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I have appreciated this site so much and the posts...

I have appreciated this site so much and the posts of others - I felt obligated to reciprocate and share my story. In addition, I feel it is very important for me to share how highly satisfied I am with my doctor and to encourage anyone in the area considering a similar procedure to meet with my doc.

Before, days 2-7

I was really nervous before my procedure, I almost didn't go but after months of research I was confident I had made the right choice with my doctor.

My procedure went really well. I was awake the whole time and I don't recall having any pain. I was extremely sore the next morning but my pain meds did the trick. I have 3 year old twins, so I'm only allowed so much rest - I would walk around and then lie back in my old pregnancy pillow (it's in the shape of a giant horse shoe). That pillow was my salvation. My mom would take the girls for a few hours so I could take a nap. The worst part was the super tight compression garmet over a sore body.

My first shower was after 48 hours. I needed pain meds for the first 3 days but found 800 mg ibuprofen to really help. I'm also taking arnika forte (arnica, bromelain) and using arnica cream. After day 3 pain meds weren't needed.

Lipo sites, 10 days post procedure

Feeling awesome. Feeling is coming back in my abdomen, a little tender but only when my kids jump on me or bang into me - back in the full swing of life with kids...

P.S. My skin looks dry, I had just recently applied a bunch of arnica ointment and I'm still washing with hibiclens soap.

The best after surgery pillow, by leachco

This pillow was truly a life saver. I used it during my pregnancy - and just like my pregnancy, I couldn't wait to lie down inside it. It makes back and semi-upright sleeping easy and very comfortable. I might say a must have!!

Week 2

I'm feeling really good and so happy I did this procedure. My body has healed so quickly, it's really amazing to watch. I'm still pretty swollen along the sides of my abdomen and have some pretty hard lumps. My breasts are feeling really great - the doc said they usually shrink around week 3 but I'm hoping they don't shrink much more because I am loving them. They don't look that big in the pics but they're much bigger than before - they're also nice and full in the upper pole area which I love.

I'm shrinking so I had to switch to a smaller size in my spanx garmet - it feels really good to wear it but I occasionally take it off when I run an errand but always put it right back on when I get home and I sleep in it as well.

I'm feeling great. I started exercising yesterday and looking forward to the weeks to come.

Week 2 photos with clothes

Hey guys. I forgot to post these last week, here's week 2 with clothes on - no bra.

I feel like Kim K taking all these selfies all the time!! LOL

More Week 2

Here, u guys can see these better. Week 2, no bra. I have my spanx on in these ones.

K, I'm selfied out....XX

3 Weeks

It seems like the main thing everyone wants to know is how much fat is retained. The doctor I saw at my one week check up, not Dr. H, told me that most people wake up on week 3 and their breasts are significantly smaller. Mine don't seem to have changed much since after the 1st week. My swelling seemed to have gone away pretty quickly - I'm hoping this is what I get to keep!?!

I'm wearing my old bra in the pic, it's a 34B. My boobs definitely never looked like they do now in it. It's definitely too small, so I'm guessing I'm probably a c right now? Still just wearing a light bamboo bra or no bra at all right now.

One Month

Loving my results!! I'd say my breasts are probably a very full B or a small C, they're perfect for me.

Most of all, I'm really loving my belly and my waist again - no more frumpy tshirts for me anymore!!

7 Weeks, up one full cup size, loving my results!!

All I can say is, I should have done this sooner!!

I am so happy with my results, mostly for myself but also for my husband. My girlfriend told me my hubby went on and on to her husband one night about how much he's enjoying my new bod and my boobs. Our sex life has been amazing - we've been together for 16 years, so this is great. I think it's more due to the fact that I am confident and finally comfortable in my own skin again.

I finally got measured and I'm a 34 C. I wore a 34 B before but there wasn't really anything in there - and my bras were heavily padded.

Besides loving my boobs, I'm really loving my Lipo results. I've been waiting to workout till now, just to be extra careful but now I'm ready to really start toning and getting back into great shape.

I am so much better mentally from this procedure. I wake up every morning and I love what I see in the mirror - such a welcome change after 3 years of not loving myself.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I am so pleased I chose Dr. Mats Hagstrom. I found him to be an excellent Doctor, an expert in his field. He was kind and patient prior to my procedure, confident and supportive during my procedure and also took the time to contact me after my procedure to make sure I was doing ok. He did an excellent job with my surgery and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommend.

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