Trying to Feel Better About Me. Richmond, VA

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Have PS consult Tuesday. Nervous. Can't sleep....

Have PS consult Tuesday. Nervous. Can't sleep. Worried he might say no. I am 5'5". 230 pounds. I had breast reduction in 2014. Went through that with flying colors. if any one else is my weight please tell me if you were able to get this surgery. Is there a weight limit? I am getting rashes and irritated skin from my tummy flap/apron. I'm recently separated from my husband of 21 years. I'm trying to start over and my hanging stomach has to go. I pray he says yes.

Plastic Surgery Consult

Met with surgeon who did my breast reduction. Dr. Lynam Richmond Va. He said I am a good candidate for Tt. Excited. Got back to work and my employer is going to make it hard for me to get off. Judge mental. I had to tell her I have a hernia as well as tummy tuck. I am so pissed. She did the same thing when I had breast reduction.

Getting Excited

Surgery date is 11-14-16 10;30 am. I keep finding and saving photos of before and after. Thank goodness for real self. I need this space to go on and on about Tt. No one else wants to hear it. As anyone used leggings or anything else in place of compression garment. They look intimidating.

Dreaming of Post Op

What is the one outfit you guys want to wear after your tummy tuck recovery that you can't or won't wear now? I want to wear a top tucked in my pants. I want to wear a navy blue cashmere turtleneck laying flat against my body and I want to wear skirts without them riding up in front over my big tummy.

Trying to kill time before surgery on November 14th.

had stylist streak my hair blonde. Don't want to buy clothes right now because I'm waiting until after Tt. Also made arrangements to take my 81 year old mom to NYC on 12/9. We'll see Wicked and do some shopping. Anyway, waiting for surgery is making me crazy. I'm prepping my apartment by getting everything clean and organized. I have a chair and ottoman in my bedroom. Recording movies to watch during recovery.

14 SLEEPS!!!!

My TT is 11.14.16. 10:30 am. My pre op Dr. appt. is this Tuesday. I'm less nervous than I was. Haven't shopped for any supplies yet. Making a list and checking it twice.

Has anyone had a heart attack previously?

I had a heart attack in 2013. I think I'm worried about that. I had a breast reduction in 2014. it went very well but a tummy tuck is a bigger surgery and I am a bit worried.

12 Days to go

me in clothes 12 days pre op


I only want this to not have this hideous stomach. I want to look good in my clothes again. I have one whole walk in closet of clothes I can't wear because of the size of my stomach. I don't care about my big butt and thighs but this stomach is awful. Everyone posts pictures of themselves in undies but I want to know how tummy tuck changed the look of your clothes. Please ladies. Help me figure this out. I feel that with my risk factors I want to have something concrete to hold on to, like knowing I may be able to look good in my clothes again.

One week To Go

nest Monday at this time I will be in the O.R. looking forward to being on the flat-ish side. I weigh 235 pounds and I am 5" 5'. i carry my weight in my abdomen and look forward to having a better silhouette in my clothes. I'm planning a makeover week after my recovery with new makeup. dying my hair back to my dark color. mani pedi brow wax. new body con dress. Going to NYC in December for some shopping with my 81 year old mother. She is a shopping machine.
I separated from my husband 2 months ago. We sold our house so I have a few dollars to spend on me. just trying to get my mojo back. been very depressed for awhile now. had a son that died 20 years ago. tummy tuck is one of the tools of my path to feeling good again.

6 Sleeps to TT

Thought I would post some photos of me with undies on. My middle is so big all the way around I don't know if tummy tuck is really worth it. I will still be a Mrs. Potato Head with a flat front.


Changed my surgery date from 11.14.16 to 2.10.17. My apartment has mold. They need to do the abatement next week when I am supposed to be home recovering. I am angry and disappointed. I can't wait until my lease is up.

Ready To Do This... I think.

Since I last posted here I bought a house. Also, took my mother to New York at Christmas Time. She had so much fun she is planning for us to go back in the spring. She is 81 and runs rings around me. Love my new house but spent all my tummy tuck money on the down payment. So I took out a hard money loan from Avant Loans. The interest is high but if I don't get this tummy tuck I'm gonna nut up!!! Did any of you guys take out loans for your surgery and are you glad you did?
How are the over 225 pound girls doing post op? I want to know it all. ALL OPINIONS ARE WELCOME. Photos soon but I look the same as the last photos. I am still scheduled for February 12, 2017.


Just say'in

40 Days to go

Thank you all for posting your weights so I can find others who are my size. I will post lots of before and after pix. I will post photos of me in clothes. I like seeing the photos that show how beautiful everyone looks in their clothes afterward. I haven't been anywhere but work and home for the past few years because I absolutely hate the way I look in clothes. I look like a bag of potatos dressed like a woman.

25 days to go and still undecided

I have a surgery date of 2.10.17. Still debating spending the money on TT or things for new house. I have all supplies including raised toilet seat, walker and wedge pillow. Husband is going to take care of me post op and even my mom is not complaining. 7500.00 is a lot of money to me. Still going back and forth in my head. Will make final decision by 1.31.17.
To everyone who already did it...was it worth the money?

19 DAYS TO GO...

Bought Recliner today.


Fell in my living room and broke left shoulder. Having surgery to repair and have pins put in. I GIVE UP. I am so sad and angry. There is always something waiting to knock me down as soon as I scramble up off the floor. I hope all you guys have flat tummies and snatched waists. I will be rooting for you. Love and kisses.


Ready to start planning for TT again

Had shoulder surgery 2.14.17. Broke shoulder and upper arm into 6 pieces. Lots of hardware. Will start PT next week. So, now I'm focusing on weight loss goals and prepping to have tummy tuck as soon as I can get more vacation/sick time. Probably February 2018.
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