Facelift Nightmare. Mexico, MX

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Very disappointed! At the beginning everything...

Very disappointed!
At the beginning everything seems good, clinic is top of the line, personnel are very nice they treat you like you are a celebrity!
but as soon as you had the surgery they start ignoring your concerns, they make you wait sometimes 4-5 hours to see the doctor, and if you are not very happy with the results they tell you that you are very picky and focus on "little details"
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I had a facelift and I am not very happy, scars are very notorious, one side of my face looks a lot different than the other side, I look accordingly to my friends and family like "a complete different person" unfortunately not in a nice way. I had talk to the doctor to let him know that i am not happy with his work and the first time he recognized that I didn't look good and he said that he will fix the problem until i feel happy, but after that he told me to wait, that with time my face was going to look better, that scars will disappear, that I didn't appreciated his work, every time something different, but it has been almost a year and he doesn't want to see me to schedule a surgery to fix scars and the crooked side of my face, one time he even told met that I had to wait because he wasn't making any money with me and he had to pay the rest of the staff to had my surgery again. I feel very frustrated I'm even afraid to call his office, i feel very depressed, this surgery was supposed to make me feel good about my self, i was supposed to look younger and refresh, instead I feel ugly and deformed I don't even want to go to work or have social life. It seems like this Doctor just care about money. Please don't get impress by this beautiful and elegant office, the charming Doctor Gongora or by the "nice" personnel, they just care about your money and after they get it they don't care about you any more.

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