I did it!!! TT and BL - Round Rock, TX

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I'm 43 years old with a hubby and 3 wonderful...

I'm 43 years old with a hubby and 3 wonderful children - who just happened to trash my body while they occupied it for 9 months each...Of course they were worth it - :-) - I've been miserable with my body for the past 10 years and have gone on and off diets so many times. I've been about 30 pounds heavier than my pre-baby weight until about 2 years ago when I lost it and have kept it off - yay! However - no amount of dieting or working out has been able to change the shape of my midsection. I cannot wear form fitting clothes, and I have mastered the art of camoflage in my entire wardrobe. No 2 piece bathing suits for me since my honeymoon. Needless to say that my boobs have also been traveling down to meet my stomach and this is extremely disturbing to me. Last year I met with 2 plastic surgeons here in the Austin Texas area and liked one of them, just OK. Apparently I just wasn't feeling it because here it was, now May and I wanted to go see a few more to make a good decision. I saw 2 in one day and agonized over which of these to pick - as I really liked both of them. The decision was made by continuously talking through my concerns and I ultimately went with the PS who was willing to do the TT and BL in one procedure and didn't think I needed lipo. I called and scheduled my date and here I am! Scared to death but super excited and happy that I finally made the decision and it's happening! Now I will spend the next six weeks stressing over a variety of things - such as hoping I don't die and leave my kids to be pissed that I was vain enough to do something like this...or that I will have every rare complication known to exist and then a few not known to exist. Sigh. Hopefully I can channel my nervous energy to getting ready and prepared so that my experience will not be a horrendous one. That's all, folks! I will update as time crawls along... Thank you to everyone on here who has chosen to share their stories - it's amazing how much it helps to know that you are not alone! Happy healing (and waiting!)

Emotions like a roller coaster

So here we are - not quite 4 days after booking my date - and my nerves are already completely causing havoc! I've even considered (briefly) canceling! Ugh! It's so hard to stay away from the guilt feelings regarding this being an elective surgery and why would I put myself through it, yadda yadda. But I've wanted it for so long and I just want to feel normal. Hoping by the time July 19th rolls around I'm not a complete bumbling basket case... Happy Healing (&waiting) everyone!

Before pics

Took a few pics for my diary - to compare to after surgery pics! Hope it might be helpful to some out there one day. :)

Good news! Nerves starting to turn into excitement and less panic! Woo hoo!!

Starting to figure out what supplies I need to gather - trying to decide between a hospital bed or electric lift recliner...what do you all think? I've also read on here that some of you order these pre/post surgery vitamin packs - any feedback on where to get those or if they are even worth it? Happy healing everyone!

1 month til surgery!!

While it still feels like forever, I know it will be here before I know it. Slowly getting prepared and trying to gather everything I will need. My mom will be flying in 2 days before my surgery and staying for 10 days, which is great. My husband is also planning to stay around and work from home for the first 10 days or so. I'm really hoping that after the first 5 days I will at least be able to do some basic things for myself (fingers crossed). I'm reading everyone's updates and looking at pics and I can only hope that my results are as good as what I've been seeing! Still scared of something bad happening, but mostly I'm trying to keep positive thoughts flowing. :-)

My pre op appt is actually next week since my PS is going on vacation ( which should be good because by the time my surgery rolls around, he'll be back and all relaxed and refreshed and ready to do a super job on me!!) ... At least that's my view...

Good luck to all those going before me and happy healing to those already recovering!

Pre op done!

Today I went in for my PS Pre-op appt. They took the dreaded before pictures in the little paper undies (gorgeous, I'm telling you). The nurse called in all my prescriptions (muscle relaxer, antibiotics, and anti-nausea) as well as gave me my paper script for pain pills. I got all my Pre op instructions and was told to bring a soft bra to the surgery - like a genie bra - without wire or pads. The hospital will call me to schedule my blood work and EKG. I'm so excited! Looking forward to following all my fellow July surgery sisters!

Less than 2 weeks to go!!! Eeeek!!

Checking in - two weeks from yesterday until my day! I'm super excited and as equally nervous. I've been having some intestine issues (nothing too bad, hopefully) but it has had me nervous. Went to see my GI doctor to make sure all is ok, though. I have a twist in my colon which gives me grief every now and then. And my hernia also seems to be causing me discomfort. I'm being assured that it will all be ok, and maybe even having the MR will help my intestines not be so "out there" like they have been. Gross as it sounds, since my abs are so lax and separated, everything just sticks out and results in my prego look. I took a Pre-op pic of me in one of my fave maxi dresses. I hope to look less pregnant in it after my surgery. Fingers crossed!! I'm still agonizing over whether to rent a lift recliner or just buy a power one. Hoping that I'll be able to sleep in my bed - it's an adjustable tempurpedic. Overwhelmed with all the preparations! My mom flies in from FL next Sunday so she'll be here 5 days before my surgery. Should help a lot. I'll post another update before the big day!! Good luck to all before me and happy healing!

No Labwork???

Just got a call from hospital to schedule a time to fill out pre-op paperwork. When I asked about any lab work - they said that I didn't need any as long as I didn't have any pre-existing conditions. Well - call me crazy but WHAT IF I DON"T KNOW THAT I HAVE ANY CONDITION? I know I'm slightly neurotic but this scares me. Should I insist on it? Yikes! Help!

Getting prepared!

9 days left until the day!! I rented the lift recliner and will be delivered next Wed. Finally got my room the way I wanted it - comfy and peaceful - and hoping this makes even a slight difference in my recovery. Hopefully it will help my state of mind and that definitely helps! Started gathering items together in a big basket so that my mom and hubby won't have to go searching for things if I am sleeping or out of it. They are cracking me up - telling me that the scar will look like a smiley mouth and that they're going to draw eyes and a nose on my stomach when I'm passed out sleeping...oh boy I'm in for some fun. :-) I'm honestly thankful to have the support and laughter (although anticipating that it will hurt like heck to laugh). I'm having a recurring fear though - that my PS will start the surgery and then find out when he looks inside that something awful is "in there" and I'll wake up with bad news and no TT. Ugh. I wonder if reading all these stories is good for me or just making me crazy. I probably don't need any help in that department - LOL. I did decide that I want my husband to record his conversation with the PS / nurses when I'm discharged - when they give him instructions and whatnot. I know I will be out of it and he may only remember some of it due to being worried and stressed. I think that will help later on when we are faced with having to change dressings or empty drains... Anyway - I am following all my fellow July peeps and wishing you all the best!

One week from today!!!!

I'm borrowing a word I've heard on here from Squirrelgirl - SQUEEE!!! (Squealing with excitement). In exactly one week I'll be out and having my procedure! It's surreal to me right now! I was home the other day and my husband was out of town on business having dinner with someone he works with. He texts me and says that the guy's wife had same procedures two years ago as I will be having! (TT and BL). It was cool to hear! Now if I could just calm the nerves, I'd be set! Thinking of calling office and asking for something to help me get thru the week and at least sleep better.

Went to Kohls yesterday and bought one of those terry cloth zip up robes that I've heard are convenient the first few days. I will be styling! Heehee. Also bought a plain cotton summer dress because that's what I plan to be in for a while - dresses. Got some soft bras without padding or wires per my PS. That's what he'll put me in after surgery. I started looking at shape wear (they have a zillion!!) and I just got confused. I decided I'd wait until after surgery when PS tells me to switch from binder to something else. At least I'll know what size to get.

Happy healing to all!!

Had a mini breakdown

Ok - 4 days away!!! I've been having moments of craziness where I wanna call and cancel - because my nerves are all over the place! I've been getting lightheaded, headaches, stomach pain, and I'm second guessing myself like crazy! If it weren't for the ladies on this board - not sure I'd be going ahead. I've got work all day tomorrow and then thurs and Fri to get all the rest of my supplies. Plus my mom wants to go to the outlets one of those days. I also want to get my nails and toes done before I go in Friday, because lord knows when I'll be able to tolerate doing that. I think I may be a bit too ambitious about what I can accomplish - also need to grocery shop. Yikes. Oh well - it'll all get done.

So I called my PS office to see if they'd call something in for my nerves, and they were great about it. While I had the nurse on the phone, I asked her about whether I should shave or not (sorry tmi) - and she said yes, although they would also do it in the OR if necessary. She said to use clippers to minimize cuts and to do night before surgery. Great - something else to get done before waking up at 4:00. They want me to shower the night before and morning of surgery, as well as wash my hair. Don't they realize it takes me an hour to blow and straighten my hair?? Something tells me I won't get much sleep Thursday night. Not sure how well I'll be functioning Friday morning. Hopefully not vomiting from nervousness. Tomorrow I'll start the arnica pills and then continue for 7 days after surgery, per my PS. Already taking 2 colace a night because I don't need any help in the constipation area. On a normal week without pain pills I am lucky to go twice. Lol. Here's a fun little picture of me reclining in bed - thought I'd document the pooch before surgery and then compare same position after surgery. I've seen others do this and it makes sense. :)

It's tomorrow!!!!!!! Holy $&@!

Just woke up and my first thought was: "this is it. It's here. No more waiting." Then I wanted to scream. But I didn't - I am now lying here in bed trying to calmly think about what I need to do today. I kinda wish I had done everything already, but on the other hand, it gives me something to do to keep my mind occupied. :)

Oh well. Here goes! I'll update again tomorrow after its all over and I'm home. :)

Waking up in 4 hours...

Ok - really?? Two Xanax later and still no sleep?? In seven hours I will be in the hands of my doc - and lets hope that at least HE has a really good nights sleep tonight! Lol. Nervous doesn't even touch the surface. I'm toast. At this point I'm just looking forward to the IV and whatever they put in it to make me happy and sleepy. (Ha - I'm two of the 7 dwarfs! Haha!) I'm sure dopey will join in too - just praying that sneezy does NOT make an appearance! Grumpy will for sure be there! Will try to update as soon as I can. Nighty night!

Made it through!

I'm just about wrapping up PO day 3 and I have to say it has been rough! Haven't felt with it enough to even update my review. Even now it's hard keeping my eyes open and staying awake enough to type. Day of surgery is a blur. Got there by 5:30, they took me back and I changed into a gown and got my IV put in. My nurse was awesome! Anesthesia came in to talk to me, and then they wheeled me down the hall to OR. I remember nothing after that, except for waking up in recovery. I had to throw up twice - even with the Scop patch on - and it did not feel good. My recovery nurse must have meant well, but she was very stress inducing. She had this anxious aura about her and it annoyed me. My husband came in and after the fact told me that I looked like I was in bad shape and he was worried. After I peed, they were like "ok you can go home now!" But seriously at this point I just needed to get away from that woman. After a 20 min car ride, we got home and I got right into my recliner. It was about 5pm. That night was rough - lots of pain.

Day 2 was a little better - walked around house every pee break - ate small amts of good food all day. Slept a bit more that night, but didn't wake up for meds at 4 when I should have. Boy did that suck!! Advice: set alarms! Take your meds! Sat morning i had my 1st post op visit and he removed my wrapping from my boobs and he took off the binder to examine my stomach. i was nervous but didn't pass out -yay! He told me that i could shower tomorrow (Sunday), and that i would have great results.

Today has really been rougher than day 2 - lots of gas pains in lower abdomen. Eating prunes and apricots and colace and nothing helps. Walking around is still so painful but I force myself to.

Feeling weepy and emotional. Mad at everyone with no real reason.

I'm telling myself to stay patient and positive. We"ll see how that works!

More later when I'm feeling up to it. I'll also post a few pics. Thanks to everyone for the support! Hugs and healing wishes!

TT and BL - 1st pics

Entering PO day 5

I've had a crappy day in terms of my recovery today. Today was PO 4 and I really thought I could escape the swelling. I've blown up!!! And it's painful - feels like pressure and contractions like pregnancy contractions. I'm pretty sure it's because I've not been able to have a BM in 5-6 days! Don't know what else to do - tried prunes and prune juice, dried apricots, grapes, cantaloupe, and MOM on top of Colace each night. Going tomorrow for another post op visit - and hopefully at least one drain will be removed.

I'm trying not to feel discouraged but it's hard when you are going through this long hard journey and results are looking less than ideal. :( my first day home - results looked awesome and I was soooo pleased! Same with Sunday. It was Monday and PO day 3 when things started swelling. Praying for it to all go away. Hope everyone is doing well - good luck to those of you coming up and happy healing to those who have already gone!

Bruise no lipo...

Told myself I wouldn't get on this emotional roller coaster...

Today is day 8 - and to be honest- it's the best I've felt so far, in terms of pain and being functional. That, however was the problem, because I felt so good that I stood up a lot and helped a lot in the kitchen for my sister in law's b-day dinner. Right after I ate (not a lot) I felt like it was the 9th month of pregnancy and the contractions were in full force. I immediately realized I hadn't taken a muscle relaxer all day and it was a lot of hours since last pain pill. Ouchie!! I won't even go into the swelling issue. I have mostly been in tears on and off for this reason - I feel like after day 2 - swelling took over and my greatest fear is that this is the best I'm going to have, after all this money and pain. I know that swelling is normal - from reading online, from people on RS and from my PS, whom I think is fantastic. But my brain concocts all kinds of possibilities to make me crazy - like - "maybe I'm only a little bit swollen and the rest is just what I'm going to have to live with. Ugh. I'll try to work on my positive thinking.

On the positive side - I have both drains out since day 7! That is definitely a wonderful thing. Even though I still have paper strips on my scar, I think it's great! It's not as long as I had expected and it looks thin and neat. Belly button still makes me cringe but it's looking better each day. I'll post a few more pics soon. Happy healing!

Before and 7 days PO

Even with major swelling - quite a difference!!!

Think I may have a seroma...

9 dpo - The fun continues... I was kinda getting used to the idea that I'd be on the slower end of the healing curve, what with my pain continuing and my swelling. But today was awful! Even when pain pills kicked in, I was still feeling so swelled that my skin felt like it was going to rip. I imagine this is what a sausage feels like in a casing. The swelling is located mainly in the middle of my tummy and it actually hurts to touch my stomach. After I got out of the shower, I was using my hair dryer to dry my incision and belly button, and the air actually moved my tummy like ripples in a pond. I'm going to call my ps in the morning. Other than that, I can't say that I'm enjoying any of this experience. I haven't even felt good enough to try on clothing or sexy underwear because of the pain and crazy swelling. Frustrated and sad and anxious. Hard time staying positive today, but I keep trying.

Woke up feeling a lot better

So after having the day from hell yesterday, I actually slept a bit better (thank you Xanax) and woke up feeing kinda good. I even made our bed!! I have noticed though, that the swelling starts to get worse around noon or a bit later. I've been drinking tons of water, too, in hopes that it decreases the swelling.
Took some comparison pics this morning while sitting in my chair and taking a 30 min break from my binder.

Before and after at PO day 10

Turned corner!!

Well girls, for the last few days, especially yesterday - I've been feeling like crap, swelling, and crying. I finally got a good night sleep last night and woke up feeling almost as flat as my day of surgery! I expected to swell by noon, but I stayed that way all day long! I made an appt with ps because I was so disturbed about the swelling and was afraid I had seroma. Well Accdg to him, I do not, it's pure swelling. Whew! He advised me that laying with feet up on pillows higher than my heart/head would be a good idea. Sitting up in recliner may have been bringing the swelling on! Wow!

I felt better today than I have since before surgery. Thankful beyond belief! I got out when we went to Dr, had a quick lunch with hubby, and then went to see my dads new Apt since we were passing it. They were thankful and I even made it up and down a flight

I know things wont stay perfect, but as long as I have several moments like this, I'll be good. :)

A little over two weeks PO

Friday was my two week mark (2 days ago). I still have steri strips on my breasts from my BL and tape on my tummy incision. My PS says he will remove all, and take out bb stitches at my three week appt. Honestly the thought of anyone pulling anything out of my bb makes me feel woozy. ;) it's always been sensitive and now it's ten times worse. Basically, I see myself improving, but this is definitely no joke of a recovery. Still have no energy and if I do even small things (blow dry my hair, put dishes away, fold a load of laundry), it wipes me out. Ugh. Standing for any period of time makes my tummy swell, which sucks. Laying with feet higher than my head helps a lot. Still having issues with sleep, which I think has to do with the fact that I've never been a back sleeper and that's all I can do right now. Sleeping on my sides still hurts me. My ps said I'm allowed to, but it just feels bad.

My tummy is still semi-numb, and I hate the sensation. Still wearing the binder and will be for another 4 weeks. Ugh ugh. Although whenever I take it off to shower or wash it, I feel unprotected - like my stomach is going to fall apart. It's almost a security blanket by now. I'm hoping to find some good alternative options to wear after the binder goes bye bye - but the thought of going into a store and trying on makes me need a nap :-). I need suggestions for a light garment (spanx or flexees) to wear after binder, please!

My ass is still missing! I know several of us on here have experienced this and it's still alarming to me. My hubby says it looks like it's coming back a little but I don't know about that. To me it looks gone. Wth? If its happening because of our posture and being hunched over, shouldn't it return when we stand up straight? I'm still a bit hunched over so I'm trying to be patient - I'd love to hear from someone who this happened to - did you ever get your butt back?

All in all - I'm super happy with my results and I just love my ps. He's surpassed all my expectations and I'm so glad I went with him. His staff is also fantastic.

I'll post some pics soon, can't seem to remember to take some when I take a shower, but maybe today. ;)

Happy healing to all! And Yay! for all of us who have been brave enough to do this for ourselves! It will all be worth it.

3 weeks today!

Today is my 3 week PO mark! Unfortunately it's been a crappy day. I went back to work yesterday for about 6 hours. Apparently my body is not happy with that. Today I felt horrible from the morning upon waking up. Muscle burning in upper abs, swelling everywhere and kinda hard breathing - like I have to keep taking deep breaths. Weird. Also I was straight standing yesterday and today I am still hunched. Ugh. I emailed my PS and even though he was away for the weekend he emailed me right back - love him! He said its normal after resuming regular activity - that I will feel better after resting this weekend. Lets hope so! I'm still loving my results - though still haven't really been trying on clothing or bathing suits. I just don't feel up to it. Maybe in a few weeks. I did take a few pics and put them with my Pre op pics. I'm really happy I did this! It will only get better as time goes by and swelling stops. Maybe by Christmas!? Happy healing everyone!

Pics of incision and bb 3 weeks

Clothing update!

So I decided to be brave and try on several dresses that I had in closet that I could never wear because of my midsection. Guess what! I CAN WEAR ALL OF THEM NOW! I almost cried I was sooo happy! Why didn't I do this 5,6 years ago? I will remember this feeling all throughout my recovery and it will help me get through the bad days of swelling. Because the truth is - even on my most swollen day I will NEVER be as big and distorted as I was before this surgery. I wanna kiss my doctor!! (Jk hubby!)

Three week PO visit!

Saw my ps today for my official 3 week check - (even though it was Friday) and he took tape off all incisions - tummy and breasts! I also got my BB stitches removed. I'm cleared to swim this weekend as long as I don't stay in too long! Yay!! He was really pleased with how everything was looking - said I'm doing great for three weeks out. My tummy scar is very thin and much shorter than I'd expected - extremely happy with that. My breast lift scars are also thin and I think once they fade a bit I won't mind them at all. I asked about scar treatment and he said he doesn't want me doing anything yet. He'll see me again in 4 weeks and by then the incisions should be healed enough to start a scar regimen. Every doc seems to have their own way of doing things I guess. He hasn't done me wrong yet, so I'm following his instructions to the letter!

I'm still a bit hunched over when I've been sitting for a while, and my tummy is uncomfortably numb from belly button down. It's weird. My energy level is starting to return, so that is making me happy. I'm trying to eat healthy and stay away from salt and sugar as much as I can. Also trying to get in lots of protein. But I won't lie, I really really want a cupcake! My swelling comes and goes - I wake up flat and then by mid morning I'm swelling. I've been taking turmeric 2-3 times daily when I remember, and that may be helping a bit. I'm also pushing lots of water. My new fave is ice water with a few orange slices thrown in, with a sprinkle of Splenda. It's like an orangeade! Makes it easy to get 64 oz of h2o down per day!

On Friday I'm allowed to wear regular bras!!! Yay!! I can start rockin the newly lifted girls! Those soft bras are really not cutting it in the sexy department. :) I'm looking forward to shopping for new bras because I don't think I'm the same size anymore. Think I may have gone down a cup size, but we'll see. Maybe a BA is next up for me! :) lol.

3 more weeks of my binder, although I'm not sure I will want to part with it, it's become kind of like my security blanket. Definitely need to get some spanx-like equivalent.

I'm so happy I did this for myself - seriously regretting that I didn't do it 5-6 years ago.

Happy healing TT sisters!

Four weeks PO today!

I'm pretty happy with where I am right now - 4 weeks ago today and I'm almost feeling normal! I'm still numb in my lower tummy which is very weird, and I'm growing to hate my binder, but I only have 2 weeks with binder. I ordered about 7 different waist nipper type garments to switch to - hopefully some of them work! The weirdest thing has been happening - you know how when people get a limb amputated they have that "phantom limb" sensation where they still feel it? Well I swear I have phantom tummy!! I can be sitting with a client or walking down my hallway and I swear I still have it! Then i Iook down and it's gone! Crazy!! Here's a few pics of incision without the tape. Happy healing!

Laser hair removal here I come!!

As soon as my incision heals and it doesn't give me the willies to touch the "area below my scar" - I am sprinting to the nearest laser hair removal place!!!

New pics!

Finally feeling well enough to try on the bikini! Keep in mind my body hasn't worn a bikini in 16 years! This one is kinda skimpy but I think now I could pull it off!! Great feeling, ladies!

More pics!

Yet another pic

6 weeks in 3 days!

Hi everyone! It's been a few weeks since I've updated. Sorry - life has been busy! I'm pretty much back to my normal life except for my exercise routine. I've started back walking but I'm not yet up to my usual 3 miles a day. I figure I'll get there soon. About week 4 ish, I noticed that my left breast lift vertical incision was starting to look icky. After a few days it worsened and I sent pics to my doc. He told me to put silvadene ointment on it twice a day, and to send him another pic by end of week. I went about 3-4 days and called him again because it was opening wider and was white and gooey looking (totally skeeved me out). Soooo long story short -he had me come in so he could do a revision by cutting out the white icky part and putting some external stitches in. Wasn't the most fun I've ever had, but he was really awesome about it and I was relieved to have it closed up. It was really awful to change the bandage twice a day and see an open wound on one of the girls! I've posted a few pics of the nightmare before and the frankenboobie after. Just for fun. Doc tells me it will heal up and look just like my other vertical incision scar. I believe him. :) My tummy incision is doing great - healing nicely except for a couple of lumpy bumpy areas on ends of incision - which I'm told will flatten out in a couple months. I was cleared for using some scar treatments - both a liquid and the scar away silicone sheets. This Friday I will officially be 6 weeks and I can ditch my binder! Not totally sure how I'll handle that - it's been like a security blanket. That and I've been swelling like crazy the past week. Hope this is short lived because at times I feel like a stuffed sausage. Overall - I feel like a different person - I'm more confident and I love how I look in clothes compared to before. I don't have to camouflage the midsection anymore! Hubby loves it and is constantly telling me how hot I look! It's definitely something I'd do again - worth every penny and every unpleasant moment during the recovery. Advice: find a good PS who you trust. I love mine and it has really made this experience positive for me. Even with complication here and there.

Wearing my favorite maxi dress!!

Happiness! I took pics right before my surgery wearing one of my fave maxi dresses. I look about 5 months pregnant. Today I was wearing same dress but diff color and snapped a few pics to compare. This says it all for me. I should've done this for myself years ago - god bless my PS!!

6 weeks today!

So I've hit the six week mark! Wow. I'm allowed to ditch my binder. Should be all - yay! - but I'm not. I can't seem to go too long without it! It's like I'm dependent on the freaking thing! I just got home from my sons high school football game - I of course had to wear it - and now I'm in bed, without it. Wondering how many hours I'll last til I give in and go put it on. I just feel better with it on. Somewhere in the back of my mind is the irrational thought that my stomach will "go back the way it was" without the binder to hold it all in. Sigh. Hopefully this goes away. The emotional roller coaster is back on the track, I'm sad to report. One minute I'm so happy with my new midsection and the next I'm looking at myself and getting disgusted by my flabby legs and butt, and feeling like I'm gross. I think I'm more critical of myself now than I was before! (Could that even be possible? ) I know that I need to just get back to working out and walking regularly - but my mind races to "maybe I need lipo now?"
I think maybe I'm just having a mini meltdown and I will hopefully snap out of it soon.

Update on boobie drama: still have stitches in til this Wed. It hurts some but mostly it seems better. Today I noticed it was yellowish and panicked. I sent my doc an emailed pic and he responded right away that it's bruising that's resolving. So that's a good thing, eh? On wed when stitches come out I will ask him about why I feel so dependent on my binder and don't want to just give it up completely.

Fingers crossed that I make it through the night without putting binder back on. Just wanting to feel normal soon. :)

Almost 8 weeks!

It's hard to believe that I've made it to this point! Feel like it was yesterday that I was planning for my procedure! So to update, I'm doing better each day, my activities are basically back to normal, as is my energy level (all good-yay!). I'm still numb from below bb and actually still feel pins and needles above bb in some places. I'm still struggling with weaning away from my binder. I have to wear it while I sleep or else I'm uncomfortable. During day, if I wear nothing, I feel weird and unsupported. So I do binder or spanx garment. Occasionally I will do a few hours with nothing, but not often. That does have me a bit worried, but dr says it's normal and I will be able to be without it soon enough.

I have wicked moments of swelling, where I will swear that I have a little "pooch" again in my lower belly. I'm making myself stay patient until I'm closer to 4-5 months - so that I can see if it goes away.

Scar therapy has been skinmedica scar recovery gel and the scar away silicone strips. Only been doing it for about 1 week, so we will see.

My boobie drama is hopefully over! Had stitches removed last week and it's now starting to look healed. Wow who'd a thought my boob would be the thing to give me trouble?? Grateful for my ps who fixed it so quickly and has kept me sane throughout.

I'm thrilled with my results. Pure and simple. I would do this again with no hesitation. Love my surgeon and think he's an artist who really loves what he does. This process could have really been unpleasant and even with my few setbacks, I'm feeling so thankful and blessed.

I think I'm healing great and if I could just get rid of the numbness and the swelling - I'd be ecstatic! Look out Christmas! Hoping that by then I won't be dealing with either issue. I'll put up a few pics - I'm so happy with how I look and feel most of the time. It's sooo true how we see things so critically now that our tummies are flat. I see all this other imperfection when I should be grateful for what I have. Working on that, truly.

Wishing all of you well!!

1 year post mommy makeover!

I'm loving my new me! No regrets whatsoever! I only wish I did it way sooner! I'm actually having another procedure next week - lipo on inner and outer thighs and flanks. It's funny how you are bugged by other areas when the tummy is all wonderful again! But after a year, I'm feeling normal, still a little numb in some areas of my tummy, but nothing bothersome. I will say my muscles hurt up until I reached the 9-10 month mark. But overall - 100% happy and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

5 days post Lipo - flanks, inner/outer thighs

Holy bruising, Batman! So I did it! Lipo of inner and outer thighs, and flanks/hips. Surgery went super smooth - everyone at St. David's Hospital was awesome, and of course, Dr. Kerr is the best! Love him!! I'm super swollen though and it looks like someone took a baseball bat to me and went hog wild! Yikes! Hoping that goes away soon! Trying to be a good patient patient (heehee), because results won't be evident for at least several weeks. Bummer. My husband says he can see a difference in my flank area already, and I think he's right. My poor legs, however, they look double the size at the moment. In any event - I'm happy I went through with it and will try to wait patiently to see my results! Happy healing everyone!
Austin Plastic Surgeon

So far - very good bedside manner and extremely good reviews from patients. Down to earth and seemingly knowledgable and competent. Great before and after pictures. Will say more as I have more contact with pre-op and post-op. Went to Pre-op appt today - really love my PS so far - he's so calm and collected and really positive. About three weeks ago, I called to ask some questions and the patient coordinator told me to email Dr Kerr directly! So I did - and within the hour he replied and told me he'd answer all my questions that evening. Sure enough - that night I got a response - and he answered every one of my 10 questions, thoughtfully! I was frankly stunned. Feeling so much better and at ease and confident that I'm in good hands! Three weeks post-op: I love my results, my doc, and his staff! I have had nothing but good experiences with them, I'm so grateful! I will never use any other plastic surgeon and I will sing his praises to everyone who is considering having work done. I'm 110% glad I chose Dr Kerr and Synergy Plastic Surgery!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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