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Hello RS people, I am a 31 year old mom of 3 and...

Hello RS people, I am a 31 year old mom of 3 and am finally getting a tummy tuck with liposuction. My husband was tired of me talking about it and told me to please just get it done so I am thankful he is supportive. Anyway, I met with Dr Mahlon Kerr on February 1st for my consultation. I went through the RS website and Vlasta, the patient coordinator, responded immediately. She was friendly on the phone and my consultation was scheduled two weeks out from the phone call. I went to the Round Rock location and the office looked clean. The receptionist was very busy but I was greeted by someone else who checked me in. I waited about 10 to 15 minutes before talking to Dr Kerr. As others have said the consultation with him moves pretty fast, but at the same time it is very informative. He pretty much covers everything and answers possible questions a person may ask. He does ask you if you have questions but he pretty much covers it during his brief on the surgery.
Next, I went into a small room next to his office and took everything but my underwear off. There was a small robe to put on. Dr Kerr and Vlasta were in the room and that's when I asked about liposuction of my bra roll. He does the tummy tuck with lipo to the "muffin top" but I added the bra roll. On my paper it says upper and lower hips.
Afterwards, Vlasta and I went into the next room and we set the date and I paid a $700 deposit to reserve my date on the 17th of March. She said I have to pay the rest two weeks prior to my surgery date which will be at my pre op appointment on the 29th.
I am really excited about my surgery. I've been waiting so long for this. At times I feel a bit selfish, but as long as my husband is supportive, I am confident in my decision about doing this for me. I know I wrote a lot but I will try and be detailed as possible and continue to update my RS people during my journey.

Almost two more weeks!

I went to my pre op appointment on Monday and was greeted immediately by the receptionist. She gave me a card with my post op appointment and told me Ali would call me to let me know what time to come in on the day of my surgery. I went into a room and was given information I will need to know to prepare for the surgery. I forgot the name of the nurse who I was speaking with but she was really nice. I was told to get undressed and put on some paper underwear and dress. She took some photos and Dr Kerr came in and told me where my scar would be and asked if I had any questions. So it was pretty quick, I like how they cover everything so you don't really have many questions to ask. I paid my balance so in a couple more weeks I will be a new woman! Although I'm sure I will not love the pain afterwards! The nurse did recommend taking Arnica about a week prior to my surgery as well as a multi vitamin. I already filled my prescriptions just need to order the Arnica.
I am just really nervous and excited at the same time. My mother of course doesn't think I should do it so she starts to tell me she will pray for me. I am pretty confident in Dr Kerr's skills and I'm sure I will be fine.
I do have a question, what was comfortable clothing for after surgery? Anyway, will continue to keep everyone updated, it hasn't hit me yet but I know it will soon!

Days away from a flat tummy!

Last Thursday I got a call from Ali. She gave me my time for 6 am this Thursday. I was so worried about getting my period on the day of my surgery but luckily I got it a few days ago so I won't have to deal with that mess! Other than that, I think I am ready. I went off the list someone posted in the comments. My mom is letting me borrow an extra walker she has and I just have to rent a recliner. Hopefully I still have time to have one delivered and if not, I will just use pillows. Although my mom thinks I shouldn't go through with surgery, she is watching the kids for a few days and making me chicken soup for those first few days. So at least she is being supportive in a different way. Anyway, I will keep everyone posted and if there is anymore advice out there to help me prep or for recovery please post it in the comments!

Today is the day!

I am on my way to Round Rock and I am starting to feel a bit anxious. I am excited but at the same time so scared. Well anyway, wish me luck and I will update with photos later on!

I made it to the flat side!

Hello RS friends! I made it through my surgery and am so happy. I arrived at 6 and was greeted by Ali. I had to change, pee in a cup, and weigh myself. As soon as that was done we went through some final paperwork and she started my IV. Dr Kerr came in and went through the follow up procedures as well. Ali explained how to do the drains to my husband and my hubby has been doing such an awesome job with taking care of me. Anyway, another nurse Susan came in as well as the anesthesiologist Carol. Everyone was so nice and made me feel real comfortable. Dr Kerr made his marks on my tummy and a few minutes after that I walked into the surgery room. I layed down and was told I will give you something for that anxiety and in seconds I was out lol. I woke up in a different room with my husband by my side and Ali. I couldnt talk lol and I felt super itchy.
Now lets talk pain, I honestly thought I would be in agony when I woke up but I wasnt. They must numb and drug you up pretty good so you don't feel like you're in hell afterwards. So far I have been falling in and out of sleep and my husband has been giving me medication and emptying my drains. But I know once all the good stuff starts to wear off, I will have much more pain. I am just so anxious to look under this binder already! Post op appointment is tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to see it then. Anyway, time for a nap! Thanks for all the support everyone!

1st night home

Last night was terrible! Lol all the numbing stuff wore off and I started to feel the pain in the lower part of my abs. And to top it off, I was super itchy. I wanted to rip the binder off and scratch so bad lol, but I mad it. My husband has been amazing, he has been giving me all the meds I need to take and helping me in and out of bed to the bathroom. Today is my post op appointment so hoping I can see what it looks like today!

Post op

Hello everyone, yesterday was my post op with Dr Kerr and he took a peek at my tummy said it was fine. I have to call in Monday to set up an appointment about taking the drains out.
Anyway, I have been doing pretty good with the pain, my husband gave me a shower today and now I am resting. I do feel ok overall, just really thirsty and a bit of stomach ache. Dr Kerr did a great job on my body, my incision line is low and my tummy is flat. I took some pictures as well as my sleeping situation since I didnt get to rent a recliner. I love the pillows though because I can still use them and they work perfect. I got them on Amazon. Anyway, hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Feeling better

Today I woke up feeling so much better. Moving a lot faster and doing a lot more but, I need to relax cause I am feeling it now. I cooked dinner and now I feel like I should have kept my butt in bed! Anyway, I have an appointment tomorrow to have one drain removed, which I am so grateful. The left one has been giving me hell. Everytime my husband pinched the line and let go, it felt like air was moving back inside. I told him to leave that line alone I can't deal with that pain. All I can think about is when can I have a BM! I keep thinking if I don't have one I am going to die lol
I have been taking a stool softner but I might step it up and take an enema, not sure if thats a good idea either. Well for now I am going to rest and hopefully I will have success with going to the bathroom.

11 days Post op

Incision at 11 days post op
Today I had my belly button stitches taken out and my right drain. I had my left drain taken out last week and the hole where they took it out from closed up without any need to put anything on it. It is so weird when they pull the drain out, it makes me feel nauseous cause its gross, haha. Anyway, I was seen by Dr Kerr and he said my incision is healing and to come back in one month for a follow up.
I am glad I chose Dr Kerr, he did a great job with my tummy tuck. I am realistic about my results knowing I won't look like J-Lo but I know he did the best he could with my huge gut. Although, as soon as I can I am going to get my butt back in the gym and try to tone it up. I am still hunched over, if anything my back hurts more than anything else. The areas I had lipo'd hurt too.
These last couple of days I thought I was feeling better so I decided to clean the house. Big mistake because my belly was and still is so swollen. So I told my husband I am seriously going to rest because I don't want to hurt myself and ruin my tummy tuck.
I have also been looking into scar therapy and have been looking into Embrace. Its a little expensive but I think I am going to give it a go. I first want to wait til my next appointment with Dr Kerr and make sure he gives me the green light to start the scar therapy.
Anyway well hope everyone had a great weekend!

3 weeks

Hey everyone, so it has been 3 weeks and I am feeling more like myself. I have been getting back into my daily routine for the most part except slower. And by the end of the day I am tired and achy.
I went in yesterday because I noticed a small stitch in my belly button so I called and Felicia, the nurse, took it out for me. My belly button looks pretty good and so far my incision looks nice. I am still pretty swollen, especially in the lower part of my stomach. But I can't complain because so far my recovery has been good.
The binder I am using is the one they put on me after surgery, it's a Marena. I like it but I wanted something that felt more comfy so I ordered one from Marena. I got it yesterday and I love how it feels but I think I will exchange it for a smaller size because it went on way too easy. I am just ready to get the ok to exercise cause I am ready to knock off a few pounds and wear something I feel confident in! I know not to rush anything but just a few more weeks...
Anyway, I will post a few pics and keep everyone updated. In person I think I look smaller I swear the photos make me look horrible lol!
Some days I think I should have got more lipo here and there but I try to stay positive. I know I can get in better shape cause I have been smaller but this time around I didn't bounce back after baby like I normally do.
Anyway, I measured my waist a couple of days ago and I was around a 33. I don't remember what I was before surgery but my goal is like 28/29. We will see!
Hope everyone has a good day!

Almost 6 weeks post op

Hello everyone! So I am almost 6 weeks post op and so far love my results. I had an appointment on Friday and was seen by Dr Kerr. He said everything looked good and to follow up in 4 months. So far, everything has been going really good. Still having lots of swelling, especially on the lower part of my abdomen but not as bad as before. Anyway, I am going to start scar therapy this week and start working out so I can lose a few pounds. My scar is starting to feel super itchy but other than that, I feel pretty good. Well I will continue to update, have a good week everybody!

8 weeks post op

Hey everyone, so its been officially 8 weeks and I am really loving my results. I am also back to doing pretty much everything I did on a daily basis. I admit I have been lazy on getting to the gym but I have lost some weight. I am hoping to lose a few more pounds. I also started my scar therapy, Embrace. I will take photos after I take the strips off next week. I stopped using the compression garment and am thinking about getting a stage 2 garment so I can cinch this waist in more. Anyway hope everyone has been doing well and will post again soon!

It has been a while!

Hey everyone! So it has been a long while since I posted anything but things got crazy at home. I found out my husband was cheating on me for about 6 or 8 months while he was deployed. After I found out I was devasted and it took a toll on me. I didnt eat for 2 weeks and lost about 10 pounds. And then I started to eat too much from depression so I gained and well, it has been a rollercoaster. It was a big slap in the face but I chose to forgive and give our marriage another chance. I am trying to get healthy again, I do go to the gym as much as I can.
So anyway, we moved to another state so I can't just make another follow up appointment. I am thinking about getting some more lipo but I am scared to pick another surgeon because I trusted Dr Kerr and he did such a great job.
I had purchased Embrace and used it for a week on my scar and it was awful. I had blisters and it irritated my skin really bad. I had to send it back and havent used anything else. I would like to use something so if anyone can recommend anything that would be awesome. Anyway, here are a few pics, I look a bit bloated but I plan to post again soon.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kerr did an amazing job with my surgery. I am so glad I chose him. Everyone who works there is so friendly and professional. Huge thank you to everyone there, you are all amazing!

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