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Started out with breasts that were large for my...

Started out with breasts that were large for my framd but not overly so. Sailed through 20s and 30s with 34 C cups. My son died when I was 40 and that started me on a spiral of binge eating and shopping. I am now 55 and I have 38 G cup breasts that hang to my waist. Photos later. Had my first appointment on February 27th with PS. All documentation in. Insurance company has not received the info yet. Should I hound the doctors office to get the info to Healthkeepers? Does anyone else have Anthem Healthkeepers and did it take long to get approval. Also, I am so thankful for this group of women on this website. I check in here 10 times a day for all the support here.

Today I called Healthkeepers and they received my...

Today I called Healthkeepers and they received my information today. Now I feel like I can start the countdown for approval. One more step taken towards my reduction. I am feeling hopeful today.

Woo Hoo!!! Just checked my messages and the PS...

Woo Hoo!!! Just checked my messages and the PS office called to tell me I was approved !!! Ashley brought me good luck. Next step is a date for surgery.

PS office called this morning. Surgery is...

PS office called this morning. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday May 28th. I am so excited. I can hardly sit still at work today. At my office we are referring to my surgery as The Cruise. All the girls are excited for me and one is hoping to have it done after me.

7 week countdown. I am creating checklists for the...

7 week countdown. I am creating checklists for the things I need to do and buy. How many people think a recliner is a must? How about the wedge?

6 weeks to go. I am creating checklists and...

6 weeks to go. I am creating checklists and thinking of treating myself to a professional house cleaning service right before my surgery. Did anyone else do this? Going to schedule a mani pedi for one week post op. is that too soon? We can't wear nail polish for the procedure so I will need that mani pedi afterwards.

5 weeks to go before surgery. After reading...

5 weeks to go before surgery. After reading everyone's reviews, I can't wait until May. 28th. I keep trying on tops that are too tight in the bust and wondering how they will look post op. I have dresses I have never fit into well at the top.

Found out today that my co-pay will be $300.00....

Found out today that my co-pay will be $300.00. I'm happy about that. I can afford that. I'm sure there will be other expenses but I know the surgery is covered by insurance. Woo Hoo!!

27 days and counting.

27 days and counting.

3 weeks and counting.

3 weeks and counting.

17 days and counting. Finally starting to get a...

17 days and counting. Finally starting to get a little nervous. I have a lot of shopping and cleaning to do. I think I have read too much information. I don't know which way to turn. Info overload. I have made a million lists. Today I broke down and bought a dress that is too small in the chest but I will take it back tomorrow. I don't need to buy a any new clothes. I'm like a crazy person running around without direction.

Two weeks until D Day. I got the best pajamas at...

Two weeks until D Day. I got the best pajamas at Walmart yesterday. They have buttons down the front, short sleeves and shorts that are long enough to be comfy. I'm taking them to the surgery center so I will already be in my pajamas when I get home from the hospital. I went looking for recliners but bought two club chairs for my family room. They are large and comfy with high backs so I will sleep in one of them with an ottoman for the first few days. They are also slipcovered so they can be washed. I couldn't pass them up. We need furniture because we bought a fixer upper last year and all of our money has gone for things like roofs and washing machines. I think they will work great. I have my preop appointment today at 2pm. Sooooo excited!!!!!

In The ER again. Need Prayers

Nearly passed out at work short breath. Chest pain. Dizzy. Being worked up for a blood clot. Please pray girls. I am a little worried. My surgery is scheduled for next week.

Open Heart Surgery

Im progressing well. Thanks guys.

Heart Bypass surgery

Todaybis one week since I had open heart surgery. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. I hope to go home soon. My family has been so good to me. I'm glad to be here but keep thinking how I'm gonna make it with these gig knockers after looking so forward to it for so long.

On the mend!!

Hi everyone,
I am 9 weeks post op from my heart attack and bypass surgery. Working half days and going to rehab. Still want my breast reduction because shoulder pain is still no joke. Thank you all so much for your prayers and positive thoughts. Hope to be on the flat side with you one day.

Saw Plastic Surgeon Today

I was told by my cardiologist that I can have my breast reduction. Saw surgeon today and we discussed doing it at the hospital instead of the surgery center. He doesn't anticipate any problems but we will be at the hospital as a precaution. So, here I am again waiting for approval. Thank you all for your good wishes on my recovery from bypass surgery. I'm doing well.

Hopefully Finally Getting It Done

I am scheduled for breast reduction surgery February 10th. I am 56 years old. Ready to get this done. Scheduled last year but had a heart attack instead. Cardiac bypass Grafts. I'll just add the breast scars to the ones I already have. So I'm starting the countdown again. Going to clean the house, get new pajamas and prep food for the recovery. Has anyone had this surgery after having had a heart attack or any other major illness.

One Week To Go

My surgery is next Monday at 8:30 am. Today I went to Walmart to buy supplies. I also bought extra pillows, soft front close bras and Tylenol. Next weekend will be house cleaning to keep busy. I expect to be very nervous next weekend. So glad to have this forum to say that. My family is already scared witless because of the previous heart attack. I keep telling them that I'm not scared but I am, a little. Of well, I can't spend the rest of my life with this shoulder and back pain.

Hospital Pre-op Today

Early morning appointment at the hospital for an EKG and blood work. Filled out lots of papers. Answered a lot of questions. 6 days to go. Getting nervous. Anyone else scheduled for the 10th of February?

Pre Surgery

This is the sports bra I want to fit post op. I Don't Think So.

Three Sleeps To Go

It's Friday night. My surgery is Monday morning. I'm excited and nervous. What things did you guys do the day before to keep busy and to prepare. I will be spending the night. I think I have everything I need. One lady suggested white washcloths instead of gauze. Walmart had a package of 18 for 10.00. I think this is a great idea. One on each breast.

Two Sleeps To Go

Today I stayed busy. Cleaning, laundry, hair shampooing, Rx, etc... I keep pinning outfits that I want to wear on my pinterest pages. I'm also reading all the reviews here. Having this forum is my lifeline. My husband is probably tired of hearing about breasts. He is smart enough not to say anything though.


Surgery is at 8:30 am est. It is now 9:40 pm. Less than 12 hours to go. I know I won't sleep so I have plans to organize my closet, clean my husbands bathroom and some other tidying after midnight. I set the alarm for 5 am because we need to leave home at 6 am. Gotta put the pillow and sunglasses in the car for the trip home on Tuesday. I'm having this surgery to alleviate the pain in my neck, back and shoulders but I really hope to be able to wear the nice tops I've bought. I saved the receipts just in case. Didn't buy any post op pretty bras yet but have fantasies of lacy, pretty colored bras with just a couple of snaps in the back.

I forgot something in my last post

I threw away all my bras today. I did save one for comparison for the after shot. It felt goooooooood to dispose of those instruments of torture.

Today is the day

I am at the hospital. Will update later. Love you all.

Done, Babeeeee!

Reduction done. Spending the night in the hospital. Just had dinner. I can move arms but can't pee. They had to put in a catheter. So full of pain meds I didn't feel a thing. Husband, Mama and best friend were here. Best friend is a nurse. Very helpful. Dr. Lynam was great. Nurse anesthetist was great. So far, so good. Blood pressure went high 179/82 but nurse got it down. I feel great right now. Thank you real Self Angels for all of the love and encouragement. I look fabulous in my photo. Ha ha!

Prepping for bad weather

Getting my drains out today instead of Thursday because we're prepping for snow here in Va. I like to snack when I'm stuck in the house. My tummy is already bigger than my breasts. I have work to do. Today is 2 days post and I am very sore under arms and at bottom of breasts. Slept in my bed last night and really wanted to turn on my side. As soon as these drains come out I'm gonna try it.

3 Days Post Update

Finally took photos of new breasts. They look pretty good to me. I have tried on all of my clothes and love how much more proportioned I look. I have a waist. Woo Hoo!

Losing Taste

Did anyone notice that food doesn't taste the same. It's as if my sense of taste is dulled. After I had heart surgery i lost my sense of taste for almost two months. I didn't think this would be a problem.

Back To Work 1 Week Post

Back to work yesterday. Going great but today I am a lot more tired. Have slept on my sides since day 3. Going to PS today at lunch time. I think it's going well but suture lines are so I can't tell. My biggest worry is that I will have an opening.

Very Tired

Everything has gone so well so far but today I hit a wall. I'm at work and had to go to my car for a nap because I am so tired. I'm 10 days post op and came back to work 3 days ago. I go to bed very early every night and feel fine in the morning but by 1:00 I am staggering with exhaustion. Can't go home early. Just have to take it like a woman.

25 days post

Feeling better and less tired every day. New experiences though. Breasts are getting those sharp, quick pains. I guess the nerves are waking up. I also have one stitch trying to work out. I just clipped the ends and will let it work itself out. Good thing I read about this happening here or it might have freaked me out. New photos soon.

New Me

New haircut to go with my new breasts. I love it.
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

Referred by another plastic surgeon. Dr. Lynam is a master surgeon. My breasts look great. Pain is minimal. The staff is so nice. They all made me feel comfortable. I will refer friends to him. He is the best!

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