In love with my 330cc high profile implants - Richmond, VA

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Today was my 1st consultation with Dr.Lynam from...

Today was my 1st consultation with Dr.Lynam from Richmond, VA. The RSA Richmond Surgical Arts facility was very nice and clean. The medical office is right upstairs. I filled out several forms and after a 5 minute wait was putting on a gown over my upper body. I was given photos to review of previous surgeries. Dr.Lynam came in talked to me took some measurements. Then I got to try on several different sized implants. They go in a pocket in a bra you try on. He took a few pics for the before shots and then answered all my questions. The nurse went over payment info and we set up 2 dates. My pre op is July 21st and surgery August 1st. Over all a great experience so far. I'm so excited!

BA surgery rescheduled for July 21

I have rescheduled for July 21 operation. They had a cancellation. Lucky me! My preop is this Fri. 18. I'm so excited I can barely sleep. Bought a high impact sports bra size 34D @ Walmart will update Friday after preop.

1st Day Post Op

I got saline under the muscle through my armpits. Slept most of the day yesterday after surgery. Only getting up for more meds and bathroom. Today is my 1st day post op and I got to remove the bandages. I got an awesome front zip high impact sports bra from Walmart for $12. It looks amazing. I love my new boobs. My chest is still a little tight and it hurts to raise my arms, but other than that I'm fine. No pain no gain right? I have been alternating ice packs religiously to keep the swelling down. I will update again soon.

2nd day post op

Today is my 2nd day post op. Having trouble sleeping inclined. I am normally a stomach sleeper. My chest is tight and a little sore, but not unbearable. I am just taking my meds as directed and getting lots of sleep. Drinking water seems to help with dry mouth & constipation caused by meds. I am so happy with the results so far. I am also using coco butter religiously to prevent stretch marks. I'll try to update tomorrow.

Day 6 post op

I can't believe it's already been almost a week. I go back to work tomorrow. My new boobs look awesome. I only took 2 pain pills yesterday and 4 muscle relaxers. Trying to get off the meds by Monday. My chest is still a little tight and hurts if I cough. But overall feeling pretty good. Slept on my back last night for the 1 st time I'm normally a side or stomach sleeper so this will take some getting use to. All the nausea is gone I think it's just the meds. My armpit incisions are healing nicely. Hopefully I can get the stitches out Tuesday at my post op. I'll update again soon.

New pics 1 week post op

Here are new pics. I took them myself not the best angle but how do they look?

1st week pics

11days post op & feeling great

It's now 11 days since my BA. I am feeling really good. I had my post op Tuesday and got the stitches out my armpits. What a relief.

2 1/2 weeks post op

Time is really flying by. I love my new boobs more every week. I have a new pic to post but my boobs look uneven in it because I'm holding the camera. Sorry no one to take pics for me. My right breast is harder than the left and has random stabbing pains. I guess the skin is still stretching. Underarm incisions are healing nicely barely noticeable. I go back on the 21st for my 1 month post op. So far so good. I have been experiencing a different side boyfriend is driving me crazy with his new found insecurity. He is so worried I am going to leave him. Has anyone else had a similar issue? How did you fix it? I tried to explain all the working out and getting new boobs are just self improvements because I'm 30. Why are men so dumb when they should be happy?

6 months post op update

Wow I can't believe its been 6mths since I got the twins. Time has really flown by. My breast have finally dropped & fluffed. I am now officially a 34DD in Victoria's Secret bras. I love my new boobs. Best decision ever. Money well spent. I have so much more self confidence, my clothes fit great, & Ihave never felt better. I have been working out trying to be more active. Having surgery made me think okay now that you have fixed that problem what else can I work on.

Wanting to upgrade from 330cc to 600cc

Things have been great for the last 2yrs I just wish they were larger. Does anyone know of a good revision doctor near Richmond, VA? I would like to upgrade to 600 or 650cc's.

New pics

Sorry it's been a while wanted to share new pics

Dr.Lynam was wonderful he answered all my questions and was extremely professional. I'm looking forward to surgery.

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