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Hi my name is Debbie. I'm 40 years old, no kids...

Hi my name is Debbie. I'm 40 years old, no kids and 5'2 (after gaining a little weight) my cup size is 36c (with a push up bra). I have ways wanted to get a BA due to not feeling sexy enough or always having to buy push up bras to get good cleavage. I went to see my PS on January 23th and decided to get a BA ASAP! He was very professional. I thought i might feel funny showing him my breast and allowing him to measure every part of my breast and chest, down to my nipples but I didn't. We decided with my measurements I needed 500cc's and using Mentor HP Saline, under the muscle. We decided to do my surgery on the next available day, February 4th!! I realized we had a lot to do with such short time till surgery day. I went the very next day, Jan 24th for a mammogram. That went good, thank god, since I had never had one. At that moment, I started becoming excited
because this was really going to happen. I went for my pos op on January 27th. The nurse talked to me about what to expect and how to dress the day of surgery. She told me that when I woke up after surgery, it would feel like an elephant was setting on my chest and be sore/pain but they would give me something extra for pain before I went home. She explained that I would need to bring my prescriptions the day of surgery (which she gave to me that day) and to buy peroxide and gauge sponges for the day after surgery. I was told I would need to start doing arm exercises the minute I get home. I needed to raise my arms over my head 5 times every hour and to start Slowly walking the next day. I was told the next day after surgery I could take a shower and should take the tape of my stitches and use the peroxide and gauges to clean them. I was becoming more and more excited knowing the BIG day was getting closer. Before I left the pos op appointment, she took me to take before pictures then sent me on my way for blood work. I have 1 week from today till my surgery and have started to get things in place to make my recovery smooth sailing (hopefully) lol! I can't take any medications for colds or headaches (but Tylenol) till after my surgery because these things could cause your blood to thin and make me bleed more than usual. So with the weather, I'm praying I can keep off any sickness. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. I know I will be sore for a few weeks and hopefully the pain will subside after a few days. I will keep y'all posted and show pics after. Prayers please!

Big day!!

So it's the night before my BA. I'm super excited and nervous but I know I'm gonna love the new me! My doctors nurse called me today to check on me and see if I had questions. She told me all rest and blood work was great so surgery is a go! I gotta be there tomorrow at 11:45. I'll keep you posted! Oh and post pics. :)

Days finally here!

This is the morning of surgery! I still have 2 hrs before BA and the weathers getting bad. They called me at 6:30am this morning asking me to come in at 12:30 (they are not opening till 12 today). Feel good right now not to nervous yet. I started my meds (sinecch) last night and it made me feel really loopy and dizzy. This is my before pic and looking forward to a new me!!!


Before BA


Well I did it!!! I'm extremely sore on the sides of my breast and it hurts to do my arm exercises. My chest is very tight and when I stand up I have to make myself stand straight bc it feels better to slump over. Ready for the uncomfortableness to go away! Happy I did it though!!!!!

Sore and swollen

Well it's day after surgery and I haven't really slept all night just a few here and there. Still sore and tight but keeping up on my meds. I never though raising my arms would take so much out of you. Every now and then I get a burning sensation but I here that's normal. Happy with results but really for them to drop some. Lol
Here's a pic of the morning after.


I seem to be moving around much better today


Well I've moved around more today. Still seem to be extremely sore and have been doing my exercises. My left breast is sorer than the right and burns a little. Hopping tomorrow is better.

Day 4

I've been moving around much better today. Tried picking up the house some, even though it rally wasn't dirty, I'm a freak about things being in place. We
To to the store yesterday but was ready to go home shortly after. Exercises are getting easier. Still having more soreness around my left boob but was able to shower and dress myself today. It feels more tender under my left breast then my right one. They went under the muscle so I think my muscle is bad at me lol. I got a new bed yesterday and was trying to fix it up as much as I could but my spouse wouldn't let me do anything. I actually got a full nights rest until about 6am when I tried to roll over on my side. So he got up and got me a pain med, said he was worried bc I was moaning. We have a 9 mth old bulldog that's full of energy and today's my first day with her alone. She's been really good with me, it's like she knows. It's cold here and I've been able to stoke the fire and add wood. For day 4 I think things are going great! Here's a few pics


I'm feeling bloated as well. I've been taking miralax and finally used the bathroom this morning

Oh yea

And my back seems to ache some. I think it's due to the extra weight. I got 500cc in each.

Day 5

Day 5 and I woke up this morning around 6.30 with a horrible burning sensation on the left side of my left breast. I seem to be having more issues with this one. Figured i would get up and move around to make it feel better. I haven't taken a pain pill but the movement seems to help a lot! I know it's only been 5 days and people heal different but I'm ready for day 10 or 20. Lol.

Day 5

I'm feeling much better today. Moving around and went to brunch with friends then shopped for new tank tops. I seem to be wearing a lot of them lately. I've been making fires (because it's cold) and stoking it too. Still have burning sensations from time to time but just breath my way through them. My arm exercises seem to help a lot! For some reason I've had the hiccups several times today, first time I got them I almost feel to my knees. Lol.. But now they are no biggy. Morning are still rough with getting out of bed but that gets much better day by day!! Here's a few pics from today.

Day 7

I felt good today, very little pain or discomfort. Still have a burning sensation when I wake up and get out of bed. I went back to work today, started at 6am and worked till 7:30pm. Might of over did it some not to sore but back is still aching from time to time. I seem to lose energy really fast still. I stopped taking the Vicodin but felt like I needed one tonight. My left breast is not dropping like the right but it all heals differently. Super glad I did it though. I found during work today some people would look but with " not looking at your boobs look" lol. Haven't wore a bra since PS doesn't want me too in till sutures are out. I go on the 17th for that. Been wearing tanks and my boobs look awesome in them. I love the extra confidence they have came me. Ready to be able to get sized and see what size I actually am. 500 cc is the way to go for sure!!! Here's more pics but they are after a very long day at wrk.

Feeling almost normal again!

So it's been a week today since my BA and it's getting easier everyday! Went back to work yesterday and usually my days are simi easy depending on the day but for my first day back it was non stop busy busy. I'm finding that my energy level is still not back to normal yet but when I get tired it hits fast and the energy gets sucked right out of me until I slow down and relax. It was kinda funny today. I fell out of my chair at work (didn't hurt myself, thank god) but everyone was laughing after they asked if I was ok. Lol
Then I stopped by the store on the way home and the wind took my cart while unloading, rolling it down the hill toward another car. I was running or trying to run to get it. Only if I could of had it on video. So I had an enventfull day to say the lest. Feeling great through. Lol

Feeling great and sexy now!

Day 9 and can't wait for it to start getting warm outside! Ready to show these girls off! Loving my new look and confidence has risen already. Little sore still but super glad I did it finally after all these years. Glad I went with 500 instead of 450. It's true when the PS tells you the more you move the better you'll feel! I get my sutures out on Monday the 17th. I'm kinda a freak about scares so ready to start putting mederma cream on it. Lol

Day 13

Sorry ladies haven't been on here in a few days. I've had a lot going on. With trying to heal and on day 6 I had to make a trip to Branson MO. My uncle was very sick and I didn't make it time for its a 3 hr drive from LIttle Rock. And let me tell you I think my sister hit every pot hole in the road she could find (haha). Then spent the rest of the days gettting things arranged with family. Yesterday was the funeral. Things are good and the Valiums I had from my BA helped me through. I have to say though I woke up this morning pretty sore and haven't had that in a few days. I think it was from everyone hugging me and some just wouldn't let go. I didn't tell them to be gently bc I'm a private person and didn't want to go around telling everyone I just had that done so don't hug me. Lol. But I feel great and things are going as planned. I go get my sutures taken out tomorrow. I have no bruising but the incision part is still little sore and I don't really know how to explain it but kinda tight. I guess that's from scar tissue healing there. I'll find out tomorrow. Super happy with my new look!! It was about 70 here today so I sported a tank top out and about showing my new boobies off!! :))) ????????????????

Day 16 pics

Ready for these sutures to come out tomorrow. They are rubbing me raw under neath I think.

Pre op appointment

I got my sutures out today. They said I'm healing great just slow on the dropping. They are still kinda high. My BS did not give me a bra to wear bc he wants me to do hand exercises pushing and rolling them into the pocket and letting them just hang hoping this will help too. I have to say the exercise kinda hurts. Since he did the exercise on me in the visit my boobs have been really sore more than normal. Has anyone else had to do this or am I just a slow healer? I haven't taken the valiums (3xday) like I'm suppose to do due bc I can't take them while at wrk. Happy but sad still love my new look anyways!

Thoughts while setting outside drinking coffee.

I love this site and you girls! I know we all live different places round the world. I also know with the hussle of the days it's hard to get on her. But very morning I wake up and look to see new reviews or just kind words from everyone, even if they are not for me! I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful day!!

Feeling discouraged

So I know it's only been 2wks since my BA and I went back to wrk on day 6. I have had my ups and downs and moments of feeling great then totally drained. Went from no pain to having burning. Yesterday my sutures came out and PS told me they looked great but was still high. So he gave me different exercises to do. I've did them about 3x today (privately) at wrk. Then about 4 hrs b4 getting off wrk my nipples felt like they were raw and extremely sore. I do know or think I know, that this is a normal sign of healing and everyone is different. But my gosh I hadn't taken a pain pill for days and couldn't wait to get home to take one and go topless around the house. I don't know if my post are posting bc this site sometimes doesn't post all my comments. Is anyone else having this issue? I went under the muscle 500cc. Please any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Feeling great!

I haven't been on here in a few days. But I'm healing great and they are finally starting to drop. I was starting to cough yesterday and then realized (oh no) I'm getting sick. I got some kinda of bug. I woke up all stuffed up and still coughing. Guess my immune system is all jacked up tight now. Other then that, I am loving my new boobes! Hope all is doing great and healing beautifully!

Almost 4wks post op

Well I haven't been on here in a few days but have been loving All the updates! I did get sick about a week after surgery (dang weather). With healing and then a chest/sinus cold it's been a rough couple of weeks! I'm doing good and healing just fine the PS said! If god would just take this sickness away I think my tightness in my chest would go away. I'm super happy that everyone is doing wonderful! :) I'll post more pics soon

Huge Bobbies!! Lol

Still haven't fully dropped but my PS said that is common since my normal breast muscles were musclier.

Feeling Fabulous!

I haven't been on here in months but work has kept me busy! It's been almost 3mths since my BA and the girls are looking wonderful! I'm super excited about summer and have had numerous compliments. It seemed like it took about 2mths for then to really feel like they were mine and not foreign objects lol. I hope everyone is doing great!!

Dr. Branman was very professional and made you feel very comfortable. I had a friend use him twice for BA and several times for Botox and lip injections. He's amazing!! NBC Dateline actually did a story on him a few years back. Will recommend him to everyone and use him again if I do anything else.

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