Scheduled with dr campos now!! :)

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I am scheduled for Circular Abdominoplasty...

I am scheduled for Circular Abdominoplasty (Circular Tummy Tuck) + Full Body Lipo + Fat Grafting to your Buttocks! :)
I'm nervous but so excited to see the beautiful transformation!!!
Doctor said to give 10% of my surgery cost to lock in my date but I will be giving more! God is good and everything will go great! ????

76 days until surgery approx 2 months 2 weeks and 2 days..

So approx 2 months 2 weeks and 2 days for my surgery with Dr. Eduardo Gongora.
I did request another quote from Dr Campos, because ive heard a lot of great reviews from him.
I am suppose to give deposit next week to lock in my date with Dr.Gongora.
I do want another quote to see if with Dr.Campos its less expensive but if not I will stick Dr. Gongora.
Hope all goes well!

So i've decided to schedule with DR CAMPOS! April 21st!

Dr campos is actually much more less expensive than doctor gongora!
But the reason Im changing to dr campos is because of other work that I have been seeing on his patients its really awesome and great! I will traveling to Tijuana this weekend 02/14/2015 to give the deposit! so exciting!

May 8, 2014

So now my date is scheduled for the 8th of May due to concerns and bookings for a hotel.
I changed it from the 24th of April to the 8th of May with dr campos. I will be staying 10 nights in tijuana close to dr campos office just incase of anything.
Excited this his quote that he gave me

Extended Tummy Tuck 3300
Arm lift 2000
Liposuction, lower back, and waist 1800
Fat grafting into the buttocks 800
Discount -1000
S. Facility 1300
Anesthesia 500 (Epidural, Sedation)
Body Garment 120
Post op medication 135
Lymphatic massages (5) courtesy
On line Discount -1000
Total 7955 usd
Dr. Campos

Excited! ???? just 78 more days to go until surgery! ????????????????

54 days until surgery!

I feel like the time is going by faster because of time change. The doctor did tell me to go down to 180 in order to perform surgery and have better results. So far I'm down 11 pounds from 222 to 211. I'm excited I do feel much more light in weight! I've alrdy sent my deposit to lock my date for the 8th of May. I haven't bought any stuff yet. But I did have a question regarding the blood work that needs to be done has anyone had any problems having it done with their PCP??? And did you have to tell your dr your having surgery of the country :O help pls!! Thanks

So far I'm down Frm 222 to 204

So happy! I've been going to the gym Monday thru Saturday for almost 2-3 hrs.. I'm happy I've accomplished to loose that much. I just need to loose 24 more pounds!
My surgery is exactly 37 days away! so excited and nervous!

27 days to go!

So exciting this month is going by fast!! :o
I'm going to upload the before and after I lost weight . I had a lot of stomach like fat so it is a huge difference.

June 2,2015

So unfortunately i had to reschedule My Surgery due to a family emergency :( .. Just wanted to inform you ladies..

5 more days!

My day is getting closer!! So excited, low key scared!! Lol
I will be traveling this weekend to Tijuana to visit the doctors office and see if I can have walk in consult. Hopefully I can.
But I know everything will be fine! God is good :)

Surgery cancelled

Hello ladies just wanted to update, i got a call Frm angie yesterday Frm dr campos office that will have to cancel My Surgery date because doctor campos had a emergency. So My Surgery is postponed until further notice... :-(

What to do!!!

Ive heard so many things now about dr.campos.. Idk what to do..
They can reschedule until june 16.. Its too far since i alrdy asked for work off ugh.. What to do..

New Sx Date June 9,2015

Okay ladies, so after that minute cancellation they've Managed to schedule me for June 9. Hopefully everything goes well this time and i pray Surgery goes well and no more cancellations.

Prayers are highly appreciated!

Surgery not done

Hello ladies! Sorry i didnt update anything. But i actually did not end up doing the surgery. Family emergency came up and wasn't able to proceed.. :(... Hopefully i can it do it soon!! Also even though they cancelled my original surgery date they didn't reimburse me for $1000 that i had given upfront.. That was upsetting...
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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