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I am 29 years old, Asian decent, 5ft'4...

I am 29 years old, Asian decent, 5ft'4 1/2inches and weigh 113lbs with breast implants. My frame is thin and slender and I have been researching quite obsessively and wanted to give back to a community that has helped me. After much consideration I have decided I would like to implant 300cc round implants, preferably the high cohesive gels because I want my arse to feel and look as natural as possible, this of course is dependent on my measurements that the doctor should do prior to surgery. So far in my journey, I have read what I feel like ALL the reviews on here (comments and all haha) and have narrowed down my two doctors to Dr.Eduardo Gongora in Rosarito, Mexico and Dr.Ryan Stanton in Beverley Hills, California. I would have to travel 3-4 hours by plane for either doctor.Both doctors quoted me $9500 usdDr.Stanton- implants only, out patient meaning I have to rent a place and possibly hire a nurse, semi solid silicone implantsDr.Gongora-implants, lipo of the flanks and back ( prob light lipo considering I am thin to begin with), 5 night stay, 24 hour nurse, 3 meals, garment and medication. I would have to pay $200usd for the shuttle service from San Diego, high cohesive gel implantsI love Dr.Stantons results and his reviews are very positive and even though, no doubt, he will be more expensive due to the fact I have to pay for everything that Dr.Gongora includes in his pricing, the deterrent for me is more so the semi solid implant. I know it will be firm and women have stated that it's pretty hard and that is a big concern for me..I have yet to really read anyone's experience where there butt feels jiggly or soft with the semi solid silicone. But the one pro is it can never rupture.Dr.Gongora's results have been on the most part consistently decent to very good but there was one woman on here who I've been following and it makes me uneasy when I saw her results and the lack/ poor follow up post care, considering the fact that, she like I, live a distance away from Rosarito. But on the other hand I've also read another woman's journey and he rectified the problem with her in a positive manner and her end results turned out very well. I had my phone consult with Dr.Gongora this evening and he was very good with answering my questions, a lot of the questions I asked I already had a feel as to what the answer should be and he answered them well. It caught me a little off guard that during my phone consult he was in the middle of surgery performing a tummy tuck, I have yet to know how I feel about that.. Overall I felt he was a very nice man that is approachable and he is knowledgeable in this specific surgery. The one question I forgot to ask was, are cohesive gels durable enough for higher impact sports? Does anyone on here know? I ask because I snow board and I'm still learning meaning when I fall or bail I'll prob be landing on my ass a lot. I have my phone consult with Dr.Stanton on Wednesday and will keep you all updated.

Doctor Chosen - Deposit Paid

I have decided to entrust my buttock implant surgery with Dr.Stanton and have paid my $1000 deposit yesterday.

Part of my criteria looking for a doctor was that they had to have consistent good results and would care about my results as much as I do and the readiness to remedy any complications or poor results.
While Dr.Eduardo Gongora has done work that really showcases his talent on many women on here, it concerned me a great deal the lack of compassion and communication he has had with a patient of his that has very obvious problems with her results.

My experience with Dr.Ryan Stanton has been a very positive one so far. My impression of him during the phone consult was that he is professional, knowledgable and we vibed well together which is important to have with your doctor.

The first timed I call the office to enquire about this surgery, I was close to disregarding him as possibility due to the manner I was spoken to by the woman who picked up my call and her approach to answering the few of questions I had was condescending and not professional.
My second experience with her was a more positive one.

Now to talk about Mindy. Dr.Stanton could not have chosen a better patient coordinator. She is time efficient, knowledgable and very nice. She has a way of talking to you like you have been good friends for years which put you at ease. She has made this portion of the journey very smooth, from answering my questions, to coordinating my times to accommodate me because I am an out of country patient with a restrictive window of time to take off work to get this surgery done. Mindy is going to order three different shapes for me round, oval and off centre oval and I will decide with Dr.Stanton which shape the day prior to surgery. Mindy also sent me an email with a list of my prescriptions so that I could consult with my family doctor to have them filled in my country to avoid the insuranse hassle of reimbursement.

Overall I feel excited to finally have a nice ass, and even more excited to be able to wear a bathing suit without covering it and to be able to have the freedom to leave a room naked with out awkwardly and self conciously backing out so my partner doesn't see my sad flat bare ass.. :/ haha

Wish Pics

I hope he can get me close as possible to these pictures, I know my results depend a lot on my own anatomy but I can be hopeful! A few of my wish pics are of some of the ladies on here, if one of them is yours I hope you don't mind :)

One Week Till Surgery!

Prescriptions filled, boppy pillow in my possession and all my arrangements have been made! I'm starting to get anxious, the recovery and the thought of the pain other reviews have wrote about are making me a bit nervous... I've been looking at a lot of pictures of women with round implants versus oval implants trying to get an idea what a round implant would look in me versus a oval implant but its hard because I can't really tell if I have whats considered a short butt or a long one. What do you ladies think? Is my butt short that would suit a round implant or is it a long one that would suit getting ovals?

Surgery in less than a hour

Yesterday was my pre op, and Stanton has recommended the off centre ovals, these implants would be the most aesthetically pleasing. In regards to sizing, the company only makes them in one size unless he requests them custom - the size I'll be getting is Spectrum Block 4 Gluteal Implants 325 cc.. I'm really nervous right now, and I'm hoping that my results turn out the way I want.
The chance of rotation still really bothers me especially because I travel ( he said rotation can sometimes occur if you travel frequently on a plane and sit too long) and I'm somewhat active but Mindy convinced me to have faith and to trust. After discussion with Stanton I'm getting the off centre ovals because the round maybe too fake and unnatural looking on my body, it would be too obvious on a small thin Asain girl, in my opinion, to have that shelf like bum that I admire on other women.. I have also added a pic of a round implant versus a oval implant, they definitely have a heavier weight than I expected

3rd Day Post Op

Hello everyone,

I'm three days post op and can say the pain has been pretty minimal, I was expecting way worse. I stopped taking the pain meds, I hate feeling constipated. My butt feels tight, stiff and heavy, I've had no bruising. The meds have been making me feel pretty bad..
Make sure you get stool softeners and stock up on lots of water! Another thing I would do is get a stack of disposable cups to pee in, peeing in a cup has been so much more comfortable than trying to hover.
Sleeping has been so brutal, I keep waking up every 3-4 hours, having tons of pillows helps but it's still pretty uncomfortable.
Overall I'm in good spirits and ready to be home in my own bed.. I will post pics when I get home.

4th Day Post Op Appt

Today I've been really stiff and sore. The left side has been really bothering me, there's shooting pain and a slight burning sensation. It's harder to walk because of this pain.

I went to my post op and Stanton said everything looks good and the pains I'm feeling is my sciatic nerve being irritated. He said petite women like myself often get this irritation and the more the swelling goes away and I start to heal the pains should go away as well.

I can't wait to be able to sleep, go to the washroom, and bend down with ease. The things we take for granted!! I did this surgery alone and can say it's a doable thing to do but obviously it would be better to have a companion. I fly home tmrw and I am not looking forward to it, the airline is blocking off a secondary seat for me so hopefully I'll be more comfortable.

Update 9 Days Post Op

The first week has been a trying week, physically and emotionally. I flew back on day 5 and I stood most of flight, most of my bruising came from the plane ride.Days 6 and 7 were the most challenging for me, the irritation to my sciatic nerve has made it really hard on my left leg but it's getting better. My butt is really hard and firm but gets more palpable each day as the swelling goes down.

Icing my rear end has really helped and taking a pain killer before bed helps me sleep. I've been sleeping and laying on stomach most days and as per my post op instructions I can lay on my back with pillows under my lower back and under my knees but I can't stay in that position for long because of the discomfort from feeling the pressure from the implants. The mornings are really stiff and uncomfortable, not painful just uncomfortable, reminds me of my recovery from breast augmentation.

I'm content so far with my results, it looks really natural but really disappointed in the projection. I expressed in my preop consult with Stanton that I wanted projection and a natural shape and I'm truely hoping the shape and size he recommended will get me close to my wish pics. The off center ovals are supposed to be a in between the rounds and ovals, they have more projection than the ovals but give the fullness of the oval shape. My fingers are crossed that once everything stretches and settles my final results will have more projection.. Does anyone have any insight as to when my muscle will stretch and feel less constrictive? For the projection to pop?

Close to 3 Month Post Op

Hi ladies!

I apologize for my really late update! I was back at work 17 days post op and it has been non stop go!

When I went back to work, I work in a corporate desk job setting, it was a bit uncomfortable but doable. I used the nursing/boppy pillow for about 10 working days and was back to normal within the month. I still sometimes experience discomfort from sitting too long but I find using a heating pad on my hips/upper buttock area helps alleviate any discomfort I'm feeling as well as getting up and walking around. I also started driving on the 17th day, first few days with the pillow.

I get compliments on my butt all the time and I am happy that even though I didn't get the projection I was hoping for, that my results turned out really well, especially in pencil skirts and dresses. I would say its more of a over all fullness rather than shelf like projection. It absolutely looks like I was born blessed with a really good squat butt. It's really feels good to finally have an ass!

The implants have softened up quite a bit but still feel pretty firm in the center. I can also feel the edges of the implants at the bottom of my cheeks. I have not experienced any shifting but I also have not done anything too active since surgery to compromise my implants. I found practicing hot yoga has helped with loosening things up.

As much as I initially wanted round implants when I started this journey, I'm glad I chose the off center ovals. The reason behind this is because the ovals cover more area in your buttocks and even with having the ovals, the very bottoms of my cheeks look not fully filled in, its like theres a dent, which is hard to explain. I am going to address this with Dr.Stanton when I fly back for my post op appointment.

Another thing I will be addressing with him are my scars, I have always scarred really well, I've had breast augmentation done twice after my initial one due to capsular contracture and my scars are near invisible but my buttock surgery scars are really noticeable and one is raised, I've been using this super strength Mederma Scar cream on the scars but I don't think its really doing anything.
The one thing he assured me was that they would be hidden within the buttock crease and one of the scars can be seen even when I am not bent over and a standing up... I'm was already paranoid about the feel of the implants but not as concerned about the scaring due to how my body healed from past traumas when but now the scaring has got me self conscious. For ladies that have visible scaring what do you tell your sexual partners??
Dr.Ryan Stanton

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