on like a dude...tummy, back and neck. When I was pregnant I weighed over 200lbs., putting on over 50-60 lbs with each pregnancy. Both boys were over 9lbs. and had an emergency c-section and planned c-section for both. I have had a total of 5 surgeries through the same bikini line incision so I have a seroma and a lot of scar tissue.
After lots of reading - stalking and asking people in the field (doctors, nurses, and of course the trusted hairstylists and salon gossip) I have decided on a doctor that has come highly recommended, Dr. Kaczynski. My first consult is tomorrow. I still don't have my "wish boobs" or my questions written out. These are some of my questions off the top of my head ~ lipo but, am not totally convinced, boob size, saline vs silicone (leaning towards the latter), nipple reduction?, belly buttons...and when can you have sex? Is it 4 weeks for the mm or just the ba?
Looking forward to the appointment and I will share my experience when done. Kudos to all the women for sharing and helping me get to this point. ~Cheers

Consult Complete and off to a GREAT start!

Dr. Kaczynski was AWESOME! The appointment went well and I felt confident and organized going in. His office has the surgery centre on site and said I was a perfect candidate for this procedure. He is currently booking 4 weeks out. I would prefer to do this when the weather is cooler due - I run really hot and don't want to have a panic attack in the compression suit. We decided on a standard abdominoplasty and a major bilateral mastopexy. He said that an implant would have to be done at another time and if I wanted he would be able to do after 6 months. He also said that I have enough breast tissue once lifted I may not want implants. The procedure will take 5 hours and that 75% of his patients after they have the lift are satisfied with their appearance. I have been on the fence about implants, so I felt this took the pressure off of having to make a decision to have or not have. My husband and I felt super comfortable in his office. The office was easy to find and was pretty busy. The staff was upbeat and very hospitable. My husband and I are looking at our calendar and finances tonight to get on the books. So excited I was lucky to have found "my" dr right out the gate. ~Cheers
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