40 Year Old Getting a New Butt - Mexico, MX

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Jessica pick me up at the airport really nice...

Jessica pick me up at the airport really nice lady, I like the place, I met a lady in the lobby she got tummy tuck and butt fat transfer, she show me her stomach and butt she look amazing for being her 5 day here, I'm here at the clinic in my room right now getting ready for tomorrow, surgery first thing in the Morning :-) I will put before and after pictures

Is been a week today,

Is been hard this is not easygoing body is changing by day today I take shower I can believed my body I finally have hips and butt and my waist look so small I love my arms to :-) can't wait to have the drains out, I staying here one more week is my decision to stay here for two weeks, I want to go home with out drains and be ok, the best part I keep meeting all this women from all over the world and it really amassed me to see them after surgery, I will post latter more pictures

Day 13 drains out

Finally day 13 drains out :-) now wearing this girdle is so tide here some pictures of my body still can't believed is me lol no pain just feel so tide, 3 more days to go home can't wait

A month after surgery

Still can't seat down with out a Bobbie pillow, the lipo bruises are going away, butt feels so tide cant sleep in my side yeat it hurts , im still sleeping on my tomach,Tuesday I'm start with my massage :-) here is some pictures note the one on the back you can see marks and my butt, is because I took off my garment lol

This coming Friday is going to be two months after my surgery

I can walk normal now, I can't sit down normal yeat i sit only with my legs and small part of my butt , I lay down in my back with a pillow between my legs :-) and my butt still big lol I thought it will get small but to me still big, my husband love it :-) I'm Putting some pictures specially one I'm when down so people can see how it looks when you go down, and my legs are so small now I loss all leg muscles. I need to go back to the gym to get it back ;-) hopefully soon I'm going to start sllowly
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Met him today really nice men, can't wait until tomorrow

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