Mother of 3 Gets Her Wish at 40...time to Put the Girls Back Where They Belong! BL, TT, Lipo of hips - Round Rock, TX

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I'm 5'9" @ 160# a 36 DD/38 D and have just turned...

I'm 5'9" @ 160# a 36 DD/38 D and have just turned 40 . i am a mother of three who were all breastfed. Having surgery to my breasts has been a long awaited desire of mine even prior to having kids. I have always been large busted and droopy and am even worse now. For the past 6 months I have been doing research on real self and in June decided to make things happen. I had a consult with Dr. Kerr for a MommyMakeover ,whom I felt very comfortable with and have scheduled my surgery for November 26, 2013. I was so excited after my consult and just wanted it done yesterday. But, I have a while to go and will spend the time getting my body more in shape, reading all the great reviews on Real Self to help me figure out what I may need to be prepared. Thank you Real Self and members for your help with this journey.

I can not think of a catchy title.....

Well got the exercise part down. I walk everyday, do Pilates at work 3x week, and do some arm and leg weights on breaks as well. I am just having a harder time with the diet part. I am an Ovo lacto vegetarian so I eating good. But, I have a hard time passing up on the Friday night pizza nights. I also have a weakness for ice cream if it is in the house. Part of me is thinking I want to eat how I want within reason so I am at a maintainable and realistic weight, but I also want to maximize my surgery results. .....I have been searching for a power recliner everywhere, but goodness that are expensive. I considered renting one, but it seems pricey and thought I might as well put the money into something I can keep.

One more thing

I have my Mammogram scheduled for October 1st. Then pre op November 11th.

Mammo scare

Had my first baseline mammo on October 1st. Was called a week later and told the Radiologist wanted to take more views of my left breast. Had a diagnostic mammogram on the 10th and this time the results were negative for cancer. What a relief that was. I have purchased a power recliner and am counting down the days :) 29 days until my pre op and am so ready to get rid of my floppy belly and get the girls up. I plan on posting more pictures closer to my sx date. Happy healing ladies!

Nesting anyone?

Can not stop cleaning since I know I am going to be out of commission for awhile.

4 more days until pre op!

Pre op around the corner and I am so excited. I started my cycle today so yay hopefully no early surprises post op. One less thing to deal with. Need to start thinking of some low sodium vegetarian meals to make. Really want to avoid solids right before surgery and after until I have my first post op bm. Was thinking about getting light muscle milk protein shakes. Anyone tried these and know if they taste any good?

Pre Op done

Had my pre op today! :) love Dr. Kerr. Paid for surgery except for the hospital fees which I pay the day of surgery. Discussed what to do do and not do between now and surgery. Basically meaning stop any supplements and do not take Advil. No alcohol 1 wk prior and on the night before and morning of surgery I need to shower with antibacterial soap. Had my pre op pics taken and signed consent forms. I discussed with Dr. Kerr my concerns about getting the girls up as high as he can . He spent extended time examining me to ensure he can provide me with a desirable outcome, however he may need to extend his incision line beyond just the vertical incision. I agreed as the placement of my breasts is more important to me than the scars. He will decide during the procedure if he needs to extend the incision. My surgery is expected to last 5 1/2 to 6 hrs . My surgery is at 7 am and I need to be there at 5:15 am. My first post op is the following day. Now I will attempt to post the pre pics I took myself prior to my appointment. :/

Pre op pics

Here we ago......ugh. Thank you to all before me who shared their pre and post pics.

Hospital pre op done!

Had a pre op visit at the hospital today. Just questions, paperwork, and a pregnancy test. On the home stretch and so excited!

Final Countdown!

Oh my goodness in 8 hrs and 15 min I will be getting up to get ready . I will be in surgery in 11 hrs. Eeeek. Still need to shower tonight with dial antibacterial soap and then again in the am. Please send prayers and happy thoughts my way! Happy healing to all of you and see you on the flat side :)

On the flat side!

Made it to the flat side. Doctor Kerr said I had a 6 inch muscle separation, took 235 ccs from my left breast to make me symmetrical, and 400 ccs from my hips. I was in post op for a long time due to a low Bp episode with tunnel vision when I went to the restroom. I will have to post more later. I can not see too good right now. Hope al of you are doing well.


No post op BM yet. Have taken miralax, dulcelax, eating prunes, and drinking water. Today I was able to stay awake a bit longer. No energy to shower or take pictures though. My drains are doing well and hope they will be removed on Monday. I woke up recently feeling feverish. My temp was 99.5 so will need to watch that too. My hubby has been the best caretaker and there is no way I could do this without his help. Laters for now and happy healing and good luck.

Pictures post op day 3

Cough = pain

Day 4 post op. My pain is getting better, but holy cow did I get caught off guard and coughed. I have lots of mucus to cough up from being sedentary I suppose and it hurts so bad. I grabbed a pillow to put on my tummy and wish I could say that it helps, but no it does not. I am finding it easier to get myself up out of my electric recliner. One of my two drains is hardly draining at all now. So at least one drain should be able to come out on Monday. Still no bm , but have passed gas. I do not have an appetite , but my Hubby ensures I eat something. So far I have only eaten graham crackers, no salt saltines, pineapples, prunes, and a little peanut butter. I am drinking a protein smoothie for breakfast and muscle milk protein shakes for dinner. Trying to drink as much water as I can and added coffee to see if it may get the bowels moving. My goal for today is to take a shower. Hope all are healing well . :)

Ta Da!

Milk of magnesia worked. Took 4 tablespoons last night and 4 more this morning. Took no effort on my part so that was a relief. Afterwards my awesome hubby helped me shower and wash my hair. I now feel like a new woman, but it did wipe me out. Have an appt tomorrow to hopefully a drain removed. My right drain has little drainage, but the left side is still draining quite a bit. Need to be less than 20
cc's for 24 hrs to get a drain removed. My abdomen is still swollen so I do not see much result there, but I know in time I will see a great result. I initially was getting just a verticle breast lift, but after sharing my desired outcome of wanting to be high, round and fake looking without an implant, Dr. Kerr advised he may need to do a full anchor lift which is what he did. My hubby said they look fake like I wanted and thinks they look great. Well that is all for now. Happy healing.

One week post op pictures

I'm drain less

Yay! My second drain came out today. So happy and helps to feel a bit more normal. Woke up this morning in recliner feeling really good. Not too stiff and was able to stretch a bit. I am finding that my abdomen gets really tight at just about the 7 hr mark since my last muscle relaxer. I am walking straighter as well , but after a few hours fatigue sets in and I am hunching over. I am in love with my uplifted girls and excited to see my overall results in the months ahead. Dr. Kerr is amazing !! Not much else to report. I go back next on the 18th / 3 wk mark to have the stitches around my belly button removed. Happy healing!

2 wk post op pics

I have hit the two week post op mark. I stopped taking pain pills 4 days ago and overall I have not much pain. I have had some aching discomfort in the abdomen which was relieved with Tylenol. I am still taking the muscle relaxers that wear off at the 6th to 7th hour. I slept in my own bed last night with lots of pillows. I made it through the night , but my sleep was restless. The recliner is still more comfortable.

Last night I noticed a hole at the t junction under my left breast. By this morning to me it looked bigger and it seems like it will travel up my vertical incision once the scab falls off. I emailed my dr pictures last night and today. He said it looked ok, but he ordered some white cream that I am to put on it and wash it off twice a day in the shower and then I am to place gauze on it. The hole has a milky white appearance.

I am feeling a little frumpy today. I took pictures and feel like I look bigger and am still swollen. I know it takes time and I need to be patient. I decided to put a corset that I have on today to see if it makes a difference. It feels tighter to me, but uncomfortable.

Happy healing !

Yes it was worth it!

I took a chance in an effort to make myself feel better and as suggested by Snowfly tried on my favorite jeans. For the first time in over 20 yrs I do NOT have a muffin top! I am so happy and can not wait to go exercise/ shop for new things that I never could wear before.

On another note in addition to needing to treat my left breast with cream, I have a section along my abdominal incision that is opening that I am treating as well. I think I started standing up straight too soon.

Splitting incision :(

I have more splitting areas along my abdominal incision. So 3 areas on abdomen and one area under left breast. Hope I can get in early with my PS on Monday. I am using a white cream ( silver sulf...?) on all areas , washing Two times a day and placing gauze over the area. I do have white to yellow thick drainage. I am thinking that my binder has been rubbing too much and may have caused some of this. Today I am going to try wearing a high waisted flexees garment.

Anyone else going through this? How long until it will close and heal?

Picture of abdominal incision

Week three post op visit

Well this week my breasts started waking up I guess. I have had some electric shock type pains in them of and on. My abdominal incision is having uncommon complications with healing. What is uncommon is that I have multiple areas along the incision that are splitting open. I have two areas that I have to do a wet dry treatment on at least twice a day. This means I have to soak gauze with saline , wring it out, and then pack my two larger areas with the gauze. The other areas I will have to continue putting the cream on and shower twice a day. My doctor said unfortunately it will look a lot worse before getting better. The areas will get larger and deeper and start to bleed a bit. I am looking at 6 or more weeks until healed. I have been reassured that in the end my abdominal scar will look like nothing had happened. My left breast still has healing to at the T . I had my BB stitches taken out and my scabs removed off of my breasts. Wow what a difference that made in their appearance. :).

I am still sleeping in the recliner and taking my muscle relaxers. I returned to work this week, but since it is sedentary I had no problems. My doctor has said that I may walk for exercise. I am not sure that I have lost any weight and do not want to weigh myself yet since I still can tell I have swelling on my hips. My waist and hips are smaller though. No more love handles! Yay! I walk on occasion hunched when I get a abdominal spasm or when standing up after sitting for awhile .

Well that about sums it up. I go back to the doctor in two weeks. Happy healing ladies. :)

Open incision pics wk 3

Weight loss :)

I dared myself to step on the scale. I weigh 159# :) I am thinking I was 167-168 at the time of surgery. I am so excited. I cannot wait to be able to exercise like I did pre sx. Happy Holidays and continued good healing to all!

6 wks post op

This week I hit the six week post op mark. I feel great. I lost the binder, I can sleep flat on my back and on my side. I still get tightness in the abs when I rise up from sitting. My abdomen still has a numb feeling in spots. My open incisions are slowly closing. My ps will decide in a week if he will do an in office revision and close things up or let things close on their own. I am so happy I did this even with the set backs.

Hope all are doing well and continued happy healing!

End of 7 wks wounds closing !

I am just a few days shy of being 8 wks post op. Tried jogging today and my upper abs did not seem to like it so did not do that for long. My openings along my TT are pretty much closed. Can not believe what a few days and added protein can do. My opening under my left breast is filling in and should close in another week. No in office revisions are currently needed. Other than that not much new. :)

7 wk wound pics

8 wks post op

Met with my PS today. I can stop packing my left breast and switch back to the silver white cream. I return in a month and will then be able to start my scar treatment. My TT incision needs no more special care. Hope all of you are doing well ! Happy healing.

1 year post Mommy Makeover

Happy Thanksgiving. I can not believe how fast that year went. I am very happy with my results and scarring. I am not happy with how much weight I've
gained. I also seem to have an area in my right hip that is swollen. Feels fluid filled. It has been there for months and has not changed in size. I would definitely do it all over again. So where the weight came on appears to be in my legs and butt. Also higher love handles :(. So lesson learned...don't think you have a cushion to eat what you want since you had surgery. The weight will sneak up on you.


Austin Plastic Surgeon

Kind, caring, professional, and..........yes Dr. Kerr has the magic wand we have all been looking for. Synergy Plastic Surgery goes above and beyond to help meet your wishes and expectations. Each and every staff member greets you with a caring and genuine smile and treats you with respect. This is the place to go and where dreams come true.

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