375 cc HP silicone full anchor lift- 1 year update!

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I've been creeping the RS boards for a few years...

I've been creeping the RS boards for a few years now. My husband is 100%sure we won't be having anymore kids (I'm more like 85%) but enough to go ahead with an augmentation! Ive also recently lost 30 lbs and am training to compete in body building! I've been to 3 consultations so far and have another one on Tuesday . The first doctor said I only needed a mini lift and suggested 325 cc saline submuslcar implants. The 2nd and 3rd both said full Anchor lifts with silicone; honestly there are so many doctors I'm trying to find a good one for a decent price. I'm pretty sure I'll be going with this doctor on Tuesday... Price is right (not the highest not the lowest) and his work is beautiful. I am hoping to schedule the surgery for September 9th (only slot of time I have available to heal with the demands of my job). Any ways thought I'd start chronicling the journey as it is starting to become a reality! Eeeeek! So exciting will post my wish boobs! I'm thinking more like 400?! Hard to know. I'm 5'7 128lb!???? anyone similar build have examples?!

Financing Blues

My #1 choice right now is Dr. Hubbard in VA beach but to make the surgery affordable I am hoping to use the 60 month financing option through care credit. They told me the only participate in the 24 month (which almost triples the payment). The thing is along the way one of the doctors said something that has really stuck (and incidentally made me not go with him)... He said 'well do you like the work you see on my sight/books? If you like my work you'll like my results'... The doctor who's work I admire most (and I feel has the most consistent look to what I'm trying to achieve is Dr. Hubbard!). I worry that if I go with someone else I will be unhappy with my results! Thoughts? What would you do if you were me?! Go with another doctor who can finance it the way I need or keep saving!?

My ladies 2 years post breast feeding

I currently wear a 32D or 36B (the 32 is tehnucally too small around the rib cage but but hold in all my loose skin so well and they are "sister sizes". In my precious post I think they look a lot more deflated. Now that I'm well past my nursing days they've finally settled into a much nicer shape! Think they would look great with a little more upper pole fullness though!

Surgery scheduled for the 9/9/2015

Finally bit the bullet and picked a doctor! Dr. Sundin is amazing- I felt right at home and just knew id found the right place. I'm very nervous but excited at the idea of new boobs! Will keep everyone posted! Pre-op August 25th!!


Anyone else start freak out after booking surgery!? I'm so anxious now! EKKK! How to NOT think about it?!

Today I'm excited... 48 more days!

This waiting games is awful! One day I'll be cowering in fear, convinced i should call and cancel... The next day (like today). I'm googling wish boobs and checking out rent the run way for dresses I'll wear to a wedding this fall (a dress to display my new beautiful breast)... So in the spirit of being excited I photoshopped some larger boobs on to myself... LOL bad photoshop job but still funny! Helps me be excited! Any one else scheduled for surgery Sept 9TH!?

Question about scar cream/strips

I've seen some ladies start their creams/scar strips almost immediately and others wait a few months. Can you start it right away? Why the wait? Seems like starting immediately would have a better outcome? What are the best creams? I'm somewhat worried about how big the scars are going to be and want to do everything in my power to minimize this! Thanks guys! 45 more days!

Checking in 40 days to go- profiles galore

You guuuuuuuys! How do you pick a profile?! Do I have enough tissue for HP implants- don't think I want natural looking- this isn't Girls gone tribal... I'm not chopping up my ladies (full anchor lift) and having foreign bodies (silicone implants) inserted to look like every mom on the street... But I don't want to be embarrassed either. I'm 5'7 126lb... Think 400cc HP will work?! I know I kerep asking but I keep second guessing, and triple... Sigh.this is hard. Haha


Well it's all paid for now! No turning back... I still go back and fourth from being okay to panicking. Guess it will just be like that until it's time! A little over a month left now... Wish it were now!???????? he wait also makes me second guess sizes. I can of like being a small boob girl/ I can wear a lot of things that only flat chested gals can wear... Then again maybe with perky boobs I can still wear those things?! Sigh. Realself Should stop sending me explant stories to my inbox... Just makes me second guess myself!????????

1 month to go!

Exactly 1 month left until my surgery! today I'm mostly excited. I went to try on bras and with all my weight loss my sad lady lumps are a teeny tiny 34A! I was a little bit intimidated by all the giant bras... Made me think 2x about going large! I definitely want to be proportional! Also I don't want them to get In the way of working out. With high or extra high profile implants how large would 350-400ccs be?! Made my own rice sizes to 360 ccs and thought that was perfect! I know you lose some under the muscle though so really thinking 375cc!! Feels good to be a little more sure. Seeing my sad deflated breast in an A cup with zero upper pole fullness has just made me more excited and less anxious about doing this. Hope you all are well and your surgery outcomes are as you'd hoped for!

Vitamins and more before picts

I have seen some other ladies on here recommend pre-post it vitamins! Just got them! Wait it killing me. Hope everyone is well!

Don't schedule your surgery too far out! So Anxious. 22 more days.

#1 Anxiety...
Hey RealSelfers... I wish I could've scheduled my surgery sooner. The wait is absolutely terrible. I have so much anxiety I can barely cope. It just builds every day. I'm seriously just about to cut my loses (already paid) and just not have it done. The other problem with it being so far away is that I want to check in with the patient coordinator and make sure all the details are set. I can tell that's wearing them out. LOL. I now feel anxious that I'm bugging them... It's just a BIG surgery. Big decision one I'm not taking lightly... Anyone else just decide not to do it?! frustrated. Wish it were here already. Hope my anxiety isn't a sign that this is all going to be a huge mistake.

#2 Too much time also makes you doubt profiles, sizes, etc... I was dead set on CC's between 375-425 High profile... Now I'm wondering if I should go larger, ultra high profile... or anatomical gummy implants even bigger! LOL I met a girl who was MUCH smaller than I am with 550CC tear drop gummy implants... they look amazing on her.... She also let me feel them (as my concern was they would be too hard)... THEY absolutely are not too hard! Thoughts? Picts?

#3 I am worried about my new look! I'm used to being a small chested person and know how to dress as a small chested person... Did the change really affect any of you all!?

Feel so alone in this. Hope I'm not making a huge mistake.

2 weeks until my surgery!

16 days! Pre-op appointment tomorrow! Starting to get real! Anyone else having surgery 9/9?

Pre Op appointment completed!

Went in for my pre op! It went great! because of my BWD and quality of the tissues 375 is the largest we can do! He's going to bring in 350,375,425 but pretty sure we'll end up with 375! I'm super excited! 2 weeks!!!

16 hours until surgery...

Sheer panic has set in. There is absolutely ZERO guarantee I can go through with this! The doubts are assailing BIG time. When it was in the land of hypothetical this seemed like a piece of cake.... The scars are a fair trade right? I want this right!? Why am i doing this to myself again!? DH and I have been having boob funeral sex every night... I mean do i want to give up FEELing that (in the high chance that I never can again!?).... HELP

Done! Home! Have crazy pain.

Surgery went well according to my doctor. I woke up in incredible pain. They were able to help and get my meds even still the pain is unimaginable. I don't remember having read anything about it hurting this much but hopefully things will settle down here and in a bit. Don't even care to look the pain is that bad. Will try and keep you posted

First follow up apt

All looks and went well we are now 24 hours post surgery. The doctor says most people' none that he knows of those he knows has ever experienced this much pain. He is adjusting the medicine so hopefully that helps ASAP. Here are s Day one post up pics

Weird swooshing noises?

Every day they look better I'm super happy -couple things I'm worried about. Number one a lot of these I have seen on here start out really high like I'm talking collarbone high -then they drop into the correct position. Mine seem to have started lower which makes me worried they will end up way too low (as in saggy.) Do you think this is the case? Number two I have been hearing Lots of swishing and gurgling noises coming from the left breast both sides feel about the same firm/softness . Overall I'm super thrilled they are hundred percent better than they were just holding off on I'm giving a review until I see the final result but I would definitely recommend Dr. Sundin to anyone looking for a bl/la!

6 days post surgery

Hey real selfers! Everything is going well so far! healing has been very uneventful thankfully! My dear husband has been a huge help!!! If I can recommend anything it would be to have someone to be at your side to support with all the little things like going to the bathroom getting drinks, getting ice packs etc. I have pretty much been staying heavily medicated despite my pain level just so I can make sure I recover these days as next as I have to go to back to work tomorrow. They make a little bit of gurgling or sloshing noises but from what I understand that's pretty normal. The pain really comes from the muscles which was a surprise to me. From what I had read And understood - lifting my arms up and down would be the most difficult but for me what has been most difficult is any movement that originates from my sternum )moving left or right) or utilizing your chest muscles. I am fortunate that my husband has all my medications on timers and wakes me up in order to keep taking them I have happily stayed sleeping the last few days. I will say the first two days I was way too nauseous to eat I did not even have an appetite I'm glad to say that that has not returned and him making up for those first few days LOL. I am anxious to see what the scars look like but I'm not sure when the Steri-Strips will come off and I'm also anxious to start the scar treatment. I didn't spend all this money to leave the scars but I'm sure it's all in due time. Hopefully I'll have more to report but I will keep you all updated as the days go by. The one thing I did want to say is they still feel pretty firm -not squishy at all I'll post a few pictures from today! happy healing and good luck to you having your surgeries coming up xoxo -ohhh one last thing I highly highly recommend that "make me heal" pre-and post operative vitamins I truly believe that is why I have not had any bruising as I tend to bruise very easily !!check it out it's either help me or make me heal something or other-- Google it I'm sure it'll come up seriously worth every penny' *muah xoxox

Better everyday! Tomorrow marks 1 week!

I went for another follow-up yesterday. All looks really well. The doctor says that the left one has started to drop more than the right but he's not concerned that the other one won't catch up and drop too. I was kind of sad that they were dropping because I love all the upper pool fullness. He says not to worry that when he says that they will " drop " that he means only a centimeter or so more. I have a little bit of pain in my right breast but I think it's normal nothing that needs medicine- I'm completely off all the hardcore meds now! I still take the Valium to help me sleep and the Xanax occasionally throughout the day just because I'm an anxious sort of person and anytime something goes weird I automatically assume the worst. I am absolutely in love with my new breast and despite the crazy pain I went through intitially ( which the doctor assured me is abnormal )I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you're on the fence about this I strongly encourage you to find an amazing doctor and just do it /you will not regret it. I posted some update pictures from today. A lot of you have asked where I have gotten all the bras -they are all sports bras from Walmart Danskin Brand. They were all less than eight dollars they all Ip in the front (not the best zippers) but hey for eight dollars U really can't beat that so go get some !! A comfy, trust me you'll love them. The other thing I would really tell people about is not to worry so much about the incline pillow - I know each doctor's different and that you're supposed to sleep at a 45° angle... my doctor did not make this a big deal I did sleep sitting up somewhat because it was most comfortable and because it does help with the swelling but don't go out and spend hundreds of dollars on that specific incline pillow...just get a couple extra pillow stack them up and get comfy you'll be drugged enough to be knocked out!???????????????? happy healing and happy surgery dates to all you other real fathers out there XO XO

Healing is ow and steady

Healing is hard. Some days are better than others. Most days I feel like myself, my breast feel like my own I don't feel like they are foreign objects in my body. The right side definitely hurts more I think because I feel well And i do things pretty normally, then by the end of the day I feel my right side aching. I went back to doing vigorous work this week which is part of my job. It's been difficult . I had to take almost all of my meds that I started out with again I have another big job today and so will probably end up taking the full dosage again. This makes me a little sad. Also some days I love the shape and size and some days I don't... I think when it's all said and done I will love them...but this is a process and it's definitely isn't for the birds. Here are my latest pics today, and some of my Scars from the anchor left. I don't really feel pain from the incision just a little bit of itchiness. I am supposed to leave the Steri-Strips on until they look too gross for the fall off and as they come off I'm supposed to keep bacitracin on them. So far only the Steri-Strips from the anchor part on the bottom of falling off. Here little bit scary to look at. Can't wait until I can start putting scar treatment gel on them - Dr. said at three weeks ...I'm at about 10 days now so not too much longer... happy healing to all ????

Bra size? Back to gym?

Feeling better now that the busy weekend is over! I have a few swollen lymph nodes on the right side but honestly think I just over did it! I know you aren't supposed to even think bras yet but I bought 1 on clearance a 36C (my bad should be 34, so 34D?!)... Although I think it's too small! Do they keep shrinking it growing as they DF?! I think they're going to end up bigger than I thought! Lol not disappointed though! Nipple sensation coming back in left breast (always had it in right). Feeling great - want to go back to the gym but don't want to mess up healing! When did you all go back??
2 week check up Wednesday- bringing along a friend for a consult! Excited for her! ????????????

2 Weeks Post Op Apt Completed! Massages commencing! Video attached!

Hey Real Selfers! I Had my two week postop today. It went very well. Dr. R. Sundin was awesome as usual.He removed some of the permanent sutures as well as some that were "spitting" (ones that should dissolve on their own but sometimes come out and need to be pulled) He also prescribed a new ointment because I'm possibly developing an allergy to the bacitracin (i'm itchy were I have been applying it). I was given the go ahead to start massaging inward and upward (not downward since they Have already dropped to the proper position...still need to fluff more I think though). I'm having a lot of pain today so just took dilauded (sp?) and a xanax because of course I got anxious thinking something MORE serious was wrong. I think there is a minor set back because my daughter came in to my room last night and I lifted her in the bed when I wasn't supposed to (just forgot in my deep sleep haze...) I felt a tearig sensation (so not fun at 1 am in deep sleep) probably just aggravated the muscle. I have to remember to take it slow and that really I'm only 2 weeks past a HUGE surgery!Any ways happy healing and good luck to all you going in for surgery! I Attached a video of massage and updated Picts!

A little let down- depressed- just a bad day

Hey guys-
This morning I had clear oozing coming out of my right nipple and I wanted to see if it was bad/needed to call my doctor, plus my steri strips seemed really dirty so I decided to remove them in the shower super carefully. I think I thought my breast would be perfect (I know that's silly for a BL/BA) but the nipples look different and one looks just crazy and the one that looks good had a hole at the T and I've seen enough of that on here to know it can end badly (In a giant hole). I see now that one looks bigger than the other and today I just think they look terrible. I feel like a made a horrible mistake- was bawling and DH reassured me I look beautiful and healing takes time but I'm not going to lie today is a BAD day. I feel ugly. Maybe uglier than before. I'm also on my period so I know I need to calm down because I'm irrational etc... It will be okay. Right? Just not feeling it today. Bought steri strips and closed it all back up- some spots still look in danger of opening and I just don't feel ready to look at them the way they are. Thanks for reading guys. Send me some good thoughts/prayers! Still think Doc did a good job just think my expectations were too high. Sad sad sad.

Hole is okay!

Saw doc today- they were awesome as usual- He said some ozzing can happen and the hole should close in a week or so (fingers crossed) one needs to drop more so I am to start massaging that one down. I know they are sisters not twins but I would really like them to be on the same page at least (lol). I think it's important to manage our expectations before a major surgery like this and I think I may have had slightly unrealistic ones of perfection. Still I love the look in tops and swim wear- hoping I end up liking them naked once they are healed- right now I think they are scary; but it's still less than 3 weeks. I think I will need a revision to put more CCs on one side eventually but maybe a few years down the road. Hopefully these heal well and I'll be done with surgies for a good long while. Emotionally and physically this has been much for taxing than I anticipated! Xoxox

The evolution the last 3 weeks

Here's from day one to today- I'm worried the lopsided was and size difference continues to get worse not better- thought they looked perfect at week 1- lol hope they even back out and it's just a matter of one need to drop and fluff more- what do you guys think ? They'lol just be different forever?! ????

3 week pict

I'm feeling much better there really isn't much pain anymore I can lift my arms I can lift things I can even and lay on my stomach -They don't really bother me, feel like a part of me. My left nipple is starting to have intense sharp pains which is making me hopeful more sensation will be returning -I never lost sensation in the right nipple. Still pretty concerned about size and shape difference. However the right one which looks like the left in the picture (the boxier smaller one )still has about a centimeter to drop I wonder if that will help and I think the boxiness should improve with time? Anyway my scars look good all the holes are closing up and I'm feeling great I just wish they would look a little bit more even I love the look of the left breast I think eventually if they don't even out I will definitely be having a revision to add cc to the smaller side... Really it's too soon to think about all that I'm only three weeks out can't wait to see at a year what these puppies look like. In clothes I love them 1000% better than they were. Naked I'm still a little insecure about them. Still they are an improvement and I would still do this again! Can't say this enough- manage your expectations ladies! This is such a serious surgery the outcomes are so different for everybody/ boobs are sisters not twins (rewind say on repeat for myself lol)

Cleavage for fun-

Loving the new ladies in clothes - still have some settling to do nude but still very happy. Instead of focusing on the minute things (nit picking) I decided I'm going to post about why this was/is so awesome... I'm mean check out my cleavage! That's with a wireless $5 bra from Walmart. Totally worth it. LOL happy healing friends - will update after appointment next week!

5 week check up!

Hey guys Had my 4-5 week post opt check up- My right breast still may have some dropping to do and has little bit of a snoopy dog deformity. If it drops a little bit more this may correct itself. I'm really not that worried about it because they look great in clothes and swimsuits and they still are a huge improvement from before. I don't think I would go back under the knife again for a while even if it is a simple revision. The doctor cleared me to return to the gym and I can start using the silicone sheet for scar treatment. I think I've scarred phenomenally well! As to the size discrepancy because I have silicone it may be hard to match (because they come on 25cc increments)so again another thing I won't try to fix with the revision. They are sisters not twins right? Attached some Picts - went to the gym (did legs ) I was dead by the end... Probably need to ease back in to it more slowly. Happy healing!

6 weeks post op

Hey Realselfers,
Life is good, healing continues... I keep thinking I'm developing CC in my right breast but I think it's because I use it so much more ( my dominant) and so it has not finished dropping like the other one. It's still early and I still love the results...here's some updated Picts.

7 weeks post op

I have to say that my scars are pretty amazing from what I've seen! I knew I would he's well (i had a surgery to remove a cyst and it's pretty much gone if not but a faint white line) - I think this is largely genetic (although I'm not saying scar creams/ vitamins don't help). I haven't done anything since about 4 weeks out when I was taking the vitamins although I guess it wouldn't hurt to keep taking them. Still a pretty noticeable size difference IMO but maybe the right one needs to drop more! They look amazing in swim wear! I think the doc did an amazing job considering how terrible the quality of my skin/ tissues were but I wish I had been happier with myself. I think now I've traded natural problems for faux ones! If you're on this journey really think. Why are you doing this? Are you okay if the results aren't what you expected? Dig deep and love yourself! Xoxox I've attached updated Picts! (Ps up like 10-15 pounds lol) time to get back to the gym!!

9 weeks post op

Hey Realselfers!
Healing continues. I think I probably should not have stopped taking the vitamins and I'm considering purchasing the scar cream and silicone sheets. Last week I had a small hole open up at the t- incision on the right breast and I have some bruising in the left breast. I kind of freaked out for both of these since it seems like it's a little late in the game for bruising and for incisions opening up after they've been healed . Weird right? I started reapplying the ointment and the hole closed I'm still little bruised . I go for my two month check up next week so I'll bring those up when I see my doc. Right breast is still a little higher nipple little lower also looks a little smaller not sure if this is ever going to change at this point but a lot of you say I'm still early in this process so we will see . I have attached some updated pics.

3.5 months/ 14 weeks update

Hey real Selfors! Nothing new to report. They are still different but I suppose breast are sisters not twins. My right breast continues to have zingers occasionally but feeling has returned both nipples so I am happy about that. I think they are still a little saggy… I wish I had gone a little smaller but they are still fun! Here are updated Picts!

1 year Post Opt pict /Augmentation with lift

Hey guys! It has been almost a year ( 350 days) since my augmentation with full lift. I wanted to update you guys. I absolutely love my results and do not regret my decision for a moment. This past year has definitely had its ups and downs. It's an emotional journey for sure. Healing can take a long time and I have to admit it took a full 9 months before they felt totally soft and all my sensation returned. They have finally settled and really are not as large as they had been at the start -for awhile they were 36 double D's or 34 triple D's! They have finally settled at about 36D. I think they could probably use a little more tightening up as they have dropped a lot (and have a little pseudo droop). I've also been concerned that the right one has ruptured (these are the stressors now). So while I don't regret it, it would be remiss of me not to warn of the things that creep in to my mind from time to time. They are not perfect and there are new things about them that bug me but they are a huge improvement. Sometimes I get zinging pain, sometimes aching not always and less and less as time goes on. I guess I would want people going forward with this to really manage their expectations. Listen to your doctors and be easy on yourselves.

I am starting to think about the swapping them out in a few years for gummy bear implants - while these look amazing and natural I do have to wear a push up bra to give them that full look once they settled even though they are high profile (silicon 375 ). Any ways hope that helps anyone out there wondering about how you'll look/feel a year out!
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sundin and his staff. From the very beginning they treated me as if I were THE only patient they had. I felt special and cared for. At my consultation Dr.Sundin spent at least an hour if not two with me as I agonized over whether this was the right decision for me. Dr.Sundin and his staff had easy mannerism, and caring attitudes; that is what really pushed me over the edge (after 4 other consults) and I signed up! Dr. Sundin is funny, engaging, caring, and extremely smart. He really listens to your questions and thoughtfully answers them. On the day of surgery I felt very much at ease that he would give me the outcome I was looking for. Each subsequent check up has gone smoothly and he is meticulous to make sure the surgery went well and that I'm not having any complications. This was my first experience with plastic surgery! Now that I've met Dr. Sundin and his staff I would feel safe considering/doing more (and may or may not be considering it lol)! Definitely go with confidence- Dr Sundin is your man!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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