36 Yrs Old" 3 Kids" Need New Boobs" - Little Rock, AR

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I've been wanting breast implants for about 10 yrs...

I've been wanting breast implants for about 10 yrs now but never had the money or was just scared to do it I wear a 36b and get tired of not being able to fill out a swimsuit or even certain shirts.So I decided that I was going to do this for myself I have my consolidation visit Thursday February 20th at 11 and hopefully will figure out everything with how many CCs I will get and the date of my surgery I will keep u guys posted..

Had my consolidation appt...

Went and had my consolidation appt yesterday it went great I will be having my surgery Feb 28th at 7:30 in the morning I really like my dr he was very nice and answered all my questions I will be getting 550cc in left breast and 575 in right breast I'm also getting saline implants...I also have to get a mammogram which I'm very nervous about I have that appt Feb 25th at 2. I'm very excited and hoping the next week goes by really fast.Also if he one has a list of things they needed after surgery I would appreciate if u let me know....

Mammogram tomm :(

Tomm is my mammogram appt not looking forward to it at all nervous and a lil scared hoping everything looks good.Tomm I also have to pick up all medications and get the rest of my stuff I need I'm getting excited but I will be a lot more excited when my mammogram clears.If anyone knows where I can find a sports bra that zips in the front please let me know.

2 days until my big day!!!!!

My mammogram came back good :) now the waiting game I have 2 more days my surgery is at 7:30 but have to be there at 5:30 getting a lil nervous but really excited for sure been a long time since I have wanted this done got my meds and everything else I need house is cleaned just finishing up laundry my husband got friday off so he can take me and be here for me that nite then I have family and friends that are going to help out... I'm putting up so wish me boobs lol I'll put up before and after pics soon....

Tomm is the day!!!!!

Tomm is my big day not nervous yet but I know I will be in the morning I have to be up at the hospital at 5:30 my surgery is 7:30 that means I have to leave my house at 4 it's and hour and half away from where I live I'm really excited I got my house cleaned all the laundry done have all my meds and other stuff I will need by my bed got lots of extra pillows I'm ready...I will post later on after it's done and when I feel good and I still have to put up before pics and then after pics...Can't believe I'm actually doing this so glad I won't be in the ittie bitty tittie club anymore.. :)


I never did put my stats I'm 5'6 weigh 159 and in a size 36 b maybe a A,I want to be a full D so hopefully I will be.... Well time for me to get some sleep BIG DAY TOMM!!!!!!!! :)

I Got Them!!!!

Well I have my new boobies yeah!!!! I got 500ccs on left breast and 550ccs are right under the muscle and High profile saline... Did good during surgery woke up in recovery room stayed about an hr they got my pain taken care of. Fills like I have a ton of bricks on my chest real tight unless I take muscle relaxer and that helps amazing so take ur muscle relaxer I did have some nausea from the pain meds but took some nausea med and that took care of that.i absolutely love my new boobs so glad I finally did this for myself it's so worth it. The pain isn't really that bad unless I move my arms a certain way but other than that there good now maybe it will hurt more who knows. I'm putting up some before pics and then my after pic with my surgical bra on... Then I'm going to rest some more...so happy :)



Love them

Today hasn't been to bad not too much pain just really tight and feels real heavy on my chest didn't sleep very much just uncomfortable ready for the swelling to go down ready for them to settle.. But I do love them I have a lot of cleavage which I love just trying to take it easy...

Still love them..

Yesterday went out and done some shopping with the kids got tired easy but not too much pain.woke up today with some pain and very tight took a pain pill and feeling better been just resting in bed today fixing to take another shower and eat some dinner..Hopefully tomm they will drop a lil bit and swollen go down a lil bit I'm ready to go shopping and buy some new bras and shirts sometimes I still can't believe I have big boobs I'll take some more pics up here in a lil bit..

Loving them

I'm loving my new boobs no pain there dropping a lil at a time I'm ready for them to get soft there still tight I go back to my dr Tuesday see if I can stop wearing the surgical bra and strap I'm hoping I can. Ready to see what size I actually am I have no clue yet so ready to go shopping for bras and a bathing suit.Every once in awhile they get sore but not to bad at all I'm off all the pain meds and muscle relaxers still sleeping on my back but so ready to sleep on my side I'll take some pics later tonite..
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