Breast lift 11/08/2013

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I used to have a very nice 34C but did not take...

I used to have a very nice 34C but did not take care of my breast before and during pregnancy and after breastfeeding my son for a year, I am now a saggy 32D. My son is now 7 years old and I am so ready to feel normal about my breast again. I have been reading a lot of stories on this site and I now feel more comfortable. Hubby was not on board earlier but is now ok with it, I guess?? The first time I talk to him about it, the conversation went as far as life insurance which completely discouraged me. The truth is I am so so scared of doing this but want it so bad. Had my first consultation last week, I don't think that will be my surgeon just because he was in a bit in a hurry and i left with a lot if unanswered question. I am going to another consultation Wednesday and I am pretty sure, that will be my surgeon based on all the great reviews I read about him. He also offer military discount, hehe 5% off. Well that's one thing my hubby was happy about. I am 5"4, 124 pounds and looking for something very natural looking, not huge but definetely not too small... Any suggestion?? On my first consultation, we liked the 255cc and that was the plan, but will update about the upcoming consultation and provide the doctor infos for sure and a more accurate pricing. Anybody used Dr. Kerr in Roung Rock TX. Oh, what's the day of surgery like? Thank you everyone in advance for the support.

I think I am going with Dr. Kerr at synergy plastic surgery

Hi everyone, I meant to update but I had a rough two weeks. I finally went to my consultation and yes I will be going with Dr. Kerr because he is very reassuring and saw a lot of great reviews on him. I have also decided to go with Saline instead of silicon just because of the low maintenance. I don't think I can do every 2 years MRI. I might also be going with 300 instead if the 255. I do am a bit stress right now though, I went to my annual exam and my doctor said I have a heart murmur which could be completely innocent but she also think I might highly thyroid. Did my complete blood work to check everything and waiting for the results from my doc . I am also going to scan my heart next week to confirm that the murmur are indeed innocent before I schedule a day for surgery, please fringed cross for me. I really don't want anything to delay this as I desperately need those girls back to where they were so I can move on. As pricing go, my cost will be $7300.

No implants. Just lift

Ok ladies, this is. My surgery is scheduled for November 8th. I have change my doc but I am having hard time changing through this site. Anyway my surgery will now be with dr. Dustin Reid in austin tx. After a lot of research I have decided that I don't want implants. Nothing against it but I really like my small top and don't want to be fuller. Just want to be able to go braless from time to time without feeling so self conscious especially in my night gown. I really do love the implants on other ladies but it is just not for me.Dr. Reid had been amazing so far. My pre-op is next week. This whole thing is like a dream. I can't stop thinking of everything that could go wrong even though I know deep down that I will be just fine. By the way, my hubby is really supportive now and is the one that is given me the courage and remind me that I wanted this for 7 years now. We wanted another child but tried for 2 years and has not happened yet, that's it what was blocking me. Since I don't know if it will ever happen, I am doing this now, give myself a year to heal completely and we can keep trying. If it happened then, I will be so glad if not at least I did not wait a lifetime for my breast lift and we have one amazing child, so it is all good. Now, no one knows about this surgery beside my husband. I can't open up to anyone, not even my mom. She will freak out and I will not get this done, which makes it so hard. I keep thinking, what if something goes wrong and they have to find out then? Oh boy!! How do I change my doc? Any idea on how to get over all the nervosity? Here are some before pics. Ladies, please pray and pray for a safe surgery. Hopefully my review can help someone one day :-)

Surgery Is 11/08/2013. Site is confusing me

Not sure what is going on with the site . Can't change my doc nor add the date of the surgery .. It is showing 10 years post ?? Lol, don't I wish...

Completely healthy!!

I forgot to update that I don't have thyroid and my heart murmur is innocent. My doc nearly killed me With all these false alarm, but I am glad I did all my test in prep.for this surgery.

Some pics!!


In exactly 2 weeks, i will be under the knife. I am starting to really freak out, bad dreams, insomnia. I almost want to cancel but then I look at myself in the mirror...



Since my PS is offering 10% discount on his fee if I pay cash, went to the bank to make the cashier check, oh boy !! once I give that check on Wednesday, there is no turning down. Up to now, I only paid 500 deposit and I could easily cancel...This is getting real, scaring,and exciting at the same time. Pre-op is Wednesday. Good luck to everyone out there having surgery soon.


Hi All,
So I catch a cold on Tuesday and my pre-op was Wednesday, the nurse did not want me to get blood work done since I had a bit of fever,so the pre-op was rescheduled for this Monday which is only 5 days before the surgery, she reassured me it is ok and won't be too late. She just called to check how I am doing, bless her sweet heart, I am well by the way.OMG, I don't like the way I am feeling right now, I am such a mess emotionally. Hopefully by this time Friday, I will be on the other side safe and recovering. The surgery center and the anesthesiologist both called to collect their payments but I let them know I will pay after my Pre-op on Monday. I can barely sleep , focus at work and I keep having these weirds dreams about something going wrong. I will update after the pre/op. Does this happen to everyone?


Hi ladies, I am sorry to let you all especially those that wanted to see my result. I canceled my surgery for now. I won't get my deposit back but that's more than fair and dr. Reid and his stuffs have been amazing and understanding. Here is how I came to the decision: I was always nervous about the procedure but it really got to me when my 7 years old son and I were playing who loves who more. Me: I love u, son: no, I love u more. Me: no, I love you and would do anything for u. Son: mommy, I will die for, me: don't say that, I am ur mom and will die for u, u shouldn't die for me. Son: well if you die, I can't live anymore, I don't want to live without u, I will just have to kill myself. Right there, I froze and all I could think about it even slightly risking my life. I know the surgery is extremely safe but also not 100% guarantee and as much as I would love to have my breast lifted, my little one seems to be needing me more for now and not taking such risks makes me feel comfortable and ease at mind . Ladies, again sorry and wish you all a safe surgery and easy recovery, there won't be any regret for sure and I know you will enjoy the results to the fullest. My time will eventually come on day but I guess it wasn't now. Good luck to you all!!
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