39 Years Old, Two Kids, 5'10, 180 Pounds, BA with Lift. Rome, GA

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After reading reviews and looking at pictures for...

After reading reviews and looking at pictures for a month, I am finally ready to write my first post! I am exactly one month away from my surgery and I am both excited and anxious. At my consultation, we agreed to go with 550cc silicone memory gel implants with a lift. Of course, this may change when I go to my pre-op appointment on April 5th. Because I'm tall, I can handle more cc's so we will see what I actually go with!

I've been wanting this done since my modeling days (having small breasts was great for my career then) but they are horrible now! I hate looking at them and although my husband has never had a problem with them, I still feel uncomfortable with him touching them. It's not even a handful...I give him like three fingers full. Lol

I've decided to go with Dr. Snodgrass in Rome, GA. It's about an hour drive from my house but if I can drive to get my hair done and go to church, I can certainly do the same for my new breasts!

Since starting this process, I've noticed a few things I'd like to share with you:

1. I have stalled all of you here on RS. I am obsessed with this site! I wake up...check RS. I lay down for bed...check RS. Sometimes I read the reviews and I'm all in your business like, no girl...don't let them shame you...this is for you not for them. Like we know each other. So glad to have you as my surgery sisters!!

2. I've learned that you can't really just look at wish boobs on your phone in public places. It's weird and people think your a breast obsessed lesbian. This is totally cool with me (although my gay friends are now questioning my sexuality) but of that is not the message you want to portray, either review tatas in private or tell the nosey people to stop looking!

3. Who knew I would need to clip coupons and get a large cart just to buy all the stuff I need for my recovery! I think my list is up to 7,529 things I need to have by the bedside (in ziplock bags) prior to returning home. It's a lot but I plan to buy each one of the items. So what I will have 9 scar creams...you never know which one will work!

Bottom line, I'm excited and ready to give my resignation speech at the next Itty Bitty Tittie Committee meeting.

Pre-Op Appointment...DONE!

Well hello there my RS family! I hope all of you are doing well and are still encouraged throughout this process. I had my pre-op appointment today and it was awesome! I was so excited the night before and could barely sleep...until the alarm went off at 5:30am and I instantly became tired. Smh

I decided to go with 575 cc's because I liked the way the 550 looked on my body. (As you know they can shrink a little when placed in the pocket.) I hope my PS is able to fit those babies into my infantile boobies. We shall see!

I paid the bill in full and even reserved a hotel room there for the night of the surgery so my husband and I won't have to make the hour drive back for my post-op the next morning.

As I've done before, I'd like to share a few things I learned today:

1. I walked in that office today like my name was Olivia Pope. I was a boss. The head of the gladiators. Ready to listen and decide how I wanted to proceed. I sat down, crossed my freshly shaven legs, twinkled my pastel pink toes, and signed/initialled my life away. I was cool. Cooler than cool. Until I put on the tissue paper gown.

2. For some reason that loud, pink paper towel I wore made it real! Aww shucks!! Y'all want me to pee, give blood, and remember to ask which vitamins I should buy? The staff was very sweet and offered a ton of literature (all customized for me) but for about 1-2 minutes I was no longer Ms. Pope. Nope. No ma'am. I was Ms. I Feel Super Slow Right Now and Can't Follow Along. When I finally came to, I was soooooooooo can we go back to this part right here? Lol! I promise you, I'm a smart woman but I had a major brain fart. My PS is probably concerned about that more than my urine sample.

3. I scheduled my surgery on May 2nd for work reasons but also because of Bey. Yes, Beyonce. I'm going to see her on May 1st and didn't want to see her and not be able to dance. My husband was like...surely you aren't going to choose a date for a major life decision because of Beyonce. Yes. Yes, I did. It's. That. Serious. But, I digress. I learned that I can't eat or drink after midnight and I said, "What if Bey wants me to go eat with the crew after the concert. Gheesh." I know the chances of this are slim (well...non-existent) but still, this changes things. Not sure what I was thinking but tickets have been purchased and I will make it work!

I'm still excited and remain in stalking mode with all of your stories! Can't wait!

Obsessed and Ready

Hey ladies! My BA and lift is in 18 days and I am sooooo excited! My PS and I decided to go with 575 cc silicone memory gels (under the muscle) with a mini lift but of course, he will make the ultimate decision during surgery.

I find myself to be incredibly obsessed with boobs: my saggy sad baby boobs, wish boobs, boob sizers, and boobs I don't even know. I am now a boob connoisseur and have allowed this topic to permeate my brain.

I have all my supplies, meds, pillows, oils, strips, softeners, patches, vitamins, and sports bras. I bought all of these things, and with the exception of the vitamins, am hoarding them in a corner of my bedroom. Why?! So I can look at them EVERYDAY. This is crazy and not necessary. I look like a hoarder. Someone in my family should be concerned. Is someone going to come to my house and purposefully seek out my stool softeners? No. No, they are not.

I'm excited to have breasts that match my body. I put a full body shot here. Not because I look like the fitness models on this site (although I absolutely love me) but more so you can know that I am proudly thick with a big butt to match. When I was still dating I felt men would see me from behind and be like "ohhhhhh" but when they saw my small breasts that were like "oh". Lol! My body is a curvy contradiction of hills (my butt) and dry tiny flat lands (my breasts). It's time that I filled out this sports bra and get me some hills on my chest too! I'm beyond ready and can't wait for May 2nd to arrive!

Pics of my supplies! Less than a week to go!

I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Please see the pics for a description of all my supplies. There is so much to be thankful for!

1. All of you! What an inspiration you are. Thank you for your comments and for posting your stories.

2. My current boobs. While I plan to replace them, I'd like them to know that they've been great. Break ups are hard. I get that. And you've been groped by some lovely people but it's time to move on. Fair thee well my little friends.

3. (This is where I would thank my husband but since I'm mad at him right now, I will just give him an honorable mention.)

4. My digestive system. I'd like to thank you, in advance for working with me. I would reaaaalllly like you to stay regular so we can remain friends. Thank you for that.

5. My kids. I know I haven't told you why you won't be here for a few days but I'm grateful that you only asked me 6,541 times. Love you!

6. Lastly, Beyonce. Bey. Queen Bee. I will see you the day before my B/A and mini lift and I will forever be grateful that you will be the last stranger to gaze upon my tiny baby boobs. I do wish, however, that you had dropped Lemonade a few weeks ago (so I can learn all the songs) but that's neither here or there.

Wishing all of you the best!!

Surgery Complete!!

Greetings RealSelfers! I did it! Surgery is complete! I can't believe how smooth everything has gone so far!

A few notes:

1. Beyonce was awesome last night! She invited me onstage with her but when she asked me to, I was like nah. I didn't feel compelled to show her how it's done. Modesty is key. Lol Please notice the padded bra and big booty. Even my padded bra looks sad. Lol

2. As soon as I got to the surgical center, they were like let's go!! They were not playing with their time or mine and I appreciated it!

3. The dr was asking me some questions and the next thing I knew, I was fully dressed and in the recovery room. Y'all dressed me? Put on my pants? Were my panties cute? I can't remember. Lol

4. The hubby is taking good care of me. He set his alarm for meds and is doing the ice packs every 20 min. Him being military and therefore quite anal, usually frustrates me but now it's perfect.

5. They look huge in the bandages but I know it's due to the swelling. Or maybe they surprised me and took some of my butt fat and placed it in my tatas.

6. It's so hard to type right now. I want to just say dhjsndjdnsjjsjsjsjjsejballfa but that wouldn't make sense.

More tomorrow after my post op!!

Just Got Home!!

After spending the night near the surgical center, I have made it home but I'm pretty drugged up so I will write more later! I got to see the girls when the dr cleaned me up...I almost cried. I love them.

Day Two after a mini lift and BA

The reveal of my new breasts! I got 550ccs on my left and 575ccs on my right. Hopefully they will be even now!

Dr. Snodgrass did a great job! He used the same incision (on top of the areola) for the lift and the implants. No big scars! Can't wait for them to drop and fluff. Massages start tomorrow!

TMI Alert: Shower and Poop

Today has been amazing. It's day two after my BA/lift and I'm feeling pretty good. Poop: I've been doing eveeerrrryyyything just to be sure I wouldn't be constipated. I put chia seeds in my smoothies, eat Activia yogurt (prune flavor), take Dulcolax, and eat canned peaches with no sugar. I don't know if all of this did the trick or of one of them did but I've been very regular - even while on Percocets. A note on the percs...they made me itch! It was wild. My friend that's a nurse told me it's normal and to take one Benadryl with the tablet. Worked wonders! Shower: It's funny what you take for granted. Getting in the shower was such a beautiful thing. It felt soooooo good to be in there. I'm glad that I shaved the night before the surgery because it will be some time before I can do that. I also used the long loofah I bought (featured in a previous post) so I didn't have to bend over too much. I'm wearing the ace bandage over the girls until my next post op on 5/10. It's not the most comfortable but I can see what it's doing so I will follow orders. My breasts feel really tight. There is some bruising but they look pretty good!

What a difference a day makes!

Started massaging yesterday and putting cocoa butter on the girls (but not on the incision and stitches). Top picture was yesterday after my shower and the bottom is just now. Wow!!

Massages and Bruising

It's 5:21 in the morning...I think I will let the pics speak for me. I just took some meds. Lol! I'm doing well though! I absolutely love my new girls and now that I've adjusted to the pain, I've started to work on the bruising and massages. It's been 4 days since my surgery (BA and mini lift) and I have no regrets at all! Reminder: 550 cc on the left and 575 cc on the right...silicone memory gel.

Morning Boob and Sexiness

I'm 5 days post op and have had a pretty great experience so far! For me, the worst pain was when I woke up from the surgery or the day I slept through my meds and woke up feeling like someone went bowling with my tatas but other than that, life has been good! I absolutely love my breasts and am looking forward to my doctor's appointment in three days. Not only do I get the stitches out but I'm anxious to hear his perspective on how I'm doing. One thing I figured out is that I'm allergic to BioOil. I put it on and within an hour, I was itching. I took a picture of what my skin looked like after I used it. Crazy! So free bottle of BioOil anyone? Lol! Now, on to the point of this post: 1. Morning Boob: Because I've stalked many of you and read (and sometimes reread) your stories, I knew there was such a thing called Morning Boob. But there's one thing to read about something and another to actually experience it. Well ladies, I'm here to tell you, it is no joke. I wake up and immediately look for my baby to breastfeed because clearly it's time for him to nurse but then I quickly remember that my boys are 12 and 8. So no. I have no babies. That's not it. You just feel like your milk has been in there for 7 days and 7 nights when you wake up. Like you have so much milk that you can feed a small village if need be. They are super tight and "full". Brings back memories that I thought I would never have again when I got my tubes tied. So when you first wake up, you aren't feeling your best. Which brings me to point number two. 2. Sexiness: This morning my husband woke me up to tell me he was leaving. I stood up to hug him goodbye (which I strained to do because of Morning Boob), and I grimaced in a bit of pain. He asked me what was wrong so I started to answer but then quickly noticed that he was staring at my boobs and not looking at me. He, in the middle of my explanation, said you look so sexy. Bruh. I'm trying to tell you that I feel like s*it and you are not even listening. He says, "I am. When can I touch them...when I get home?" How you gonna ask me a question and then offer a response? I told him they aren't touchable just yet. He said, " I know you might not feel sexy right now but you are!" That actually made me smile. Because he's right. At that moment of extreme soreness, I didn't feel sexy but I'm glad he thought I was. What I got from that is even though we are going through this recovery and we feel pain people don't understand, it's nice to have a partner that can make you smile through it all. Wishing all of you continued success and happy healing!

12 Days PostOp

Hi everyone, I hope all of you are recovering well or still excited about your upcoming procedure! I'm doing great! I'm no longer icing or taking any meds (except for one time which I will discuss below). The pain and discomfort I experienced was tough but it didn't last long...totally worth it! Here are a few notes: 1. I changed my profile pic so now it is a picture of the girls. (I've included the pic here too.) I love them! 2. I massage them 2-3 times a day. At first this hurt because I was sore and bruised (all bruises are gone now) but afterward it felt so much better. The massaging worked some of the soreness and bruising out. 3. Arnica gel is made of magic. Seriously, it has to be because as soon as I started using it, I noticed improvements. Order some if you don't already have it. 4. The allergic reaction I have on my breasts is not from the BioOil but from the tape they used on me during the procedure. It's correcting itself so my PS doesn't want me to use anything to move it along. 5. I went to an event a few days ago and saw a colleague that I haven't seen in some time. She ran up to me and hugged me soooo tight. Do you know the kind of hug where you get squeezed and then the hug moves left to right (oh...my...gosh...hi). I almost died. For real. I think I ascended up to heaven for like 22 seconds but was released back to my now painful body. Needless to say, I had to take a pill that night. My advice (and what I do now) is give people the side hug. This can seem rude but I make sure I am overly excited with my words. This way they don't feel slighted. Heeeeyyy so and so...it is sooooo (you need to say at least 4 oooo's here) great to see you! This works. Trust me. 6. I am now sleeping on my side. The first two night were sadly not comfortable. I had to figure out the best way to do this and for me, it requires memory foam pillows around me. Once I figured that out, I slept so well. Bye basement recliner!!! (Well, until it's movie night but you get my point.) 7. I've attached some pics so you cuz see my progress. Wishing all of you the best!

Bra Shopping (2 weeks post op)

I completed a project today and to reward myself (when in reality, I do this for a living and had no reason to reward myself) I decided to buy just one bra. Since I'm sure there will still be changes and my size my change with it, I told myself buying one would be ok...for those days at work when I have to present and a sports bra just won't do. Knowing everyone says go to Nordstroms to get sized, I live about 45 minutes from there. It wasn't happening on my fake reward day. I went into VS and worked with a really sweet girl. I'm not sure if you are supposed to tell people you've had implants but she noted how full and round mine are. I said, "Well that's exactly what I paid for so that's good to know." From then on, we were fast friends. I ended up buying a black bra (not pictured) that can be strapless or not...I'm sure there is some special word for this: reversible, versatile, divergent...I don't know but you get my point right? Back when I reigned as the president of the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee) I wore a 36B. The bra I bought was a 38DD. Whaaaaaaattttt?!? Wow! Not sure if they will last this size but I feel like a grown woman now. Yassssss honey yassssss.

The Haunting of a 36B

So I went to Marshall's to shop for a cute little dress to wear to...actually I had no particular place in mind...I just felt like shopping. Lol! Since I was in there I scrolled on over to the "intimates" section. Now I love me some Marshalls. I am a true fashionista however their intimates section included moo-moos and some bra and panty sets. Now, because I couldn't help myself, I walked over to the bras. I know I'm some sort of D or DD so I just wanted to see what they had. (I have two more weeks to wear a sports bra despite the fact that it sometimes peeks through my super cute summer dresses and makes an uninvited appearance. But I digress.) I strolled on over to my size and saw two (yes two) bras my grandmother's grandmother most likely sewed out of grass and clay. What in the world is that?! Nah. Let me see what everybody else has. (Side note: I've always bought my bras from VS so this was new for me.) In my old size (36B) they had everrrrrrrything honey. I mean, all colors, shapes, textures, flavors....they had it all. The 36B divas had it made and I lived that way for YEARS and nobody told me! I snapped a pic of the multitude of bras available in my old size. Wth?! Soooo not fair. Somebody taped, paper clipped, and stapled the 36/38 D bras together but the 36B's got racks on racks on racks? Man! I can't. Carry on real selfers...carry on.

Sports Bra Malfunction

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well in your research, planning, and recovery! Life is good. I love my new girls and am moving along without any health issues. The issue I'm posting about is my zippered sports bra. The zipper in my cheapy sports bra clearly decided it no longer wished to work. It must have applied for FMLA, workman's comp, and maternity leave all at the same time because that joker just quit. Done. How did I know this you ask? Well, I was invited to speak two weeks after my BA/lift (550/575 silicone memory gel) and I was cute. Yeah, I said it. Ca-yute! This was my first speaking engagement since upgrading my boobies and I was sooooo ready. Hair, nails, makeup, pedicure, jewelry, sling back heels, outfit...I slayed. I sparkled. I twinkled in the harsh fluorescent light. Until about midway through. I was walking in the front of the room...doing my thang (doing my thang is waaaayy better than simply doing my thing) and what do I feel? A slow but deliberate falling of my zipper. You know how your partner may unzip your dress...slow and sexy? Well it felt like that without any of the sexiness. What's a girl to do? I'm in mid sentence...PowerPoint up on three screens...and my sports bra zipper is failing me. I don't know if the Zipper Queen of the Universe hates me but on this day I cursed her very existence. I was thankfully wearing a light suit jacket over my dress so I acted like it was all of a sudden cold and crossed my arms up in it. (I'm not going to mention that it was about 84 degrees outside and it was not that cold in the room. Smh.) I folded my arms together, like the point I was making at the moment required such a serious posture. It didn't and I knew it but they didn't. I survived and when it was over, I shook hands, excused myself, went into the bathroom stall, took off my clothes and attempted to zip it back up but nope. My zipper was like nah sweetie pie. I thought I was clear. I QUIT! Maaaannn. Ok. I just took it off and put my dress back on. I'm thinking it's all over, I'm done speaking, I will just walk out this stall, put my jacket on after I wash my hands, and head to the car. Well (I can't make this stuff up) two ladies were in the bathroom and wanted to talk to me about what they learned and how much they loved my speaking style (very much like my writing style). So yeaaaaahhhh. I was titties out under my dress but here's the good part. They never knew because my doctor is FABULOUS!! My boobies stood there at attention like they were my two assistants...ready to grab me some coffee and take notes. Yasssssss titties yasssss!! Take that Zipper Queen! I walked to my car like a boss. I think I may have even sashayed to my car...it's not clear. Winning. I'm attaching the pic I took that morning before the epic fail of 2016. Healing, dealing with scars, improving daily! #ImASportsBraSurvivor #ISlayedBraless

Quick Update

Hey ladies! I had my one month check up this morning and it went great! I've been cleared to do some light exercise and can now wear regular bras (even though I only have three right now). He also gave me some new massages to do that will work out the last bit of under boob soreness. When I got home I was inspired to do three things: 1. I tried my Beyonce tank top on. I bought it to wear to the concert (please see my first post) but chose not to as my new boobs weren't done until the day after. "I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it." Yup...this applies to my new breasts too. #ISlay 2. I have some lingerie that still has tags because I hated how it looked...before. I love the way it looks now. I knew I had to answer some emails and actually do my job but I kept trying stuff on. #ISlay 3. Since I am allowed to workout a little, I decided to take all new measurements and start eating clean today. Writing down those numbers was like being on Beyond Scared Straight. Oh noooo sweetie pie pie. I am not only scared straight...I'm scared sideways. I'm hesitant to look at the drinks, barbecue, and potato salad I have in my fridge from yesterday. I have some work to do and my hips may stretch way too far but guess what? I love me. #IStillSlay Wishing all of you the absolute best!

Sins of the VS Semi Annual Sale

Hi ladies! I'm 6 weeks post-op and am completely in love with my new girls! They are the exact same shape and size I requested and they get softer everyday. Please feel free to review some of my newest glamour (aka iPhone selfie) shots.

As most of you no doubt already know, Victoria Secret is having their semi-annual sale. At first, I approached this sale with style and grace. I truly did. But then. Something happened. I shopped online. I shopped in the store. I shopped at different stores. I exploited my husband's apology and got new bras from him. I have become obsessed with this sale...as if it will never happen again. Ever. Quite frankly, I blame you. Yeah, I said it. You. Surely you knew I was going to need a Bra-vention but noooooo you let me run free through the bins willy nilly. I now have plenty and should not need more anytime soon. However, one peculiar thing happened. I seem to have bought (or used husband guilt to get) 8,725 new bras but I only bought 5 pairs of panties. Why in all the world didn't I buy more panties to match all these freakin bras? Wth?! I can't be that singular. That much of an ignoramous (a lovely yet mature word). But yes ladies. I am. I need to go back and get some more panties. But now my motivation is gone. I truly have problems.

Well hopefully I will make it back there soon. But if not, my twins will look good. It will be party up top and business on the bottom.

Three Months Later!

Well it's been three months since my surgery! Best. Decision. Ever!!! I absolutely love them and would do it all over again if I had to (but they are perfect now so I won't). They look great, feel great, and really feel like I grew them. I've uploaded some pics so you can see the girls. Hope you all are doing well! I would write more but I have to speak at 8:00am tomorrow! Smh. xoxo
Rome Plastic Surgeon

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