42yrs Old - Reduction from Ecup 5 Weeks Pre - Rosebank, AU

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Ok...... so the date is getting closer and I am...

Ok...... so the date is getting closer and I am beyond pooping myself!!!! Think the biggest thing for me is that I have never met Dr. Braun yet, only see him the day before my surgery and hope that I get the all clear or my trip from the Middle East will be a waste of time.
Putting your boobs in the hands of someone you have never met before and only corresponded over email with Gina (whom is a God send, she really has be helpful).
So my pain threshold hold to say the least very low, so I am really not looking forward to the pain factor, but so looking forward to being pain free there after. Something I have not experienced in years.
I have wanted to have this op for over 20yrs, finally I am going to have it done.
20yrs ago in the UK the NHS was willing to do this for free, but I was young and silly, too scared and chickened out. The biggest regret of my life.
I long to not have to take ibrufen 3 times a day for neck, back and shoulder pain. To not have shoulder spasm will be a dream come true lol....
There is endless relief I long for from having this process..... so I will check in again after my op to give you all feedback etc.
I you can give any advise on prepping for this op, all comments and advise is so welcome.

4 weeks post op - Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck

Well, what a road, I am very sorry but a tummy tuck is not for sissies - it was very painful, I would never want to go through hat again, I was in recovery for over an hour. I then had 3 weeks of having fluid taken out of my tummy that was building up, thank goodness was not infected, I have a concerns, I have a opening in my tummy tuck was told it is a piece of fat about 1.5 cm long, that will need time to workout, see photo, how long will something like this take to sort itself out I am not in my 5th week post op.
I had the FTT, Hip to hip, ands seem to be left with bunny ears, is this normal? It just feels to me not enough was taken off to tighten up the tummy area, feel a bit like a slice and dice deal as it was a last minute change of plan to do the tummy the same day. Maybe I am just have a blues week :(
But the BR was a breeze, no pain
But on my Right Breast I seem to have been left with a bit of a wing at the end of the incision under my armpit, looks almost as if not enough fatty tissue was removed and closed up neatly, is this normal???? looks like a third breast at present. My doctor told me to leave it for a couple of months to see if it sorts itself out and if not then he will correct this in his surgery.
All in all I am happy for the loss of weight on my shoulders, just not happy with the extra wing on my right breast, the bunny hips and the bit still open on my tummy tuck.
South Africa Plastic Surgeon

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