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Let me just start by saying that my skin has...

Let me just start by saying that my skin has always been flawed for as long as I can remember. I've been going to a dermatologist off and on since I was 12 years old and have tried anything & everything (including accutane) before. I always had pretty decent skin on my face. I only shortly used accutane for two months for my severe back acne which has never come back. Ever since I got pregnant in 2015 though, my face has looked like this. My skin isn't terrible but I'd love to be able to not have to put on makeup all the time. I'm hoping it helps!

2 weeks into accutane..

Let me update and say that the first week I noticed a very slight decrease in acne but it could be coincidental. My face actually got significantly more greasy than normal (did not even think that was possible!) Other than that, no side effects. Now, 2 weeks into accutane I'm noticing dry lips ever so slightly. My face seems to be drying out some although not much. I missed one day due to having the stomach flu and of course the next morning I woke up to a massive cheek zit. Probably a coincidence! I'm still breaking out and don't see much of a change. Just being impatient! My face always seems red and tight now. I'm obviously becoming more sensitive.

3 weeks into accutane...

Holy skin dryness! I'm so not used to having dry skin. I seem to be pretty dry everywhere except for my scalp. I've developed this weird rash on both of my arms and hands that almost looks like mild eczema. My lips bother me the most. I feel like I have to have something constantly on them or they feel like they're on fire. My face still seems pretty red but that seems like a common side effect. I feel like my acne has already significantly improved although I still have some new breakouts.

One month down!

Wooo! Officially one month down! Either 4 or 5 months left depending on how well my skin reacts. Same symtoms as last week. Super dry skin, dry lips, and the bumps on my arms also moved to my hands. The dermatologist said it's accutane induced eczema and gave me some samples of eczema cream. Other than that, no complaints! I still don't see a crazy difference yet but obviously I still have a ton of time left to go.

2 months down!

So far I have finished 2 months of accutane. The doctor seems to think I'd be good with just 2-3 more months. Exciting! No new symptoms besides being less dry.

3 months down, 2 to go!

I'm finally getting clear(er) skin!!! I rarely break out anymore. Maybe 1-2 spots here and there. I don't really have dry skin or lips anymore... very minimal. More like a "normal" skin type. I'm so glad I decided to finally get on this miracle pill!

4 months down, 1 to go!

So, I must have had a really good month last month. My skin has gotten very dry again and it always seems to be red. I've been having a breakout here and there again but nothing major. I'm noticing that my pigmentation has gone down a ton although I still refuse to leave the house without makeup. Im so ready to be done with these pills and these side effects but I'm happy it's helped my skin so much.
Roseville Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. Semion had never seen me previously but trusted me when I said I had tried practically everything for my acne. He allowed me to start taking accutane as long as my labs came back normal. He is very nice and his staff is very accommodating and helpful as well.

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