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DO NOT GO HERE! I had the worst expierance here...


I had the worst expierance here.

April 2016 :

I went in for a consultation for a rhinoplasty. When I arrived (Ridgefield location ) I was asked to fill out some paper work. The paper work was about 10 pages long, which I advise you read everything clearly! I signed the papers and was then ask for $150 for the consultation.

After about 10 mins after my payment the woman at the front desk took me into a room to take pictures of my nose. 15 mins later 2 doctors and Dr. Kassir came into the room and ask me if i wanted a rhinoplasty . After quickly looking at the side of my nose he said my nose hooked in.

The two other doctors looked confused and just nodded. Dr.Kassir then stepped out and told me the two other doctors would explain the procedure to me. Which they did not, they just kept asking me personal questions about me?? Like what I do for fun , where do I live? What did any of those questions have to do with explaining the procedure??

Then I was asked to come into another room, where again was asked really random questions that were not relevant to the surgery at all. They weren't even looking at me for a few mins, Dr.Kassir was just having a side conversation about someones sister. I was confused ,but figured they were just being funny. I showed him pictures of what I wanted and he said OK email them to me. They then all walked out. A woman walks in named "Margaret Karsky "with paper work.

The whole time I felt very uncomfortable and rushed to sign the papers. If I didn't sign she said I would not be able to secure a date. I signed the paper, only to walk out a few mins after knowing I made a mistake!

I called them as soon as I got home to cancel the surgery. The woman on the phone told me there were no refunds! $4500 they took from my credit card ! They asked for $12000 ($4500) was a deposit. I explained to her that I was not ready , and needed more time. She told me NO REFUNDS!


After MONTHS of emailing back and forth with Margaret saying she would work with me and try to give me a refund, she stopped answering me.
I called the credit card company and they were just as shocked and angry this happened to me.

Moral of the story:

Do not go there! They only want your money!

I also received emails from girls he's done surgery on who he does not flaunt on instagram saying their noses were botched!

I'm really upset this all went down, I really believed he was going to be my doctor.

READ ALL THE REVIEWS...Yelp has real ones, this website seems to have some fakes.
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