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Tomorrow I have scheduled a consultation to meet...

Tomorrow I have scheduled a consultation to meet Dr. Kerr! I'm so excited to meet him and hear his professional opinion. I have seen him on the TV show Skin Tight and I'm impressed. I have been wanting a BBL for quite some time and now after completing my family, I am ready to take the plunge! I have always been insecure about my flat butt, stomach and arms and I'm finally going to do something about it! I'm unsure if I need a tummy tuck or if liposuction is enough to give me the small waist I'm dreaming of. I'm afraid that if i get a tummy tuck I won't have enough fat to give me the projection I want for my bbl. I am currently 15lbs above my normal weight (130lbs, 5ft). Tomorrow I will post about my consultation and provide pics!


Yesterday was my consultation with Dr. Kerr. He recommended a full tummy tuck and a subtle bbl of 500ccs. Since about 40% of the fat transferred won't stay, I am worried 500ccs is too little to notice much of a difference. Dr. Kerr thinks otherwise as I have a petite frame. I don't know what to do.
Pricing was very high I don't know if I'm willing to spend so much for a subtle bbl. I am however excited over the possibility of having a flat beautiful stomach. I'll have to think long and hard about this ... and possibly get a second opinion.

Going with Dr. Kerr

I decided to schedule my BBL with Dr. Kerr after all because I trust that he will be able to deliver excellent results. Although he recommended a full TT, I opted against it. I'm getting a BBL with lipo of the full abdomen and arms. Since I am not getting a TT, more fat will be able to be transferred. As far as the pricing, sometimes you get what you pay for.

The whole enchilada

After a lot of soul searching I decided to trust my gut and Dr. Kerr. I will have a TT, BBL and liposuction of the arms and axila. I finally feel comfortable in my decision. I hope Dr. Kerr is able to give me the hourglass figure and booty projection I am dreaming of. My surgery is only 4 weeks away!!!!!!

Emotional mess

Even though I selected to have the TT and BBL at the same time, I'm scared. I want the results that both procedures give but I don't want 2 recoveries. I know that if I don't do the TT now, I won't ever do it. I have never been a fan of my stomach even as a teenager. I'm just so terrified about surgery. I saw a graphic YouTube video of the procedure and it freaked me out. All the women who have gone through a TT are so brave! Question is ... am I brave enough???????
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