6 Months Post-Op Booty by Gongora. Mexico, MX

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Hello Ladies! Height: 5'3" Weight: 115lbs It's...

Hello Ladies!

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115lbs

It's tough getting a review in when you come back from work super tired and not exactly in the mood to recount an experience but I know when I was on the other end I would anxiously wait for the latest updates from those who have taken the leap! Nevertheless, it's still a busy evening so consider this Chapter One.

Probably like most of you here, I've always wanted a rounder butt, rounder hips, I kind of felt like my butt looked like a rectangle. Sure, hips were present but I wasn't so "curvy." I finally got serious about the surgery about 3 years ago. I first looked at butt injections in Brazil, which I'm thankful I never did, then I looked into the BBL which I kept reading people get redone because of fat absorption/loss and honestly how many people have the money to get something like this more than once? I wanted something more permanent and although I always thought butt implants looked super noticeable and unnatural it's really all about technique and placement. It was a review by one of Dr. Gongora's patients that really made me start considering butt implants--they looked natural and just what I was looking for--the coke bottle shape.

So I sent in my pictures along with the chocolate covered butt (see below--wish pic) to Jessica, the patient coordinator, and got the procedure just about two months shy before my quote of $8000 was to expire.

FYI: In an attempt to conceal my identity, as I think many of us wish to do, I've filtered my pictures. On the one hand I really want to spread the word on my Dr.'s amazing work and be that person that gives you that final push that you needed to make this dream come true BUT on the other hand I wouldn't want anyone to trace this back to me so I ask all of you to please respect that and feel free to ask me absolutely anything! I'll try to respond as quickly as possible!


So my first recommendation is DON'T GO ALONE! I did this on my own just because the few people who I did confide this with had very busy schedules that didn't coincide with my window of opportunity and I truly didn't want to impose. But my advice to you is BRING SOMEONE. Trust me, you're going to want that emotional support.

My story begins with me driving down from LA to Rosarito! The clinic is really nice, clean, very professional which didn't surprise me given what I had already read on the place. The staff is mostly women who were just excited as me about my transformation lol. I got in a day before my surgery, had some blood work done, spoke to the psychologist, among other pre-op analyses. For dinner I had salmon---so yummy! And after that long drive I didn't have such a hard time sleeping.

But I woke up first thing the next morning, I was given some medication, scrubbed down my body with some anti-bacterial soap and got hooked up to an IV. My surgery was in the late afternoon so yes it was pretty uncomfortable especially since I really dislike needles and there were plenty of times that day I wanted to just take it out--it was driving me crazy! But I couldn't eat before the surgery so the serum was keeping hydrated.

Finally the moment of truth came, I met Dr. Gongora -- who I must say is a lot taller than he looked in his picture! He's also very charismatic which gave me that confidence I needed before going into the operating room! He took my pictures and marked me up, it's important to note that I asked him NOT to lipo my back thighs/upper hamstrings (honestly not sure what that area is called but it's that region below your butt to your sides--lower hips?) Anyways, I told him not to because I personally like a thick/wide bottom half.

I got lipo on my back, my sides, my muffin top and a little on my arms. My implants are 350CC OVAL Silimed COHESIVE GEL. I left the size up to the Dr but I told him what look I was going for and trusted that he knew what size would achieve that. I literally said, "I want to be 'culona' but not outrageous" before I knew it I was out and waking up on my belly all wrapped up. It literally felt like everything happened in the blink of a eye. The Dr. came in and let me know it was all done and everything looked great, I wanted to yell of excitement but I was just so sleepy and knocked back out.

Will post Pt.3 tomorrow!


The day after the surgery I felt like I had done a million squats (literally) and felt so sore. So when I was told to start walking my jaw dropped. But walking actually helped so much. It gets better with time. The first day I could really feel my implants as I walked like a duck and I felt very down--like am I going to feel them forever? This is so uncomfortable! Thankfully my Dr. and the clinic staff reassured me that the uncomfortable feeling would go away with time. Every day walking became easier.

I stayed at the clinic for a week and then I stayed at the El Pueblito Inn which is in walking distance of the clinic for another week--I didn't want to leave with the drainage tubes. I walked around the parking lot three times a day for 15 minutes, basically Netflix and chill all day, sitting a while on my bended knees or laying belly down. I would wake up at around 3:30am every day because I would feel uncomfortable sleeping on my belly--stress on my neck to the side--and then have the hardest time falling back to sleep.

Before I left the clinic I was taught how to change my bandages and clean the areas where tubes were coming out. I was nervous at first but after the first time it was a breeze. The Inn has a kitchen where you can ask for literally whatever you want which is handy because you have to follow a certain diet given to you by your nutritionist. Also! I can't remember what it's called but ask reception for the name of the delivery service that gets you food from whatever restaurant you want for a small fee. That came in handy as well.

Last and final part tomorrow!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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