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OMW!!!! This is finally happening. Tomorrow is the...

OMW!!!! This is finally happening. Tomorrow is the day I bid my tiny breasts goodbye forever.

Why am I getting a BA?
In case you are wondering why I have decided to this, my reason is simply. I've lost more than 35kg over the past 5 years and went from a D-cup to what I suspect is an A-cup (although I like deluding myself that I am a B-cup). I love the fact that I lost all that weight but I hate the effect it had on my poor boobies. So yeah, after going on and on about how unhappy I was about my tiny boobies, hubby and I finally decided a BA was the way to go. I have secretly always wanted to get them done since they started shrinking but my mind wasn't ready for it yet.

How I chose my doctor?
I am laying my trust in Dr Saul Braun. I had heard of the incredible work he did and after doing a little research of my own, I decided he was the one. I mean, no one wants to wake up with two awfully shaped boobies :) give me small tits any day instead.
Anyway, Dr Braun was very pleasant during my consultation and I'm still laughing at his comment about my bony chest. I know I will be getting about 300cc in my right breast and a slightly bigger one for my left. [Slight asymmetrical issues :)] I will do an update post-op to let you know for sure though. Oh one more thing, or should I say two/three... My implants will be 80% under the pectoral muscle and no breast lift will be done in order to give my boobies a more natural look. Besides, Dr Braun told me my nipples didn't drop, so I won't be needing a breast lift. Oh yeah, I've got nipple piercings which will be coming off during surgery (I've got cysts in my left boob which will also be removed during the op - no doubt my boobs hurt like crazy during that time of the month, left more than right)

Pre-Op Jitters?
I didn't think I was nervous until today when I woke up with a knot in my stomach. I'm certain it is the fear of the unknown but for the most part, I am more gutted by the fact that I won't be able to practice my power yoga or do any intensive exercise. I'm not scared about the pain or the invasive nature of the procedure as much as I am worried about the lack of exercise post-op Heh heh I know that's dumb right :) But that's me, I love my work-outs. Dr Braun said I could walk though so that's something I intend to do as soon as Day One Post-Op. But just like the silicone implant size, I will let you know on Friday :)

Pre-Op Schedule?
Well let's see what's on my to-do list today:
1. Getting fruits juiced
2. No alcohol
3. No food AND water 8 hours prior to procedure (well still waiting on the call for my op time)
4. Shopping - sweat pants, comfy slippers, sports bras
5. Get enough sleep!!!!!

Well, wish me luck and I will keep you updated :)

Fresh out of the theatre... Few minutes after BA surgery

Just got out of surgery and I am back in my hospital room watching TV and having my lunch. Gosh was I hungry :-). I am in no pain whatsoever - maybe because I've got a high pain tolerance level. My boobs are just warm but I can't stop touching them lol. I don't even feel nauseous at all. I guess people really do have different post-op experiences. I am so happy with the outcome. Dr Braun is really amazing I tell you.

Just Got of Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Fresh out of the Theater :-)

Right so I just got out of surgery and here I am typing away. I know right? I should be in t ears or sulking from the pain but truth is I don't feel any pain or nausea. I am just tired but I guess that's because I was feeling so sleepy before I got here this morning. I was so anxious last night I couldn't sleep. Anyway, I got 300cc on my left and 325cc on my right.

Funny thing is I don't even know when I got knocked out heh heh. The nurse put some mask on my face for me to breathe oxygen, told me to breathe in and the next thing I was back on my bed and another nurse was checking my vitals heh heh I was still in the theater room though and asked the nurse to remind Dr Braun to put my piercings back immediately after surgery. I was shocked when she told me the surgery was done. I had to look at my chest and even then I couldn't believe, so I felt my boobies. Yes the surgery was done and Dr Braun put my piercings back just like he promised even when the nurses were insisting I take them off before I went into the theater. Anyway, I was cold as hell but I kept looking at my newly formed chest (couldn't get a proper look though since there was some other guy who being prepared for surgery). But my constant checking made the monitors go crazy and the nurse asked me to stop lifting up my head heh heh I thought that was funny, I was acting like a kid who had just gotten a new toy. Well I guess I do have a new toy, I feel so much more feminine (secretly wished I had gone bigger lol - Dr Braun said my cup size had doubled, so I was right about being an A-cup before surgery :-)]

Well I was wheeled out of the theater and my vitals are constantly being checked. I'm in no pain at all and hoping that won't change. I'm just tired, but I guess it's because anxiety kicked in last night and I couldn't sleep. I'm still unable to sleep now so I guess I'll watch TV until I snooze off.

I won't lie, I was a nervous wreck before my surgery, thought of running away/backing out and even shed a few tears as I was wheeled into the theater's patient reception. But the thought of feeling feminine again and filling up my bikinis made me relax a little.

Anyway, let me relax a little and I'll keep you all updated :-)

BA Update: Day 2 post op :-)

Sorry I did not write anything yesterday.

Well a few hours after my surgery on Thursday, nurses found out my right breast had a blood pocket forming in it so I had to be rushed back into theatre. I did not feel any pain though, just the pressure from the continuous swelling. Anyway, while we all waited for the anesthetist, Dr Braun came to see e and reassured me that everything will be fine. And it sure was, a few minutes later, I was back in theatre ad before I could spell my name, I was wide awake and coughing like crazy. My boob felt alright and was informed the coughing was due to the fact that I had eaten and the food had to be sucked out using a different tube. i blame the nurse who was so quick in feeding me immediately after my augmentation.

Anyway, the next morning, Dr Braun came to see me to make sure everything was alright and yes, I could go home. Thank goodness! No more drips. He instructed the nurses to give my meds and show me the massage technique which I am now obsessed over. To be frank, my implants are quickly moving to their right spots. They are not as far apart and hard as they were the first day I got them, which I think is a big change in just 2days.

I asked Dr Braun about a sports bra or surgical bra and he told me they were not necessary but I could get one for myself if I wanted to. To test the waters, I went and got one today and he was right, I don't need them. Although they provide more support while I get used to my boobies, I like the effect gravity has on my boobs, they will fall naturally ;) Oh one more thing, my nipples are not sensitive yet, or are they? I can't really tell because I know they get really pointy when I am but I don't really feel anything when I touch them. So maybe they are. I'll ask Dr Braun on my next appointment which is scheduled for April 28th.

My first night at home?
Gosh, there is a reason why hospitals have reclining beds. My boobies did not hurt and I managed to get some sleep, but getting up after laying on my back is so challenging. I try to use my core and lower body muscles without exerting too much pressure on my upper body. I also got to make my family dinner which is something I love doing and today I wore my high slippers, sun boob-tube dress and waltzed my wall around the mall. I am also feeling extra bloated and can't figure out if it is from the tube which was stuffed down my throat, the drips, antibiotics or all the meds (which I have taking religiously as advised by my nurse). Anyway, I got something from the pharmacy and I'll see if it helps.

Also, although I absolutely adore my new boobs, I still can't bring myself to look at my naked body in the mirror. I am so swollen in every part starting from my stomach to my neck, you could mistake me for a thanksgiving stuffed turkey. Being a lean toned girl, that's the one part I hate :-( Anyway, hope the swellings go down soon.

Will keep you all updated.

BA Update: Day 3 post-op

Day three since my procedure and I am slowly gaining my energy back although sometimes I feel so drained like I've been hit by a truck but when I lay in my bed to sleep I can't bring myself to snooze off. That's just my psyche I guess because I've always found it weird to fall asleep when the sun is out.

I woke up in a very foul mood today. I didn't feel any discomfort all through the night. Just grumpy but I guess it'll pass...

Anyway, I even managed to sleep on my side for a little while and felt no pain at all. My incisions/stitches are beginning to itch like crazy and I have to consciously stop myself from yielding. Could this be a sign I am healing?

Yeah, I woke up at 6:30am this morning (had no trouble lifting myself up), took my meds, got dressed and decided to go for a walk. Two hours later, I was still walking and the best part is, I didn't feel any pain. I even managed to go to Woolies to get a few things (baby spinach, cucumber, grapefruit, raspberries, strawberries and lemon) which I blended into a smoothie YUM YUM ... I am just hoping it helps with the bloating. I also managed to do a few thigh and core exercises for 20mins heh heh Pushing it maybe, but I really need to get rid of this bloated tummy :-( It is driving me crazy... Anyway, I'll wait to hear what Dr Braun says about my healing during my next appointment.

Oh another thing, I have been waking up with these crazy headaches (3 days in a row) and I can't for the life of me figure out the cause. Well I've always suffered from migraines but not everyday. So I may have to tell Dr Braun about that too if the headaches persist.

Thanks for reading and I will keep you all updated :-)

DAY 5: First Post-Op Appointment, Breast Augmentation Update

I didn't write an update yesterday, well mostly because I took it easy for most of the day, had my hair done, prepared supper for my family, and apart from that, there was nothing in particular to write about. Oh, yeah my right nipple has lost all sensation and my left nipple is extremely sensitive.


Had my first post-op appointment today and the nurse was really nice. The dressings were taken off and it looks like my incisions are healing very nicely. Sorry I forgot to take a pic :-(

She told my headaches were as a result of the anaesthesia and prescribed a suppository for that. I was also prescribed something for the bloating and to get rid of my big whale post-op belly. I can't wait for the end results.

I was also given a very comfy bra for support even though she said I don't really need it.

My next appointment is next week Tuesday and I'll finally have my stitches taken out. I can't wait... Oh yea, I can start taking proper showers. YAY!!! all I have to do is dry my wounds properly and place a thick layer of gauze and plaster over them (which were all provided)... So all in all, I'm doing great:
-No pain in my boobies
-I can lift my arms
-I can sleep on my side (even if it's for a few minutes)
-The squashy noise my implants make every time I touch them or move still makes me laugh
-I've dropped 1kg of my post-op weight
-I can exercise (lower body&core), although I have to do A LOT of modifications so I do not use my upper body
-Boobies are feeling much softer, even though the morning boob is really irritating.

Right that's about it. I'll keep massaging my puppies until my next appointment and keep you all updated

Peace, light and love :)


I so excited this morning.

My boobies finally beginning to feel like a part of me. I didn't wake up with the usual morning boob.

No more headaches, no bloating and I've got my pre-op body back (toned abs and all) only difference is, I've got gorgeous boobs to match ..

I feel 80% OK and it's only been a week. Can't wait to get these stitches out next week. I still cannot lift up my left hand completely, haven't fully regained sensation in my right nipple yet and my boobies still have to drop but so far, I think I'm doing great. I even did a full yoga session this morning, with a few planks shhh don't tell my Dr.

You may be wondering why I can't just lay back, relax and heal... I know it may be too early to get back into the full swing of things but sitting on my arse when I'm not feeling well really makes me worse. Keeping active is the only way I keep my mind at peace and when my mind's not at peace, the rest of my body isn't.

Anyway, hope everyone in post-op is healing nicely and hope those preparing for surgery are not freaking out. It really isn't that bad and the boobs are SO worth it.

Love and light everyone and I will keep you updated

BA UPDATE: Second Post-Op Appointment... DAY 12

I made it through to day 12 hooray. Had my second post op appointment today and the nurse reckons I am healing well. Stitches ARE FINALLY OUT!!! No hanging piece of string on my chest which is a relief. OOOh but the scars though. Can they just fade already? Anyway, she gave an ointment I have to apply for the next two weeks until all the scabs fall off. Then I can start putting some plaster on the scars to help them fade quicker.

I was quick to tell her how I can now sleep on my side, but conveniently omitted that I have started skipping rope, doing burps, mountain climbers, jump squats, etc, basically I am back to my full workout routine with a few modifications, STILL NO PUSH UPS though. I am not that crazy!!!

Oh, I can sleep on my tummy for a few minutes and have also lost about 5kgs of post-op weight, fully back to my normal weight. I am still a little curious as to how much my implants weigh though. If any of you ladies know, please do let me know :)

I am due to see Dr. Braun in a month but will definitely be back there sooner if something goes wrong. I do not think anything will go wrong though so I guess I'll be seeing him in a month.

I must say though, prior to my surgery, I made a decision I was going to give myself 7days (10days max) to heal and be fully functional again. I can safely say my body co-operated and made my healing so much easier. So from now on, I'll be focusing on my massages, applying my ointment and keep looking forward to these babies dropping into their correct positions.

Decided to go on hiatus... DAY 12 BA UPDATE

I suddenly feel very tired, nauseous, extremely cold and feverish this evening, must be a warning sign from my body telling me to slow down. My body is weird like that, usually warns me before something major. I'm freaking out a little right now, but I'm sure I'll be fine. So yeah, the kind ladies on this site were right. I have been pushing myself too hard. Didn't pay this much for these puppies to mess them up, so I will do the good patient thing and recover like I should. Stopping all exercise and absolutely no lifting of any weight except it's a glass of coke or the remote :) for the next month.... Urrggghhh would be tough to follow through but given the way I'm feeling now, I guess I need the rest.

So aurevoir ladies and I shall update you again in a month after my next appointment with my Dr. Happy healing :)
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