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Hi real selfers! I have booked my breast...

Hi real selfers! I have booked my breast augmentation for November 11 2016 and have paid in full. I am done having kids and feel like now is the time since I recently started working out and have lost some body fat and breast tissue. I was a 32C at Victoria's Secret before I started working out, now 32B. After 3 consultations I chose the 3rd surgeon I met with. I do have some sagging, but very little tissue and really didn't want a lift. The first doctor I saw recommended a full lollipop lift with a small wedge anchor at the bottom. The cost was quoted at $11,000! The second surgeon I saw recommend a donut lift and quoted $8000. I was going to go for this option until I researched the technique further and was worried about the outcome. For the most part I don't love the look of lifts due to the scars, unnatural shape in some cases and too high of nipple placement. I decided to get a third consult and am so happy I did. The surgeon did not recommend any lift and showed me some of his work with a similar starting point as mine. He recommended a fairly small saline implant under the muscle. I could have also done silicone of course, but didn't want to have to get MRIs every 2 years to check for silent rupture. I hope I am making the right choice! I am very confident in my surgeon. I went for my pre-op 2 weeks ago and I was a nervous wreck! He made me feel so much better and had answers to all my questions. I am getting more excited as I get closer to my surgery date. I am only 5 days away! If anyone has any suggestion of things to do or buy before hand I would appreciate any advice!


I realized after I left my first post that I forgot to add in my stats. I'm 5'6" and 120 lb. I do work out a few times a week. Also, I have been taking a few supplements to get ready for surgery. I'm taking vitamin C 1,000mg per day, zinc 50 mg, magnesium 250 mg and arnica 30x 3 tabs 3 times a day. The arnica is supposed to help with bruising and swelling. My doc said it was ok to take. I stated these about 3 days ago and my surgery is in 4 days.

I survived surgery and my first night home!

I'm feeling pretty good except when I try to use my arms or take a deep breath in. My super helpful hubby scheduled my pain meds last night and forced my to eat something with them. I don't have any drainage on the gauze yet and can't see any bruising. I'm afraid to take off he bra but they look better that I thought already. They look bigger that I thought, too, but they should go down when the swelling goes down. My nurse at the surgery center was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and I didn't feel a thing during surgery even though I was slightly awake. I'm still tired. Not too hungry, but trying to eat a little something when I take my meds. I ended up with 310cc on both sides smooth round high profile mentor. So far I am so happy with them. I can't wait to hear from my doctor later today to see if I can shower. Not that I'm really up for it and I might need help.

Two days after

Feeling a lot better today. I'm getting used to sleeping on my back. I'm only taking Tylenol and the antibiotics today and the pain is manageable. The implants are still quite high and square which I expected. My Dr. and RN called yesterday to check in on me. I had a great experience overall in surgery and felt extremely comfortable with my team. My Dr. said everything went great in surgery. I go for a check up in 2 days. I took out the gauze yesterday and there was no drainage at all. No bruising either. I feel very lucky with the outcome so far. I feel like they're quite large still and hope once they settle I get used to the size.

Post op yesterday

Hi all! I saw my Dr yesterday for my first post op appt. I am 5 days out today. Dr cleared me to take a real shower. Yay! I was able to wash my hair unassisted. I wanted to share some bras I got before surgery so I would have some options other than the surgical bra. My favorite so far is the Hanes comfort flex. It clasps in the back. I prefer a clasp at this point instead of something that goes over my head as lifting my arms can still be a bit painful. Front or back clasp doesn't really seem to make a huge difference to me. I got one size small in the Hanes and one size medium. The medium still fits fine around the band on the middle clasp and the cup is a bit more appropriate for my size now. The small fits fine on the longest clasp. The wide seamless band at the bottom is really comfortable since I have inframammary incisions. My Dr gave me the ok to wear whatever bra was comfortable as long as it didn't have wires. The tapes are still in place over the sutures and no signs of infection. I am still taking preventative antibiotics and will continue for 10 days total. I have no bruising or swelling and my doc said things couldn't look better at this point. He said over the next few weeks to months the implants will drop more and fill the bottom of my breast and lift the bottom of my breast up a bit. I am very happy so far. I was worried that the implants were too large since I'm pretty small framed. As they drop they are looking and feeling less foreign. The changes have been slow so I'm only going to post pics in bras today since the boobs are basically the same as a couple days ago. I go back in 3 days for suture removal. I hope I will also get the ok for light exercise like squats as my butt has sure noticed that lack of them in the last few days. Wishing you all the best!

Sutures out today

Today is day 8 post op. I saw my Dr. and had my sutures removed. I can't say enough good things about my surgeon or his office staff. I arrived to my appointment 30 minutes early and was roomed immediately by the nurse. She helped me change and took my sutures out, cleaned my incisions and put wound tape on them. The incisions look great and are only about an inch long. They are right in the crease. Right after the nurse was done, she left the room and Dr. Yamahata came in. All of my questions were answered, most before I even asked them. I feel so confident that my result will be exactly what I want. As far as the office itself goes, I have never waited in the exam room or the waiting room at any of my appointments for longer than 5 minutes. I could not me happier with my choice of surgery center or surgeon.

3 week update

Hi realselfers! It's been 3 weeks since my breast implant surgery. I still have slight incisional pain, nothing bad, though. I think I have a few mondors cords, so the mild discomfort in the incisions should improve with time when those go away. So far, I am happy overall. I wish I could fast forward a couple months, as I'm getting impatient with the settling process. I feel like there is little to no change from last week. My doctor said it will take at least 4 weeks for the settling to start so I am trying to be patient. I can still see and feel my real boob at the bottom, causing a long, odd shape. Im also a little worried that I will end up too big. Hopefully as the shape improves I will be happy with the size. Out of clothes the size really looks good, just look big in tight higher necked tops. Again, just trying to be patient and hopeful for a great outcome. As the bottom part or the breast fills out, hopefully my natural tissue will blend in more and not look so long. At this point, I'm trying to remind myself that my current look is a huge improvement from the before.

More pics

Here are some pics in clothes. The mondors cords are gone. The incisional pain is better, just slightly sore to touch. I still can't sleep on my side because it feels like there is a pulling sensation in the incisions. Overall, feeling normal. Just trying to be patient. Progress seems slow, but my surgeon said it would be at least 4 weeks before dropping would start.

4 week update

Hello ladies!

4 weeks post op today. Pain is pretty much gone, incisions hurt a little if I stretch wrong or put much pressure on them, right is a little worse than left. Still waiting for the implants to drop and round out. I am happy worth the progress. They are getting squishier and feeling more like hey belong. I see my surgeon for a follow up next week. I got sized at VS yesterday. 32DD. It's what I was expecting because their sizing is a bit strange, but it does sound much bigger than I feel my boobs are. I got a couple cute bras in the styles I liked because they were on sale. I think I can wear underwire at the 12 week mark, so I've put them away for now. I'm not great at selfies, so the angles of my pics look a bit weird. Hope you get an idea of how things are coming along.

5 week follow up

I had my 5 week follow up appointment with my surgeon 2 days ago. He said that I'm progressing well, the implants are softening and dropping slowly as they should. It was reassuring as I was worried they weren't dropping much at all. He said my the 12 week mark I should be halfway to my final result and at 6 months I would see the final position. I am really happy with the size at this point. I can tell hey have dropped because is clothes they are looking less long and oddly shaped. I can wear higher necked tops and like the shape now. I'm waiting for my nipples to move up. My surgeon manipulated my breast at my appt to show me how he final result would look. Can't wait for the lower fullness! I will post some pics later when I have time. Overall, looking pretty much the same, but feeling better(softer, like they belong) and no pain at all. I am now allowed to sleep on my side, go braless at night if I want, and have no activity restrictions. Only restrictions now are no wired bras(fine by me!), and I can't sleep on my stomach, which I don't anyway.

5 weeks pics

Here are some pics of the current situation...

Comparison pics

6 week review

I am extremely happy at this point! I no longer have any pain. Incisions are healing well. They are completely hidden in the breast crease. The size is exactly what I was hoping for. It looks completely normal in clothes, hard to tell if you ask me:) I was really hoping for more fullness and better overall shape from where I started out pre BA. I'm still in no wire bras and minimal support bralettes. They are very comfortable and I'm still wearing a bra at night, even though my Dr cleared me to go brakes at night if I wanted. I am looking forward to wearing regular bras to get a little more lift and upper fullness in certain outfits. I will probably continue to wear the wireless most of the time even when I can wear a regular bra. I have started working out pretty regularly this week. Push ups are very uncomfortable and I have to modify. That is really the only thing I've found that is hard besides being extremely weak and getting sore after doing basic body weight exercises.


Hello ladies! I wanted to share some recent interactions I've had. I have only told a few people that I've had my boobs done. A few friends at work, my mom, my sister, and 3 close friends. One of my friends that I told mentions my boobs every time I see her. She says how good my boobs look in whatever I'm wearing. She says things in front of both of our husbands. She also asks, "what do I say if so and so asks if you've had a boob job?" I told her, of course, to direct any questions to me...I'm getting frustrated because I'm not sure why she is doing this. It would be one thing if it was just her and I when she makes the comments. I feel like she's doing it so that no one can forget that my boobs are not real. I'm mentioning this so that you make sure you only tell who you really want to know:/ wishing I would have kept my mouth shut as I don't think anyone would've even noticed...

10 week update

All is progressing well, I think. I am still very happy with my boobs. I am hoping my areola will look a little higher once the implants have fully dropped. I'm slightly worried that my final result will look too droopy, but so far so good. I still love the size and would not change that at all. I am looking forward to wearing regular bras. Mostly because I already bought a few really cute ones at VS. I am super happy that I like how I look in bralettes. They are so comfortable and cute. I just want a little more lift at times, so hopefully I'm cleared for regular bras when I see my dr in a couple weeks. The incisions still feel a bit bumpy, but are well healed at this point. The implants are feeling a little softer, not very natural feeling, though. I still wonder if I should have gotten silicone for a more natural feel. I can also see rippling when I bend certain ways. It's nothing that bothers me too much, and I had my reasons for getting saline. I have no pain whatsoever. Exercising is fine except for push ups. I still have to modify those. It feels like the implants are getting squeezed out the sides when I do push ups. Not a big deal since I really don't like those anyway.

12 week update

Everything is coming along well. I'm still happy with my results. Boobs are getting more round. Still hoping my areolas look higher once all is said and done. I am happy wit the size. I do think they look a little too big in clothes sometimes, but most ofthe time I'm very happy. I've worn an underwire bra a couple times now. I like the support I get from a real bra. I didn't really think I would need it, but I think clothes look better in a real bra. Sports bras also make the size and shape look good. After several hours the underwire feels a little uncomfortable underneath. Nothing major, but I do prefer the comfort of the soft bras and sports bras for long days. I'm still sleeping in a bra most nights. I can go without, but feel better with it on. My incisions are still well hidden in the crease. They are a bit bumpy still. I think I'm feeling the internal sutures. Hopefully those will dissolve over time. I see my Dr in a couple weeks for my follow up. I'm still happy I didn't get the lift even though I feel my areolas are lower than I'd like. I don't think the tradeoff with the scars would have been worth it for me. I'm also happy with the saline, less to worry about, I guess. I really don't think I'd be all that worried about silicone at this point and maybe the result would have been a little better. I do get some rippling when I bend over, but that's about it. The boobs don't feel quite natural but have softened up a lot more than I thought they would. Hope you're all doing great:)

Comparison pics


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Dr. Yamahata is very clam, reassuring, and experienced. I have several friend who have been to Dr. Yamahata and are very happy with their results.

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