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Had a great consultation with Dr Lynam. He was...

Had a great consultation with Dr Lynam. He was very nice, caring and answered all my questions and I had several. He took pictures and showed me pictures of other patients. Everything looked good, I had other consultations but I decided to go with Dr. Lynam. He is going to inject pain medication.

4 days till surgery day!

I am super nervous and excited. I have saltiness crackers, 7up, chicken soup ready. I am a lucky girl, I have a husband that likes to cook and he is the best when I am out of commission. He takes care of the food and taking care of me. The twins take care of keeping the house cleaned and telling the 8 yr old what to do. They truly enjoy that part!!!! I am taking vitamins and have all my work done. Ready for Friday! I don't have a hospital bed but have recliners, I am going to try to sleep in my bed but if I can't then I will move to the recliner. Okay, enough for today... when I'm nervous I talk-type lots.

Got the call!!!!

Well, guess it's oficial. I got the call and instructions from the medical center that I will have my surgery at. Oh, I'm excited but how can this be!?!?!?! 12 yes waiting to get my ugly belly removed and it will happen this Friday. I can't wait to start my recovery.

5 day PO

My recovery is going way too slow but I am healing great. I am not hungry but I eat so that I heal fast. I also drunk lots of water and get up every 2 hrs. I am very happy with my healing thus far. The drinage is also decreasing today's totals are 20 from left 25 from right. I am so happy can wait to report in a few more days. I had a beast reduction about 7 yrs ago, the best thing I could ever do. Today I can say that if I had my old breast I would not be able to walk. The pain is still there but it's much better I am only taking pain pills twice per day. I am almost out and will be calling tomorrow to get another Rx. Good night everyone!

day 6

Today, the pain is less than yesterday. I was able to sleep better last night. Good news!!! My drains will be removed tomorrow!yey I am getting 20ml from one drain and 10 ml from the other. I had my follow up app for Monday but Dr. Lyman decided that tomorrow will be a good day to remove the drains. I am excited to sleep without the drains and start scar treatments. Any idea on what to use? I am taking vitamins and vitamin c but I read about ointments and oils.

Day 8

Yesterday, saw the doctor. My husband started to ask questions about the drain tubed, his questions made me nervous. Turns out that the drain tubes are long and a 1/3 of the tube is inside you... when the tubes came out, all I can say it was a weird feeling. Of course doctor lynam and my husband are joking around and me laugh which made it worst. My husband has taken such good care of me. All went well, my scars are healing but I feel like my hoohaa is swollen/puffy I don't know... and I forgot to ask but I do have another appointment so I will make sure to ask. Also, I asked about any scar treatment and he said not to do anything at this time. I know some are already working on that so I am a little confused! I don't have an updated picture but I am super glad the drain tubes came out. I feel much better.

Day 12 PO

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I last posted. I am feeling better day by day, I'm still swollen and have a 2 week post op app on Monday. I have a few questions for Dr. Lynam, he told me not to worry at this time about scar therapy. I am worried that if I don't start now it may be too late.

A little over 1 month PO

I have been healing well, my doctor has been great, I have started to wear a bodysuit (spanks) and I feel well, I still get tired in the afternoons. I don't think it's just the surgery but also the fact that I work full time and have kids that are always running me to pick them up and take them places. I am thus far satisfied with my results of my sx and scar. I'm going to start my scar therapy. I was using a lotion kind of treatment and I feel that is helping but now I ordered the embrace scar therapy. Hope everyone is healing well.

smart lip and dog ear removal

So today, and after a rescheduled appointment. Dr. Lynam performed the removal of dog ears on each side of my body at the end of my tummy tuck scar. He also, had go lilo my moms area. When. I I had my surgery he did not see the need for lipo around that area, however now that I'm all healed, it is clear that the area is now the problem and because of that I have not had a chance to wear anything tight, it looks like I am a male. But today he did an awesome job and he was surprised at the amount removed. He is sure I will love and I know I will. Pictures to come.

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