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Hi Guys.. I just wanted to update on the day of my...

Hi Guys.. I just wanted to update on the day of my op.. I am still on strong pain killers so bear with me.. I stayed the night in the hospital so am writing this the morning after surgery. IT'S ALL DONE! So basically I got a msg from Gina from Dr braun offices confirmingmy admission for 8am yesterday. After I received the msg I went and did a grocery shop for the week for what I would need when I got home (woolies soup etc). I then packed my bag for the hospital. Yesterday I woke up with a knot in the stomach and driving to the hospital I was nervous although I knew I would be, and when I walked in to the hospital it got worse. After admission I was taken to my room which is a lovely private room with a TV and was asked to change into the sexy hospital gown and get into bed. The Sr explained that there were 3 patients in this morning and I would be the 3rd one operated on. I have to say that I calmed down a lot whilst lying on the bed and chatting to family before Dr Braun came in to take before photos and make his markings. Shortly after that the sr completed paperwork and took a urine sample as well as BP and pulse tests. From there I was wheeled off to theatre. The anaesthetist was very nice and chatted to me about other things to get my mind off it as he said I had a tear in my eye. Before I know it I woke up in the recovery room and was taken back to my room. I was dying to get a sneak peak. Anyway I can't really see much at the stage. I am waiting from Dr braun who is going to come and see me this morning before discharging me. Can't wait to find out what size he actually used ;)

9 Days Post-Op

Hi guys.. so it's been 9 days since my op. The first 3 to 4 days post-op are a bit blurry due to the fact that I was on pain meds which made me fall asleep within minutes of taking them. I spent most of those days in bed or on the couch as when I walked it felt as though my boobs were going to fall off... anyway I noticed a difference (improvement) on day 4 and some more on day 5 and every day since. I stopped taking my pain meds on day 4 as I felt I didn't need them anymore. I then had my post-op check up on day 6 where the nurse changed my dressings and gave me instructions on what to do further to that. The Dr also confirmed that he put 350CC, ultra high, silicone implants under the muscle. I went back to work on day 7 which was fine although I found myself out of breath every now and again. Over all I am feeling much better and so far really happy with my size etc! :)
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