England 32 AAA. Newly 25 Years Old with 2 Young Children. 300cc Mentor Under Muscle - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

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So here it goes.. I was sure I wasn't going to...

So here it goes.. I was sure I wasn't going to post a review however I feel I owe it to my amazing surgeon as well as you lovely ladies who have all been brave enough to share your wonderful stories!!
As long as I can remember I have always been very girly and growing up was excited to gain that womanly figure.. unfortunately as my body transformed my breasts stayed the same, teeny tiny. It has drastically impacted on my confidence over the years. As I fell pregnant with my first son I was sure my breasts would finally make that long awaited appearance.. but nothing.. social events became almost impossible my son has suffered years of not being swimming as I could not face getting into a bikini in public. There would be times I would force myself but I would do my best to avoid swimming senarios. I feel so so guilty for this!! And have some serious making up to do for my little boy!! I came across my surgeon Mr Pacifico a couple of years later, I knew 1000% he was the surgeon for me! He was completely understanding, caring and professional.. however life gets in the way at times, money was a real problem forcing me to suspend my BA journey.. some 5 years later I had my second baby boy and felt the time was right to finally pursue my goal. All I have ever wanted was just a little something but I have never been lucky enough until now and it is all thanks to my amazing surgeon!
I am currently 2 days p/o and generally feeling pretty good. I expected the pain to be far far worse..
My surgery was on 3rd August 2016. I have a very slender frame between size 8/10, I am roughly 5'6 in height and 9 stone in weight. I'm no gym goer, however running around after my 2 young children could count as a daily work out ???? my breasts were practically nonexistent I would wear a 32A but wouldn't actually fill the cup. My surgeon and I discussed my options and decided to go with 300cc mentor HP under muscle.
On the day of my surgery I think I was through every possible emotion. I have never had a general anesthesia before so I was super scared! I was so worried I would never wake up and see my beautiful children again (dramatic I know) but this is exactly how I felt. Mr Pacifico came to see me and he was brilliant! He is so reassuring I cannot thank him enough! Even being faced with my 100 emotions he was fantastic! On my way down to theatre I cried like a baby but everyone was so so lovely the nurse held my hand and we spoke about my children. Next thing I know I'm waking in recovery. Wow the pain is real the more I woke the worse it got.. my breasts were on fire! Strange but my right breast hurt so much more.. after 3 doses of morphine I slowly began to feel better. Mr Pacifico came in to see me and yet again the flood gates opened. I still feel awful for crying everytime I saw him! But I was so happy and relieved to see him! Back up in my room I felt ok I was quite sick though. That night I slept pretty well probably a solid 5 hours.

I woke feeling pretty ok.. just more tight than anything else, kind of like having a baby elephant sitting on my chest. Everytime I stood it felt as though they were filling up and about to burst. I have been able to get myself up on my own and haven't found sleeping proped up on my back too bad. I had a couple of naps during the day and am early night.
I woke roughly around 3am, not because of any pain but needing the loo. I was fine for a couple of hours this morning but then the sickness hit! I have felt really tight all day with the same bursting feeling when I stand up. I was actually sick this morning which was awful. Safe to say I'm feeling rather sorry for myself! Any advice on sickness ladies?
I have managed a little peek yesterday but nothing so far today.. my macom bra feels so incredibly tight! Especially under my right armpit. I keep trying to adjust it but it moves back up.. I am sore mainly around the bottom half of my breasts and my lower ribs. I'm presuming the bruising is making its way out now.
I did expect the pain to be a whole lot worse than what it is.. I actually feel very little pain and more tight.

Any advice on speeding the healing process would be hugely appreciated.. even if that's with some super foods that can aid recovery and provide energy??

Look forward to hearing from you ladies and reading your journeys!
I've been keeping on top of taking paracetamol every 4/5 hours. Last night I took 1 paracetamol and 1 codeine before bed.

9 days post op

So here I am a whole 9 days p/o.. how time has flown!! And I can honestly say I have not had any pain. I'm more uncomfortable than anything else, I am surprised and super grateful at how smooth this whole process has been! I had my 1 week post op check on Wednesday with a nurse and all was well. She did say my right breast was more swollen and to take ibroprofen to help the swelling so I have been doing as instructed. I have noticed my right breast more than the left for example I'm more aware of the incision and the skin has been sore to touch. But still nothing painful. My nurse said the main reason for this being I am right handed and therefore it is more dominant. Still I can't complain. I've had minimal bruising between my breasts for a couple of days initially but it was seriously so slight it was hardly noticeable.. which I think speaks volumes for my surgeon! I can move my arms freely and have been able to since day 1. They are still pretty numb from the nipple down but that's to be expected.. I just hope the feeling returns. But having said that even if the feeling doesn't return I wouldn't care as I LOVE my new additions! They look amazing already, such a massive transformation considering I had absolutely nothing before! I will be eternally grateful to my surgeon! He has literally changed not only my life but my children's as well! No more hiding from the swimming pool! I can't wait for the drop and fluff stage you ladies speak of, things can only get better from there! This has literally been the BEST desicion of my life and it definitely would never have happened had I not met my surgeon! I cannot fault him in anyway! I pleased to report I've not had any boobie greed but then I know I went the biggest size I could have possibly gone so I've no reason to mope! I have nothing to mope or regret as I now have something! Anything is an improvement on before trust me.. and what I have now.. well wow! They are so so much better than I could of ever imagined!
Wishing all you ladies out there waiting for surgery a smooth process and all those who've had their surgery hope u have a speedy recovery and love your new girls!
Reminder I had mentor 300cc unders :-)
London Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon is simply fantastic!! I would recommend Mr Pacifico to anyone considering surgery! From the moment I saw him I knew he was 10000% the right person for me. I have been so lucky to have such an amazing surgeon and will actually be sad when I no longer need to see him!

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