1st BA 280cc & 300cc and revision to follow... Heres my Experience, Tips and Advice

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Day one the BA I wokeup the morning of my op 21...

Day one the BA

I wokeup the morning of my op 21 nov at 4:15am not willing nor did to have to but the butterflies in my stomach decided to wakeup and they just got worse and worse until we finally got to the hospital at 8:45 to be admitted. Now the nervous, excitement and butterflies are fluttering through the roof! An hr later the doc came in to take before pics and discuss as I still wasn't sure on sizes, we discussed and he said the biggest my body can take is 2800c left and 300cc right. so we decided to go with that. He did his markings which made everything now just feel so real as up until this point I had only ever dreamed of having nice boobs. Can't believe the day is here. Shortly after that the anastetic came through to check up on me and the operating nurse took me through where my butterflies disappeared and reality set in. I was literally freaking out in the operation room, utensils and blades and machines everywhere not going to lie to you I thought to myself I can stiill run! And fast! They put a drip in me which hurt considering I've only survived 5 injections without passing out for the passed 27 yr, I think I handled that well, shame I think everyone saw I was frekling out so before the the aesthetic could do his thing the nurse gave me "air" to breath but I know that "smell" of "air" and took five deeeeeep breaths and I was out! Thank goodness!!!!

Thereafter I wokeup in recovery in shock from pain, first thing I did was started crying from the pain. I may of woken up to early then expected as they had only given me a sedative so the pain was excruciating. They took me up to the ward where they gave me pain pills where I halusinated alllll afternoon! %)

One tip I can offer all your girls still gong is don't eat solids post op! I had a yogurt in the hope that nausea wouldn't settle in and it didn't thank goodness....that's until dinner time came and I had chicken thinking I was feeling ok....well not so! I went to the bathroom for the first time after the op and passed out on the toilet with three nurses trying to hold me up and I started to want to vomit but kept it in! Big mistake! So please my advise is to just have yoghurts, your favorite juices and healthy good smoothies for the first day!

Another piece of advise is take with your favorite pillow, there's nothing like it! You will also need it for the trip home as those bumps are going to be a killer!

Oh haha I forgot to add in when I got up to go to the toilet I felt like I needed to hold my boobs or els they'd fall out, felt so weird as I let them go it felt like they just dropped. Can't explain it, felt like something moving around inside of you.

So now it 3:24am the nurses bought my pain meds so late and I'm in pain lying propped up in the ward. They are so tight! And sore!

Another tip, if you have to breath in deeply, breath in through your stomach not your chest!

Day two

It's now 5:30 and have been woken up with tea and blood pressure time. Hardly slept last night constant motion outside even with having my own room and obviously there's the pain that's hasn't subsided yet. I've had half a cup of rooibos tea and she had to give me nausea meds. Drips suck! Can't move your arm!

The girls are numb can't feel anything at all.

As the morning goes on i had a very bad reaction to the anesthetic, I had sever nausea and couldn't keep anything down not even water. Nurses and doctors gave me four types of nausea medicine but nothing helped at the time. They just knocked me out, my better half took me home to sleep it off and woke up at 4:30pm feeling much better and starving!!!!

So my advice here is to prepare your self for nausea. I'm sorry but theres nothing you can do until this horrible anesthetic is out your body. Try not eat solid food as they just aggravates it.

Day three

I wokeup at 3:10am in pain as I missed my 6 hourly pain med intake, so wokeup in abit of pain the same as the night before, but took the meds and passed out. Got up around 8am cause my ass is so numb and I was hungry. The girls are tight so did my excersis straight away which did seem to help. Today they seem a tad loser than yesterday.

I'am getting some feeling back but under the boobs and my right nipple are still numb I think as thats the one that had the 300cc put in. I'm doing my exercise every 2,5 hours the nurse said five times a day but the more the better! My stitches are itchy and a little sore.
I'm also a little bloated but I'm sure thats from the anaesthetic.

Will write more as my day goes along. Here are some before and after pics...

Rest of Day three

For the rest of day three I sat with ice packs and tried to exercise but was a little sore.
I also read that you shouldn't ice the incisions! I didn't know that oops. My nausea went away UNTIL dinner. I had it all over again sever nausea and wanting to vomit. I don't wish that upon anyone! But passed out from meds again and thankfully slept the night through.

Day four (My birthday ;D)

Beside being spoilt ;) and high on meds the pain was bearable. Had a bath with the help of my better half and today id rate the pain 6 out of 10. Different muscles are sore compared to yesterday and my incisions are soooo itchy and hot! The skin is still tight and I'm trying to stretch it a little without hurting myself.

Tip: I put tissue oil or bio oil on to help with the tightness every time I massage. Im also scared of stretch marks so this should hopefully help...

In the afternoon i started feeling little vibrations in my right boob and slight slosching around. Hoping its just air pockets or something, it feels quiet strange every time i move it happens. It feels like small squirts....i know gross hey!

Im still continuing with my massages every 2,5 hrs, not hurting as much but still sore. My right boob is still numb but my left is getting a lot more feeling back. I haven't been given antibiotics yet will hopefully get that on Tuesday with my first check up, I'm so scared of infections.

But the girls are looking good, I'm happy! I think I can see a sliiiight movement downwards but still high.

Day five

I woke up with different pain today it feels like the muscles surrounding the boobs and the top half of my ribs are sore. And the pain feels like its more sharper and throbbing a bit more. I defiantly have more movement today but cant lift my arms to high yet. Im pushing a bit more when doing my massages, still hurts but the more you do the better!

The sloshing and vibrations are still there in my right boob. I hope its nothing, will check with my doc tomorrow. It feels incredibly weird today the vibrations are more intense. And today there seems to be some sloshing in between the girls...dunno if anyone has ever had that? Hoping its just the skin starting to stretch and relax back onto the ribcage.

I'm still numb on the right boob but my left is almost 100% back to normal :).

The incisions are blady sore and itchy! Cant wait for them to heal.
Im still walking around like a little hunch back, the skin is still tight but its getting a little loser.

Heres another pic...hope everyone else's recovery is going well!

Day 6

Today was my first visit for my incisions to be cleaned and changed. I cant handle blood and cuts (took me almost a year to just to get use to my period...yes im the weird one). But the stitches are still soft and a little sore and wow did she push hard when she did some massaging AW!

My right side is still numb but my left is basically 80% back as normal. The pain feels like its coming from deeper within the muscle today but definably getting better!

But the pain is still bearable trying to get off the pain pills, arm movements are getting better but still need help with washing my hair. Oh yes the doc said that it is more wiser to bath then shower until the incisions are closed completely. So keep that in mind!

I got a yummy mummy bra from the doc it doesnt look sexy but man does it feel good!

In the evening for some reason i had a really really bad headache i couldn't even keep my eyes open it was sooo bad, Have no idea where it came from or why but must be a side effect from something. I passed out by 8pm that night and woke up at 9am to eat and passed out again until 1pm the next day...day 7.

Day 7

So besides the massive headache everything seem to be feeling ok today, still sore but can handle the pain, but i seem to be dizzy today. The massages are getting easier as its not too sore now but the muscles are still tender and so are the incisions. It took me an hr to bath and try and wash my hair without getting them wet. Blady hell that was sore and strenuous. My boobs feel like they on fire.

I cant seem to actually keep anything heavy or hot on so i just walk around with my yummy mummy bra on or a very light shirt. Which my better half is loving hehe ;)

On a personal note i went to the bathroom today so my tummy is feeling better again. Sorry I know thats gross but just to let those ladies know its not just you!

Hope everyone is recovering well and enjoying the new you ;)

One week :)

Yay made it to one week! And wow do these babies today feel heavvvvy! I cant be without a bra cause it feels like mother nature gravity just wants to pull on them. But I guess thats a good thing. The pain today is a little more less but my muscles around the boobs and under my arms are sore. Everyday day different pain but thats recovery for you. Im not on any pain meds so not that bad!

But wow are my nipples sensitive today! It feels like i have tadpoles swimming under them! Have no idea what that is but its a really strange feeling! I got some new cumfy bras today which are nice and supportive. And the swelling has gone down a bit. I did have a thought of oh no i should of gone bigger but when i looked in the mirror it was just all in my head %/...no boob greed just yet...thank goodness!

I still have a headache though and I'm not prone to them at all, so Im taking it that its part of recovery.

Day 8

So yay hardly any inner pain today the only pain I have is when I touch them, feels like pins and needles. And my nipples are still sore and super sensitive, they actually peeling a little so Im constantly creaming them up...slowly! Went to the doc again for a second checkup and its all healing well, bandages can come off Sunday yay! Looks like the incisions are healing well...still looks gross though! I am a little squeamish with that stuff.

Cause I was feeling better I decided to make dinner for everyone as I have people staying over and I've felt like a paraplegic this whole week so I decided to make my self useful...but I think I should of stayed a paraplegic as after dinner my muscles all around where burning and sore. So I'm not going to be a hero still for a while clearly the healing process isn't only about feeling better.

Sooo they are still a bit high buuut and have to drop a lot! BUT I couldn't help myself I cant wait to try out some new bras and looks. Im just excited (Blush). Heres a pic or two...

Day 9

Hi girls! So sorry haven't updated in last two days but I was so NAUGHTY on Saturday night! Spent sunday trying to make myself feel better and my boobs where killing me :/

Soo Im greek and love dancing, as I didn't do anything for my birthday I decided to go out for dinner to a Greek restaurant which is vibey and fun. And it just so happens that that night they had greek dancers performing and well when a hot greek man asks you to dance...you cant say no! I didn't dance for very long as I was sore but wow I got a little taken away with it. So when I got home I saw that my right stitch was bleeding a little and I was soooo sore OMG! Felt like the third day of pain! So was icing and lying propped up again. Advice: DONT GO DANCING! Even if they hot men!

But other then that before my mayhem of a decision before the pain was as if it wasn't even there. My nipples where still super sensitive and the surrounding muscles a little sore but I'm must say the recovery WAS going well :/

Day 10

Woke up at 12am as I took a little sleeping tables so I can sleep some of the pain away but woke up feeling so sore, swollen, so worried about the little bleeding as Im scared of infections, angry I did it but happy I had fun, upset that Ive now put my recovery back a little but oh well cant do anything now. Think in between all these feeling and emotions I may of gotten a little boob greed (Yes I said it boob greed) thinking why did I go through all this pain for this! But my bf made me feel better and understand why I did and why the size etc etc...

My plasters are suppose to come off today (Day 10) but due to the bleeding Im concerned so I'm going to leave them on for another day. Hoping that the bleeding area will close up.

The pain today is obviously bad so I'm not even going to go into detail, Im just nursing them and keeping as still as I can. Naughty naught naughty me! %)

Forgot to mention...

Oh I forgot to mention that my boobies are peeling all over, must be from the stretching. And also that my right one, it feels like the muscle or whatever is just under the nipple area keeps on moving away from the nipple. Must be blood or what ever liquid is under the skin, it keeps on sloshing around. Gross! x

Day 11 :)

Yay everyday I look at myself I just get happier and happier! Im so happy Ive done this and just before the holiday season I can now feel comfortable in my cosys...for a change!

The pain is still there but very mild even with my crazy dancing scene I had on Saturday. Silly me! But its healing very well and Ive seen that they are changing daily. The swelling has gone down as I'm starting to see the curves and "cleavage" which I never had before! And I can see my chest bone almost 100% properly now.

One thing that I still struggle with is my sleeping. I cant lie in my side as they hurt when they lean or push to much to one side. So I'm finding myself still sleeping on my back or ever so slightly to the side just to get off my back a little. My arm movements are still a little restricted and cant lift anything heavy a 750ml oil bottle hurt last night so I think theres still some healing to be done there.

Massages are actually a little sore still, and the muscles are still tender but over all the pain is almost almost gone! I just wish it was over now, enough is enough! Grrr I know its not even two weeks yet.

Although my muscles around the area where my arms almost touch my breasts are very very sensitive and sore. Last night it was particularly bad when I just walked around it really hurt. Think it might of been the days activities so went to bed hoping that it would heal.

Day 12

Woke up today a little stiff. Think it might be the cold weather so did the massages right away and it helped. But it still feels like the same pain that I had the night before, its the muscles that are the closest to the arm area. So I decided to just keep them moving today and get some exercises sooo I decided to put up the Christmas tree :D Well my bf put it up and I dressed it, I must say getting those muscles working did help but they are still a little sore almost itchy sore. I just want to scratch the pain away. Not sure what that is but will watch it carefully there are no bumps or lumps so thats a good thing.

The other thing I decided to do today while Im still at home was so see what costumes fit me now and what I have without an under wire. I cant tell you how happy I was trying them on! I actually fill out my cosy's! Yay! So Ive added some pics for all those girls who are needing some inspiration :D and NO MORE PADS! Woohoo! :D

Cosy pics :)

2 Weeks :D

Made it to two weeks, everyday they seems to be changing and everyday I'm loving them more and more. I'm impatiently waiting for them to drop though as I cant wait for the final results. But I'am happy, glad I did it!

Day 13...Want to explain my first driving day.

I drove yesterday for the first time and wow was it sore. I drove like a granny. I had to take my gran shopping and holy cow was it uncomfortable. And also trying to not actually hide the fact that I had a BA cause she wouldn't really notice but trying to hide the pain was the worst. As I got to my gran she asked me to hang up curtains %), OMG! Is all I'm going to say.

After a while of shopping a paramedic actually stopped me driving and asked what was wrong as he saw me walking earlier and was concerned. I looked at him and said, is it that obvious! Shame he was genially concerned and asked questions but I didn't tell him what op I had, he just told me to go straight home and relax. But alas my shopping with my gran was only half way done. My boobies where so sore by the time I got home, the muscles where throbbing. At that time I did have boobie blues not going to lie! Thought why so much pain for this! Grrr

So unwilling I took a pain pill and an anti inflammatory. Which knocked me out cold for the night. So not ready for the usual daily activities just yet. Especially hanging up curtains!

Two weeks! :D

Woke up today with my muscles feeling like they've been pulled and burning, as they are really tight and sore. Might of over done it yesterday so today is just about relaxing. My right one still has a lot of movement inside and the nerve ending are still giving off a little bursts of shock waves Ive started calling them. My left side seems to be doing ok and is dropping a little faster then my right side. Tonight I'm going to take the steri strips off and start with my creams that my ps gave me.

I did drive to the shops which wasn't far at all so that trip was ok but I came straight back home! Cooked a delicious Komra chicken and baked whole wheat muffins (thought id have a relaxing busy today) which wasn't too bad on the bad girls.

Oh also to mention. I did buy a sports bra which is suppose to have great support BUT it seems to really be holding and squishing the girls too tightly and its hurting. So advice: Dont buy anything too firm or made for active activities. I know we are suppose to be wearing bras that will help us drop, so try look for lose but supportive bras! Verimark makes a nice pack of 3 exactly the same bras as my yummy mummy bras and its not too expensive! x

3 weeks tomorrow! :)

Firstly I just want to send my heart out to Nelson Mandela's family and friends. He will be sorely missed here and there will never be another person as unique and special as he was. I do hope that he is resting in peace and guiding in spirit all leaders around the world to follow in his foot steps. Rest in peace!

Sorry but I just thought I should say something as Ive been so busy and haven't had a chance to do anything beside work work work. So on a happier note and talking about work, its getting better and better everyday. They are still very sensitive and
slightly sore when stretching upwards and lifting things. Although I did have to close a car boot today, twice, and holy cow that did hurt! So as far as recovery is concerned there defiantly still a long way to go but driving is becoming easier at least.

Ive found though that the more active I'am the better I feel, even if it hurts. I think its exercising and activating all those muscles. Think of it as a gym workout the more you do, the better the results BUT don't over do!!! Dont want to hurt yourself or push back the recovery! So pace it!

TIP: Sleeping is becoming a little easier. I did forget to mention before that I put two pillows each on one side of me by my knee area, so that when I sleep on my side I'm not completely sideways cause that does still hurt a lot when they lean over too much to one side! So this way I'm only slightly turned and off my ass and back cause its starting to hurt. But every night I can feel that when I'm turned the pain is subsiding.

I went out on Sunday and have a look how I filled out one of my dresses. I couldn't even close the back clip :D Yay maybe its time for some new cloths ;D

One month :D

Hey girls!

So its been one month. And I've had such improvements, my new babies (as my friend calls them) have moved down quiet a bit they not sitting up high like mount everest and they have come slightly closer together.

Im sleeping much better now directly on my side, I find a cumfy position and position the girls and it isn't too sore any more. In the morning they are a little stiff but once I've done my massages they feel as normal as they can. I must say every time I do my massages they feel better in any case. "Its important to keep those babies moving"

I showed them off for the first time this weekend and my friends that didn't know I had it done all thought I was wearing a really good push up bra! So I decided to tell them what I had done and they were so shocked when I showed them I wasn't wearing a bra! That was the best part!!!

I did my for commercial after the BA and my job is very physical, carrying, moving, building, dressing etc. It was a bit sore but I held out ok. I know your not suppose to be lifting anything but I cant exactly do that with my job. The first couple of days was ok but when it came to wrap time wow I was hurting. But Im on holiday now, on the beach and not going to do anything for a month! By then Im sure everything will be healed 100%.

Walking fast still hurts and lifting things high above my shoulder height still hurts but Im sure with this holiday time and massages I should be ok by the end of it.

So I went shopping for non wire bras and found some really nice ones from Edgars. See the pics attached with my top on and with a bra. They are so cumfy and not tight at all, my babies can still be free and drop. I have numerous sports brea but you know it is nice to have a proper bra for those nights out.

38 days post :D

Showee what a difference these babies make to my self esteem. I always wanted to "full" my bras and costumes and now I'am and doing it proudly! Although I do find my self sometimes covering them because I feel shy as Im not use to having them but I will over come those moments.

I still do my exercises but sometimes not 5 times a day as on holiday you cant really stop in the middles of everyone and massage your boobs, imagine the looks of others! They do still get stiff a little but after the massages it really does help. They have also dropped a lot they not sitting as high and have gotten a little softer. And the swelling has gone down a lot! A bit too much for my liking sometimes :( wish they stayed the size they where when they where swollen. But don't have boob greed...don't have boob greed....don't have boob greed...don't have boob greed...thats all I'm saying to myself, because I'am happy! Gosh!

I must say I do still battle a little with sleeping. Ive been sleeping without a yummy mummy bra and rather with tight tops that hold them in a little so they don't hang too much to one side as I want to start getting off of these bras at night. The other night I tried sleeping with a lose top but I battled to sleep and they where sore the next day. So they still are needing some support.

Still not wearing anything with wire or that gives a lot of support as it really does still hurt them. The less support the better right now. So just wearing cumfy sports bras, lose cosys and my yummy mummy bras. :)

6 Months in ;D

Wow I do apologise for not posting for such a while, life just seems to take over!

Well....its been about 6 months now and I still see a change in them all the time! They are defiantly still softening and still dropping. I have not been so good with the massages...yes naughty I know..I stopped for about two months as I assumed that they would be ok by now BUT big mistake. They slowly got sore...yes sore! The pain wasn't too bad but that pain should not be there! So I figured it was due to the fact that I was not massages so I started with it again but again wow it was so sore after the massages. They feel like they still not apart of my body. SO my advice DO NOT STOP MASSAGING! The pain is going away little by little everyday but it is uncomfortable and it shouldn't be there, my bad :/.

But other than that they looking good, and Im happy with them. Honestly sometimes I get that boob greed thought that creeps in...but nothing I can do about it now.

One other small thing Ive noticed over time is that my right nipple is moving higher compared to my left one. So I fit comfortably in and full out a B cup but I seem to get nip slips (under my cloths that is). Have a look at the pictures to see what I mean. Ive tried on C cups but it just seems a little too big. Ive noticed that the width of them is the size of a C cup but the hight is of a B cup. (Makes sense?) And in order to have that little ooomf, Im sticking with the B cups! No one will ever look under my cloths beside my partner...and well he loves it ;). Oh but it doesn't happen with all my bras, just certain makes. :)

Little update


So things have been going great. Saw my doc and he said they are softening up so nicely and still have a lot of movement which is good! And that's why it's so important to keep massaging them! So that they don't stabilize high up, rather keep soft and drop.

I'm looking forward to this summer to really start enjoying them, as now they don't look like two melons I've stuck in but rather looking more natural and soft. So I can't wait to start seeing the actual results and to enjoy them :) (it's winter, brr hate it).

My doc says I can go bigger in December to 350cc/380cc to just get that little more fullness that I would if liked but now I'm wondering it's so much money just to get that extra 50cc-80cc in :/ wish I wasn't so flat to start off with but hey I'm so grateful for what I have!!!

Wish happy booby days to all!

Over due update....1 year and 6 months post

Showee I didn't realise how long its been.

Well...I still have this pain on my right side. Its only sore when I pull the muscle or tendant in a certain way. I have an appointment 15 June as Im a little worried, its been so long and the pain is still there. And also its time....its time for bigger. Im not happy :(, when I wear cloths it looks like I haven't had anything done, I know that miiiiight be a good thing but no I want it to at least look like I have 'something' there. So its defiantly revision time for me. Most likely July/August :)

But heres some pic currently...Im hoping for any where in between 400-450cc. Ideally no smaller than an extra 100c, so 100-15000 bigger.

Revision inquiry done...results are....

After long hard thoughts about this... I still haven't decided if Im going to do this. I went to my ps to see if it willeven be worth it and worth all that money. He assured me yes it will. Even his staff made me feel as though Im making the right decision. So I have booked a date for the revision 5 August, but still contemplating wether to do it or not. I really DO want to but wow its so much money. Can you believe that he is charging me less the second time round.

Down to business....my ps is not all about the fake look. He refuses to do anything that will make you look fake and stupid. He said if i want that I must find someone els, and that is why I love him. His honest and wants to make girls look even more beautiful then what they are. He literally is the best in SA he has tough all the existing ps in SA and teaches abroad. He said that he will not put anymore than an extra 100/120cc in which is very right anything more il start looking like Pamela Anderson and I defiantly do not want that! I just want that little bit more fullness therefore he has ordered 380L & 400R and also 400L & 420R and will see what will fit and look right. Also i have very little space, not broad at all so an extra 100/120cc I'm very excited about! eeeek looks like I just made my mind up....il do it :)
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