VaserLipo Tummy, Bra Line, Arms and Inner Thighs - Riverview, FL

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39 year old physically fit. I've been married to...

39 year old physically fit. I've been married to my husband (he is 6'3" and about 300 lbs) for a year and I have consistently gained weight since meeting him. I am 100% accountable for my 20lb weight gain and I just can't take not fitting in my clothes. I'm doing this surgery for a lifestyle reset!!

Pre Op Today

I was more nervous going to pre op today because I didn't know what to expect. My surgery day is in 6 days so I'm getting more anxious as I read reviews (success and horror stories!).

Thanks to this site, I got some prep done before pre op. Bought bromlein for swelling and just ordered Lipo recovery board and foam. My surgeon didn't give me that advice, but figured it didn't hurt to have on hand. I asked him to write me a prescription for anica for bruising. It's an otc natural supplement , but if I have a prescription - I can use my HSA card to pay for it.

Took pre op pictures (I felt so vulnerable !) and asked the questions I had written down. He gave me the prescriptions for my pain meds (that's scary!) and scheduled my post op appointment. Also finally paid off my balance.

I also took a leap and decided to add arm lipo! Eeek! I figured get it all at once. I appreciated that the surgeon didn't persuade me to do it but was just supportive.

I took some pics of the office while waiting in my robe to see the surgeon. He took awhile so I also took my own pre op pics using the timer on my iPhone

Filling Prescriptions, Getting Arnica. Doc says I don't need anything else?!?

I was on my way to Walgreens to fill scripts and buy gauze, band aids, overnight pads (for leakage) based on what Ive read on the site. But I called the doc office just to have a good checklist and they said they will send me home with ALL those post recovery supplies. They recommend I have peroxide on hand to clean the garment if it stains - but that's it! I feel like buying everything anyway just so I know I have it and can see

Well, it's really awesome knowing I don't have to spend money on any recovery supplies. I wonder if any other PS also sends home this supply kit??

Pre-Op Tip: Shave. Everything.

One of the best tips I read on this site that your surgeon won't tell you is to shave everything ! Makes sense because once I'm bruised, sore and trapped in a garmet I prolly won't be able to do my usual yoga shower moves to shave my legs , pits and lady parts. Sorry for the TMI but since we are all family here, just wanted to share that I took heed to this step today???????? Well, mostly - I have there in forever so this is turning out to be a 2 day project ???? #trimyourhedges

2 days Pre Op=Nerves

I read this site constantly but I still will never know how MY body will react. Taking arnica and bromlein daily now. Monitoring my diet so I can continue good habits (decreasing carbs bc they are my nemesis). My hubby changed his plane ticket (it was a $220 change !) so he can be with me on surgery day. I thank God for that. Knowing my husband will be there at least the first day is helped with nervousness. I'm excited and anxious. This is such a life altering surgery and I pray for no complications and good recovery! Adding more before pics

More before pics

2 days pre-op. I can't wait to get rid of my belly and back rolls! The arms lipo will be the cherry on top. Figured it'll be to do bc I have great biceps, but my triceps have always hidden under a layer of chub.

Surgery Complete! Day 1 Updates and Tips

I was scheduled to arrive at 730. After a pregnancy test and just waiting for the doctor, me and hubby went to pre op by 8. Lots of the same questions + Bp and temp check. Got the infamous markings and confirmed everything we had already agreed upon. I had general anesthesia and I'm SO glad! After a little prick with the IV, I was brought to the operation room and the last thing I remember is nurse wiping my back down with iodine, asking how I was feeling and me lying down. Next thing I remember (2 hrs later) was waking up from I don't have any pics groggy , uncomfortable and pain everywhere there was incision. The nurse said I was asking for my husband so she brought him back as soon as I woke. Best advice I could give is DONT DO THIS ALONE. It was a blessing to see him there. They put me in a wheelchair and helped me in our SUV. I was uncomfortable but ok. I went straight for my bed when we got home but I only get in with my husbands help. They gave him all the extra gauze etc, but it was GOOD IDEA that I bought some of those doggy training pads (1 pack of 4 = $1 at dollar tree!). My left thigh soaked through the pad that we had in the doctors office within maybe 3 hours of when I went to sleep in my bed. I've added more for my sleep tonight . The PAIN MED is A MUST! I took it as soon as we got home and I felt the pain start to subside within 30 min. I woke up around 4pm with minimal pain. It's 10pm now and still only have pain if I try to bend over or move against the incisions. I was super HUNGRY so had some rotissere chicken and avocado plus a protein shake . Then I still was hungry again around 7 and did the BAD IDEA of eating half a box of crackers! They were so good and easy on my stomach. But doc specifically said low sodium to minimize swelling . We shall see. I WISH I would have bought another garmet bc the drainage from my things and one of my tummy incisions is gross . Now I will have to shower tomorrow and put this same one back on?! Yuck. I only should have it off for 30 min but I'll need to have it off at least 60 min to wash it tomorrow. So far so good guys! I'll continue to update tomorrow :)

Pain Meds Put Me in Serious Pain!

This morning I tried to poop (sorry for TMI but I don't want anyone to go through what I just did ). I couldn't quite go so I continued to drink water and did my usual 10 min walk. When I tried again I could feel I massive bowel in my anus that wanted to come out but literally couldn't fit. The next 5 hours were the most excruciating pain I felt since I had my baby .no exaggeration. After reading online I saw that fecal obstruction was a symptom of opiate use. I knew I was talking those pain pills too much. I would take 2 every night not bc I was in pain but bc I wanted a good night sleep w no pain. I prolly didn't need them after day 1. I drove to the store in pain and bought Colace. I barely made it back home - again just so much pain of this heavy weight inside me. 2 hours later with no relief I went back to store (this time went to Walgreens pharmacy drive thru bc I couldn't get out of car), I asked for Fleet mineral oil enema. She saw the pain in my eyes and got it for me as fast as I could . I made a horrible mess in my bathroom and manually tried to remove the impacted feces. It was maybe the size of a grapefruit and it wasn't moving . After I awhile of trying I put a towel on the floor and just laid down in pain . I was exhausted and was trying to get the strength to get up to drive or uber to urgent care. It was horrible . I finally called dr castor via after hours line and waited in pain for him to call me back. While I waited, I went to bathroom and finally pushed out the mass was stuck inside of me with a herendous scream of pain and relief. Praise God. When dr castor finally called back he said I should take a laxative (duh). I tried to explain my experience . A laxative would have made things worse bc there was a mass of hard matter blocking my anus so nothing would have been able to pass by it. He told me to stop taking the pain meds bc it can cause back up in some people . I wish he would have said that on day 1.

4 Days Post Op/Still Sore & Swollen

Thank God for the reviews that I read on this site before surgery! Just confirmation that I won't see results for 1-3-maybe 6 months. I'm still swollen I guess bc I don't see any reduction in the areas worked . My hands are swollen too (but not my feet ). I sleep reclined with my feet up and take bromlein 2x a day. I take arnica multiple times a day but have significant brushing on my inner thighs. Light bruising everywhere else . I can only guess it'd be worse w/o arnica and bromlein so I'm going to keep taking it. My skin feels tight and I walk - well shuffle like an old lady. It's so hard to sit down and get up but I not enough pain for those darn opiates! I'm drinking water and walking more than I ever did this week, plus taking Colace to avoid constipation . Pooped good twice today and that made me happy! Venturing out to the store today and running errands :)
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I only had one consult with Dr Castor and after visiting the marketing scheme called "sonobello" I knew he was the right surgeon. He came highly rated and I appreciated that he wasn't a salesman. He took his time and answered all the questions i had. He seemed honest and sincere. Not the most gregarious person, but nonetheless I compliment his professionalism. His price model is reasonable and almost half the cost of sonobello!

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