27 Year Old 4'10" 108 Lb Finally Getting the Boobs I Want =) - Round Rock, TX

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Silicone implants 400 cc HP on both under muscle....

Silicone implants 400 cc HP on both under muscle. Started off a 32 A & hoping to end up with a C cup. Procedure went great, My boobs are still riding high and tight. First night at home and the pain was unbearable. Dr. Kerr prescribed me Oxycodon for pain, Cyclobenzaprine for muscle relaxer, Cephalexin (antiobiotics) and Promethazine for nausea.

Day 6

Today marks day 6 =)

Day 1: I had my surgery done @ 7 am. Dr Kerr and the all the other Dr's. that worked on me did an excellent job. =) I honestly don't remember much thay day. What I do remember is waking up at home in LOTS of pain. Any simple movements, it'll hurt. I needed help using the bathroom (pretty much helping me pull my underwear and shorts up). I also needed help getting out of bed.

Day 2-3 I was still in A LOT of pain so I kept up with my pain meds, muscle relaxer, & antibiotics. I had my post op appt today & is doing great so far :) I can now move my arms just a bit without any pain and get out of bed without the help of my husband. My boobs are still riding high and tight. It's so great to know I can email my doctor at any time of day and receive an email back. Super bloated today :(

Day 4: I was able to take a shower with the help of my lovely husband. I am still super bloated. Been drinking prune juice and taking stool softener to help me go. I am still taking all meds prescribed to me as I have very low pain tolerance. I can walk around more and do things but I do get very tired still. My chest is still super tight .

Day 5: yayyyy!!! Finally usex number 2!!! All that prune juice and stool softener helped. Boobs are still very heavy. :(

Day 6: I was able to go out and walk around at the store today. I noticed I was getting shortness of breath, tight chest, so we cut that store visit short. I'm not sure if this is normal but I'm def going to be asking my Dr. I'm also unsure if I'm wearing the right size sports bra that has the amount of support I need.

1 week

Today, I'm not feeling quite myself. =/ I thought I would be happy but I'm spending the day so emotional. I still feel tightness in my chest, I get tired so quick, boobs feel so heavy which makes it hard for me to breathe. I HATE having to depend on everyone for help. Maybe I'm being to rough on myself. Maybe I'm just over thinking the bad things, to why am I still feeling this way? I wish all the tightness would just go away but I know that takes time. Hopefully next week will be better than the first. :/

Day 9 & 10

So, yesterday was Halloween and for the very first time since I had my surgery, I felt myself. I woke up full of energy, I was able to drive (although my right arm is still a bit weaker compared to my left). It felt great to finally do things that I use to do. I got a bit of my freedom back :) lol. Later in the evening, we celebrated Halloween, my son was dressed as a skeleton, my daughter was a Hello Kitty witch, my husband was an old man lol (a lot of kids called him Albert Einstein) & I was a leopard lol. I was able to walk further than I was able to without feeling tired or running out of breath because of my boobs. I guess it helped buying the right size sports bra earlier that day lol.

Boobs are feeling softer and I'm beginning to love it as the days pass. I still have my incision covered, the tape the Dr used still hasn't fallen off yet so I have no idea how it looks.

Lately I have been having the hardest time going to sleep :( I HATE just having to sleep on my back lol. It's so sore :(

Day 10: Woke up this morning feeling great again. I'm so glad things are getting easier and easier as days pass. I feel happier, I just feel great. I love it! I missed feeling this way. I love waking up to my new set of twins. ??? I can't wait to see the final progress, I'm sure that's a gonna be awhile lol.

Day 17

I had my 2 week checkup on 11/6 (15 days post op). Everything went great :) Apparently, I wasn't massaging my boobs "aggressive" enough lol so I have to start doing that. Dr. took the bandages off and advised to put scar repair gel and/or silicone scar sheets so I went out and bought both. Holy moly those things were expensive! About $50 for both, let's hope it works lol

A little about myself

Lol since I'm finally getting the hang of RS, I'll tell you a lil about myself. =) I'm 4'10" & now weighing about 107-108 lbs. I have 2 wonderful kids, 5 year old son & a 3 year old daughter =). I never would have thought about getting breast implants, in fact, I never liked them or how they looked. Of course, that changed after having kids lol. During both pregnancies, my boobs got up to a full C & loved it!!! After breast feeding, it deflated. The 2nd time around was even worse. I started off really small 32/34 A & after 9 months of breastfeeding my daughter, it deflated so bad. I hated not being able to fill a cup size because of how bad it got. I didn't like the way my body looked. Yes, I even felt depressed. I wouldn't change in front of my husband for the longest time.
Anyway, we moved away from home because my husband joined the Army. For the two years we have been here, I have thought about getting breast augmentation. I did my research but I never went along with it. Finally I had the courage to ask my husband and to my surprise, he supported me. He wanted me to be happy and if getting my boobs done did that, he'd let me do it.

I stumbled across Dr. Kerr and RS and started to research more about him, read reviews, looked at before and after photos. I liked what I saw & made an appt. The staff at Synergy were amazing. Met with Dr. Kerr the day of my consultation appt and instantly felt comfortable with him that I decided that he was the one that will do my surgery & til this day, I have no regrets of my decision. He's great about getting back to me (literally he's just an email away) he responds right away and answers any questions I may have. I love it! He's an amazing, intellegent, gifted surgeon.
I'm currently 17 days post op and so far, I'm happy with the results. I can't wait to see how my boobs look at the end result. Thanks to Dr. Kerr, I now feel comfortable with my own body. I will be def going back to him when I decide to get my Tummy tuck done in the future :)

Day 18 ?

Decided to play around with my old bras and new lingerie that I bought and never wore because didn't have the boobs for it lol. I LOVE waking up with my new boobs. =) it's crazy how much my self esteem about how I look in clothes and without changed (for the better).

My boobs feel sore, but once I massage it, it feels so much better. My nipples and around the scar area feels numb still. I emailed my Dr yesterday and was given an Ok to sleep on my side and I'm sleeping better now. It still feels weird though so i use a pillow to support my boobs. I use to wake up with aches and pain frm sleeping on my back all the time lol.
Anyway, my scars doesn't look so bad, but feels bumpy. I really hope it goes down and doesn't turn into a keloid scar which I'm prone to get :( I've been applying ScarAway repair gel and the silicone sheet on it so, I can only hope it'll work wonders.

5 weeks update =) boob greed?

For the past few days, I have been having boob greed. Now that it is dropping, I wish I went bigger. I don't know how much it will continue to change, but I hope it doesn't get any smaller than it is now. How soon did you ladies buy bras & get sized? I haven't went out to buy new bras yet since I don't want to spend $ on something that may or may not fit later. However, I have been shopping new tops lately lol. I just LOVE how my boobs look in new clothes. I'm able to wear clothes that I wasn't able to wear before. I just love it :)
I have my 1 month checkup on Monday & is hoping Dr will give an Ok to workout lol. I miss my treadmill lol & well, being it's Thanksgiving, you know I'm grubbing on tons of food lol.
My scars are looking a lot better. Thank God! I'm still using the ScarAway gel and the silicone sheets on them. My nipples are very sensitive that it kinda hurts when its touched. I really hope it returns back to normal soon.

37 days

Gave in and bought some bras during black Friday :) & didn't spend much $ on them either so that's a plus lol.

6 weeks

On Monday (11/30) I had my 1 month post op appt. Everything is healing great and got an ok to work out again... YAY! Lol. So, I'm slowly getting back to doing that. It's crazy how 1 month of not being able to do anything made me feel so out of shape and get tired so quick. I usually run 3 miles daily (on the treadmill) but for the past few days, I've been walking. I tried to slowly get back to jogging as well but I def need one of those high intense sports bra made for running.
Can't wait til I can start running again =)

Boob update: yay for not waking up with those sore morning boobs!!! Scar on my left is less visible than the one on my right. They're feeling softer and softer each day. =) I love it.

I've been going clothes shopping like crazy. Lol. I thought I would go bra shopping more but I'm waiting til the next victoria secret annual sale coming up this month lol. (Can't wait!! =) )
Today, I decided to try on a few of my old dresses I owned, pretty much going through my closet to see what fits and what doesn't. I'm sad to see some of my fav tops go :(

8 weeks update

There's not much of a change since last I updated besides my scar looking better each day :) it doesn't feel bumpy anymore. My boobs feel great. Each day it feels more and more like it's a part of my body instead of implants. I love how they look, how they feel, pretty much everything lol. I will be going to get sized in the next two weeks so I'm looking forward to that & start buying more bras :)

Anyway, I can finally run/jog for 2 miles (yay!) Now I have 1 more mIle to go til I get back to where I get back to where I was (3 miles daily). I'm so excited :)

I had a few that asked about before pics. Sadly, I don't have one. But I did find some with clothes on. You can def tell I didn't have much there to start off with.

I had an AMAZING experience at Synergy Plastic Surgery. From the moment I walked in the office, I instantly felt welcomed. Front office ladies are always cheerful, greeting with smiles. I must say, this is by far the best customer service in ALL Dr office I've been to (Both CA & TX) You can tell, they all love what they do. So thank you ladies for making me feel welcomed! :) Scheduling was easy & wait time for appt is usually no longer than 5 mins. I was in and out in no time. I found out about Dr. Kerr on this website & I am so glad that I did. I was able to read awesome reviews, view before and after photos, read about his training, etc. I liked what I saw and decided to make a consultation appt & lucky me, I got to meet him that day. First thing that came to mind was, "wow, he's young" lol, but that didn't stop me from choosing him. He's very intellectual, knows all his stuff and explained the procedure in no rush. He and Vlasta were both easy to talk to, both listened and answered whatever the questions I had. They also provided their email so I can contact them when needed, which they are both quick to respond back. The day of surgery- Dr. Kerr and his surgery crew were absolutely amazing! I was so nervous that morning and the moment I walked in the surgery center, once again, greeted with smiles, they made me laugh, talked to me to help calm me down and they all just made me feel at ease. I don't remember much that day, but what I do remember is emailing Dr. Kerr that night and he immediately called me back (took time out his busy schedule) to check up on how I was doing, which was a huge plus because not a lot of Dr will do that. Overall I am very pleased with Dr. Kerr and his staff. Dr. Kerr- You are amazing & great at what you do! You are one very talented/gifted plastic surgeon. Thank you for giving me the boobs I've always wanted :) I am one month post op and a could not be more happy with my results so far & the care I received. I highly recommend him!

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