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Had my consultation April, 28th!!! Dr.Spann was...

Had my consultation April, 28th!!!
Dr.Spann was beyond amazing! He was thorough in everything we talked about. His expectations are even higher than mine!! I left the office feeling so positive! Now we all go in to this because we obviously are not happy with our appearance, when your plastic surgeon complements you and lifts you up that's amazing! I am so excited to get my procedure done!

He'll be doing a full TT concentrating on my entire torso with lipo including my love handles (OMG!) with fat transfer to my outer bottom/hip area to even out my proportion.

Y'all....I couldn't sleep the night I got home from seeing him.

I will update beginning to end!!

Counting down!!

TT in 9 days!! I'm so nervous and excited!
I think I have everything I need. Can you believe I'm actually concerned about my comfy outfit to wear the day of surgery lol! Like im going to care what I look like when I'm done! Ha!! But I don't wanna look like a troll strolling in there. Anyone else put a lot of thought in it? Ill be posting actual skin before pics soon.

5 days!!!!!!!'s my pics. I'm in Dr.Spanns hands. Think he can actually fix this lol. I'm actually 100% confident in him! Can't wait to start taking after pics :)'s the pics that didn't load.

Counting down!!!

It's tomorrow y'all!!!!!!! I'm getting so anxious!!
I feel unprepared.......
I've read so many reviews where people get things like a walker, wipes, chairs, compression garments, and such. Guess I'm winging it. And I live nearly an hour from the closest grocery store or Walmart ha!! I have prepared with things I thought we're necessary. Like Bromelain and Arcnia gel, Gauze, , neosporin, wound wash, hmmmmmm that about sums it up....yeah I feel unprepared now. I have a few shape wear tank tops that I thought I could use. They fit pretty snug and are long. And I have a few pair of shape wear shorts with the tummy control that goes up to under your boobs and one that goes half way up your tummy. Ugh now I'm stressing lol.

Today is the day!

I don't think I've ever been hungry at 4:30 in the morning...until I know I can't eat haha!
Today is the big day! I pray everything goes smoothly and as planned. I'm not as nervous as I thought I'd be. I'll post updates as soon as I can.

Flat Side hell....

Now I am one with high pain tolerance and this is excruciating ugh!!! Puked just trying to walk to my room when I got home because the pain was so bad it made me dizzy.

This will pass I know.
Not sure if my binder is to tight. It feels like it is.

Day 2

Doing better today! Still in lots of pain of course but doing better than last night. Pain pills have me all loopy so hopefully this makes since lol.
I seriously Love Dr. Spann. He was so good to me yesterday! I'll post pictures later when I get my first peek!!

Dr.Spann! The best!

Looking good! Day after surgery and look at where we already are!! I am so pleased!

Pics day after surgery

Trying the pics again

Trying the pics again

Pics day 1 post op

2 days post op

Not to bad. Still very sore of course. My husband keep getting on me saying I'm walking to straight lol.

Very Sore and Swollen

4 days post op. Feels like I took a step back today. But that's to be expected. I am very swollen and sore. I'm really sore in new places for some reason. I took my binder off early this morning and washed up with warm water and dial. Stayed away from the incision till I was done with that. Then rinsed my incision with wound wash.l. I love where he placed it. Took the dressings out of my belly button. It looks good!!

Getting restless ????????

Not feeling to terrible today. I really want to get up and clean the house!! Took my binder off to air out for a bit and rubbed down with Arcnia Gel hope it helps!
Snapped a few pics for y'all!! Swelling is still up there but I am so happy it so far!!!

First post op appointment

Yesterday was my first appointment and one of the goals was to remove my drain. I knew that wasn't going to happen. I'm still putting out around 60cc a day. I'm ok with it staying a little longer. Don't want to rush it. It's annoying and painful, it's gotten to where it moves in and out with my movements the stitches are what hurt the opening I think.
They said I was healing nicely. I have a few black spots on my incision I thought were scabs. But I was told it was where the skin had died. :(. Suppose to put neosporin on them 3 times a day. That's about the sum of it. Dr. Spann was out if town I saw a woman (can't remember her name). She was great! Very sweet. Kinda wish I could like Skype or FaceTime the Dr.Office! riding 2hr 15min is a pain for simple things like no..keep the drain and you seem to be healing great. Ha!! I'm kidding....kinda??


I woke up in a all around I feel better mood!!! I pray I'm on the mends now. I seriously have regretted this since ummmm day 1 lol!! No joke!
I was swollen to the point that every single part of my body was bigger. Couldn't pull most of my clothes up past my thighs because they were so big. (Thunder thighs) My amazing, wonderful, would never say anything to hurt my feelings husband was actually worried!! ha!!
He said my butt, hips, and thighs looked really weird. Honestly I wanted to talk to Dr.Spann and be like ok....did you go crazy with the fat transfer??? Did you decide to give me a apple bottom figure? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (Scream) I actually liked my body. Just disliked my mommy tummy and love handles. So the thought of it being completely unrecognizable scared the shit out if me. It's been a week and a day and the swelling has gone down a lot. Still pretty swollen, can't pull a pair of jeans up past my thighs. But!! My figure is looking normal. Sorry Dr. Spann!!! Hahaha!! I was kinda quick to point fingers and freak out! But I am a instant gratification kinda person soooooo.
Will update pics soon!!!!


Anyone else check RS before FB now?
So yesterday was a turning point for me. Almost like I crossed some sort of invisible line for TT healers.
I did WAAAAYYYYYYYY to much!!
My mother in law stopped by to drop off a new tube of neosporin. I met her at the door. Her first words were "are you over doing it?" Lol. Yep!!
So I'm back on the couch today with the heating pad on my back! Oh well. It was so nice to feel kinda normal yesterday!!

The swelling!

I have nothing to wear! lol. Seriously. Nothing but PJ's! My thighs, hips, and rear are still so swollen. So this morning right after I woke up I decided to try a pair of comfy stretchy jeans on. No way can I button them. Note the pic! Ugh. It. Was a struggle to get them pulled. Having my mother in law pick up some Bromelain and arnica pills for me. I'll let y'all know if they help.

2 weeks post op

I'm slowly getting better. Sometimes the swelling seems to be getting better then it comes right back. lol. Woke up standing a little straighter. Tomorrow is me 2 week appointment. I'm putting out 30cc of fluid in my drain so I should be getting it out!! YAY!!!


This swelling ugh!!
Had my 2 week post op appointment yesterday! Got my tube out!! Yay. It hurt! Felt like he was pulling my guts out. Ha!! He said it usually doesn't hurt!
I dunno.....

I so wish I could......
wear normal clothes, sleep on my side, cuddles from the hubby, have more stamina! I can't do anything for very long with out hurting.
This to shall pass. I'm better than I was yesterday and so on.
Dr. Spann said I was healing nicely. My shape looked great. Said to expect to retain some fluid over the next few weeks. Yay ......more swelling lol. Oh and my belly button look great. I will say I love my new belly button it resembles my old one before pregnancy. :)
He tried to aspirate fluid from my tummy above my belly button. Didn't get anything though.
Guess that about it.


Thought I'd add the supplies I couldn't live without.

Stool softener
Radiant Glucosamine (Bromelain from Amazon) A MUST HAVE!!!!!!
Arnica Gel
Gauze roll (you'll want several) I liked using this instead of bandages after the first week.
BerbereX wound cleaner. My incision is healing amazing I say it's this and the type of neosporin I'm using.
Cotton balls
Neosporin CREAM + pain relief
(a big tube a week...)
Gauze pads
I can't for the life of me remember what these are called......but this is what I used to hang my drains from while in the shower. Pic included
Chair for in the shower
Chair outside of the shower.
You'll have a lot of work to do if your doing it right taking care of your wounds. :)
Hand held shower head. I didn't have one but wish I did.


More supplies

This lotion is amazing (your skin will be super dry)
Chap stick
A wedge (more uses than just after surgery ;)
Heating pad
Lots and lots of pillows!!!!
Homemade ice pack
At least 4 comfy outfits
Huge comfy panties
Big cup with a straw
That's all I can think of right now! Hope it helps :)

3 weeks post op

Before and afters

1 month

Had my 1 month appointment yesterday. It went great. Dr. Spann said I was healing great and I could switch to Spanx instead of the binder. I have hypersensitivity. To me it feels like my skin is bruised and severely sunburnt. Just the brush of a shirt on my stomach is horrible. Keeping pressure on it with the binder helps. He said usually 8-12 weeks before it goes away. I forgot to ask when I could They did my after pics. Swelling is beginning to really go down!! Unless I'm overactive or eat the wrong foods. Then I swell up. I'm feeling much better!! I'm released to do light cardio. Good!! Cause this lazy lifestyle is showing in my legs face and arms.

A few pics


Worth it!!

I'm beginning to feel like my stomach isn't foreign. It felt like it wasn't me for a while. I still have hypersensitivity on my abdomen. Which means just the brush of my shirt is very painful but get this...I couldn't feel a frozen steak my husband touched to my tummy to aggravate me!!!! How is that possible!!! Anyway I'm not wearing my binder or anything. Swelling is getting better. It really depends on my sodium intake and activities. I am VERY happy with my tummy and my scar. My belly button is awesome. Dr. Spann did a fantastic job! With the diastasis repair my lower back hasn't hurt at all!!! Which is helping aid in my neck feeling better because my back isn't all jacked up. Which guys has helped my headaches!!!! I have suffered from them for so long and I finally have relief!!

Pics are from a week ago.

Scar treatment

You can see the spot that is dented in and in even compared to the thin smooth scar. I had to skip the spot that had two scabs left for the past three weeks. The difference is huge!! This silicon tape is very inexpensive on Amazon!! I recommend it! I wear it 24hrs a day. Take it of for showers and stick it to my bathroom cabinet and then reapply. Lasts about a week then I replace it with new strips. I'm going on almost a month and I'm just now fixing to order a new box.

People talk.....

It's so sad!! I'm not afraid to admit that I had my stomach fixed. Or that my Dr. Did some Lipo so my stomach looked natural. However when someone is supposed to be your friend and spreads lies because their jealous (yeah I said it) it's ridiculous! FYI...I know your stalking my RS review. Eat it up sweetie. You know the truth and you know exactly what I did and did not have done!
I did not have fat transfer to my butt... You know that.
Don't trust your husband? You have bigger issues than a pretty friend.
I am and will always be a truthful, honest down right good person. Not changing because of you or anyone else. You will not bring me down with you and your dysfunctional bunch.

So girls!!!!! Be happy with yourself and never let someone try to make you feel ashamed because you can better yourself.
Nothing but love!

Lymphatic Massage

So I started having lymphatic massage done about 3 weeks ago. The first week I went twice then once a week. I had a lot of fluid from swelling that settled in my inner thighs. I noticed a difference after the first visit! The fluid she pushed up out of my legs made my lymph node bulge up to the size of a large grape. Of course she worked it out. My yummy swelling is significantly less!!! Getting those lymphatic channels opened up and flowing again has helped so much. My swelling is minimal compared. I may change a inch or so instead of 3-4. I highly recommend it!!

So happy!!! First thing in the morning that is lol

So here it is. It looks amazing! Everything about this tummy makes me happy! I know a lot of us want to remove our stretch marks but honestly I can actually remember which kid gave a few of these specific ones that I have left, Because they shot above my belly button lol. So having a nice tummy and some of my tiger stripes is perfect for me :) I'm still swelling significantly above my belly button and love handles throughout the day. But seeing my morning tummy gives me hope. :) oh! And look at that behind without those love handles.


Need a vote!!!

Tomb raider Lara Croft costume. Which one looks best?

Tomb raider

These are 6 months post op pics.

Doing pretty good. Still have some tenderness in my abdominal muscles. And oddly still swelling. Some days more than others. Still very happy with my results ;). I have my follow up appointment next month.


Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

❤️ Love Dr. Spann!! His attention to detail and his patients is outstanding! Great bedside manner! I am very happy with my results! I'd never go anywhere else!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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