47 Year Old in Much Need of a Breast Reduction, I'm Currently a 38 . ..Schedule for July 2016 - Richmond, VA

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Hi Ladies.. I have finally decided to get a Breast...

Hi Ladies.. I have finally decided to get a Breast Reduction. I'm am so tired of carrying heavy boobs.. I had spoken with my family care physician over the past few years about my breast. I thought if I diet and exercise that would help my breasts get smaller..That may work for some but it didn't help me. I spoke with my PS about having a Breast Reduction and lift.. My PS filled out all my necessary information and took pictures of my Breast, his nurse submitted all my information to my insurance company... I have Blue Cross Blue Shield.. I called my insurance company 1 week after my information was submitted just to make sure they had received all the necessary information.. I was told at that time that I had already been approved. That's right ladies 1 week and I was approved... My insurance is covering my entire procedure because I met my deductible and out of pocket expense early this year from a previous surgery that I had to have done. I am so excited...I will be going to Dr. Lynam in Richmond Va.. Richmond Surgical Arts.. I'm going to get breast reduced to a 38D.. Dr. Lynam is going to have my breast sitting up NICE and PERKY... July 1st is my Big day to get smaller Breast... I will keep you ladies posted.. Here are some before pics.

Before photos

Here are some before pics.. I can't wait till July 1st for my surgery.

suggestions for bras

Hi Ladies.. Hope everyone is healing well and having a great recovery. I am scheduled for Breast Reduction July 1st.. I have not purchased any bras to wear during recovery and healing process. I am going to purchase 1 bra from my Doctor's office because it has loops to attach drains.. Any suggestions on what type of bras I should get and where I can purchase them? Thanks

1day pre- op

Hello Ladies! Tomorrow is my big day.. I have surgery at 7:30 in the morning.. It has not hit me yet that my surgery is in the morning. I feel like I am dreaming. 8 1/2 hours before surgery and I'm wide awake.. I'm going to say a prayer and try to get a few hours of sleep. I will try and post tomorrow depending on how I'm feeling.


In case any of you ladies have questions about the cost. I have BCBS insurance. I have meet my deductible and I have met all my out if pocket expense except for $300.00. So I just have to pay the remainder of the $300.00 and my insurance will cover the rest at 100%. Lord I thank you for my Blessings..

Surgery went well

HI Ladies! My surgery went very well.. God is good! I feel just a little lite headed which is to be expected. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest I am at a 1. That's right ladies my pain is a 1.. I feel a little sore and that is it.. I pray that it stays this way. My doctor said I can take bandages off 2morrow & lightly shower if I feel like it..??If you ladies have any questions feel free to ask..I will try and post pictures in a day or two.


OKAY Ladies I just took my first shower. I am very swollen. So far so good. The only thing that is bothering me is my right drain. It is a little uncomfortable. I'm not experiencing any pain. I don't know if I'm supposed to take the yellow tape off my nipples or if the Dr is supposed to take off. I guess I will leave it on. I got a peak at my nipples and the look good.. I have no idea what size I'm going to be, I won't no until swelling goes down..I have been getting plenty of rest. I have a Dr. appt. Tuesday to get drains removed I will update at that time.

Second shower

HELLO Ladies. My recovery is going very well. I am not in any pain. My right drain is pinching a little but it's tolerable. I get drains removed tomorrow. I saw my nipples today a they look fabulous. My breast are still swollen. I hope when they settle down that I'm right at a D cup.. They look good so far everything is nice and even.. I have feeling & sensation in my breast and nipples???? I will post more pics later. I took shower earlier and I was extremely tired afterwards. My back is slightly bothering me because I have been sleeping in recliner since Friday.

Drains removed 2day 1 pic

Hello Ladies. I got my drains removed today. The right drain was pinching me. I'm so glad to have the gone.. It didn't hurt at all getting them out. I'm still tired so I'm just taking it easy getting plenty of rest. I can't sleep on my sides 4 at leastanother week or two ???? Other than the swelling I can honestly say I love the way my breast look.. So far my breast are the same size and both of my nipples look the same. This is a D cup I have on so once the swelling goes down this brand should fit even better.

Stinging feeling

OK Ladies. I got my drains removed today. My right drain was pinching me so I was glad to get it out. I'm having a stinging /burning feeling every so often on right side near where drain was removed. It comes and goes a least a couple of times every hour. It is annoying has anyone else experience this if so any suggestions on minimizing the stinging / burning feeling. Thank you.

A pic with no bra????

NO BRA. I'm still swollen but my boobs are sitting up nice & perky. I have plenty of sensation.
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