50 Year Old Getting Tummy Tuck and Lipo to Get Rid of Loose Skin After Having a Set of Twins - Richmond, VA

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I have been working out for the last two years 5...

I have been working out for the last two years 5 days a week. I have gotten my tummy as flat as I can without the help of some skin removal. So after seeing several ppl at the gym that have had this procedure with much success I decided it was my turn. I am hoping to be in the best shape I can be and have a full recovery by the summer.

Before my surgery on Jan. 27th 2014

Day before Surgery

The day before my surgery

It is Sunday, the day before my surgery and I am feeling clam right now. I plan on wearing my sweat pants tennis shoes and zip up hoodie to surgery. I will be going home after surgery. I have got my RX filled and I have to take the anti biotic before bed time. I can't eat after midnight. I have tried to get together all the items I may need. I have a laniard to wear when I get to take a shower to clip the drain bottles to. I think that will work. They showed me the drain bottles at the pre op and they have clips on them to clip to your clothes or what ever. I've cleaned house washed clothes grocery shopped. Whatever didn't get done will have to wait. My husband will be with me for the week. Even longer if I need. This is his slow time at work so that is why I picked January for my surgery. I will try to update a little everyday if I can. Its been so helpful to me to read others updates to know what I may expect and I am so grateful for that. I figure my post might help others and they may even have suggestions for me. See you on the flat side.

My stats before surgery

Age 50
Height 5'7''
Bust 37'
Waist 30''
hips 39''
weight 160 lbs

My supplies

2days after surgery.

I wanted to post something the first day after surgery but My husband wanted me to rest so I did. I got there at the surgery center at 6:30. I had pre registered so they took me back right away. Had to say good bye to my hubby. So then I had to take off everything except my socks and put on a gown. The nurse was great. She gave me warm blankets and put a patch behind my ear for nausea. Got home and the hardest thing was all the tightness in my abdomen and getting up and down to go pee. Slept ok that night in a recliner. I did get sick once on Monday and once on Tuesday. I have kept down ginger ale and chicken broth and a few crackers. I took a shower today and I felt a lot better. I didn't really feel like taking a shower but I felt so much better afterwards. Looked at my stitch and it looked pretty good.
When they wheeled my to the operating room they had given me the meds to put me to sleep in the IV and By the time we rounded the corner to go to the operating room I was out. Woke up in another room and my husband was there to get me in the car and go home.

Day 5

Feeling pretty good. Still resting and walking around the house several times a day. Getting up and Going to the bath room with no help. Still can not stand up all the way straight. Finally had a BM! Thanks God! Appetite is good but not eating anything heavy. Drinking lots of water. Little swelling. I want to take pics to post but I think I will wait till I get the drains out on Monday. Not much going in the drains now. Taking pain meds when I am hurting. Tightness is not as bad. Can't wait to get these drains out.

Day 6 post op

Feeling good today. Got my shower. Scar looks good got it all cleaned and covered. BB looks good. I feel like getting up and doing stuff but I don't want to over do it. Little swelling in the abdomen. So its not entirely flat, but I think that is normal. Can't stand up completely straight. Can't decide how much to wear this binder. Dr says 12 hours a day but I read everyone else and it seems they are wearing it all the time. Appetite is so so. Trying to wean myself completely off these major pain pills. But if I need one I take one. Sleeping good even in the recliner. Surprisingly. My husband is doing a good job keeping things going but its hard to sit here. Can't wait to get these tubes out. Nothing much is going in them now.

One week post op

I will be one week post op tomorrow. I have an apt with my Doctor and hopefully will have these drains removed. I hope to get a good report. I have some swelling
I still have tightness. Still need some pain meds occasionally

One week after TT surgery Min swelling

/Users/pamcall/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters/2014/02/04/20140204-111657/20140204_102946.jpg

One week ater TT Drains gone Little swelling

One week after surgery

scar all covered up by underclothes

Day 10 post op

I have been sleeping every night in the recliner and thought last night I would try the bed. Wrong. Did not sleep well at all got up and got back in my recliner. Not sure when I will be able to sleep in the bed. I m just not comfortable there even with lots of pillows. I want to sleep on my side but I can't. Too much pulling in the tummy. Oh well, I will try again another night. Right now I am staying with the recliner. Baby steps.

Day 11 post op

Today I had a much better day. I slept very good last night. Still in the recliner. Its just easier. I had no pulling pain in my abs. like I had that the day before. Taking anvil today and that seems to work. My husband got me out of the house to run get things done and go to lunch. I feel like today I may be able make it. I have had some days when I thought I would never be the same due to the pain sometimes I have in my abs. Not sure if its just getting better due to time or rest or the Advil or getting out. I did however wear my binder all night took a shower and then wore the binder all day today. Swelling is low today. So Good day all in all.

Day 12

Feeling even better. Wearing the binder more and that seems to help with the swelling and it makes me feel better. Feeling a little back to more normal today. Eating my oatmeal helps in the morning. Eating some greek yogurt for lunch. Eating some fresh cut pineapple. Trying to eat a little healthier. Every night for some reason I crave vanilla ice cream. I guess I may be lacking calcium....or it just taste so good. Back to taking my vitamins. Felt like cleaning out the fridge ad the pantry. Its is a a mess. My husband has helped a lot but things are just not the way I like to keep them and it drives me crazy. I really am feeling great about the swelling. It seems to be going good. Around 3:00 I do seem to run out of steam so I usually will rest but I am sick of being a sick person. I want to sleep in my bed tonight. Gonna try that one more time. Not sure why I can't seem to get comfy in the bed yet Its almost been two weeks. Have not tried to put on regular pants or anything. Still in sweats. Trying not to push it. I think I am getting attached to the binder though...I hear it can be a crutch but I am suppose to wear it for 4 weeks so Im still good. It will be interesting to see what the doctor says next week. I also made a hair apt for next week. Ahhh that is going to make me feel better. We made a dinner date for Valentines day too so hope I will be up to that. I still can eat heavy...stuff...just light stuff. I guess that is good because I am not getting much cardio.

Basket of supplies

Almost 2 weeks post op

Here is my scar. I had to take the picture so its not as good as I would like. Its better if I get someone else to take it. But it gives you an idea.

Told the surgeon I want a cute belly button..lol

My betty button coming along nicely

My bandage job.

My surgeon said to use panty liners for the gauze. Works really good. I am not as neat as my hubby. He did the first week and it looked a lot nicer but now I have to do it so not as neat.


The Binder that holds me all together.

What I wear that makes it easy

This is one of my sweat pant hoodie outfits that I wear almost everyday. It makes life a little more comfortable.

scar covered up with undies

scar covered up

Before and after

Putting this up for now but I think I will put on the same black pants next time I take the pic so you can see side by side the difference Keep in mind this is the day before the surgery and then almost two weeks post surgery picture.

Two weeks today

Its been two week to the day today and I feel like I am getting better and better with an occasional down day. Its been two weeks and I am now sleeping in my bed with pillows propped up under my head and back. Can't quite sleep on my side. I have my appetite back for the most part. I have driven my car twice but not for long periods of time. I have worn regular clothes to go out once or twice. But I prefer right now to stay in my comfy sweat pants and hoodies. I do still take breaks to sit in the recliner to rest. It takes a lot of energy to take a shower and do little things like fold clothes and light house cleaning so I take a break. I still have not figured out a great way to shave my legs its hit or miss. I am use to shaving my legs everyday. Wish I had done that laser hair removal long time ago. I still shower every day and change my dressings. I have an appointment Wed with my ps to see what to do next. I figure I may start scar treatment not sure. I wear my binder almost all the time but not too tight. I refuse now to take the RX pain meds because they just make me have a bad day the next day. I just use anvil and tylenol pm at night so I can sleep. My scar is red but I think it looks good my bb looks good too. I posted two week pics and I will try to post pics every week to note the changes. I am taking my multi vit and I am still trying to eat healthy yogurt fruit oatmeal smoothies Lots of water and bananas. I am also still taking stool softeners to just make sure all that still works. I am not going to the gym but I will ask my ps this Wed when I can start back maybe just walking or something. I don't move real fast right now so not sure if I will be able too. Also I feel light I am standing almost completely straight. I do feel some pull on the incision. I will update after my next ps appointment Wednesday.

Three weeks Monday

Tomorrow I will be three weeks post op. I am planning on going to the gym and start walking and some type of low cardio for the first time. I am feeling better everyday. I have a few fluttering and funny feelings occasionally in my abs. I am not sure if its just nerve endings or what. I am sleeping on my side with pillows all around me. I am suppose to wear my cg for four weeks. I am weaning myself off of it more and more and wearing the spanx type pants. I am starting to feel like I can contract my ab muscles. I am starting to be able to do more physical activity around the house, but I still feel like I need to sit and rest. I know its still a long hall before I feel completely like my old self and be able to do what I use to do but Its encouraging when you feel better every week. Every once in a while I still have a day where I don't feel as good or don't have a good night sleep but progress is made every week. I am just hoping that when I start cardio or more activity that the swelling does not come. Reading it seems lots of ppl start swelling after starting more activity. I am going to take is slow. The Doctor says if it doesn't hurt I can do it. I will keep you posted. Happy healing to everyone!

Three week Before after tummy picture

I am three weeks in this picture. Before pic the night before the surgery.
After pic is three weeks post op.


I started exercising this week. Monday I did 30 min on the treadmill and 20 min on bike. That night my abs felt hard and full like some swelling had set in at the end of the day so I took it easy in the recliner that night. Tuesday I felt good so I got up went to the gym and did the same thing. I felt much better Tuesday and I felt a lot stronger. Wednesday I did not make it to the gym. I plan on going Thursday especially since I felt so good after Tuesday. So Monday after I worked out I was a little down at the end of the day because I felt so swollen, but Tuesday I felt so good afterwards it was encouraging. Took today off from the gym so looking forward to Thursday.

Over did it today.

I over did it today and boy did I pay for it. I went to the grocery store and then shampooed my area rugs in the house and later that night went to the gym with my husband. I did 30 mins on the treadmill and 20 on the bike. I could hardly walk to my car standing up straight. Learn a lesson. I always seem to push it. Oh wel,l feel better today now I know that I can not do that again. Too much activity in one day.

Swelling from over doing it. 4 weeks PO today.

I still have not recovered from over doing it last Thursday. This week end was rough. I would start off feeling good in the morning but by the end of the day I have lots of swelling. I know its because I didn't behave last week and over did it. Then I had a girls week end planned at some outlet malls in Williamsburg and we had to do some walking everyday. This week I will have to re-boot. I am taking it easy because it is not worth the swelling I get at the end of the day. Other than that, things were going well. I will behave and not over do it this week. It is not worth it. I don't see the doctor till next week. I hope the swelling will be under control by then.

Four 1/2 weeks. Back at the gym

Went back to the gym today for the first time in a week. I over did it last week and paid dearly for it. My swelling got so bad after over doing it that I didn't do any exercise for a week to recoup. I went back today and did 30 min. on treadmill and 25 on bike. Felt so good. Min. swelling. I will take it easy the rest of the day and not do too much physical activity. There is plenty to do but I am just letting some things go at the house so I can heal. Those things can wait. I feel lots better today. And I know my limitations. I go to my ps on Wednesday and I will see what he has to say about the progress. Happy healing. Its def. a little bit of ups and downs. But mostly ups!

Almost 5 weeks photo of tt scar

This picture was taken 2 days shy of 5 weeks post op TT. This was taken close to the end of the day so there is some swelling.

covered up scar at 5 weeks.

How good your under garment covers your scar.

First Cycle class

I went to the gym this morning and did my first cycle class (I use to do 4 a week before TT) Oh my word it felt so good! Min swelling. Did a little bit of stuff around the house but sat some to make sure I would not start swelling. Feeling great but I am cautious! This was a good day. I am so encouraged!

5 weeks post op today.

I am 5 weeks post op today. I definitely am glad that I had this surgery and I think my tt looks great. It took away all my flab and all my stretch marks because mine were below the bb. I love my bb.
Things I am experiencing....
1. Little swelling especially after I exercise. (walking on treadmill or bike at the gym)
2. Still have to hold on to things when getting up from a flat position but that is getting better.
3. Still don't have my stamina back to where it was before surgery
4. Scar is looking good red but getting better. Using silicone tape and cream
5. lost a few pounds
6. Can't wait till I can fully go back to my pre exercise program and not swell and scar fades.
7. Still have to rest some at night if swelling gets bad.
8. Only wearing spanx during the day

5 1/2 weeks and my ps visit yesterday

I will be 6 weeks PO Monday. I went to see my ps yesterday. Everything seems to be on target. He said at 2 months I will be free to do ab work and all exercise. Of course as long as I am not in pain. I have only been walking on the treadmill and bike. He also said I could do some light weight lifting. 5 lbs or so. I am excited about that. I don't have a lot of swelling but I have a little. My scar is red but healing nicely for 5 1/2 weeks. I think it looks like it suppose to for the amount of time. I am wearing my spanxs while doing exercise or during the day. I occationally but on my cg at night if I have swelling and want the swelling to go down in the morning. I am going to update my pics. I am so excited. I went to the gym the other night and came home with min. swelling and no pain. I have learned though not to over do it. The hard way so I will add a little every week to see what this body can handle. In my head I think I can so anything. But my body sometimes lets me know that I am 50 and recouping from a major surgery. LOL Happy healing my friends. I have ordered one two piece bathing suit and plan on feeling more confident in my bathing suits this summer. YOLO. I know there will be time for those granny bathing suits later but I am going to enjoy my youth as long as I can. Ha Ha. I will post pictures to give you an idea of how it looks at almost 6 weeks.

Almost 6 weeks

Pictures of scar at almost 6 weeks.

Two piece bathing suit.

I just posted pictures of me in a two piece bathing suit. Just to show an after picture. Its been 6 weeks since my surgery. I will have to start working out harder now to get this tummy smaller but here is a start. I have only been walking on treadmill until now. I have been released to do more and at 8 weeks should be able to do ab work. Happy healing Tummy tuckers.

6 1/2 weeks

I started back to the gym full time this week. Monday I did a cycle class and body pump Tuesday a step class and Today I did cycle and body pump again. I feel great. I get a little swelling at the end of the day and a few pains but for the most part I am really feeling great! I feel tired but I just try to go to bed a little earlier. My scar is still red but looking better every week. So glad I had this done. I am suppose to wait 8 weeks before I do ab work. I def. cant do much ab work. So I am going to wait on that.

7 weeks post op.

Today I am 7 weeks post op. Last week was my best week. I went to the gym everyday and I had min. swelling. This week I am starting off going to the gym and getting back into my pre surgery routine. With the exception of not much ab work. I am so happy that the swelling in min. My scar is red but looking good. I am still treating it with Palmers vit E oil and some coco butter and the med I bought at my ps office. I also put on my silicone sheets from time to time. I am not wearing any compression for the most part. I am not even wearing spanks for the most part. If I get more than min swelling I may put on the spanks or cg to get the swelling down. I have a few little tinges in my lower abs and numbness is still in my abs below my bb. I am overall happy with my surgery. I love my flat tummy and bb. I still would like to go down a size and loose a few more inches. Happy Girl. I may add pictures again but for the most part not much has changed since the last pics. I go back to the ps April 5th. Happy Healing Everyone!

8 1/2 weeks.

I am feeling so great at 8 weeks. I can pull myself up from a flat position! Yahoo! finally! I have been to the gym almost everyday. I can do some ab work, planks crunches ect. I just take it a little slower and not over do it. I don't have hardly any swelling!! I think because I know my limits and what gets me swelling. I do have to watch the salt. If I over do it. Then I swell. My scar is fading some not so red. I feel great and I am so happy about my results. I go back to the Doctor next week. I treat my scar with coco butter and scar guard and sometimes coconut oil. It is looking so goo. My only regrets is that I didn't do this sooner.!

I would Highly recommend Dr. Gregory Lynam. His office staff is great. I had a great consultation and pre op visit. The facility was so nice and the surgery went so well. I could not be happier with my tt and lipo. My first week was the toughest but after that things went very well. I am so pleased with my results. I wished I had done this sooner. But it was the right time for me. I had lost weight and worked out to the point that I had just hanging skin to get removed. I had talked to a few women who had had tummy tucks and when I had gotten a recommendation for Dr. Lynam I decided it was time to do this. I feel great and love my results.

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