21 Year Old Breast Reduction Glasgow G/H to C Cup- Ready to Go! - Glasgow, GB

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I decided to post my progress on here because so...

I decided to post my progress on here because so many lovely ladies have allowed me to see their results so I know what to expect! Long awaited breast reduction- 21 year old with large, sagging breasts, back and neck pain, irritation underneath, trapping them underneath me if I sleep braless... All the fun stuff! I've decided to have the surgery young because I want to enjoy my life without being constantly sore and self conscious- it's now or never. It's been a long road to get to this point and I'm so happy the day is nearly here- I'm counting down the hours! Booked with Mr Chew through Transform for first thing on Tuesday 8th August. No anxiety, just excitement! After pictures to follow :) wish me luck! x

1 day post op...

Feeling a bit tender but honestly the pain is nothing unbearable! For what I was expecting to feel this is a pleasant surprise :) Got home after 1 night at Rosshall Hospital- cared for fantastically by the doctors and nurses. The worst part was the cannula in my arm- very nippy! Felt very sticky from the anaesthetic yesterday- I would recommend asking for a buccastem anti sickness patch it lasts for 72 hours and takes the queasy feeling away. Wearing a 32D that will drop to a 32C one swelling subsides. Mr Chew my surgeon is an artist- cannot believe the results! So perky and full- never imaged they could look this good. Now time for big recovery sleeps - have been very mobile today and I'm quite sleepy now! Thank you ladies for all your support this website is a godsend xxx

2 days post

Quite sore under left breast- think it might be to do with the sports bra I'm wearing and its seams resting on my incision. My hospital didn't give me a post op surgical bra- is that normal?? Otherwise just resting and keeping mess up. Was told showering is possible but I'm going to wait a few days. Will post my 10 day update next week! X

3 weeks post

This is a long overdue update- the past couple of weeks have been so busy I've barely had time to think about my breast reduction! I'm now three weeks to the day post op and I'm delighted to say I've healed really well. For the first week and a half I didn't shower at all (I know, ew) and I honestly feel like this had a massive part to play in the healing process. Keeping everything bone dry means there is far less chance for bacteria to multiply! Even when I eventually went for a shower I put my hairdryer on the cool setting and used it to dry my breasts so no towel went near them. I'm currently wearing steri- strips along the incisions but they are healed now- I'm going to start using bio oil around the five week mark. I've been wearing an under wired bra size 32D for the last couple of days and in no discomfort. I think the healing process is definitely unique to each person. I'm delighted with the results and can safely say my surgeon is a miracle worker! For any ladies in Scotland considering a reduction I cannot recommend Mr Chew at Transform highly enough. I had no drains and minimal bleeding and was looked after superbly at Rosshall Hospital. Hoping my recovery keeps up the good pace and wishing everyone on here luck and love for future ops and recoveries!
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