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I am scheduled for a lower body lift on 25 March...

I am scheduled for a lower body lift on 25 March 2014. I am both nervous and excited about having the procedure done.

A little history about myself. I am 55 years old, 64 inches tall and weigh 135lbs down from an all time high of 238lbs. I decided to join WW in 2011 and lost over a 100lbs through the change in my eating (notice I did not say diet) and exercise . Needless to say the weight loss left me with loose and sagging skin which I didn't like so I decided to do something about. I thank God that there was an avenue out there called plastic surgery that makes it possible to correct that.

I had breast augmentation and arm lift surgery in Jul 2013 (click here to read my review) and I have been nothing but pleased with the results of those procedures. I am loving my new breast and not flabby arms. I am so blessed to have found a PS with skills to take a mess and make it the best.

I will be posting before and after pictures and will write more later this week.

1 Day and a Wake Up

Well I am a day and a half from my LBL surgery. I am both excited and nervous but am looking forward to seeing the results of this procedure. I have rearranged my family room as my temporary bedroom with recliner, TV, small frig, laptop and all the necessities I think I will need. Bacitracin, water, straws, protein powders, meds, panty liners, peroxide, blanket, sheets, pillows, and of course my Ipod and books to read. I am also so fortunate to have my Mom help me. This is a New Year and a New Me. I am posting before and after pics of my arms and breast and before of my lower body. Not so pretty but will be.

Day 1 After Surgery

Today is day one after my surgery. I am doing fine. Got a little scared when my leg was bleeding but I called my PS and it was the lipo suction area and I apparently rubbed out the tiny stitch that was there. I am in a little pain and really sore in my mid section but that is to be expected. I will post photos later of me marked up for surgery. It is just amazing that this type of surgery is possible. I am so glad there was a way to fix what I didn't like. Getting tired the pain pill is kicking int. Will write more later.

Photo of body marked for surgery

Here are a few shots of when my PS had marked where the work on me was going to be done on me. Not pretty but that is why I had the surgery.

Day 3 Feeling Better

I am feeling a little less pain and soreness today. I am still taking my pain meds but only 1 every 4-6 hours. I don't like to take too much of that stuff. Today I shower and will get to see my new lower body. My Mom and sister say my fanny looks good. :O) I can say this..my behind hasn't felt this firm in eons... hope I can fit into my pants with this new high and tight booty. :O)

Day 3 Bandage off

I took off my bandages and I liked what I saw. The smiley face is gone from my abs and my rear looks better than it has ever looked. I know there is still swelling but if it looks this good now I will be beyond pleased with my results.

Adding another picture

Moving around more easily

Today I able to move around more easily. I am able to get myself up off the recliner without assistance. It hurts like the dickens but it is bearable. I walked up and down my stairs very slowing of course and it didn't tire me out as much as I thought it would. The one thing driving me crazy is the itching under the bandages which I can not scratch. I hope the itching is a good sign. I have this clear taping around me not sure what it is but it itches all the time. I hope at my follow up next week the drains will come out and the tape comes off.

5 Days Later

Today I am feeling the soreness easing and my drains are barely filling with fluid. I am glad about that and am hoping by my follow up appointment there will be no fluid at all. I am so ready for them to be gone. Well I had my first BM today and I could feel the difference. It is the protein I am sure that help bring that about. Yay! I am going to venture to Kohls to take back some jackets that I brought that are too big, and use my Kohls cash and 20% off coupon. I already know what I am going to look for so I can go in and get out. I will write how my first trip outdoors went later today.

Back From Kohls

I went out today to Kohls and now am back in my recliner. It was a bit taxing but I got through it. The being hunched over is what really bothers me especially in my back area. When in my recliner I am good but when up an about my back does hurt. I am almost able to stand upright and hope by the end of this coming week I will be fully able to stand erect.

Results with a little less swelling Day 6

Today I can see more of the results of the TT portion of my LBL. I am really pleased at what I am seeing. I am also happy to see that my drains are well below 30 ccs which I hope means they will come out tomorrow. I have my post op in the morning and am praying that I will be free of the tubing. I am a little nervous about that. It hurt like the dickens when my PS removed one of the drains from my Arm Lift surgery. Got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed hoping it will painless if they come out tomorrow.

Day 7 Post Op Appt

Today was my first post op appointment since surgery on 25 March. All went well. My PS said I was progressing nicely and that my abs are looking like he wanted. My abs are so tight that you can pluck a quarter of them. Just what I wanted. Yippee!

I got all 4 drains I had removed. Only one gave me a run for my money. It was hurting until it was finally out. It felt like it was sticking to something as it was being pulled out. OMG Ouch Ouch!!! I didn't realize what the tubing was that was on the inside of me until I saw it. It was totally different from what the outside line looked like.

I have this transparent antibiotic wrap around me that my doctor was trying to peel off me and that was pretty painful so he said for me to try peeling it off a little at a time after I shower. My incision is healing nicely and is not as wide as I thought it was going to be. It is amazing that it closed up after only a week. I am still quite swollen so the doc wrote me a prescription for a diuretic which I will start in the morning.

My PS said that I can start walking but listen to my body. I figure I will start Thurs doing about 15 minutes on my treadmill and then work my arms so I don’t lose the tone I have gained. I plan to run a half marathon in September and the Army Ten Miler in Oct. He assured me that I will be able to do those run.

While out I took care of few things that needed to be done. By the time my daughter in law got me home I was thoroughly exhausted and still in pain. I swallowed a pain pill pronto and next thing I know I am up now posting on RS.

I will try and upload some pics tomorrow since I got the drains out. I will end the day with saying that I have read several posts where some have not been happy with the results of their surgery for one reason or another but when I see pics of what I looked like before the surgery and what I look like now I cry because I wasn’t looking for perfection I was looking for exactly what I got. Shout out to my PS Dr. Gregory Lynam….he’s the Man!

Day 9 Walked a Bit

Well it is day 8 and I am feeling myself being less sore and in pain. I actually did a slow walk for 25 minutes. I was kind of hesitant when walking because I just was afraid of opening up my incision if I walked too fast and for too long. I did get a little tired and said from the beginning I was not going to do too much. It was definitely a far cry from my usual 10 miles a day of a combination of running, walking or cycling on the stationary bike. It felt good to be able just to do that much.

Yesterday I removed the transparent wrap that was around me and OMG!!!! It was so painful peeling that off of my skin. I mean I was literally crying and sweating removing it. My poor Mom who was trying to help me was not seeing the best of me. I eventually got it all off but without being agony until the last piece was off. Whew... that episode left me aching. I was so afraid I was going to rip open my incision as it was stuff right on it. I was so through afterwards that I didn't post like I had intended.

I took some pics before and after the wrap being off. I am swollen in my mid and hip area but it is looking so much better from last week.

Its The Weekend!

I see that yesterday I had a few typos in my post. Sorry! Well it is day 10 since my LBL surgery. Boy the time is going by too fast. I need it to slow down because I am not in that much of a hurry to go back into the office. I could get used to working from home. :O)

My incision is looking better and better. There are a few spots that I can feel some stitches. I think that is what is called spitting the stitches. I hope it is nothing to be concerned about. I had my Mom check and she said everything is still looking closed up. I have my follow up early next week and will have my PS check it out. If it starts to concern me than I will call him pronto.

I plan to go out and do a little bit of shopping. I must use my Kohls cash and 20% off coupon. I don't want to buy any clothes yet as I don't know if I am or will be wearing the same size. I have been wearing baggy clothing for now. I just hope I didn't go up in size. I already have sizes ranging from 4-8 in my closet. It is a shame women don't really know what their true size is. You can go to 3 different stores and wear 3 different sizes and in some cases you can be shopping in the same store and that be the case.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will post more later.

Two Weeks Since

Well it has been 2 weeks and a day today since my LBL. The time does seem to be going by quickly. I had my 2nd check yesterday and my PS is very happy with my progress. I did have some fluid build up and had it aspirated. When he reached for this needle I darn near screamed. I mean I knew he was going to stick that in my stomach and it just made me scared. I didn't feel anything until he got most of the fluid out and I could feel the needle a bit. He drew out a syringe full of fluid. Whew.... boy was I relieved until he said I may need to have that done again at my visit next week... Yikes! Pray for me Forest!

At my last appt my PS said I could walk some so I have been walking on my treadmill at a very slow pace. I really miss not being able to work out hard but am glad to be able to do this much. I worked out my arms a bit as well. I want to keep the definition the arm lift surgery and weight lifting help me create.

I know one thing I really do need to start watching what I am eating. I have been eating some foods that I haven't eaten in months a bit too often. Cake and Ice cream. That is what I had for dinner tonight. Not a healthy choice and I was feeling guilty eating it until it was all gone. :O) That's it....my sweets craving was satiated and I am done with that for quite some time. Back to the healthy eating! On the day of my surgery I weighed in at 135.4lbs. Today at my WW weigh in I was at 127.6lbs. I haven't seen a number like that since I was in my mid 20s.

I will post some updated photos later this week. Good evening all.

Three Weeks Today

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since my surgery. Where did the time go? I am doing great. I still have tenderness and swelling but the scar is healing very nicely. I think I still have some fluid build up in my lower ab and mons area which may require another aspiration episode at my appointment with my PS tomorrow. I am hoping that is not the case. I am always wearing some type of compression around my mid section and may need to let myself be free for a few hours.
I am still trying to get used to feeling my bones and muscles that were hidden under the excess skin. :O)

I am wondering if it will be good to do abdominal work after having a tummy tuck. If anyone knows please let me know. I don't want to ruin what the surgery did.

Four Weeks Today

It has been a while since I have posted. I am working harder from home than in the office and when my workday is over I am exhausted. Update on my progress since I had my LBL surgery....I am doing really well with my healing and recovery. I still have days of swelling, stiffness and tenderness but it is far far from the initial days after the surgery. My scar is healing nicely and flattening out a lot. In the front areas is where the scar is still a bit raised. I am finding it strange to feel my hip bones and was concerned it was a knot until I realized it what it actually was. I also thought there was a problem with swelling in my mons area but it was that I was just not used to being able to look down and see it... :O) as sagging skin was preventing it being visible. I can stand straight up now but sometimes find myself bending forward. I really would like to stretch my mid section but am afraid. There is so much I am discovering about my body since having this surgery. I find that I like having some type of compression/tight garment on. I just feel more comfortable and it does help in reducing swelling. I have fluid pills but I don't want to get into a habit of taking those.

From all the reading I have done on RS there will be changes occurring with by body for a period of time following this type of surgery. I can't wait to see the final results. I haven't posted pics in a while but will load some up shortly.

Wow 6 Weeks Flew By

Well its been 6 week since my LBL surgery and working from home. The time has come for me to get back in the swing of commuting and sleeping in my bed. I had gotten so comfortable in the recliner that I didn't want to not sleep in it but at last I needed to turn my family room back to a family room.

I finally slept in my bed last night after all these weeks. It wasn't a comfortable sleep for me. For some reason it was a bit painful to lay on my right side so I spent the night tossing and turning. I guess I just got to get used to a real bed. :O)

As for my LBL recovery. Everything is going real well. My scar is looking really good but itches a lot in certain areas. The best news is that it is starting to fade a bit even though I haven't yet started using any scar cream. I will ask my PS about that at my appointment in two weeks. I am still applying bacitracin especially on the itchy areas and trying not to scratch too much.

As I reflect on the surgeries I have had as a part of my mind, body, spirit and soul transformation and restoration I just get happy. I know it sounds cliché but "I have Come a Long Way Baby" and the time it took to get here was well worth it.

I haven't decided yet if I am going to have thigh lift surgery. The LBL gave me a little improvement in that area but to really see results its going to take surgery. I just don't know if I want such a long scar running down my leg. My PS prefers that method versus the groin area method. Should I decide to have the surgery it won't be until the late Fall. I have a couple of races I plan to run and will need my legs for that. :O)

I have a few photos of my progress and will continue to post as the time goes by and changes occur as a result of the surgery. Good night to all.

Where Did The Time Go?

It has been a really long time since I posted on the site. I can't believe that much time has passed by. I guess it has to do with me being back in the office working. By the time I get home I am tired and just don’t have the energy. Well let me update a bit. I have been back in my actual office since May 6th and boy have I been extremely exhausted by the end of the week. I am a commuter so I am up at 2:40 AM every morning to take a 11/2 -2 hour ride to work, work 8 hours and then commute back home getting there around 6-6:30ish. Don't let it be a bad traffic day....have gotten home as late as 8 PM. Last Friday I drove home from my office and it took me 5 hours to do my usual 11/2- 2 hour ride.
My healing from my LBL is going well. My scar is looking really good but it itches like the dickens. With me being a commuter and sitting all day I do have swelling and get to feeling really tight in my midsection. My PS prescribed fluid pills and that really helps and my office provided me with a foot rest to keep my feet elevated to ease any swelling. It has been 9 weeks since my surgery so I am now able to and have started back exercising. Not too rigorously yet but walking and finally ran some last week and started weight lifting light weights. I haven't done any AB work yet. I am waiting until after my appt in 2 weeks. My ABs are still sore and tender a bit so I don't want to do any damage doing any crunches or anything.
I have decided I will have the medial thigh lift done. At first I was hesitant because of having such a long scar on the inside of my legs but I just do not like the loose skin. It looks really horrible when bending forward and I look behind at my backside. Just Yuck. I am hoping that removing the excess skin and pulling it tight will minimize the wrinkling and give my legs an overall better appearance. My PS has done such a great job so far and I believe that he will do the same with this procedure. I plan to have this done March 2015 if not maybe over the Holiday season this year.
Well I have blabbed on enough. I am posting some current pictures of my progress. I really feel good about myself and I hope everyone out there is feeling the same about themselves as well. I have been reading some really awesome posts and I just get happy in my spirit when I hear someone else say how happy they are now since having plastic surgery. Happy Saturday.

Some More Pics

Richmond Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gregory Lynam and the staff at Richmond Surgical Arts have been the most professional and friendly staff of service providers and I highly recommend anyone in the area considering PS to check them out. Additionally the staff at the Stony Point Surgical Center where I had and will be having my LBL are wonderful and made me feel really comfortable the day I had my first procedures and I know that I will receive the same type of service for my LBL surgery.

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