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I am a 33 y/o Mommy of two via classic cesarean :(...

I am a 33 y/o Mommy of two via classic cesarean :( . 5'4 and 145, very active and work full time. I have been following this site for forever and love all the wonderful advice and reviews from these fabulously brave women.

I had my surgery 4 Apr in Round Rock Tx with Dr Kerr (genius) and now 13 days PO finally have the courage and time to update and post pics.

I took two weeks off of work and paid $700 to book appt. I called my mom and asked her to help me out for a few days til I could get around. She lives two hours away but at a chance to play with grand babies she happily took a week off work.

At my second appt two weeks out, I revisited with Dr Kerr and got a list No-No's, took pics of old bod, re checked implant size (went with 375cc silicon) and paid $1,370 for anesthesia and the $7,377.90 via Care Credit.

Day of Surgery
My husband was able to take the day of surgery off but he could not stay too long since our babies ( 33 month and 17 mths) get out of daycare at 5pm and would be an hour away. My surgery was scheduled for 945Am and I had to be at St David's by 7 - so Mom drove me to hospital and Hubs took babies to daycare then drove the hour to ST David's. The hospital was very clean, nice and welcoming. After checking in and paying $1,464.25 for the facility fee I was escorted into my private room. There was a tv and restroom a chair for my mom to relax in and the obvious hospital bed. It was not long til nurse came in and asked me more questions about my surgery and ensured I was who I was, knew what I was getting into and who was gonna do it. They were very thorough and personable. Dr Kerr came in to check on me and ensure I was not too nervous he was finishing a case and would be in later to mark me up then anesthesia :) I don't remember getting it but I was very happy when over- and I didn't get sick thankfully!! My only surgeries are my c sections and both times I was dreadfully nauseous.

Once I came to pain was not bad, catheter was out and I felt great. Upset that missed my hubs bc the it was close to 4pm and he had to get back for our babies. While in surgery he drove to a near hotel and got me a room! I love that he thought it would be better to stay in RR since my follow up appt was the next day and he knew I would be more comfortable.

I have been hitting gym hard and strengthening my lower back to prepare for being hunched over- it was awkward to walk that way into a hotel-I was not in pain but fearful of the pain to come. I slept on a sofa bent with pillows and a small accent table to rest my legs- my mom was vigilant and ensured I got my antibiotics, pain pill and muscle relaxer on time. Ooh I did get dizzy and a bit nauseated after getting up to go pee in the middle of the night. The Phenegran helped.

Day after
I felt like I peed all night but felt good and not that hungry-- ate some low sodium cup of noodles and drank tons of water-- getting up to get to appt was a challenge I was clumsy and my mom tried to grab me and reached under my breast to steady me and I screeched -- pain followed by nausea-
After one Pain pill and nausea pill we headed to office-- hated sitting a scrunchy in car but c'est la vie. Dr Kerr's nurse assisted in getting me settled and unwrapped me!! Wholly cow by boobs were huge and felt like they were growing-drains were a pain and were both draining 35cc (forgot to drain them last night) Dr Kerr was great he came in he checked my belly-I loved it instantly no more vertical scar and flat!! TT scar very low! My mom's face was classic amazement! She started asking about her :)
I did get suddenly nauseous and felt the blood drain from my face when Dr Kerr cleaned my new belly button- he stopped and stayed with me til I came back and explained this happens and he apologized for making me feel bad and have a vagus reaction? No idea what that means? Need to look it up.

Days 2-3 I slept in recliner and walked around frequently hunched over -it killed me to not hold my babies and tuck them in at night. They played in my room where we shoved the recliner into and stayed for a few mins to visit with me but got bored with looking at a drowsy mommy and moved on to active and attentive daddy. My right drain was doing great and stayed at 10cc for 48 hrs so I went to have it removed the left was at 25 cc and finally came out day 5!!

At Day 5 appt Dr K said I could try to start straightening up and sleep flat if I felt comfortable!!

Ooh I almost forgot I stopped taking pain pill on day 4 bc I hate being drowsy and at day 5 visit asked if I can take Motrin instead of muscle relaxer pill.

Day 6 -now
I am on my own I slept in my bed with pillows to elevate my head slighty since my breast and sometimes feel like they are creeping up? Is that weird?? I also noticed my nipples are extra sensitive and even lactate a little when I do my massages?? I did start standing up straighter and walk comfortably with my abdominal band Dr Kerr gave me. I bought a bra from target that is super comfy and even though it buckle in back I absolutely love it and it was $16!!

Whew that was a marathon of catching up! Happy healing ladies! I will try to post all pics

Austin Plastic Surgeon

On this site! I loved his answers to questions and had to meet him. He was the 2nd out of 3 docs I consulted with and won my husband and I with his great bedside manner and cowboy boots! It didn't hurt that he was an clinical asst at Texas A&M either! Whoop! I researched and visited 3 docs and felt soo comfortable in Dr Kerr's presence. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised that he took time to discuss and answer my million question prior to actually examining me! The others I visited, had a nurse interview then off with the clothes and in comes the doc. Dr Kerr's RR office is nice, easy to get to, and private! I was really unsure about breast augmentation -thought there's really nothing wrong with mine but after much debate and discussion with Hubby and going over cost again it seemed the right thing to do.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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