2 year journey - finally complete

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I'm 5"5 and 145 pounds. I'm healthy...

I'm 5"5 and 145 pounds. I'm healthy and 41 years old. Even though I work out 3 times a week and have a great personal trainer, I could not get rid of the 'donut' I had on the top of my stomach. My sides, hips, thighs and butt are still nice and shapely. But when I turned to the side it was a different story!

I never dreamed of lipo because I heard it was painful. Then I heard on the radio about laser assisted lipo and the DJ was raving about her results. I know I took a chance but I went to a laser lipo clinic where that is all they do. They've done hundreds of procedures and the docs put me at ease. great bedside manner and I felt I was in good hands. Most importantly, they did NOT talk me in to getting areas that I did not need done. That set my mind at ease because I'm not trying to get perfect. I'm just wanting to wear a 2 peice bathing suit and not have to worry about my belly spilling over the top.

Long story short, the docs were great. It took 1.5 hours and they removed 2,700 cc's of fat and fluid or whatever it is. That's like a 2 liter bottle of soda plus almost another 1 liter bottle. I had a lot in my belly. They did not take it all out because my doc said she did not want me to have loose skin. She said I'm active and will lose the rest naturally.

Did it hurt? Yes!! Stung like heck at time especially around my ribs where I have no meat. But it didn't hurt enough for me to say don't get it done if you want or need it. It's like a root canal. Stings when they give you the novacaine and here and there they hit an area which isn't that numb and you jump, but they stop and get you numb again.

It's been 7 days and the swelling goes down a bit more every day. I'm so excited to think that this will improve every day for the next 3 months. I'm happy now I can't imagine it's going to look even better :-) So far I have no loose skin, no unevenness, no lumps (but I do have swollen area in the middle that is still sore and will probably for at least another week), no major bruises. I did not leak beyond 24 hours. I feel my lower belly the most sore and can feel the skin tightening as the feeling slowly comes back from being numb.

Thanks for everyone who shared. It gave me so much information I was totally prepared for the proceedure and the after care. I did not take before pics but will load them when my doc sends them to me.

My advice is choose your docs carefully. I felt an immediate emotional attachment to mine and they are sincere. Don't be fooled by flashing advertising and a really nice office. Ask your docs to see pictures of lipo patients they've done. Ask how many proceedures like your's they've done. Some plastic surgeons do mostly breasts and regular lipo. Some do facial reconstruction and nose jobs. Every doc has their 'thing'. No one doc masters everything. they will tell you that but how can it be true? My docs do 3-4 smart lipos a week. The other 2 days they do consults. They don't do one a week, then spend the other 4 days doing expense breast implants, nose jobs, butt implants, regular lipo- all the stuff that makes the real money.

Would I get a touch up on some unperfect areas? Heck no!! If I can't get the rest of this with diet and exercise then so be it. But right now I feel like I have a fresh start.

10 days post surgery and I feel great. Tummy is...

10 days post surgery and I feel great. Tummy is firming up more each day and hardness/ lumps are going down slowly. I am at work in my compression garment but no binder. I hate that thing!! Is it ok to have the compression and no binder? I will wear it at night with the compression garment but during the day sitting at my desk it makes me miserable.

2 weeks and swelling has gone down bit by bit each...

2 weeks and swelling has gone down bit by bit each day. Better in the morning, swelling at night. But still improves each day. Will post pics tomorrow. Pre op my waist was 34". Today it was 32". I'm hoping it will be more I'm another 2 weeks. Lower belly is the area the most fat was taken out of so it's the most swollen. Massage is helping with the lumps. They are not major and respond to gentle massage. Hipbone area is swollen like bruises underneath. Lots more healing to go but there is a light at the end of the tunnel... Would not do this again cuz I'm too active and too impatient:-)

It's been 3 months and still some swelling and...

It's been 3 months and still some swelling and firmness. Gets better every day though. Swelling is mostly in the evenings. I'm massaging a lot and it does help.

I've lost 5 pounds overall. Watching what I eat and exercise. Still glad I had this done. Wearing fitted clothes for the first time in my life. I will upload photos as soon as I get to my pc. Oh yeah, I'm still wearing my compression garment to bed. Don't know why I swelled so much but everyone heals at different rates. I'm happy I did this, although I wish I had gone to a well established practice...

The good news is that my weight is down to 140...

The good news is that my weight is down to 140 (yay!!!). But the bad news is that the more I lose, the more I noticed that fat was left in more areas than I thought. I also notice a line or a ridge in my lower abdomen, more weight I lost. Of course this can be attibuted to the surgeon's technique. So I'm going back for a revision on 5/24 and also getting my flanks and bra roll done. I will update with before pics once I go for my preop exam on 5/7. I still say it was worth it because I'm a full size smaller in my pants. But I'm trying to get bathing suit ready and bikkini flat belly. Wish me luck!!!

Just had my revision yesterday. Anesthetic was...

Just had my revision yesterday. Anesthetic was painful due to scar tissue but hardly their fault. Doc and staff was awesome. No bruising- took arnica. Minimal soreness this morning. And belly is super flat!!!! Had back bra roll done too. That is sore cuz doc said I have muscle. Took off garments this morning and almost cried. Finally the flat stomach!!! I love Sono Bella. Super nice staff and gorgeous office. Felt like a day at the spa:-). Love them!! I'll paste photos as soon as they send me. Btw, I'm down to 139.

Little bit of swelling and some bruising but I'm...

Little bit of swelling and some bruising but I'm still amazed at how great a job the doctor did. I now know that experience pays a huge part in the final result. The first practice I went to did not take out enough fat around my belly button. However, Dr. Welsh went in through my belly button and got a lot out. That line is also gone too. I went to one other doctor to get a consult on a revision. That doc tried to talk me in to a tummy tuck. All I can say, is thank God for Sono Bello.

Day 7- swelling is going down ad so is bruising. ...

Day 7- swelling is going down ad so is bruising. Sore and tingly though. I love my, results. I wore a fitted tank and leggings to the gym and didn't have to "suck it in"...

I'm at 3 months and about to start velashape to...

I'm at 3 months and about to start velashape to reduce scar tissue and tighten the skin. The swollen tissues around my belly button are still healing and I'm hoping vela will shrink those lumps. I'm still pleased with my lipo results but do have lumpy areas, loose skin and scar tissue from my first botched proceedure from the 'cosmetic surgeon' ( not Sono bella). I will post more pics soon.

My profile pic is one I took 2 weeks ago which was...

My profile pic is one I took 2 weeks ago which was 3 months post op. I still have a line across my lower belly although it is much less pronouced since the extra fat was removed during the revision. The velashape has helped after only one treatment. I have 4 more to go. If someone's looking for before and after, please look at the first set (after the first surgery by the costmetic surgeon) and compare to the last 5 pics (after the board certified plastic surgeon did the revision). You can see so much fat was left in there and a deep line across the lower stomach where one areas was over suctioned and the other was under sulction. It was still better than the big fat gut I had but I hope everyone knows that experience makes all the difference when selecting this proceedure.

I'll post more after my last velashape treatment.

Just got my thighs done. Not bad at all. Still...

Just got my thighs done. Not bad at all. Still wrapped up but I'll post pictures soon. My doc did before pics and ill post the and the after ones.

Thighs not nearly as sore as abs were on day2. ...

Thighs not nearly as sore as abs were on day2. Some bruising and swelling so can't see results yet. Skin is nice and tight so I don't think there will be any loose skin. Waiting on my doc to send me pics so I can post. Didn't feel any of the injections. The Xanax cocktail kicked in before I hit the table... I was in la la and!!

Day 3 and wow some crazy bruises!! Small lumps...

Day 3 and wow some crazy bruises!! Small lumps and swollen areas that are responding well to massage and arnica gel. I love the new shape. Can't wait for this swelling to go down. Inner thighs are kinda numb and I can feel some fluid so I know it's swelling. Nothing too alarming though. I have pics hoping to upload from my phone.

The one of just my lower body was the thigh lipo. ...

The one of just my lower body was the thigh lipo. The others are just the progress on my abs after vela.

I am 9 days post op on my inner and outer thighs. ...

I am 9 days post op on my inner and outer thighs. Love love love so far and I'm still swelling. The skin tightening is amazing. Small lumps and some swelling. I am having first Venus freeze on Tuesday to get those lumps down. My legs carry lots of muscle and the doc did a great job of working around it and removing fat. He didn't want the muscular areas to look too huge. He just did a great job matching my body shape. More pics will be posted next week. I'm down 1 pound and I'm still swollen !

I'm 3 months post op on inner and outer thighs, 1...

I'm 3 months post op on inner and outer thighs, 1 year on abs revision. My legs look great and for the most part I'm satisfied withy abs. The line is still visible on my lower stomach but looks much better. Some loose skin but I'm ok with it. Overall I'm one size smaller but look great in shorts and fitted clothing. I'm happy :-)

I also lost weight. I'm now 138!!

I also lost weight. I'm now 138!!

Final Results

I'm at 1 year post op on abs and 4 months po on thighs. Very happy with my thighs (inner outer). My weight loss is 10 pounds which has helped my abs even out. Thanks to everyone who supported me! I'm done with surgery but will continue to check on all my friends here on this site and offer any advice and support that I can. Kisses!!

Now for flanks

I scheduled flanks for 10/26. There's also still fat around my belly button. I think I did ab revision too soon and he didn't take out enough fat because I was still kind of swollen. Wish I'd done the flanks with abs because now that my thighs are smaller my frame looks boxy. I need more of a waist. Word of advice: don't rush to revision and if you can afford it, get it all done at once. It's cheaper!!

Final results in thighs- very happy

Revision of Abs and got flanks done

Lots of swelling due to scar tissue but very happy. Should have gotten flanks done with abs to begin with. Flanks are sore to touch and numb. After a few more weeks when swelling goes down I'll be so happy!! I was not charged for my revision by the way :-) maybe because I had an additional area done?? I've had a lot done so they help me out with pricing when hey can.

Time to buy new clothes

I'm now 135 and went from size 29 jeans to a size 27.

After 3 months po on flanks and ab revision

I've had several people ask my measurements before surgery:
Thigh- 22.5
Last week (2 years after 1st surgery)
Thigh- 21.5

I've had upper/lower abs, bra roll, flanks, inner & outer thighs done. My updated review includes pricing paid for everything. Please don't ask me to quote pricing for Sono Bella Atlanta. They have specials and I've had 3 procedures with them plus Venus freeze and Velashape so they give me great pricing for my last procedure. Everyone is different but I had very little pain. Recovery is a b*tch due to swelling and garments. And my abs have loose skin if you could see in bright light. I wish I'd had the guts to get tummy tuck but since I did not it's not as tight as I'd like it to be. Overall I'm happy. My advice is to be very picky about your doc and make sure your contract includes revision pricing since lipo is not an exact science. Good luck with your procedures :-)
Nebo Plastic Surgeon

Sono Bello has BC PS with tons of experience. Atlanta folks go here and no place else!! My proceedure was done by William Welsh MD, BC in Plastic Surgery. They treat you as if you're going in for a day at the spa. Friendly staff, nice upscale office. I can't say thanks enough!! I've had minimal interaction with them since my surgery. I do go for Vela. But after my 1 week follow up all I got was emails in regards to my lipo proceedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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