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Starting my journey for my bbl, and I have to...

Starting my journey for my bbl, and I have to admit I am very nervous.... I've been on here looking at pics and reading others experience and their results as well... I go for my consultation tomorrow which means I'll be getting my procedure date, and I can't wait.... I am so ready to get this ball rolling because if my results are as good as some of the others I've seen I will be more than satisfied... If any ladies have any advice or stories they want to share please feel free because I want to know everything.... (Pics coming soon)

26 days and Counting

Went in for my consultation yesterday and I must say I am very pleased with my doctor choice.... I'm from Horn Lake, MS so you really don't have any plastic surgeon options unless you're willing to travel.... Little Rock Plastic Surgery doctors and staff are very friendly, helpful, and professional..... I have already started my process, and set my date.... November 25, 2014 is my surgery date and I am beyond excited... Will be uploading pics of my body because it was hard to find people with my body type on here.... If they're like me they're probably embarrassed, but I really want people to see this transformation to help others just like me :)

Officially 3weeks away from BBL Surgery

I have exactly 3 weeks before my bbl surgery and I'm definitely excited but also nervous.... Seeing some of the recovery pics made me a little nervous but I'm too close to back out now.... Adding my pics finally... Dr.Spann definitely has work to do but I cant wait to do before and afters....

Help on post op purchases

I'm nearing my surgery date (Nov. 25th) and running out of time.... So here's my dilemma I'm making all my purchases that I will need post op and I'm not sure about the faja..... How do I know which size to get???? Do I get my current size a little smaller or the size I would like to be??? Help someone I'm confused....

EXCITED 6 Days and Counting!!!!

I officially only have 6 days until my BBL surgery.... I am super excited and a little anxious about it the closer I get to D-Day lol.... I had no idea that I would be able to push forward with my process this quickly, but it's amazing how quickly you can figure things out when you really wanna get it done.... If you are like me when I first decided to get a bbl I know absolutely nothing about it or how involved it was going to be.... I only started my BBL journey over 2 months ago and I'm already less than a week away from surgery.... I was prepared for surgery cost but what I wasn't can honestly say I WAS NOT PREPARED for how much you spend on preparing for your after care post op.... I live in Horn Lake, MS and I'm traveling to Little Rock, AR , which is about 2 hours away, so I didn't spend nearly as much as some people who have to do major traveling I'm sure. But the money you spend on all the necessities you will need you should definitely set aside at least about 500+ just on post op materials. Yeah this post is super long. So here's my list of all items purchased for post op care....

Items Ordered on Amazon.com:
Female Urinal (won't be sitting so it was a must have)
Boppy Pillow (so wanted the booty buddy pillow, which would have been great, from bootybuddy.com but they were on back order and I wouldn't have gotten it in time so I had to go with the usual)
Bromelain Pills (for reducing swelling)
Suction Hooks (for holding drains when showering)
Compression Stockings (prevent pulmonary embolism)
Arnicare Tablets (pain reliever)
Arnicare Gel (helps with bruising, swelling, and inflammation)
Extra Thick Yoga Mat (goes hand in hand with boppy pillow.. will be using both under my thighs to keep my bottom lifted up and not touching chair when sitting)
Lipo-Foam (goes under compression garments for less bruising and swelling, and reduces irritation from garment)
BioCorneum Plus (scar cream)
Waist Cincher (For added compression)

Items ordered from LipoExpress.com
Faja half long (compression garment)
Faja short long (compression garment)
Abdominal Board (added compression on the lipo area for extra shaping)

Items purchased at Wal-greens:
Iron Pills
Pill Organizer
Alcohol Pads
Gauze (medium and large)
Swiss Kriss (stool softner)
Neosporin (for drain removal)
Medical Tape
Cleaning Wipes (for when you can't shower)
Antibacterial BodyWash
Prescriptions (provided by doctor)

So there's my long list I don't think I missed anything, but now you see what I mean when I say yes it can get very involved when it's time to start getting everything you'll need AFTER THE SURGERY!!! So I hope this helps someone because I know I needed a guide when I first started LOL!!!

3 Days Post

Im 3 days post op and I can say the stiffness is real..... OMG most days I feel like my mid section is heavy as a brick.... I recommend anyone having this surgery be sure to have a good caregiver and support system. .. My boyfriend has truly been great.... I've been a little weak but eill bee uploading pics 2mara of mu results so far. LOVING MY NEW BOOTY!!!!
Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

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