25 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, Breast Fed, and a Much Needed Mommy Makeover - Round Rock, TX

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So far i have gone to a few different places and...

So far i have gone to a few different places and gotten consultations. Meridian wanted to charge me right under 12,000 for a lift and saline implants, and just under 11,000 for the tummy tuck. Meridian has their own surgery room in their office yet they are charging more than the Synergy which is a place that rents out space at the hospital. At meridian yes they were nice and i felt okay there but i seemed pushed and as if the price was way to high so even though i got a good reference there i went looking around. they also never gave me a exact cc amount they could implant with having a lift at the same time. meridian also would not do a tummy tuck and boobs at the same time trying to make me come back for another time and i would get no discount because i wouldnt be able to do them at the same time. i felt meridians prices where to high and all they wanted was my money. at synergy i met with them this past Monday so 3 days ago and i have already booked my surgery for the 21st of this month. i have seen them every day and they have been there for me 100%. i chose to go with synergy due to their attitudes, their results, and i found out i new someone in the office so it made it less scary. i am looking fwd to my surgery on monday and they have booked me with a next day fallow up after it and more. dr kerr is amazing also he walked me through everything when it comes to the surgery and was just a good vibe from him. im very big on first impression and if i get a good vibe or bad one. i have heard he is great even after the surgery and its not about the money its about making the person comfortable in their own skin again. for the tummy tuck and boobs it would only be around 13000 but unfortunately i dont have that much and cant get that big of a loan. i will load pics once i can remove my tats on the pic. will have more info coming soon

3 days away

okay so im 3 days away from getting my boobs done. I am super excited and cant wait.

less then 24 hrs

Okay so in less then 24 hrs I will be in surgery. No eating or drinking past 12 tonight n im off at 1030. After I get off I will be able to post pictures. Sorry it has taken so long for them. Will be at the drs at 1130 tomorrow morning....super excited

pics less then 12 hrs b4 surgery


surgery went great. Not near as much pain as they said i would be. They actually kind of scared me a little with how much pain they said I wud be In but since I left I haven't had to take any painkillers. finally waking up I got to relax. I have an appointment tomorrow to get the bandages off.super super happy with how I was treated at the hospital other than one nurse. Everybody was great. I will have post op pictures up tomorrow and then I will keep you updated on the progress on how everything heals the only pain I am having is whenever I lift my arms to High


He got 600cc in the left due to being smaller and 550cc in the right

first day po

so today was the day after my surgery. im alittle sore but nuthing like id thought id be. im sore depending on what i do and how i do it.i think waking up is the hardest getting up technically. still on some pain meds and anti inflammatory.

first set pics po

These are bad pics but im sore so cant get a good angle so will have a friend take pics soon

2 days post opp

1 week post opp

this was at 2 weeks post op

super happy

Okay so I went and got sized on thursday for a bra due to the fact that they no longer make my size. When I got sized I found out I was a 32FF and they believe by the time I finish dropping I will be a 32G or 32GG
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