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I saw Dr. Michael Spann today for my consultation...

I saw Dr. Michael Spann today for my consultation for a full tummy tuck. I entered the office excited and nervous, not knowing what to expect. I completed the paperwork and was escorted to a room shortly thereafter. I became concerned and a tad agitated because my appointment was at 9am and at 9:45a, I still hadn't seen Dr. Spann. When he did enter the room with his nurse, his calming and personable demeanor caused me to quickly change my attitude. He took some time in the beginning to ask questions about who I was and what I did fir a living. He allowed me to audio record the consultation, as I explained that it would help me to recall what was discussed after I left. I've read great things about him on this site & from a friend who recently had a consultation with him. ALL the great things said/written were factual! He is not out to just make a few thousand dollars, but truly wants to help people love who they see in the mirror (my own assessment)! I highly recommend him & anxiously await my big day!

It's getting so close...

OMG...I can hardly believe that I am only three days away! I've had all sorts of emotions from pure excitement to anxious to all out fear. I've gotten supplies all bundled together & have secured my help. I'll be working up thru Tuesday so that should help to keep my mind busy! I plan to post before pics very soon!

I did it!!!

I am now on the flat side as of 10/5! I must say it hasn't been all that bad. I prepared for the worse though! I started stool softeners two days before surgery & actually had a poo on post op day 2 with no pain. I didn't have an appetite until yesterday, but still couldn't eat much. I took pain meds every 4 hours like clockwork. I only have one drain & as of today I'm producing much less (under 30). I use ice packs for swelling, but still "feel" fat in the belly. Hopefully I'll get the drain out on Wednesday when I go in!

Before photos

Easy Does It...

I have officially made it one week and had my first post op appointment yesterday. Oh I learned the importance of continued deep breathing as I was out of breath walking from the car to the doctor's office. That was the most walking I had done in a week. The appointment went extremely well. The nurse said I looked GREAT and was walking really good. I got my drain removed, which surprisingly did not hurt, sting or burn (as I had heard it might). My incision & belly button look really good & there were no concerns noted!! It was suggested that I massage the firm and sore areas where lipo was performed & I started that last night. Dr. Spann amazingly does lipo without additional incisions or puncture cites! I use the Bromelain cream recommended by a lovely lady on here to do my massages.
I continue to wash my torso with antimicrobial wash & use wound wash (another awesome suggestion found here on RS) on my incision & belly button. I slather Neosporin & cover with gauze. I use African Black Soap, which have natural detoxifying & antibacterial properties, to wash the remainder of my body. I continue to wear my binder most of the day/night.
I did not take pics yesterday because I was utterly exhausted yesterday, but will upload a few today!

Today's pics

Here are a few pics from today. Of course there's lots of swelling, especially on my left side where the bruise is. I'm happy thus far & think I look really good for 9 days PO.

Two weeks Post Op

I can't believe it's been two weeks, but secretly (well I guess it's no secret anymore) wish I was two months. My appointment this week went well. I'm still pretty swollen, go figure, but the shape is coming thru nicely. My butt even looks good...I like getting rid of the belly lifted it some! Lol
I'm still taking it easy & plan to return to work Monday.

Happy with things at this point...

...of course the swelling is still present & as many report, mostly in the evening & on really active days. My scar looks great & I think it's because of the silicone tape. I massage nightly with raw shea butter & wear the tape daily. I'm hoping to start massages this coming week & maybe that will help with the swelling. I can now sleep on my side with a wedge & lots of pillows. One between my knees, two behind me, & one in front of me. Occasionally I still sleep on my back with pillows under my knees. I ordered Tumeric capsules to help with inflammation as well.
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