25 Yrs Old, Breastfed 2 Kiddos, 5ft. tall, 102 lbs, 350cc Mod Plus. Love my natural results!!!

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Hi ladies! Its been so helpful reading your...

Hi ladies! Its been so helpful reading your stories, they have helped tremendously! I though i should share mine to help others considering upgrading their girls :) Also, i'd be so nice to hear some feedback or advice, this way i wont feel like im alone in this!
My surgery date is only 4 DAYS AWAY. I'm so excited and can't wait to have it be over so I can't get the healing process out of the way!
Here are my stats, hope this helps someone!

4ft 11in 3/4 (lol) so round up to 5ft
Current weight : 100lbs (fluctuates between 98-103, I'm trying to maintain or gain weight!)
Pre op bra size: Nurse said I'm 34A/32B (I wear padded 34B though)
Rib cage: 28 in.
Breast width diameter (BWD): 12.5cm

Okay, so I have done months and months of research and this is what me and my doctoe have chosen so far:
Mentor gel silicones, smooth, round, inframmamary, DUAL PLANE tequnique to help with the sagging. I think it looks worse in pictures than in person because doctor said I didn't need a lift. I definitely plan on getting one in 10-15 yrs depending on gravity or if I decide to have one last child in a few yrs (don't want to right now!) He did talk to me about a periolar lift (I think thats what he said) but I declined. I don't want to go through the areola because it's more visible and they have to dissect your breast more than with inframmamary.

Okay so with that out of the way, the only thing that I'm struggling with now for weeks is the size and profile. I'm at the point of just telling the doctor to pick for me! Of course right after I show him my wish pics.
I'm between 350cc moderate plus (doc said that's the biggest I can go in that profile) and with 375-400cc HP (sound huge). I feel like I 350s are a little smaller than what I wanted but going a little bigger means having to go to HP implants. This scares me because I'm scared they will look fake! :(
Anyways, I've included 3d pictures with the 350MP. What do you ladies think?

PS: on Monday I'll be getting the 3d images with the 375 HP and 400 HP (yikes!) .I'd prefer 375 but the diameter ( 12.cm)may be to small for me? Im worried about cleavage. I'll have I'll keep you ladies updated ! :)

One word. Emily Ratajwoski. She also has a very...

One word. Emily Ratajwoski. She also has a very thin frame like me (only a lot taller) but she's my boob idol!...anyone out there have a boob idol? Please share! :)

Changed mind about size?!

I've been going back and forth between sizes ever since my post op appointment! I'm so afraid to not like my results. I'm afraid of going too big, going too small, having rippling or not having enough cleavage. I don't think I was ever content with the 350 MP. I feel like they are the same size or maybe even smaller than when I was breastfeeding. I got some good advice today from another realself doctor (it's on my profile, under the question 350 vs 375cc?). To trust my doctor and focus on showing him the look I wanted, preferably from women with similar height and weights. Less than 3 days away and I'm searching frantically foe more pictures. Anyone out there 5ft tall and with 400HP??? It sound so big though...maybe I should go with the 375...sounds less scary but then again. The width for that one (375) is 12cm...my BWD is 12.5...I'm scared of not having proper cleavage. I wish I could trust my doctor, but I feel like he was annoyed by my questions (and they were very few! I did my research for weeks non stop)....
He has such great reviews....I guess we'll see....so nervous what if they're too small and nobody notices, or what if they're too big they'll look fake or show rippling?.....any one out there with a similar situation?

ALSO, everytime I do more research I'm convince the 350cc will look bigger than the 3d image. But then I find something else and think they might turn out way too small. How accurate were YOUR 3d images from what you actually got?

Picture of my boobs when I was breastfeeding!

I'd like to be bigger than that...how much? Not sure yet! Hope this helps someone later!

1 more day!!!!!!!!

I cant wait to get this over with! I just want the recovery to fly by so I can enjoy my beautiful new boobs (I hope). After doing a lot more research and talking to the nurses ( they have been so sweet and helpful!), I decided Im going to stay with 350cc MP. I feel good about this since I am so petite and have such a small frame. Both Dr Richards and the nurses recommended this and after looking at many pictures, I feel confident about this now! Such a relief!

During my lunch I'm doing some last minute shopping for a few more things I need. I've been so busy cleaning the house and making preparations for my little ones (I have a 2 year old and 8 month old). I'm finally feeling excited again. I also have to pick up my prescriptions today and clean my car. So much to do ( I haven't had time!).

Also, last night I was doing laundry when I saw my bras I though "OMG this is the last time I wear these!" Surreal...

Any ladies 5ft tall (or shorter) with similar stats that had 350cc's?

It's been real! On my way to the surgery....

Last minute "before" pictures. Sorry for the dirty mirror! Hubby forgot to clean the bathroom.

Hello from the other side!!!

I'm back!
All I Remember was walking into the surgery room and EVERYONE made me feel at ease and we're making me smile :)
I remember having a conversation and saying "I love my kids!" Lol and then I woke up! Except I could wake up! I kept falling asleep and saying "wake up up please!" Hahaha...that's a first.

I got home and have been sleeping all day until now 6pm. I do remember taking a vicodin just in case and I will be taking another one shortly. So far no real "pain" just a lot of pressure but nothing bad! My doctor is know for using some kind of technique to reduce the pain significantly. Some kind of tumescent liquid on each breast or something. I'm starting to feel a little sore now so I will be taking another pill (I'm terrified of pain). So far my 2 year has trying crawling on me (yikes!) So I told my husband to be more mindful of him please.

So far I'm getting boob greed! Lol but I am very happy regardless! I can't wait till they drop and fluff because I'm confident they will look very natural and I know I can play them up or down! I don't want everyone to know I got a boob job yet! Lol

My boobs feel tight and high and heavy of course, but not unbearable! And I'm I'm a cry baby...hahaha

My apetite is great thank goodness no nausea because they gave me a patch to wear behind my ear! I'm usually easily nauseous. For lunch I had Chipotle! Lol I still feel good. I'm going to go try and watch some TV now hopefully this annoying pressure doesn't get worse.

I don't know what I got exactly, I was so out of it, my doctor and nurse only talked to my hubby but you can be sure I'll be calling tomorrow just in case!

Oh and btw thank you so much for the sweet comments!!!!!! It means so much and I don't feel alone or crazy for doing this!!!!!! Hugs and kisses ! :)

Day 2 post up, feeling great!

So far things are going better than expected. I slept very well last night sitting up! I just used a bunch of soft pillows. I did wake up a 3 AM in a little bit of pain but nothing unbearable so I took 2 more vicodin pills and I slept like an angel after that. I'm taking my vicodin every 4 hours to stay ahead of the 'pain'. I did notice that when I get up and walk around hurts a little bit just because it feels so heavy and a little soar. Again nothing unbearable! And that's coming from the girl that cried when I got my IV...lol
Other than sleepiness, vicodin hasn't given me any side affects. The only complaint I have is my throat! It feels like sandpaper and hurts to tall or even whisper. I did lose my voice before the surgery but it was getting better, now it got worse...I'm communicating with hubby via text now...lol.

So I definitely am getting boob greed! I went with the 350 Moderate Plus because I'm so petite and skinny ( 4ft 11in, 100 lbs) but so far I still love them! I can't wait for them to drop and fluff because they look great from the front but like torpedo from the side...lol...

The bra that I've been wearing is a surgical bra they provided. Surprisingly it's kinda cute.

I called the office today they have been so helpful. I had a few questions regarding my recovery since I was so out of it (couldn't wake up!). I also asked about the KELLER FUNNEL and the nurse told me they always use it. Ladies make sure you ask your doctor if he uses it. From what I read, It helps prevent capsular contraction.

They also told me I can't have tea or other medications yet. I will have some honey for my throat though.

Also, still no nausea to report! Thank you baby Jesus! That was the thing I was dreading the most. I still have the patch behind my ear...I wonder when I can take it out....my appetite is still good. But the only reason I haven't eaten today yet was because emy throat hurts alot...aghh...
Anyway here are some pictures!

More pics

More pics and slight update!

So today I went out to eat with my girlfriend and even went to the movies! Doctor said that i should walk around some and not stay bedridden all day. Tomorrow I will focus in resting all day though. I've been taking my vicodin every 4 hours. The only complaint I have is that all of a sudden im so itchy all over! I'm guessing it's the Vicodin. It's getting super uncomfortable, I hope I can sleep well again! Any Ladies deal with this?!!! What did you do? I want to take a shower but I'm kinda scared! Oh well...you gotta do what you gotta do!

Also I'm struggling with finding clothes to wear, the only button or zipper shirts I have are too tight and can't get in them yet...

2nd or 3rd Post op? Lol

My surgery was in Thursday the 3rd of march. So technically this is my second day Post op right...lol...still a little loopy from the vicodin. Last night I took a claritin and the itch finally subsidies half an hour later! So I decided to stop taking vicodin after that because the itch scared me more than pain....and then,the pain finally hit me. Notthing excrutiating, but only a scale of 1-10 (ten being the most painful) I would say 5 if I'm sitting 7 1/2 if I'm moving around. I quickly took my vicodin and was able to go back to sleep sleep. However.
my BUTT is hurting from sleeping upright since the suegery! Doctor said I can sleep in whatever position I find comfortable, but I refuse because scared of them healing lopsided or something....HOW did you ladies sleep the first, 2nd and 3rd week?

PS. Make sure you buy yourself a back scratcher! I didn't so I had to improvise and use a clean bar-b-q fork...yes it was that bad...do yourself a favor and get a good back scratcher AND some benadryl foe the itch caused by most pain medications. Also dont overdo yourself like i did yesterday...just rest and let your body heal otherwise youll hurt more the next day. Here's to better nights!

2 days post up!

Today I was finally able to shower! Actually , my husband had to give me a shower. He washed my lower half first, then arms and back , around my incisions and finally my hair. I was literally on all fours on the bathtub so the water wouldn't hit my incisions...lol
I'm terrified of getting them wet and having them get goey and delay the healing? Not sure?

Also how tight were your surgical bras around your incisions? I have an inframmamary incision?

Also, I'm still taking Vicodin for pain and benadryl to deal with the side effects of mt painkiller. There's nothing worse than itching non stop all over your body!

ALSO, this may be TMI, but I haven't gone to the bathroom bathroom for 4 days now...I'm super bloated but no pain or anything. I starred drinking prune juice and having dried fruits. Well se what happens tomorro.
Anyways, I get tired easily..goodnight ladies ;)

Worst day of Recovery . Day 3!

So last night I took my vicodin around 3 j the morning and that was the last time (I hope!) Woke up feeling sore but not in pain like I usually do when I forget to take my meds. However, I began having the urge to use the bathroo. Long story short, I bought an enema used it and sat on the toilet crying for almost an hour. So far that was the worst part of this whole experience, and it could have been avoided! Silly me....it helped some but I hadent gone in two day so more fun awaits...thanks to some wonderful ladies here, I got recommended a few things to help!

It's 1pm and I am at my primary care doctor I don't know if I mentioned this, but I had a sinus infection before the surgery. I was on antibiotics and finished them 4 days before the surgery. HOW EVER I missed 2 days .

Okay so doctor used a swab to check for any infection. He said everything looks goose, it may be allergies oand the tube they put down your throat during surgery combined. He prescribed me something for the constipation as well.

So now if going foe lunch, without my Vicodin....feeling okay! Nor great but not horribly bad neither...hopefully I won't need it at night or in the morning again...I'm scared of the side effects!

Slight fever, Hoping everything is okay!

So after quiting Vicodin for almost a whole day, I finally gave in and took half the dose. I could deal with the pain with ice packs and tylenol, but all of a sudden I started a low grade fever acompanies by achiness. I'm feeling much better now, hover I still made an appointment with my PCP (again) to rule out any urinary track infection (it stings a little when I pee). Also I'm waiting to hear back from my surgeon to see what he thinks. To be honest I think a might be slightl having the 'booby blues'. I wish I had gone a little bigger. The good news is that my hubby think they're HUGE and that I might look top heavy. That actually made my day! Lol . I wanted something that I can look conservative and also ones that I could play up and make them look huge!
The biggedt reason im feeling a little down, isbecause I worry so much about possible complications! I'd rather be safe than sorry, but for now I still worry. I hope my recovery continues without any complications. I think when they tell me everything is okay, I can finally relax and not worry! (I've always been the worrier in my family...lol) Other than that I'm very happy with my decision and wouldn't change it for the world.! Can't wait till they drop and fluff.....here's to better days and hopefully no complications!!!!!!!!!

Oops I meant to add more pics

Tomorrow I will be posting full body pics before and after without the surgical bra. Hope it helps someone.

Quick uptdate

I didn't get a chance to update yesterday but I wanted to share that I had a few scares (maybe I'm just being paranoid) bt so far no infections or complumications.
My left side is healing wonderfully and my right side is being a pain, literally. I realize it's normal now, ever since I got off Vicodin I've been mostly okay except for this nagging numb pain ( dont know how we else to describe it?) On my right side breast and adjacent arm. It hurt quite a bit when I woke up in the middle of the night in sweat. I took a vicodin and was able to sleep fine after. I was worried I had a hematoma because of sudden bruising and pain on my right however after a few pictures I texted him, he said everything looks normal and it's not uncommon.
I'm so relieved! I do worry too much so I've decided to take it easy and rest well.
As you will see in the pictures, right side is looking a little bigger because it's a little more swollen and because it was alway a little bigger to begin with. No biggie.
I used flash in the pictures so you can really everything very well. Sorry for the stretchmarks, I had those before surgery due to breastfeeding two babies!
Warning the pictures will look a little gross but that's to be expected.
Other than that my only advice would be to pace yourself with the vicodin, try to take the minimum and see how you feel.
Also any pain is not bad during the day, but at night it get a little bad (I guess from using your arms and moving around during the day.)

PS. Im no longer having boob greed, I think the size is just what I wanted!

Monster boob :((((((

So my right breast is in so much pain...I don't do well with pain...I only have extra strength tylenol but it wears off too quickly...I hope this is normal. It hurts to take deep breaths or to have my arms barely touch it. It's way more bruised and a little more swollen. Doctor said they look good (via pictures). My left boob is a whole other story. Most of the time I dot even feel it. When I do is just some pressure. I can even move them and it won't hurt. I can't even touch the right one. I just took my LAST Vicodin pill. I wish I had more to get me through this.
I knew about the 'booby blues' I just figured it wouldn't happen to me because I'm a very happy person. Wrong. I can't enjoy anything now, I dread moving and changing positions. I hate that Im not myself. I don't have the energy to even go out to my balcony and enjoy the beautiful weather. I keep thinking what I done to myself? So negative, I know because I'm going to love my results later...I just have to power through this nasty funk. I still would do this all over again though, I would just take different precautions. Like not use up my vicodin. I called the office but they said they don't usually prescribe refills. I don't want to sound like a drug addict...but the pain...agh....I hope tomorrow is betterr!!!! I go back to work on Saturday too :( did any of you have a monster boob? ...

Pain is gain...

At least they're looking great! Pain is gain!!!!

Feeling better

I even went out for a walk today, it was so nice out! I'm on tylenol. Monster boob is doing better. I had a good lunch and watched my favorite show and took a nap. I hope things keep progressing this way :)

1 week post op appointment!

Everyday I'm feeling better and better! My boobs are looking amazing, I'm very happy with the size I chose! I can't believe I had boob greed at the beggining. I suppose it's because of the moderate plus profile. They don't have as much projection from the side as the high profile so I though they were small but they look so natural from the side now! Not small at all, just perfect profile. From the front is another story because they look huge...lol. I'm a tiny girl (28in. rib cage) and I have side boob and cleavage going on (because the width of my implant was the same with as my breasts 12.5 cm) AND I LOVE IT. Obviously I probably have a bit more swelling to go down and dropping and fluffing to do. As you all know at the beginning they are firm. I going to be very pleased when they drop and fluff they won't look as big from the front I hope...lol.

Now, for the most important part!
Yesterday was my one week post op appointment with Dr. Richards. He told me they are looking great and that they will keep changing once they drop and fluff. He showed me how to do the implant displacement massages...OMG that was scary! I did not expect him to press as hard as he did (it made my husband cringe). It did hurt, but I'm not going to lie it was not as bad as I thought it would? Like it was just so un comfortable maybe not as painful. Don't know how to describe it. As you guys know I've been having pain only in my right boob so when it was time for him to do that one I almost started started crying because I'm a big baby and I was so scared it would hurt like hell. He was very patient and kind mind you so I let him. It was even more uncomfortable almost to the point of pain. HOW EVER, once he was done I felt better?! My husband said it looked like my boobs needed that...lol. Now when I got home that night, I was absolutely dreading these exercises to the point that I nearly cried again, my poor husband had to plead to convince me because it's for my own good. Again he did it I cried even though it was only VERY uncomfortable slightly painful.

I'm kinda worried that the pressure was WAY too hard. Like I'm worried about popping my implants! It really took me off guard how hard he applied the pressure. I did read somewhere that the 1st month it's supposed to be a little more agressive but I'm scared! The 2 videos that I've seen on realself from other doctors weren't as agressive with the massages. I woke up feeling extra sore this morning. Im am not looking forward to these massages by myself today!!!any ideas? How was your breast massages?

On a side note, doctor said I can stop wearing the surgical bra. Yay!
He said he wants me to either start going bra less or if I'd like to wear a sports bra. I bought a few danskin sports bra at Walmart, very comfy :)

Also my boobs still have that 'birds beak' look from the side which I've seen is quite normal at the beggining!!! I'm so glad I knew that, otherwise I'd be worrying about it. I've seen too many realself review when they look like that at the beggining. They won't look like that later, so I can't wait for that to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love them <3

Looking better and better each day .


More pics!!!

2 week update

2 week update with clothes :)

Oops meant to add more pics!

1 YEAR UPDATE! Love my natural results!'n

Hi Ladies! It's been a while since I last posted, but I wanted to share my experience, more specifically my progress after one year being post op. I know when I was looking around Real Self it was extremely helpful to see the before and after's and the updates from several other ladies. I want to do the same for anyone that's looking to have this procedure done. I am a proud mama of 2, and this was my little well-deserved gift to myself and I would not change a thing! I'm so glad I went through with it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. My confidence has shot through the roof and my results were way better than I ever expected.

Also, I should mention that what I love about them is that you can play them up and make it look as big as you want or play them down to make them look smaller if that's what you wish. It all depends on what bra you use. I use sports bras most of the time. But when I want to look extra, I use a regular bra (no padding) but you can certainly do so to make them look huge !
I will be adding more picture in the future in different types of clothing.

PS : the picture in the Blue bikini was July , 2016. I had my surgery March, 2016.
The topless pic was taken today.

Hope this helps!
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon


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