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Hi Everyone, Tomorrow at 0630 is my surgery. I...

Hi Everyone,
Tomorrow at 0630 is my surgery. I won't lie, I am a little scared because once it's done, it's done. I was watching a few actual surgery video's to give me that true,realistic sense of what I'm in for tomorrow. I'm getting a pain pump which I hope helps. Not sure if I'll have to supplement with meds but I'm ready I guess for that too. Everyone looks so good when it's done. I'm more worried about post op pain and not making sure I look the way I hope too. I am small bones and thin and chose the saline teardrop shape with max volume of 300 cc. I really don't want large breast. I worked out a lot and I just want a nice shape and for them to not get in my way. My doc explained that the chance for CC goes down a lot using saline instead of silicone. Being older now, I want the most natural look possible and of course feel. There is a part of me that say's this is nuts and let it go, but I think that's my fear talking. Most of the ladies on here seem to have pretty good recovery and great results. I hope you can add me to the list. I'll update this as I can and give you the play by play. Well, wish me luck. I'll see you later tomorrow moring.

Hi Girls Today is day1 post op. So much to say....

Hi Girls
Today is day1 post op. So much to say. First, my doc is awesom. He listens and did what I requested which was I wanted to be a full B or small C. I'm glad he didn't do cause I don't want huge breast. Ok, I was not nervous really when I showed up at the surgery center. My main concerns were post op pain. Once I got into the OR, I was asleep in like two seconds. This time around I wanted a an anit-nause patch and it worked like a charm! Last surgery I had, I was sick for almost two days, so no way I wanted to live that again. The next think I remember was waking up in recovery. I did get a pain pump because after viewing more acutal surgeries via U-tube, I knew I was in for a world of hurt! I'll have the pain pump on board until my follow up this Friday. I would consider this ladies, it's helping for sure. I did upon waking up got more pain meds. Last night was not great night for me. I literally had a hard time getting in bed and any movement, was killer. I took more pain meds and muscle relaxer. That is good stuff. I have to say, I am surprised I was in so much pain. It feels like deep pressure like an elephant sitting on my chest. Bit hard to breath normally, deeply becuase of this insane pressure. My doc put me in a bra before I woke up so the pics you'll see have that bra on. As soon as I get the go, I'll shoot more pics. I am feeling constipated which is a natural side effect of going under, but have stuff to help with that. It's hard to sit here and type. I feel like any movement is painful at this point. My entire rib cage feels this deep pressure and just touching my skin lightly, feels painful. Now this is just my experience. I've seen ladies on here say they had little pain but more pressure. So don't get all bent about it or let that scare you, Im super in touch with my body and feel every little pain. I hope to get more meds for this pressure in my chest (flexeril) . I only have two days left and hopefully that will help resolve this issues to some degree. Is this worth it, hard to tell at this point. I'm sure I'll love it once I get a look and feel less pain. I'll keep you posted write more later. Best of luck to all getting there BA today. Stay positive and make sure you have enough pain management on board...

Day 2 under way. Still have a lot of pain and deep...

Day 2 under way. Still have a lot of pain and deep pressure in my chest. So far, I'm not liking anything about process. I am shocked to feel so much discomfort . Any movement is troublesome. I see the doc for follow up tomorrow and see what he thinks. I reason I'm so surprised about pain is I have a pIan up and I thought that would do but not so much. I still need pain meds. I can't imagine goi g back to work on Monday! More to come. Thanks for u r support and ideas.

Hi All, Just wanted to update. Finally beginning...

Hi All,
Just wanted to update. Finally beginning to feel better today. This morning was rough but after speaking to my doc and the nurse, we decided to take me down to just Tylenal every 4 hours and to finish my muscle relaxer and the predisone. I have no clue if feeling better is just time or meds or what. I honestly don't care, I'm so happy to not be in terrible pain. Tomorrow is my follow up with my doc and I guess I'll get to see my breast for the first time. I get my pain pump taken out and stay with the OTC's. Wow, ladies. What an experience this has been. I've had moments over the last few days of thinking why on god's earth, would I do this to myself. I'm sure I'll love my new look soon and think it great. So I have mixed feelings today. It is cool to see and feel something bigger than what I had. I'll send my post op pics and you can see for yourselves. So day 2 almost gone come on day 3. Seems that most of you have stated that day 3 was a real turning point and you felt much better. I think that will be for me too. I get to take a shower tomorrow. No clue how I'm going to dry my hair. I have to practice for my return to work on Monday. Anyway, thanks for your excellent support and advise. This is a great site. Everyone is super honest and gives great little tidbits of advise. talk to you tommorrow after I see the doc.

Hey Ladies So it's day 3 and I feel much better....

Hey Ladies
So it's day 3 and I feel much better. Everyone was right about that even though I would have called anyone a lier yesterday morning. Saw the doc and took out my pain pump. It was the first time I got to see my new breasts and they are awesome! I'll like them more when they drop and get smaller. I think they're perfect for me. I had 300 cc saline under and I only wanted to be a full B. Right now I'm a super full C. My breasts feel hard as a rock and still have tightness in my chest but it is better. I've taken myself off the narcotics and only taking extra strength Tylenal. I feel a bit beat up and it doesn't help to be completly constipated! I'm working on that part and that will make me feel better for sure. I hope to sleep better tonight since I feel less intense pressure in my chest. Not an easy surgery ladies... this is the real deal and it hurts!! My PS said this morning that this is probably the worst surgery pain wise. No kidding right?! It feels weird to have all this breast. The last time I had boobs like this was when I was nursing my son!! My hope is to be that full be and get back to my life in the gym. I think that's all for now. I'm tired since I didn't sleep great last night. I am a bit worried to head back to work this Monday only in that I hope nobody is really that interested in my boobs but you know who people talk... Oh well, they look amazing. Here are a few new pics...Happy Friday

Morning Everyone, today is day 4 and I'm...

Morning Everyone, today is day 4 and I'm definately feeling better. However, I seem to have developed a rash from waring the bandaou my PS wants me to ware under this nasty looking bra for god knows how many more weeks to help control swelling and hopefully, help the implants drop some. Anyone else get itchy from waring this thing? Still having a hard time sleeping due to not being able to find any real comfortable position even with tons of pillows. I'm only taking Tylenol now and I feel more pressure and the weight of how hard these implants are. Wow, I would not have been able to guess how this would feel by looking at all the pics everyone has put on here. Honestly, it feels crappy and unnatural, hard as a rock. Please tell me this is going to change!!! I feel pretty wiped out but at least I'm not in pain like the first two days. That was NOT fun. So I am mending as you all have described so nicely and hopefully, right on track. I go back for my week follow up this Thursday. I can't wait to feel that softer more natural breast. What a weird expereince this has been. Let's face it ladies, it cost big bucks to keep looking good as we age! It ain't pretty but taking care of ourselves for our selves makes for a happier mom, partner, friend, worker.... To life!

Hi Everyone, Today is day 5 post op and I feel...

Hi Everyone,
Today is day 5 post op and I feel like I have bowling balls in my chest. Funny thing is, to the eye, it's doesn't look that big but feels heavy, hard and huge! I hope this will change over time, cause I'm not liking this feeling. I still feel wipedout. Sleeping is still hard and had to take a half a pain pill last night. I'm sure like everyone one here, the doc stated not to lift your arms above your head for some number of weeks right? Well I was trying to dry my hair a few minutes ago and have been trying very hard to not lift my arms to high and I heard like a sloshing sorta noise when I lifted my arm like just mid way?! I'm kinda freaked out. Has anyone had this experience? I could heard the implant swish a bit. Not that it moved but I could hear like it was making a noise as I moved my arm up?!!!! So of course I did all I could to not lift my arm. I'll call the doc tomorrow just to make sure he I didn't mess this up and he can check me out. I may be over reacting but they were pretty clear about not lifting your arms over your head for anywhere from 4-6 weeks!!! Otherwise, I just feel tired, bowel movements are back but I feel totally bloated! Just all around wiped out I guess. I go back to work tomorrow and I wish I had a few more days to regroup. No real pain, just feel huge, and pressure. I'm sure when this all settles down, I'll love my new look. Going to try to do some light walking today. I can't stand that I can't work out, not that I feel like it right now. But it's nice out and but need to get moving. Thanks for your thoughts and support. Hope all who had they're BA the last few days are feeling ok.

Hey Gals, Well today is day 7 and I've been...

Hey Gals,

Well today is day 7 and I've been back to work for two days now. I feel super self conscience because my boobs are huge! I have to say, I don't like this feeling and can't wait for them to shrink. I know there is a lot of swelling of course and can only pray this changes. I never wanted to have big boobs just a more filled out look so to be honest, right now I am NOT happy. Now that may sound weird to a lot of you but I've been an athlete my entire life and I can't stand really big breast as they get in the way of how I want to live my life. So I'm kinda depressed at how large I look. I go for my first follow up this Thursday and my PS better tell me these things are gonna get smaller cause I don't want to look like this! Don't mean to get all negative but this is just not me, not now anyway. I'm still uncomfortable but moving around ok. I walked in the neighborhood yesterday night to get some exercise but not briskly. It felt good to move my ass! Am I the only one who feels like this? I haven't seen anyone post negative feelings about their new breasts, so feel free to jump in, it's ok to not feel like screaming from the rooftops. More to come. I hope this swelling goes down and I'm the full B cup I wanted and not this huge C (maybe bigger, who knows) cuz it sucks.

Hi Ladies, Sorry I've been a stranger. I am on...

Hi Ladies,
Sorry I've been a stranger. I am on daY 12 post op and things are getting better. I had my first follow up this week and had my stiches removed. I guess I'm still trying to get my mind around these huge jugs I have! I've been a little A cup my entire life except when I was nursing and it's just a shock to see myself like this. My PS did an incredible job as always and they are beautiful. I post more pics later, but have mommy duty and saturday chores to do first. I'm still sore and uncomfortable to some degree, but no real pain anymore. This first week back at work was sooo weird! I tired to ware stuff that had like patterns or anything to not detect these huge breasts I walked in with. Sleep is still not great. I wish I felt comfortable but not just yet. Still taking 4, tylenol 500mg at night which does help. I got the go to begin to resume some of my workout activities, but only gentle cardio like powerwalking, elliptical, treadmill with no arm movement. PS said I could do ab work but too. I'm a bit de-conditioned from a back injury prior to my BA, so it's gonna be a challenge to get back my super awesome body, but I'm up for it when I get the go. Good luck to eveyone who is just at day 2-5 post op. It does get better but let's face it girls, it ain't pretty that first week, it's hell. Enjoy this beautiful day if you can. Have an attitude of gratitude that we were able to afford this BA as many can't. I am broke now but that will change again too. Have a great day everyone and thanks for posting all your thoughts and kind wishes to all :)

Hi Ladies, Well, it's day 19 post surgery. I feel...

Hi Ladies,
Well, it's day 19 post surgery. I feel much, much better. I still have swelling of course and my breast still feel like they're riding way to high. Went to post op PS visit. He said they looked great and will get better and better. So I think I'm finally getting more used to these new huge things and once they settle and the swelling goes down, I'm sure I'll just love them. I did notice that my right nipple is a bit lower than the left, but after looking at my pre-surgery pictures and it looked the same. I guess I never noticed before but having them exaggerated from the implants, I notice. My PS measured and said they the right is a few millemeters lower and if a guy mentioned it MUST be gay (ha!) It was funny and there's really nothing that can be done. He said when I was nursing, most women favor one breas over the other, I thought I was trying to nusring on both sides but who knows. Anyway, I'm excited to think of what I can now ware and fill up like halter tops and dresses and just look good in well, just about anything now!!! Awesome to think of beach week this year! Thanks to all for your support.

Oh, some one had mentioned a pain pump this past week. I had the pain pump and thank god I did. It helped so much but did not make me pain free. Even wtih the pump, you need pain med coverage. I don't know how you ladies have done this without a pain management system. I would have been beyond miserable. To life everyone! Be brave, thank god we have been blessed to be able to afford to do this life changing surgery. I feel so grateful that I could as a single mom, it's not an easy choice when I could have done a lot for my son and used it to get things fixed on the house. Put I'll save again and it's ok.
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Dr. Richards is a very well known doc in the DC area and has done a few famous people. He did my brow lift 2 years ago this May and it's amazing. Have had fillers done by him as well. I love his work and his an artist.

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