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I had been researching Juvaderm for lip plumping...

I had been researching Juvaderm for lip plumping for about 6 months and decided to give it a go ~ just as a treat for myself. I'm 47, have an 8 year old and a 3 year old and am married ~ sometimes we just feel like we look "tired" (because we usually ARE tired). I will first post my before pictures with no makeup on. My doctor and I decided to do my procedure in two intervals, about 2 week apart, in order to actually see what shape my lips were taking AFTER the swelling went down - I am very glad that I decided to do this. My next Juvaderm touch up appointment is on Monday, March 28th and I can't wait! Here are my "BEFORE" photos (makeup free):

Day 1 - 5: Juvederm

Dr. DeWire offered to add some Juvederm to laugh line area ~ went ahead and did that and absolutely LOVE it. It was a very small amount, but what he did made a difference to me, and I like it :)

Had upper and lower lip filled conservatively with Juvederm in order to see how my lips reacted. The procedure went well ~ Dr. DeWire injected under my upper lip towards the very center of my nose in order to numb the area. The numbing injection was a "pinch" and then a mild burn from the numbing agent used ~ the area numbed VERY quickly.

After the area numbed, Dr. DeWire proceeded to fill my lips ~ absolutely no pain at all ~ I'm glad that I recieved the numb-shot ~ he warned me prior that it would sting and took it slow. Could not feel lip injections at all.

Very mild swelling and some bruising throughout the healing process. Going in on Monday to get final filler injected to the shape that I'd like.

I'm really glad that I decided to do this in two treatments, about one week apart ~ this will let Dr. DeWire view how my skin reacted to the Juvederm and how much Juvederm is needed to obtain the desired effect. My lips are naturally slim, with the bottom one being the most slim and I'd especially like to get the bottom lip fuller (we only did the center inch of the bottom lip).

I do also recieve chemotherapy on a regular basis for a medical condition, which was a contributing factor to do the Juvederm in two sessions, in case of any reactions to the preservatives used in the Juvederm :)

Photos of healing...

Juvederm Final Touch-Up

Today I went and recieved 1cc of Juvederm in my upper and lower lips ~ about 2 weeks ago I recieved 1cc and wanted to let things settle in order to see if I wanted any more.

I'm really very happy with the results and am glad that I had 1cc first, waited, and then another 1cc. There is swelling today, as expected, and will decrease as days go by. Upon each injection, I looked at my lips in the hand-mirror and continued injecting until we reached the shape that I wanted. The Juvederm does soften up a lot and hold its place well (different for everyone though).

Here are pics of lips today after getting additional 1cc in lips ~ very happy! Dr. DeWire did a fantastic job, as always, and I'm sad that he's retiring ~ but he deserves it and has made many people happy with his skills :)

More photos right after Juvederm.

Here are several more photos that I forgot to add this morning - these are right after the procedure, before showering - injection site markings are more visible in these. Novacaine injected under upper lip to numb entire area ~ painless ;)

Day 2 after second syringe...

Day 2 after second syringe - no abnormal swelling and no pain at all - very happy with the results!

I know that I've said this before - but I'll say it again - I'm REALLY glad that I did this in 2 visits, 2 weeks apart - this allowed me to see how my lips reacted and how things "settled". I never had the 2nd day blow-up swelling that I've red about from other reviews - mine were a bit swollen on the day of the procedure, but never swelled beyond that point in the days following :)

Day 3 after second syringe - very happy :)

Today is day 3 after the 2nd syringe of Juvederm filler for my lips - I really like it and am very happy with the results ~ they are the right size for my features and I will definitely be getting touch-ups around the 9 month mark (or earlier, depending on how fast my body breaks the filler down).

Minor bruising in the center of my upper lip, but nothing that cannot be covered with makeup :) My husband didn't know what I did and kept looking at me saying "you look very pretty", but still couldn't figure it out, until I told him - he thought I was wearing a new lipstick...
Dr. Thomas DeWire

Dr. DeWire is absolutely fantastic and will be retiring soon ~ whomever he refers his clients to has some big shoes to fill with respect to both expertise and personality! Dr. DeWire provides very realistic expectations ~ his predictions of the outcome have always on point for myself and for other friends of mine who have had much more invasive procedures. I just recently tried Juveferm for fuller lips and I absolutely love the results! Before this, I had been receiving Botox between the brows from Dr. DeWire and have. Been very, very pleased with the smooth results (and no more tension headaches) in that particular area of the forehead. Really sad to see him retiring ~ he has made a LOT of women and men very happy over the years with his expertise. I completely trust his referral for the next cosmetic surgeon, but Dr. DeWire will be greatly missed! Much love Dr. DeWire and Mrs. DeWire! Enjoy your retirement!

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