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I started thinking about liposuction years ago....

I started thinking about liposuction years ago. Since high school, I have fluctuated in weight. When I graduated I weighed somewhere close to 160lbs and I am 5'5. My undergraduate years, I actually dropped down to 135-140. While my face got thinner, not much else really did. My stomach and back have always looked the same, regardless of the weight. I have always been very active. I love my body, and I have great muscle tone from the sports I use to play, and I still stay pretty active. I am currently a size 6, and I carry my weight well... which I think a lot of it is in my boobs... But I am always self conscious of my stomach... So now I am almost 26, and after years of thinking it over, I have decided to get liposuction. It is the one part of my body that I am not happy with, so I have decided, I am going to fix it. Also, I have always wanted to drop to a size 4... My pants tend to be loose in my butt and thigh area, and tight up top. so i definitely hope i can potentially drop a pants size... but if not, I am just looking forward to no more muffin top or love handles...

I am definitely super nervous, but excited. I keep reading and reading on the procedure and what to expect. I know that there is going to be the recovery time, and that it will take months for the results... Which is why I am choosing to get it done as soon as I could... which is February. This way I can hope to be ready for bikini season. :)

I have never had any surgery done before. However, I use to work with post surgery patients. So i have a very clear idea of what post-op looks like, which makes me super nervous. I think I am just having trouble preparing for the down time. I am not a very "down time" person. I am very busy, and love to have a full schedule at all times... so this who resting for a week or so will be a new experience for me... but a welcomed one... even though I have a feeling I wont be enjoying it.

I will be adding photos soon, and I promise to keep them updated after the surgery. If anyone has any helpful tips on the healing process, ways of making it easier, heal faster? I will welcome suggestion on compression garments and lotions to use, and the best ways to deal with lumps!

I am blessed to have a RN for a mom, who is very understanding and is actually taking off of work for two days (and then it's the weekend...) So I know I will be in good hands, but I really would love suggestions from those who went through the procedure. While I know the medical aspect, patients who have done it are always the best source of information when it comes with how to deal with it yourself. I cannot wait to have my new stomach!


Hard to believe I am posting these pictures. I'm sure most of y'all are similar to me and hide the bad spots from the camera, and not have them the focus of the pic!

I was a swimmer for most my life, and always have been active. It's just no matter what weight I am, my stomach is always the same.

Today is the day...

So today is the day! I'm so nervous/excited... A ball of emotions you could say. The downside of it being today is the no food/drink thing... I typically due without coffee...

I have my bag packed and things ready for when I'm out. Going to recover a few days at my parents house. Only my mom and like 2-3 really really close friends know that I'm having this surgery. Only my mom and roommate even know that it's today. Makes my social calendar a bit tricky... But I feel like a weekend off will be a good thing. Time to do my homework and rest...

Besides excited and nervous and hungry... I'm doing pretty well, trying to keep the nerves down a bit. Thanks for the support that I've gotten already. Y'all are awesome ;)

I'll be sure to update as soon as I can/feeling up to it.

Actually updating early :)

Didn't think id be up for updating tonight. But I'm bored and I love my iPhone bc I think I could run the world from this thing.

I'm so sore. I feel like I've had the best ab workout of my life. And That I worked out by getting the crap beat out of me buy a professional MMA fighter. So the pain goes anywhere from a 3-7ish. But my mom is super helpful. The worst part so far hasn't been the pain or limited mobility for me, it's the nausea. I've thrown up a few times today. Don't remember the first time. Apparently I talked to my ps afterwords, but no memory bc I was so out of it. But otherwise not too bad. It takes me a good minute to sit down and stand up in the bathroom. But nothing too bad. I don't really see any results yet, but I'm so swollen... So I'm sure I will notice in the next few days...

My PS also out drains in me. I've got two little JP drains (the ones that are little bulbs) so no mess :) it's fantastic there. And I think I'm going back to sleep now.

Night y'all!

P.S thanks for all the comments and messages for the support. Y'all rock, and are helping me prepare for what I'm in store for the next few months. Hope all of y'all are recovering well also!!

Day 1 post-op

I'm going to my doctors around 1 just for a check up. My pain has been pretty well managed my mom has been medicating me on the clock. She's amazing. Just sore from the bruising. Hardest part is willing myself to get up and pee! But it's not too bad. My nausea has pretty much subsided. I also don't mine the compression garment that he gave me. My says he was talking of giving me a 2nd one in case I didn't like this one. I think I'll take both. lol also no mess here! He put in a JP drain. Which is allowing me to drain but not all over my stuff. It's awesome. That and I use to work with them on my patients after some surgeries, so I already know how to handle them.. And it's a lot of drainage! So glad I have these instead. I also haven't taken the binder off. Too scared lol So I dont. Really know what I look like. I thought it was the same as pre surgery, but I'm sure it's just bc I'm like a hot air balloon from the swelling. But I bet my PS will take it off so I can kinda see my results then.
But overall it's not too bad. :)

Post doctor

So he says I'm doing fine. I'm a little lopsided bc I'm swelling on my right more than my left... But it should all go down... He gave me a me another compression garment. And zofran! So happy about the anti nausea medicine lol. He said he took out 4 liters... I think that is 4000 ccs or something. He said anymore than that and I wouldn't have been allowed to go home after. And you know the risk of taking out too much at one time... But so far not too bad. Only got sick once today. Pain is like a 4-5. Gonna probably take another pain pill and pass back out lol

Day 3

So yesterday evening sucked. I woke up from my nap at 5 and was going to shower when I had a stabbing pain near one of my incisions. My mom checked it out, and it's healing fine, but it was a 10/10 and I was crying. But crying made it worse so I had to stop crying after like 15 seconds. It took me maybe two hours to get in the shower, shower, and get back to bed. Luckily I have a shower stool to sit and shower. Felt good to be clean. I laid in bed for like an hour and then moved to the couch to watch a movie with my mom. Woke up this morning feeling very stiff. More like when your back muscles are sore from sleeping on an okay mattress... But it didn't take me extra time to get up and move around at all today. I woke up, walked around and don't really need help on anything today. I love my compression garment. I'm using the second one he gave me. It's pretty comfy. I do put ice packs under it from time to time, which helps with the swelling. But other than soreness, not too much pain at all! The nausea is pretty much gone. I have my zofran near by just in case. I've always had a sensitive stomach. I'm not really draining much anymore either. Ill try and get some pictures up soon for y'all to see. But so far today is definitely going very well. Also, I don't think my body knows what to do with all the sleep it's been getting lol. I'm still lumpy and when I touch my stomach it feels numb like... But it is only day 3, so I'm not worried. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll really start loving the results. But I can tell that my shirts looks better on me now than they did before.

Cute story from when I saw him on Friday. Another patient in the waiting room was the sweetest woman. She told me I had gorgeous skin and a great complex. Loved it so much she just had to kiss my cheek and pinch my cheeks. I loved it. Can't help but feel so warm and fuzzy when someone compliments you so much when you're not wearing make up and had surgery just the day before. I love his office. His patients tend to be just as nice as his staff. Definitely felt like I made the right choice in choosing this practice for my surgery. Today is definitely a good day so far. Still taking it very easy, but feeling great about things today.


Sorry for lack of updates. While the surgery was fine, I hate anesthesia. I have been sick since. Zofran is my BFF and it's not even helping that much. I look forward to the day I can eat again. Who knew, quick weight loss tip, just give me some anesthesia meds and I'll be out for at least a week! Fingers crossed it gets better. It's killing me and I've not been able to really go to school bc of it. Luckily today is a snow day. So I only missed two classes... Which is still a lot of make up work. I took a few photos though for y'all to see. I've been mainly sleeping and feeling crappy. Any nausea suggestions on how to get over this I will be so grateful. Pain wise I rarely need any of the pain meds. Just sore, which was expected so that's not too bad. I just want to feel normal again and able to eat something again.

3 Weeks out

So everything is going well. I stopped feeling so sick around day 8 or so. Stomach was a bit sensitive during week 2, but definitely had more of an apetite. I saw my PS last week. He says I am healing well. I am of course still swollen, but that is to be expected for a few months. Also, there is a bit of hardness on my stomach, but I have been massaging it. I know it will eventually go away. The swelling gives me a bit of weird shape in my stomach, but you can't tell under my compression garment that I have. I looveee my new shape though! I have already been told how tiny I am looking, and i looove it! I have moments that I don't feel like I have had surgery at all because the recovering is going well... but then I go to bend over, and I definitely remember. Mainly it is just the swelling that is annoying. I will hopefully add some more photos here shortly. A bit too lazy tonight. It has been a rough week, and it is only Wednesday! Sometimes I get a bit bent out of shape because of the slow healing process and the swelling, but then I remind myself that I picked the winter so while I was healing I could be fully clothed... Hopefully by summer It will be looking a lot better! But so far, it is going well :)

Sorry I kind of went missing...

Sorry for the delayed update! Life has been crazy!

So Things are going well. I am still slightly swollen... but every week it gets better and better. I am also going longer and longer without having to use my compression garment. Although, I still feel more comfortable with it on. my PS says that I am going to continue to notice the result improving for months. So while it's not 100% what I want yet, it is gradually getting there. Every week I feel more and more comfortable in my own skin. :)

forgot to add...

I really wish there was a way to edit on here!

I forgot to add, the only part I am worried about is the front of my stomach around my belly button. You can see its the part that still sticks out and such, and loots a bit boxy... I am not too worried, I will bring it up with my PS when I return to see him in a few weeks. He has mentioned some other things he can do to my results, so I am not overly worried. I just keep in mind that the best results take the longest...
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

His entire office is the friendliest staff ever. I always felt comfortable going in there and talking about anything. He also works with his brother, Dr. Burton Sundin, who seems really nice too! I just love their friendly staff, and they do their best to keep you calm and relaxed. They are all definitely awesome. Also, very short wait times. The longest I was ever in their waiting room was 5-10mins tops. But mostly like 2 minute wait time.

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