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Got a bbl a couple years ago...unsatisfied (for...

Got a bbl a couple years ago...unsatisfied (for pictures see my old review). Jessica quoted me 8000 for the lipo,fat graft,implants,5 day stay+food. Medication & transportation to & from airport not included. Transportation is 200. I'm guessing meds ab 50. I'll get her to send my script before hand so I can get it with my insurance here to make it cheaper. About to book my flight next week it's Friday so the prices are up, but It will be ab 300. Then sending my deposit which is 10% of surgery cost so $800 to save my date. I believe garment is included but not sure. I will ask her. I will be getting oval implants. He uses high cohesive silicon silimed implants and performs the intramuscular technique. I'm 5'6 ab 130 so I'm thinking I'll get 300cc? Idk yet haven't discussed size. So all together it'll be ab $8550... At this point my only worry is the short stay. I'm debating if I need to stay longer at a place near the facility to recover some more before the flight AND just incase of any complications needing immediate attention. When I got my BBL I stayed there for 2 weeks. So basically a 3 night stay (can't do surgery the same day you fly in) then flying freaks me out a bit. The flight was sooo uncomfortable after 2weeks and that wasn't implants. So I can only imagine :/. But yea idk considering staying longer. If you've had the procedure and have insight on this fill me in lol. And also I'm choosing him because of the reviews on him and his experience with this particular procedure.. I personally don't feel like he's that much cheaper than US surgeons for that to be a target reason. But I do feel like I'll get the results I want by choosing him

Date set

Surgery date Jan 9th. $7200 balance

Date change & confused :/

Had to change date due to recently moving & funds. Idk when I'll re Schedule it but I've paid my deposit. As I'm working & saving I'm constantly stalking real self, reviews in general, google, MMH... Whatever I can find ab not only gongora but just butt implants diff doctors and overall. I feel like $8000 is NOT cheap plus going out of the US travel time off work the pain etc. I really want my results to be worth it! I love my body now and I have a very nice butt I just wanna tweak it and give it some more volume. So I would seriously be depressed if I get bad results :(. I saw a couple reviews that made me uneasy. I completely understand not every surgery is going to be great! And quite frankly my logic is a doctor who has done some "bad ones" means they can grow from it and it's less likely for it to be me! Lol idk if that's good logic or not but that's how I think ab it... But in this case it's kinda recent.. And the steps being taken after to make the patient feel relaxed and confident that there's a solution ..doesn't seem the best.. I'm an exotic dancer and I'd have to take more time off than most as my job is physical ... But I really have to consider the "what ifs" there's no hiding a botched surgery at my job. And I'm only saving to be off a couple months then take it easy at work. But idk what I would do if it were to go wrong. I'd HAVE to go back to work to pay the bills but my confidence would be ruined & id be so embarrassed.Anywho I'm rambling but just had to get these things off my mind. My friends already don't support the surgery so I can't vent with them lol. But I really have faith in gongora I just don't want to feel like because of the couple REALLY good ones(reviews) I ignored the not so good ones...hoping he's not a one hit (couple hits)wonder n I fell for it. I like to think id be fine and maybe it's because that patient did or was (etc etc etc...) then sometimes lack of updates after reviews kinda makes u wonder. But as of now I'm still saving for the surgery & stuff... I'm just very skeptical

5 weeks away. Gongora

Decided to stick with my gut. Having surgery with gongora June 2nd. Flying in June 1st. Staying at the facility with the included stay. Then staying at another place for 10 additional days(to make sure everything is ok AND to get my drains removed by him). I got a perscription letter today which Jessica said may or may not work to use my insurance in the us for the meds. So be prepared to pay $350 usd if you are getting this procedure. I haven't tried using the letter yet but I will update that later. If not 350 it is. Although I had my mind set on using my insurance. I'm nervous & anxious but excited.

I'm here :)

I'm at the facility. Very comfortable. Will update with more details later. Surgery tm!

No pain!?

I've never cried from a procedure.... Crying! Burns a aLoT.

Feeling a lot better. It's been tough tho

We did 300cc oval. Dr gongora said it turned out great! I haven't fully seen it yet just pics laying down. Will keep u guys updated

Nothing is working longer than a temp fix.

I just want to cry. Can not get comfy to sleep at all. All my other surgeries the pain meds I didn't feel anything could sleep etc just sore. This is soooo diff

Med info $350!

The tempra I believe is like Tylenol...Idk Spanish but the only thing that has worked Are the shots I've had to ask for

Lookin good!

Despite the pain bitchin, I really like my butt so far! I'm
Heavily tatted so the pics are cropped and don't do it justice but in person it looks awesome so far. I had sx June 3, 300cc oval


Before photos

what I was going for

Wish pics. I'm slim fit and wanted to stay in that category didn't want anything too big just some more volume and enhance my curve

Side by sides

Excuse all the stickers but I did the best I could do to still show the results thus far. Left side pics are before pics. Still very swollen

Ugh sleep

2nd night I attempted to sleep naturally... Unccesful again. I sleep at most lik 2 hrs at a time. It'll feel like I've been outtttt but nope. Constant naps. So I had to take the sleeping aid again. Had surgery June 3. Honestly reviews help but go at your own pace. Idk why I was even tryna force natural sleep if I know I'm not able to yet for long periods. Reading so many reviews you tend to compare your recovery process & where u shud be/feel. Don't stress yourself by doing so. Go with your own flow. As long as the doc says you're good ???? all that matters

Day 4 post op

Sorry if I'm over posting but I'm bored so might as well be informative ???? lol. I got to see my whole body today! I showered.. & WOW I'm loving how everything looks. My butt looks so natural already so I can only imagine once it softens n settles! Please keep me in your prayers. I still have a wayssss to go in the healing process but so far he did AMAZING.


Booty journey I thought I'd share

... Keep in mind im so bored here so I may post random updates just because lol. So far I'm doing & feeling a lot better. Just trying to keep my sanity of long days laying on my stomach & boredom. I go outside stretch & walk the facility garden area which is very relaxing. I play my music too. Pretty much the best thing you can do during your stay. They have wifi and cable but after a few shows/movies Layin on your tummy it gets old...fast! So for me my release is outside. I'd spend majority of my day out there if I could but that'd be too much sitting. Hmm maybe a yoga mat or blanket to relax on the greenery? If you're coming here u shud ask ????. I brought a book and haven't read one page since I've been here lol. I typically read sitting down & like to get lost in the book. So under these circumstances reading hasn't been too appealing. When I do sit it's not a relaxed sit. It's sitting being very cautious. But anyways got off topic....
Put together photos from the beg of my booty journey in 2013 to now. Keep in mind my initial BBL was NOT performed by gongora. I have another review more in depth ab that experience on my profile. But this is for girls debating on BBL vs IMPLANTS etc etc. I kno I haven't had my implants long enough to be all "team implants" but I see the biggest difference with the implants for sure. And hope & pray everything stays going well and I will have the more permanent results ive been looking for.

I made it ????...barely

Day 5 post op. Not much has changed. Pain gets better of course day by day. More sore than anything. And that ONE freakin drain that pulls. Ouch. Anyways. I was SO over being at the clinic I was debating on ending the trip early and worrying ab my drains when I got home! Absolutely nothing to do with the clinic. They're great. But the same thing everyday was so mentally draining for me. I was getting so homesick and didn't think I'd last another day here in MX! I was like I'm just gonna go home ???? Screw another week! Buttttt I decided to stick with my original plan. I want to go home without drains & fly more healed & comfortable. One of the ppl at genisis drove me to my hotel helped me with my luggage etc. she was great. Stayed with me until I was checked in & ready to go.
WOW ..once I got in and was walking to my room I was so happy I stayed. It's so beautiful and now it's more like a relaxing vacation than a recovery at a clinic:). First thing I did was go eat at the restaurant (with my boppy pillow lol). I really needed a change of scenery! I can't believe I almost stayed at the clinic the whole time. But outside of your week stay with the surgery it's crazzzzy exspensive. Like 300 a night! No way Jose ????. Too exspensive, I literally would have lost it anyways! Anywho At my hotel now :) & not dreading the next week.

5 days after butt implants 300cc

No difference in appearance. But feeling better. Can walk faster but penguin wobble

Day 12 drains removed!

Ahh finally! Day 12po today and I got my drains removed. They need to be under 30cc I believe typically a yellow color but mine were still red. It was def a weird feeling a little bit of pain in one but nothing bad. Weird bubbling feeling. Also got my stitches removed from the implants incision. That hurt a bit but was fast. I now have my garment, although I think I'm going to ask if I can buy an additional XS. The small isn't feeling like its compressing much in my stomach or back but at the same time an XS gettin over my butt just sounds painful. The small was a task. Everything is looking good. I feel so much better than the first 3 days! I'm pretty much normal now as far as mobility.i bend over slowly but can still do it. My sleeping is getting more regular it's still off tho. I'm not taking the sleep Meds or the pain meds. Just tylenol if I need it. My bruises are still here :( and just migrating all over lol. Pretty much wherever there isn't compression (in that area) is where my bruises have migrated. But everything is good so far. Liking what I see. I go back home tm :)


Not feeling this garment AT ALL. It's shaping me so strangely. I literally hate the way my butt looks now. I will not put that thing back on. I'm praying it doesn't alter my results which were going so well. And that the awkward indentions and shaping are temporary :(. That design is poor for my body shape. I will be so upset if this is PERMANENT!!! I had a nice curve literally a day ago. Wore the garment for a day & a half n poof. Nice curve GONE :(.

2 weeks post op.

Urghh. Curse that garment. Still hasn't went back to normal!

Almost 6 weeks post op!

6 weeks will be the 15th! Apologies for being MIA I've been good though. Implants are softening and settling. Only pain is from lower back & love handle Lipo which is still hard,sensitive,and swollen. And my inscision is still very tender and sensitive. I'm liking how my results are turning out. I just wish I had more body contour. My waist isn't as small as I was hoping but we'll see. Will post pics soon!

Little over 2 months

I'm liking my results. Still a bit tinder from the Lipo mainly. Inscision isn't completely healed yet but coming along. I'm still cleaning it with antibacterial soap. I like the size but... I'd love it overall more if the implants had more fat around them ESP by the hips. Depending on certain angles they can be a bit visible.

Not again :/

I was really hoping after this surgery and paying so much I would completely love my results. As far as the implants go they were successful.. No issues or anything. But I'm not happy with the appearance. They look ok from certain angles, but I feel like NONE of the fat stayed to hide them. They are very visible just from how your muscles flex simply from walking. Or standing straight up pivoting from side to side. Simple movements cause the outline to show. In my quote originally it said stomach lipo, yet there was no lipo done on my stomach. My overall shape isn't the hourglass I was hoping for. Waist isn't much smaller. And the fat transfer to my hips has completely vanished. So I'm still up & down boxy. But with a pretty nice projection from the side. From the front tho. My hips are very hollow. Then it's outline of the implants. THEN a nice butt.. I will keep the implants but now I'm debating on another full body sculpt+Transfer. I atleast want curves with a smaller waist to give the illusion of hips and whatever fat I can get to fill around the implants. I'm not sure if I'll be sticking with gongora. Maybe the body sculpting part isn't his specialty. Of course a part of me feels safe with him and it's a do what you know type thing. But I don't Want to waste money to get the same results if what I desire just isn't what he's capable of... Idk I'll get another consult and get his opinion for a solution :/. I'm considering dr Duran or dr Miranda


Here's a photo of another patient of his. I am having the same problem as far as how the outline looks. Not as much as hers & not as ripply but the exact same spots. So maybe his technice isnt the best fit on slim people?

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