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Le t me start with a little background information...

Le t me start with a little background information about myself. I have wanted a BA for well over 10 years. I am 5'9 140 lbs, very active and athletic, I have had one child that I breastfeed for one wonderful year. What was not that wonderful was that that my already small 34B were left deflated. Any and all upper fullness I might have had was gone. Totally worth my healthy happy baby. So.......... I went for my second sizing today! I have decided to go with silicone. I am still wondering about volume. At my first consult my doctor recommended mod plus and to start at 400 cc when i tried on the sizers. So i settled with 425-450cc range. At my visit today I was prepared with photos and more questions for my doctor. He answered all my questions and suggested that I try bigger sizer. He feels to achieve the look I want I need more cc. So 475-500cc? I tried them. Not bad. I am just concerned that my breast will be too big and unnatural. Any suggestions? Please shared your size and experience.

Should I go 450 or 500?

Ok so again my stats are 5'9" 140 lbs 14 BW 34B. Now I had my second consultation, took my soon to be hubby with me hoping to get some feed back other than I don't know. I really think he doesn't want me to do this. So anyways at my first consult my PS said to start at 400cc. To which I left thinking I would go 425-450cc. I have decided to go mentor mod+ silicone. So then at my second consult I took pictures and had emailed him several as well. To which my PS says that to achieve the look i should consider 500cc. He said he almost never recommends people to go bigger. I was shocked and weirdly happy. Although I don't want to big and fake I do desire a fuller look. I was thinking that 450 would be big but was ready to go for it and now I am considering 500! I am considering it for the simple fact that my BW is 14. Mentor silicone 450cc is 13.6w and the 500cc is 14.1w. I need advice please. I'm a mom, a professional, and a runner. Will the 500cc fit into my life style? Are they to big?

Do I really want to do this? I am so worried about going to big?

Okay so I have wanted to do this for myself for well over 10 years. Now that I have decided to follow through i am getting mixed reviews from loved ones. My DH now is expressing that he likes them just the way they are! Me too! I want my boobs just bigger. So this confession is making me wonder if I'm making the right decision. I was so excited at the thought of feeling good in a bathing suit top and now...well i have done it this long why not stick with what I have. Can someone relate to this and if you can will you share your story with me. I also am wondering if 500cc is to big?

34 Mom of 1 Finally doing it!

Tomorrow is the day! It has been a long time coming. I have want a BA since I was 18 but I did like my mother ask 'Please don't do it' she would say. Well the time has come I have wrestled back and forth with this decision....what will my family think? will they notice? what will my mom say? will I be happy after? And of course when I decide that I was going for it my DH professes his love for my boobs now. But lets get real I am not doing this for them! So in the morning I am doing this!

I going mentor silicone 450-500!

Got them this morning!

So I got up bright and early (4:13) looked in the mirror and could not believe that it would be the last time I would see my pretty perky (small) breasts! I was strangely calm while getting ready. I emailed my wish boobs to my Doctor again last night. I started to get nervous in the car. Once I got to the hospital again zen. My nurse was amazing, she also had a BA by my doctor! Having someone to ask girly even silly questions to really got me excited. Everyone on my doctor's team was very nice. When my doctor came in to talk to me first thing he did was bring out his phone to talk about the pictures. I had decided to have a range of 450 to 500. As my doctor wrote and measured me He really felt strongly that 475 would be just right. I do naturally have a slight asymmetry and when I was younger I had a touch of scoliosis which made my chest wall shift more left. He felt that Mod-Plus 475 would give me the look I'm after and address both of these issues. He said he would try different sizes and profiles to make sure that I was getting the best results.

So it to surgery I go everyone was nice, funny and positive. I I go and I woke up in recovery DH at my side. I was a little nauseous when I first woke up and the pressure was intense. I ask for a relaxer, something for my stomach and ice chips. When they started to really take effect I was ready to go. The bumps on the ride home where not fun. I just had to tell myself to relax and I was fine.

I ended up with mod-plus 475cc mentor silicone. I am in a bra and a band.The band is uncomfortable on the soft skin under my arm so I cut up a fuzzy soft sock and tucked it in the band so it more comfortable. so no pictures yet. I am still taking Arnica along with antibiotics. hydro, and a muscle relaxer. After my off and on nap when I got home I was able to get up do move around. I have been eating normally and doing light house work. A little hard to stand up sometimes and my back bothers me from time to time.

I would say all in all everything is going well. My boobs are bigger, i'm not in terrible pain, and now I just can't wait for the swelling to go down. I want to see them!!!

It is done!

Well they are big. I didn't know what to expect! There was the normal tight skin and muscle. What I didn't expect was how the swelling moved down. My flat belly was not so flat. I read that this happens to some people it has to do with the passing of fluids and air in the body as well as the bodies way of getting . Did not like it. But today is day 7 since my surgery and things are improving. I do feel like my implants are dropping. I have not needed pain meds. I have been wearing a compression band and surgical bra. I have been doing my exercises and can get my hands over my head just fine except hen I take a shower it feels weird. I start the hunch back move. I really don't' like depending on other people to help me do every day things. I also don't like that I can't pick my daughter up. I do like my cleavage! I am sure that with time my new boobs will drop and be beautiful.
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