Boobs / Mini Lift - Rome, GA

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Hey everyone I love reading these reviews . I am...

Hey everyone I love reading these reviews . I am supper excited about my procedure coming up . I am 29 years old with three kids and breastfeed them all . I am a full deflated C cup . I am going for a 36 DD . I will keep u updated will my results August the 10 th . My husband is going with me to take care of me . My sister is watching the kids so I can get a little rest when i get back . It will also be nice to spend some quite time with the hubby .


Well thirteen days away til I head to Atlanta for my procedure . Yay

Going crazy

Well everyone I am so happy to see everyone's surgery going well . I am 10 days away before I am off for my surgery . I am so impatient that I can't sleep . Ugh wish time would go by faster.

Almost here

Well this coming week is my time . I am so excited !!! Wednesday is the day I leave out yay !!!! It's gonna be refreshing for three days I won't have any kids around . I don't know how I will act with out hereing a loudness . Well tomorrow gotta get everything together for my trip this coming week .

New pics

Almost time

I am so exhausted with this crazy ass time just to get my boobs done . Ugh plz lord let the rest of my trip to better after my surgery .

Day of surgery

Well I did sleep a little so that's good . I am super nervous plz come out the way I want . Everyone thanks for all the reviews cuz it really help to tell my doctor exactly what I wanted . Wish me lucky .


Well everyone it went great . I got 625 cc in right breast and 600 in the other one . I am very happy so far .

One day post op .

Well I am doing good !!! I don't have any pain just a little uncomfortable !!!! Happy healing to everyone that is going thru the same thing .


Well it's been 3 days since I had my boobs done . I havent had any pain really and the bruising is going away fast . My implants have dropped a great bit . I am happy with my results .

One week post op

Well it's been one week since I had my breast done . I really like them !!!!

Healing well

Well I am just had stitches taking out yesterday and I am very happy with the results . It keeps making me happy everyday they get better .

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