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Well hello everyone, I just wanted to share this...

Well hello everyone, I just wanted to share this experience with everyone! I am a 41 year old mother of 3. I had my first child at the age of 18. I had 3 c-sections so needless to say my stomach is so ugly!! And not to mention the stretch marks.

I have been planning this TT for a long time now. I actually had it scheduled in 2005 but I chickened out and got a full refund (all but $800). But its been 6 long years since then and no matter what type of exercise I do, the infamous muffin top is always there!

My pre-op is scheduled for November 15, 2011 and my TT will be a month after that which is December 15,2011. There's only a few people that know about it (well, of course, you all know now)..lol...I can't wait, I'm so excited! I will definately share before and after photos with everyone!! I'll definately post the "before" photos after my pre-op. But until then, just wanted to share this with everyone.

God Bless!

I have really enjoyed reading everyone else's...

I have really enjoyed reading everyone else's journey! I will definately post pics soon. Bye for now.

Hey ladies, just wanted to do a little update....

Hey ladies, just wanted to do a little update..I've been trying to hit the gym as much as I can lately because I've made up in my mind that I really want to lose about 10-15 lbs before my pre-op which is 6 weeks and 2 days away! I've started my countdown:o). I currently weigh about 178lbs so if I can get to about 160-165 that would be good. I am 5'3 so actually I need to be around 135-140 but I'm just gonna start out losing slow right now. I know the TT will help alot! cause no matter what type of exercises I do, my mid-section just seems to be getting bigger and bigger! I've tried all kinds of diets in the past but WW really seem to help (I lost 52 lbs about 5 years ago) using WW but needless to say, the weight has slowly crept back on (at least half of it!)But anyhow, I'm gonna do my best to lose at least 10 lbs and then go from there. Well, just wanted to check in with everyone and please keep posting your journeys, I really enjoy reading them! It is so much encouragement. Well, talk to you later ladies...PS, I will be posting pics soon.

Hello ladies, just got up the nerve to post some...

Hello ladies, just got up the nerve to post some pics! I was going to wait til I had my pre-op on November 15th to post but I just can't wait til then. I did front and side views.

Hey Ladies, just checking in to let all you TTer's...

Hey Ladies, just checking in to let all you TTer's know that I am thinking of each and everyone of you! Please continue to post your journeys, pictures, etc...this website has been a blessing to me, and I really enjoy reading how everyone else is feeling in the days leading up to their surgery, and after as well. Even though my TT is not until December, I feel that each and everyone of you have really been a big help to me! Mainly, because I will have somewhat of an idea of what to expect, even though I know everyone is different and our bodies will all heal differently ( I know I'm rambling)but anyway that's all I have for now, I'll check back in later.....

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that I will be having a Microphlebectomy on Thursday, October 27th. It's where, I will have some varicose veins removed from my left leg..can't wait to get that done and over with. So with that coupled with the TT, I'm so looking forward to that summer bikini! ;-)

Well hello everybody! Just checking in to let you...

Well hello everybody! Just checking in to let you all know that my pre-op will be in 5 days!! So excited but kinda nervous at the same time. I have a looong list of questions for my PS. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's journeys. This site has helped me prepare for this in ways that I can't even begin to explain. This site is truly a blessing to me! I really don't know what I would have done had I not found you all! For all the TTer's that have gone before me I really appreciate all of your much needed advice!

I have been taking my Vitamin C religiously and also have upped my protein as well. I have been drinking so much water that I feel like a walking lake right now..lol.. I'm pretty sure you all know what I mean.lol.

But anyway, I won't keep you just thought that I would check in to give you all a little update. I'll let you all know how my pre-op went. ttyl.

Hello ladies, just checking in to let everyone...

Hello ladies, just checking in to let everyone know how my pre-op went yesterday.

Well first off, my appt was at 11:00am. I arrived there promptly but when I got there the receptionist started giving me some forms to look over and initial. So she started asking me was I allergic to the demerol that they gave me last time and I told her that they didn't give me anything last time because I had cancelled and I didn't get the prescriptions filled but just right off it was like we didn't vibe with each other? If you remember in my very first review I said that I was scheduled for a TT back in 2005 but I chickened out and got my money back...well this is the same PS. It didn't have anything to do with the PS because his work is excellent and I know of several people that have had TT's/BA done by him, it was just me at that time..I just got cold feet and didn't want to go through with it.

But right off it just seemed like she had an attitude?! So anyway, I was called to the back to get my labs done and pics made and I talked to PS and we went over my looong list of questions and I was very pleased with all of his answers (thanks goodness)and I also have a list for the anesthetiologist but of course I won't actually get to talk to him until the day of surgery. I got all my prescriptions and this booklet that tells me the whole TT process step by step..its pretty neat. I know I'll have 2 drains and I told him that I wanted an oval shaped BB instead of the traditional "round" BB that some PS's make. The oval shaped ones are more natural looking (to me). He said that he could make it however I wanted it so we'll see...lol..that's my one biggest fear is that my BB won't look right. But I've seen his work, so I guess I shouldn't be getting too stressed out over that. He said that he can definately get rid of this muffin top so that's my main focus right now.

But anyway, after that I was ready to check out and pay my remaining balance. I started to chicken out again and take my cash back because I started thinking of all the things that I could be doing with the money but then reality kicked in and I came to my senses and realized that the money was going for a really good cause! It was kinda like my whole life just flashed before my eyes right at that very moment! So now its official. December 15th. There is no turning back now.

So, I'm going to continue on with my countdown. And I will check back in with everybody later!!

Hope everybody is having a Happy Humpday! ttyl.

Hey ladies, just checking in to wish everyone a...

Hey ladies, just checking in to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Also, my TT is only weeks away! I can't believe its just right around the corner, I'm getting excited as each passes because I know I am one day closer to my dream body. Yay!!

Well thats all for now ladies, its getting close my bedtime so I will check back later and for all you TTer's that just had surgery, I'll be thinking of you and good luck! ttyl.

Meant to say just 3 weeks away!

meant to say just 3 weeks away!

Well hello ladies! Just checking in to let...

Well hello ladies! Just checking in to let everyone know that I have just 16 more days to go!!! Yay!!!I have been trying to prepare for this as much as I possibly can without losing my mind in the process. I had to go to urgent care on Friday after Thanksgiving and I found out that I have sinusitis and ear infection. So I had to go on antibiotics to try and clear all this up as soon as possible. Actually, I finished my last antibiotic today (Z-pack), and I feel so much better today. I had been under the weather for the last few days. The doc also told me to take Mucinex D to clear up the fluid in my ears, but anyway, I'm much better.

I've been trying to focus on getting all my supplies needed for TT. The only thing that I have actually purchased so far is some scar treatment (I'll tell you more about that later) and Dial soap (antibacterial) that I have to start using about a week before surgery. Other things I have on my list to pick up is some polysporin, abd pads, paper tape, and some extra pillows...all of which I will probably get this weekend at Walmart.

I really would like to purchase some protein bars as well. If anybody know of some good ones please feel free to let me know about that and I know some of you talked about the protein shakes so just let me know which brands are good, I know there are several different kinds out there so if you have tried them and was pleased with it just let me know.

I will be calling my local rent-a-center to find out about getting a recliner. Hopefully I will be doing that this weekend as well.

The clock is ticking! It seems so far away but yet so close, if that makes sense. I'm so excited! Well, I just wanted to give you all a little update..well wishes to everyone that just had TT's and good luck on your recoveries. I will check back in with you all in a few days or so. ttyl ;o)

Psssst....just 9 more days to go!! lol. Just...

Psssst....just 9 more days to go!! lol. Just wanted to give a shout out to Peaches, klewis, SassyMomma..I see yall...also to all my other fellow TTer's as well. Just reading your journeys has made this all worth while!

Well hello ladies, just checking in give a little...

Well hello ladies, just checking in give a little update about what I've done so far pre-surgery. I actually did this update yesterday but something happened to my internet and I lost the whole thing. So anyway, I did get my recliner from the rent-a-center and they are scheduled to deliver it on Monday. Yay! I figured it was one of the "must have" items on my pre-surgery list since I have been reading all the reviews about how good they come in handy!

As far as my supplies: I have sterile gauze, abd pads,paper tape, hydrogen peroxide (to clean out BB), cotton balls, q-tips,digital thermometer, neosporin, box of kleenex, stool softener (Dulcolax), and gas x (just in case). I have this cute little blue bin that I labled "tummy tuck supplies" and put everything in it. I also purchased a silicone scar treatment that I will be using when my scar heals.

I picked up my prescriptions as well. I have demerol (for pain), phenergan (for nausea), and keflex (antibiotics). I have go to today to pick up my nausea patch (to put behind ear the night before surgery)its at a different pharmacy because my pharmacy didn't have them in stock.

As far as food items: I picked up soup, saltines, oatmeal, applesauce, eggs, and pineapples/juice (to help with the swelling). A lot of protein stuff. I didn't get any protein bars yet, I'm really not a big fan of those but I'm gonna maybe get a least a weeks worth, but I'm kinda putting that off til the last minute. Also, I have to get some Tylenol and cough drops. I think that will complete my list. I'm just ready to get this done already!

4 more days!!!! I'm soooo excited btw, if you can't already tell, lol. Well ladies, I will check back in later. Sending well wishes to everyone that just had TTs and also good luck on your recoveries! ttyl ;o)

Well, hello ladies, just wanted to check in one...

Well, hello ladies, just wanted to check in one last time before I went to bed. I've already taken my shower (with Dial soap) and put the transderm scope patch (for nausea) behind my ear. So, I'm basically just tying up some loose ends before I go to bed. I'm so excited about tomorrow!! I can't believe its finally here!

Good luck to everybody going in tomorrow! and well wishes to everybody thats recovering! I'll definately post an update as soon I feel up to it! ttyl ;o)

Hello ladies just checking in to let you all know...

Hello ladies just checking in to let you all know that I'm doing fine. Having trouble updating for some reason. Will post more shortly.

Well hello again ladies, wasn't real sure if my...

Well hello again ladies, wasn't real sure if my other update went through. But I typed a long update last night and it didn't go through. But I think being on those narcotics didn't help much either, lol.

But this is was happened yesterday-I arrived at the PS office @ 9:45am they called me to back and I had to put on those little blue panties and we went over exactly what I was expecting. We went over more pics, and I tol him that I wanted the scar as low as he could possibly get it and we went over the shape of my BB, I went with the "oval" shape. By that time both my daughters came back and took pictures of me and then we got a group picture. Then he came in and did my markings. Then we walked to the OR (where he was going to perform TT). Let me just say that his nurses are awesome! They took me in and I got on the table and the nurse started my IV. By that time the anestheologist came in and we went over some stuff and I had to sign more consent forms. I really don't remember much after that. All I remember next was just waking up in recovery.

The nurse got me up and walked to the rest room (I didn't have to be catherized) thank goodness. The surgery lasted 2 1/2 hours and I stayed in recovery for 2 hours. Didn't get nauseated, the pain was not as bad either.

I came home, took some pain meds just to head it off. My daughters are so wonderful they waited on me hand and foot. I constantly going back and forth to the restroom to pee. Like every 5 minutes, just up and down. I have two drains which have been around 25cc or less. Which I think is a good thing because I go back for my next pre-op appt on Monday and he may pull the drains then. Don't really want to pull them to soon though.

As far as the swelling goes, I have alot of that, but thats to be expected though.

I have been drinking pineapple juice, water, and cranberry juice like crazy! As far as eating anything-I have been eating Progresso soup and saltines. Haven't really had a real big appetite...yet. No BM yet, but taking dulcolax to help it along. I know narcotics can cause constipation.

And another thing, my left hand was sooo numb! Not sure why but I think maybe it was where they had the BP cuff on and my nerves were asleep. So around 12:30 last night my daughter gave me a heating pad to use and it has helped some but the numbness is still there- it was real bothersome yesterday/last night. It's not so bad today. In all honesty, the pain hasn't been that bad either, just a lot of soreness from where he had to do muscle repair. I'm walking all hunched over like an old granny or something, lol. I didn't get a chance to get a walker but oh well, I'm managing pretty much. Well I will post pics later today (hopefully) if I feel to it.

Just want to say thank you to everyone that wished me luck and for thinking of me on my big day! Hope everyone is doing well and I will check back in later..will post pics soon. TTYL ;o)

Hello everybody, just wanted to check back in the...

Hello everybody, just wanted to check back in the let you know about my pre-op appt. I had to be there @ 9:00am this morning. Well, I got there and the nurse called me to the back. She took off CG and PS came in to check incision. He said that everything looks good! They changed my dressing and gave me instructions on how to change again tonight. He told me use first aid antibiotic ointment called bacitracin (it has zinc in it-so I think that helps with the swelling around the incision). My daughter picked up some from the Dollar General. He said to use that instead of Neosporin-he said that a lot of people are allergic to neosporin (so he don't suggest using that). But anyway, my next appt is Monday @ 1:00. So I'm hoping the drains will come out then-well at least one of them. He said that he wants to see me twice next week. So I guess they'll let me know on Monday what other day I have to come back. So I was able to sneak a peep at my incision and it is REAL low and also my BB is super cute. I feel like he did an excellent job! I will try to post pics later. I hope everyone is doing ok, and I'll check back later on. ;o)

Hey ladies...just wanted to give a little update....

Hey ladies...just wanted to give a little update. I'm post op day 3-I have alot of soreness going on and the swelling is driving me crazy! I think I'm pleased with my results (having second thoughts). Well I guess all this swelling is not really helping much. I don't have that hour glass shape that I was hoping for. I didn't have any lipo so I think that's the problem. I know my PS told me that the skin and tissue that he removed weighed about 2.5 lbs.

I don't know...maybe its just me. I think I'm getting ready to go on that emotional rollercoaster. (ughh). Starting to question whether this was worth it or not??!

Maybe once all this swelling goes away, I may feel better about it. I don't know...I was doing good earlier but now I'm just not so sure right now. Well, I'll check back in later.

Post-op day 3-Finally got up the nerve to add some...

Post-op day 3-Finally got up the nerve to add some pics! Still swollen and have some bruising around BB.

4 days Post op-well just got back from second post...

4 days Post op-well just got back from second post op visit, he removed the right drain and hopefully will remove the second one on Thursday (which will be a good b/day present for me!)I still have alot of swelling because no BM. I'm taking the MOM and prune juice. So hopefully that will get things rolling. Ugghhh! Can't stand this constipation! My PS said that once I do have BM that some of the swelling will go down, so I'm being optimistic. I'm also posting a pic that was taken when they removed my bandages-still have the stretch marks but the scar is real low and my BB is oval shaped which is what I wanted!

I appreciate all of you ladies and all the kind words, and words of encouragement. I'll check back in later. ;o)

Another update-Post op day 4-finally had a BM!!...

Another update-Post op day 4-finally had a BM!! Yay!! Well, actually I've had about 3 within the last 2 hours (tmi..lol)-thank goodness for MOM and prune juice!

And when I tell you that I feel soooo much better!! Whew!! I never thought that I would ever feel this good after a BM!

Besides that, I've been walking a little straighter and I've actually felt pretty good today. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll start to notice a little reduction in the swelling...(I know...I need to give it more time...but I'm so impatient ya'll..lol).

I pretty much been eating good, still peeing ALOT, taking my antibiotic (keflex)-haven't had to take any pain med today just a couple of xtra strength tylenol earlier due to a little pain in my neck (from the way I slept in recliner..I guess). Other than that, POD4 has been ok--better than yesterday. Oh yeah, still drinking my pineapple juice and eating pineapples to try and cut down on the swelling.

Hopefully, I'll get the other drain removed on Thursday-as long as it stay under 25cc (which it has been) I should be good to go. Well, I'll check back later. To all my TT sisters, happy healing! ;o)

Well Post Op day 8-went to see PS yesterday and he...

Well Post Op day 8-went to see PS yesterday and he took out some of my stitches on incision and my BB stitches. Didn't remove other drain yet due to still draining a good bit, I have to go back on Monday and hopefully it will come out then. I hope so because I hate having to hide this thing everytime I go somewhere, lol. My PS is so nice! My birthday was yesterday so he and his staff gave me a gift card for Chili's and a Brighton Heart keychain! Now how cool is that! I was so exicted!

But on a sad note, my city got hit with a tornado while I was actually at his office. During the time that the nurse was taking out my BB stitches-the lights kept flickering off and on and the wind was crazy loud! My daughter said she thought the car was going to flip over (she sat in the car). We didn't actually know at the time that it was a tornado until later. Got home, power was out, power lines down everywhere, trees on houses, traffic lights out-some where torn down, police everywhere directing traffic, sirens blaring...real crazy scene! All this on my birthday-and on the first day of winter! Never heard of a tornado in winter! But anyway, power is back on and the clean up begins. So everyone just say a prayer for the city of Rome, GA.

POD8 has not been real bad, the swelling is still there but has gone down ALOT! I'm starting to see my new tummy in a different light. POD3 was the hardest for me. I know this is going to be a long process though. I will post more pics soon. Happy healing to everyone and Happy Holidays! ;o)

Post Op Day 11-Went to see PS today. The nurse...

Post Op Day 11-Went to see PS today. The nurse removed my left drain and the rest of my stitches!! I feel so free! The swelling has gotten much better, I must say.

I'm walking straighter. Off all pain meds (have been since about day 4 or 5, not sure which). PS said that I can't start working out til 4-6 weeks. He said that I can walk but not to do any type of working out yet. My body is just not ready for all that yet.

I will post pics soon! ttyl.

Post Op day 12-Well, first day back to work today!...

Post Op day 12-Well, first day back to work today! I made it after working 8 1/2 hours! But, I was extremely swollen. By the time I left work, my tummy was feeling like it was about to pop. I have a desk job so overall it was a pretty good day.
Did any of you ladies get blisters from your steri-strips? I have a huge one on my left side and I had a few on my right side as well. I ended up accidently popping those because I had this awful itch and I keep scratching and when I went to take the binder off I saw where they had popped. But the one on my left side is still there. I'm scared to try to pop it. :o(
I hope it will just go away on its on. Have any of ya'll had this problem?

I was able to take my first shower yesterday due to the other drain coming out and it felt soooo goooood! lol.

Oh well, I was just doing a little update, hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to post pics soon. ttyl.

Hello ladies, just wanted to post a couple of...

Hello ladies, just wanted to post a couple of pics-can't believe I will be 2 weeks post op tomorrow! Still have a LOT of swelling. I love my BB though. Of course its still healing as well. My PS told me that I can stop wearing my binder at the 3 week mark but I'm sure I'll still wear it just for the security.
Just got out of the shower and relaxing in my recliner-getting ready to get some shut eye have to work tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well. ttyl. ;o)

Hello ladies, Well I've finally reached the 3...

Hello ladies,
Well I've finally reached the 3 week mark! Can't believe it already! Well, getting straight to the point...I'm just NOT feeling my results right now!!I know its only been 3 weeks and I still have a long way to go but I just knew some of the swelling would have subsided by now. Although I'm not taking anything for the swelling like the bromelain, I am drinking pineapple juice because I heard it was good but, I just don't know at this point. I'm officially on that emotional rollercoaster right now (I guess)--smh and sighing (at the same time)lol. I have to laugh to keep from crying. I just feel like I would have had better results had I gotten the lipo. But my PS said I really didn't need the lipo??!!! I personally beg to differ!!
What are ya'll's (is that even a word) feelings about this? Am I overreacting? (sigh)
I go see my PS on Tues of next week and I'm gonna see what he thinks about the way I'm feeling about all this swelling. I hope its not fluid but in a crazy way I would feel better if it was then it would explain the swelling (more so on my right side).

I really don't want to discourage anyone because everybody is different. I know its still so early and these are probably NOT my final results but I don't know, I guess I was just hoping for something much better than the way it is now. I have to say that I do like my BB though. Its cute and just the way I wanted it. I've been wearing my CG 24/7 except to shower. I purchased and extra firm control garment that flattens the tummy and slims midriff and hips, its made by cupid and I purchased it at Walmart for $11.00, so I've been wearing that as well, I also wear this other flexee garment (pictured below).
I'm posting more pics so you all can be the judge about the swelling. ttyl.

Hey ladies, just wanted to do a little update ...

Hey ladies, just wanted to do a little update since I had a post op visit today. Well my PS said that there is no fluid buildup and for me not to worry about that. He said that my tummy looks great and for me not to worry. He said for me to continue wearing my binder and that should help with the swelling.
He stuck his finger in my BB though because he said that it kinda looked like it was wanting to close up! I know it seemed to be getting a little smaller but didn't really think much of it. I guess because I was so hung up on all the swelling, couldn't really concentrate on anything else, but to be honest I thought my BB looked fine! But he told me to use my finger to keep it from closing up. I swear I thought I was going to pass out when he did that! It didn't hurt though just felt weird. That whole area is still so numb. I guess if I had not have actually seen him do it I would have been ok but I can't stand the sight or thought of anything going in my BB. LOL. It kinda bled a little to.
When I got home, my BF was like "well, what did he say" I said "about what" (I knew what he was hinting around to) lol. He was wanting to know about...well you know..lol..So I kinda felt sorry for him because he has been so patient throughout this whole thing...lol..So, I'm 3 weeks 5 days post op. So, i figured what the heck might as well...And the rest is history..lol
To give an update about the swelling, it has actually gotten better! I mean, its still there but not nearly as bad as it was a week ago! My PS asked me was I glad that I did this and I told him yes! I know the stretch marks are still there but I knew they weren't going anywhere (well some of them did). I know I still have a long way to go though. I'll post more pics soon.
Hope everyone is doing fine. Sending well wishes to everyone. To all the upcoming TTer's-good luck to you and God Bless!

Hey ladies, I'm 4 weeks today!! Yay!! And just...

Hey ladies, I'm 4 weeks today!! Yay!! And just wanted to say wow! what a difference a week makes! The swelling is soooo much better. I mean, its still there but not nearly as bad as it was last week. I thought I was going to go off the deep end last week...lol..that emotional rollercoater is awful! But anyway, I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm much better this week.
The swelling has subsided substantially.
I'm posting a couple more pics also. In the mornings before work I'm somewhat flat and by the end of the work day I'm back swollen again. It just comes with the territory I guess. But, I can tell that each day its getting better and better.
Have started my scar treatment also. Been using Dr. Blaine's scar care treatment.
Hope everyone is recovering well and for all you 3 weeks and more TTer's, ya'll girls behave yourselves. (wink, wink)lol..

Happy MLK Holiday! Everyone!

Happy MLK Holiday! Everyone!

Well hello ladies, just wanted to do a quick...

Well hello ladies, just wanted to do a quick update. Well, I'll be 7 weeks po this Thursday. I STILL have alot of swelling at the end of the day. I'm flat in the mornings and swollen by the end of the day. I still have to sleep in my binder, I really don't wear it as much during the day now like I did in the beginning. My incision has healed nicely. I'm still doing my scar treatment.
Not much as really changed since my last pics so not going to post any new ones right now maybe at my 2 month mark. But anyway, just wanted to check in with a small update. Hope everyone is doing well and good luck to all future TTer's. God Bless.
ttyl ;o)

Great PS! Very professional and great bedside manners as well. All 5 stars!

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