34 YO Mom of 2 Under 3, Looking to Get Some of my Body Back - Richmond, VA

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Hey RealSelf!! My story starts like many on this...

Hey RealSelf!! My story starts like many on this site. I came across RS completely by accident while researching Mommy Makeovers. I had 2 beautiful boys in close succession now 3 and 1 and although I figured there would be some change to my body, I had no idea I would have to have surgery to get my body back. After doing a ton of research and having 6 consults with MD's in both RIchmond, DC and Miami, I finally settled on Dr Gregory Lynam. He had a really calming demeanor that puts me at ease. He looked my in the eye when we spoke of safety measures and how he'll bring me to the flat side! I don't have an unrealistic expectations of what my results will be, I just want to be able to wear a bikini again by my 10 year anniversary in March and working out hasn't been cutting it. My skin is really lax with a bunch of stretch marks, I also have an umbilical hernia that will need to be addressed. I currently have implants that are 11 years old saline(Mentor HP 290cc overfilled to 310cc) and would love to upgrade to silicone( we thinking about 350HP). I'm currently 142lbs and 5'2" and I'm hoping to lose about 10 lbs before my surgery so I've been doing a lot of calorie counting and attempts at clean eating which is a struggle because I'm southern girl so everything has cheese or is smothered in my house! lol. Well I guess that's the majority of my story so far. Just waiting for 12/7/15 to get here. I'm looking to start buying supplies and I hear Arnica is great. Has anyone had any negative experiences using it?

1 month away!!!

I can't believe I'm only a month and a wake up from my transformation! I'm thinking I should attempt to start purchasing supplies but I don't have a clue where to start. Kari my Coordinator said I'll only need a front zip bra and no compression garments but from every other post I've seen that is pretty much the #1 must have item for a tummy tuck. Has anyone else had one and didnt use compression?

Supplies ordered!

So I've ordered the majority of my supplies including a cg, vitamins and a shower chair. Just waiting now for everything to come in. My pre-op is next Friday so I'm anxious to see Dr Lynam again as surfing on realself really has created more questions for me. Is anyone else struggling about the decision to do something for my self and guilt of the recovery times? My sons are young so they aren't going to understand why mommy can't play with them or pick them up and the burden that's going to put on my husband. I'm hoping my mom will come up from Florida for a week to help out. Hopefully she'll be able to get the time off. Welp that's it for now. Hope all of you ladies are healing well!

More befores

Pre-op complete!

It feels like it's been forever since I posted but I've been super busy getting everything ready at work for my absence. And to add to that pressure of already having a week schedule off for thanksgiving!
Anyway aside from stressing myself out. I completed my preop yesterday! Ahhh this is really happening. Paid in full and read through a million disclosures. Some of those "potential complications" had me ready to head for the door and say bump it I'll just wear a one piece for the rest of my life. But once again Dr Lynam's coordinator Kari put me at ease and calmed my beating heart. So with everything signed I'm officially 2 weeks 2 days away!
I asked about meds I should have on deck and surprisingly it was a short list. Everything else I ordered has already come in the mail so I guess there not much for me to do but keep counting calories and try to drop these last 5 lbs before sx day! Any quick tricks out there that won't compromise my healing after the surgery?

400 cc's???

hey everyone! I hope that you all are spending time with family and friends for the holiday. We traveled out of town to spend time with family which is great because it gives me a chance to see everyone before my surgery since I'll probably still be in recovery mode for Christmas. I was talking with my coordinator today trying to finalize some final details and determine my need for lovenox during surgery. Because my PCP did a full blood panel it was determined there's no need for it which is good because it can cause extra bleeding in the OR. Happy to hear that! While we were talking she also mentions that my implants have been ordered and the she got two sizes 400 and 425. WOWZERS! I was thinking of going 350 at the most now I'm worried 400 is too big much less 425. I mean I have 310 cc's now but saline. I don't want to wake up looking like Dolly Parton but I want to see a difference. What do y'all think? I trust my MD and that was his recommendation. Anyone else doc upping the anty on their implants? Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!!

2 days!!!

Omg Im freaking out! 2 days and a wake up till I have my surgery. It feels like just yesterday I was making the decision to take this journey now it almost here! I have a million things left to do but I guess at this point if it's not done and hubby can't take care of it for me then it'll have to wait till I'm up and about. Any who I hope everyone else is healing well and doing ok. I wonder if anyone is even reading these posts? Its somewhat therapeutic talking through my fears and worries and If one person can take something from my journey then I've done my part. Oh quick question to anyone reading, how long am I supposed to where the binder before I move to my 2nd stage garment.


Well tomorrow is the big day is to be at the surgery center at 6:30 and my surgery is scheduled for 730 I'm anxious to see Dr. Lynam again and I have of course some extra questions before we start. I haven't seen him since my initial consult so I'm hoping that his plan for me is the same as discussed before. I sent the kids to a friends house overnight so that I can get some rest and we don't have to worry about getting them to school in the morning will leave straight from home for surgery. Does any know what items I should bring with me for when I wake up I've read some people need cough drops's when they wake up due to the intubation. I guess i'm ready to get this done so here's to wishing me good luck I'll post as soon as I can.

Today is the day!

Headed to the surgery center! Ahhhh my nerves are bad but I trust my doctor and his team so there's nothing left to it but to do it!

Made it to the Flat side!!

Well it made it! Supper sore so I'm staying on top of my pain meds. It said 1-2 percocets ever 4 and I'm doing 1 1/2, I hope that's not too much . I'll post more when I can keep my eyes open

1 day po

Hey ladies! I made it to the flat side even though I haven't been able to view the goods yet. I'm bandaged up like a mummy! Even though my MD said I could take a shower today if I wanted to I think I'll keep everything on for at least one more day. So about yesterday. We got to the surgery center around 630. After checking in and registering I was brought to the back at 7. I was scared because they wouldn't let my husband come back with me so I started crying. Once I got my emotions under control they had me give a urine sample and change, I met with the anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist. Dr Lynam came in at 715 and drew me up, he answered my questions and told me the breast were the most complicated for me since he was going to do the lift, repair the pocket and swap out the implants so he would start there. He asked if I had a preference did I want the 400 or 420's. I told him I trust his judgement but might as well go 420 I mean hell I'm paying for them so that's what he did. They gave me something to relax me and that's all I remember. I woke up in recovery asking for my husband. Surprisingly I didn't have the shakes most people speak of or nausea at first. I was home by 2pm. The ride home was ok I took reaselfer advice and brought a pillow with me. I was in and out of it most of the day. I remember posting here (hehe) and my babies trying to give me kisses and that was it. I've been trying to stay mobile and drinking lots of what're has helped bc I have to potty every couple of hours.

Day 2

So I decided to take a shower today holy crap that was exhausting for both me and the hubbie, I was afraid we were going to pull a drain but we made it through. Then I thought it would be genius to get into a cg but that was a joke I'll just wait till my binder is finished washing and I'll try a compression garment after my drains come out. I can understand why Dr Lynam is against them but I was hoping it'd make me feel more together and less like my stomach is going to fall out. Anyone else have problems getting into those things? I snapped a couple of pics after the shower so far I'm liking what I see. I'm still super swollen but my scar is low and symetrical which was important to me. I can't see what's going on with my belly button it's behind some water tight plastic and it has to stay on for a bit. He had to recreate a new one because the original was shot so I'm curious to see how it turned out.

Day 4 post op

Hey all just a quick update! Pain is pretty much a minimum of 4 out of 10 I'm officially out of Oxi yesterday so I'm onto ibuprofen every four hours for pain. Had to make an impromptu visit to see Dr. Lynam yesterday there was some fluid building up behind the waterproof plastic he got on my belly button so he had me come in to clean that up everything looks good my mom says my bellybutton is cute but I didn't get a chance to see it????. When I spoke with him about my depleting pain meds he suggested it was time to transition to an NSAID which is funny because we are told to avoid those prior to the surgery but apparently afterwards they're OK because they help with the swelling, he also asked if I was interested in having my drains pulled and like a crazy person i'm told him no because I want to make sure most of the fluid is gone before they're pulled. What was I thinking SMH. In other breaking news I had a poop! Haha it's crazy how we can talk about each other's bM's in such a casual manner but I feel like we're close enough to do that now LOL. I'm moving around pretty good like a spry 80-year-old and I'm spending more time downstairs with my family instead of the bedroom in the recliner here's a couple of updated pics of the girls can't wait till they fluff out. I'm really comfortable with their size but kind of wish they were a little bit bigger ha ha boob greed. All in all I am a happy camper!

Holy swelling batman!

Hey all hope everyone is healing well. I am starting to freak out about the swelling im experiencing it seem like a lot. Have any of you felt that way. What have you been eating /drinking to help try to reduce it. I know it's to be expected but any way I can minimize it would be awesome! Here's some pics to demonstrate.

9 days post op!

Hey gang OK so I know it's been a minute since I've updated I started working from home on Monday and being out the past week has backed up my workload tremendously so I was playing catch-up the last couple of days. I'm lucky I have a job that offers that flexibility, I'll be working for home Until the beginning of the year while I recover. First things first I'm Drain free! I had my one week postop appointment on Monday and Dr. Lynam and pulled the drains and he said everything looks great and that I'm healing well. I have my two week postop next Monday hopefully I'll have made progress in the swelling department. On days that I make a concerted effort to drink water I noticed my swelling is less, I just don't like water so it's a struggle. My mom left today to go back to Florida. I'm sad because she's been such a tremendous help with my boys now the load transfers fully to my husband who has been great so far. I'm just hoping I can contribute sooner rather than later. Im suppose to be going to a small gathering this weekend, I'm hoping I will be ok out and about for a few hours. I'm nervous because it'll be my first social outing and I'm not sure if my body will be up for it. That's it for now. I'll post some updates pics tomorrow.

10 days and counting updated pics

As I see the swelling go down and I'm able to stand straighter I'm start to see a couple of areas I'm concerned about. The first is my belly button. He had to make me a new one and it looks like it's off center? Am I buggin? My husband says I'm crazy but it's just a little more to the left. Also although I was told I would be having light lipo I'm not really seeing that having been done especially since it looks like I have a dog ear on the right side. And lastly it looks like my breast are in even. I know I know I have to wait for them to fall but the doc also had to do a lot of pocket repair and I'm not sure how much of the unevenness is dropping or the pocket. Am I being too critical I read so much about people who go through a mini funk about what they did to their bodies but I didn't have any of that, is this my version of that? I have no idea why the pics are posting upside down lol

2 weeks post op

Hey ladies! Just a quick update to make sure everyone is ok and let y'all know I'm doing good. Still trying to sit my butt down but it's not really in my nature it's still a struggle every day to not get up and want to clean the house but I'm making it. No sooner then I do try to do something outside of my scope my body quickly reminds me that I'm not ready. My bb and tt scar have scabbed over and come off so I'm super excited to start my scar therapy just waiting for my postop appointment tomorrow to confirm that I can. My breast are evening out a little bit and I'm hoping that will be a continue trend. I'm still taking my makemeheal pills and arnica and I think that's helping with my swelling. I know I still have a long way to go but I am completely happy with my decision and would do it again based on my results so far. So personal question... Has any of my Dec sx ladies starting being "active" with their mates? My md said I could and I'm all for it but hubby won't touch me. He's afraid to hurt me and I just want to pounce! Lol I guess that's one more thing I'll have to learn to be patient about! Oh when did you all stop dressing your scars? Happy healing ladies!

3 weeks and 1 day post op

Hiya chicas! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and gearing up for the new year! So at three weeks out I'm still numb from the belly(new one) down. Still some pain at the incision sites. I'm super fine in the am but by the evening I'm still swelling but it's keeping to a minimum. I've been able to sweep, mop and vacuum with no problems. I'm reading where a lot of people had a ton of restrictions like not lifting arms above your heard but I didn't have a lot. What were some of your post op instructions? My next post op is a 3 weeks from now so I guess I'm healing well. Hope everyone is healing well!

Officially 1 month post!

Hi all! So I went back to work this week so it's be completely busy. I've been working from him for the last three weeks but it's a different beast being in the office. I'm feeling good though, in the afternoons I start to swell and ache so I just have to be careful a with all the running around I do. Other than that all I pretty good. I made the mistake though of wearing jeans over my cg and it must have rubbed my incision raw because when I got home it was red and weeping(yikes!!) I immediately cleaned it with peroxide and put polysporin on it and it's cleared up. Just a lesson learned that I may not be ready for my tight jeans yet, back to leggings I go! I don't have another follow up for 2 more weeks so hopefully nothing comes up before then. I wanted to post a few before and afters so you can see my progress. Big improvement in my eyes so I'm a happy girl.

7 week update

Holy Crap it's been three weeks since I've updated! Crazy how time flies! Hope all my fabulous ladies are healing swimmingly! Thanks to those who checked up on me! Where to start? Well I've been doing awesome! Everything is healing like it should. I had my revision today. As mentioned in previous posts I ended up with dogears on both sides so Dr Lynam cut them in his office. For those who have to have one, it's a quick and easy procedure it took about an hour and the most painful part was the lidocaine. Something happened though on the way home because when I got out of the car I was bleeding on the right side. I think my jeans were cutting into the incision or something but we got it under control only thing is now it's super swollen and hurts. I'll be calling in the morning just to make sure I don't need to come in. Outside of that little adventure I'm golden! My breast are falling nicely and are soft and the incisions are fading well. Thanks Embrace! I've transitioned from the silicone strip to the gel, idk if I like it though we'll see if it's as effective as the embrace. I truly hope all the ladies that had surgery around the time I did are ok, I guess everyone's back to life and busy. Any who I'll be sure to post before and afters for my 2 month update! The timing of my surgery was to ensure I was healed in time for my 10yr anniversary trip to Jamaica! I've been buying bikinis left and right. Lol That's 6 weeks away and I have yet to get back into a regular workout routine. Any tips??? I've never been big in the gym type of person but my intent was always to start after I got clearance. Take care!!!
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Lynam has been great and his coordinator Kari is amazing, they are both quite responsive to any questions I have and he was very patient answering all of my questions. I felt completely comfortable at my initial consult.

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