25 Years Old, Transaxillary, 275cc R and 300cc L Moderate Plus Profile Saline Breast Augmentation - Richmond, VA

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Had my consultation today and it went great! I...

Had my consultation today and it went great! I absolutely loved Dr. Lynam and his staff. We talked about my expectations, likes and dislikes, he answered all my questions, and then I got to try on the different implants! I was dead set on the transaxillary incision method, and he agreed with my age and breast size/composition that transaxillary would be a perfect approach. We decided to do 300cc filled to 325cc in my left and 275cc filled to 300cc in my right to correct some slight asymmetry. I am currently a 32A/B and this would put me at a large C. Very excited. Cant wait to go back for my pre-op appointment in 2 weeks.

Pre Op Appointment

Had my pre-op appointment last week on the 18th! I got the prescriptions for the pain pills, muscle relaxers, and nausea medicine. I also picked up some hibiclens, miralax, and emergenC! My surgery is March 3rd at 12:00pm. I am starting to get anxious, but am still very excited. I am also getting exparel injections so I am hoping that helps with post-op pain management and I wont have to take so many pain killers. I will post a before picture this week.

Pre Op photo

Before procedure bikini photos

I decided to take some pictures in my current bikinis for some before and after pictures!

Forgot some before pictures

Exactly one week out. This time next week I'll be in the operation room!

Today is the big day!!!!

I leave for the surgery center in 2 hours. I can't believe it's here already. I've been waiting for this day for so long! I will finally have boobs! This past week I've been scared nervous but mostly excited. I've had some trouble sleeping. Last night I took two muscle relaxers per Dr.'s orders and fell asleep fine, but when they wore off 6 hours later I couldn't fall back asleep and tossed and turned all night! Since my surgery is at noon I was allowed to eat up until 7am and drink until 9am. I had a yogurt and some tea. I will post an update maybe tonight but definitely tomorrow and let you all know how it goes! eeeek! I think I'm prepared! I read the article about the 13 things to buy to prepare for a BA and have everything on that list plus a few extras!

After surgery update

Left the surgery center around 4pm. I woke up fine with some minimal discomfort. More tightness in my left because it got the bigger implant. Right has pretty much no pain at all. I had hardly any nausea and that went away as soon as I got home and at some mac n cheese. I was starving! Currently resting and icing. Also drinking lots of ginger ale with some miralax. I am having a considerable amount of itching. Called Dr. Lynam to see if I was able to take some Benadryl. He said yes but if the itching persists I might be allergic to Percocet and he will have to switch me to Vicoden tomorrow. Other than that all is well. I have really great mobility with my right arm so I am able to eat and hold my cup. I got bendy straws and that has helped a ton! I can unwrap the bandages tomorrow and shower as soon as I feel up to it. So I will definitely post again after that adventure happens. So nervous/excited to see what they look like! I also got a boyfriend pillow and it's been amazing. Makes being propped up super comfortable and I actually napped for 2 hours when I got home after I ate!

1st day post op

Hey all! Now officially 24 hours post op! I feel good. Left is a little more sore than right still but that happens all the time. I've been sticking to a strict medicine schedule and icing lots. I took a shower this morning and unwrapped my bandages. I'm in love!!! I think they are perfect already and they will only get better with time. I needed some help in the shower because I can't lift my arms up high enough to get all of my hair! Dr. Lynam did an amazing job and has been amazing on the phone last night this morning when I called him with questions. I've just been relaxing most of the day but have been up a fair amount too and it's pretty manageable! Here are two pics!

2nd day post op

Good morning! I'm now on my second day post op. I feel pretty good still. More mobile than yesterday. I was able to get up use the bathroom take my medicine and make a bagel all by myself this morning. I haven't been nauseous but this morning I was a little bit so I took my first zofran. I'm pretty swollen today especially on my side boob. It's hard to rest my arms flat against my sides. Has anyone else experienced this? I was a little high on pain killers last night and was freaking out to my roommate that my implants were moving and trying to escape. She obviously told me I was being ridiculous and that they are just swollen and are not going anywhere. Lots of icing intervals today to try and help with swelling. I will post some pictures later of the side view. But no changes since yesterday overall. Patience is key here! I just keep thinking about how great they will look 3 months from now when I'm on my trip to the Caymans!

1 comparison picture

Decided to post a comparison picture. Looking forward to taking more before and after and progress collages!

3rd Day Post Op

Today marks 3 days of being post op. I feel pretty good overall! I had some nausea again this morning but the zofran fixed that right away. I'm cutting back on the percocets but still taking the muscle relaxers regularly. I still have some burning and tension in my left more than my right but that too is getting better. I also started rubbing them with cocoa butter today to keep them hydrated and prevent stretch marks! I don't think they look much different than day 1. Still very swollen but I took some pictures anyways. I am severely bloated though. Still haven't been able to go and I've been taking miralax and a probiotic daily. Might need to try an actual laxative instead of a stool softener. Anyways here are some pictures they aren't great. Hopefully my roommate will help me take some better ones when she gets home from work! Patience is everything. I can't wait till they are squishy!!! Oh today I also left the house for brunch and then went to see some friends. I think tomorrow I'll tackle attempting to drive. I have pretty great range of motion in my arms. I have been trying to wear that dreaded strap too as much as possible but it hurts!! Sorry I'm rambling. I think it's the medicine.

Small Progressions

I'm laying here tonight in a fair amount of pain. Probably the most I've been in since having the surgery. I'm trying to ween off the medicine because I have a half day back at work tomorrow and want to start preparing myself. I also was up and on my feet a lot today so that probably doesn't help either. I'm stressed, sore, extremely bloated and staring to feel a little crazy. But then I see the pictures of myself before and then 1 day post op and now 3 days post op and it amazes me how much better they already look. And that small progress is still important progress. It also helps knowing that they are only going to get better! It takes time and a lot of patience And really good friends to hear you out when you have crazy things running through your head. But seeing this collage makes all the pain and frustration worn it. And helps me say you got this, it only gets better from here!

Day 4 post op

I was supposed to go back to work after lunch today but I don't think it's happening. That was way too ambitious of me!! I still am super bloated and it's extremely painful I've tried a stronger strength laxative so hopefully that helps. I woke up this morning and they were extremely sore. Felt much better after icing and I was able to fall back asleep for a couple of hours. I think my sports bras might be too tight. My nipples feel like they're on fire and as soon as I unzip my bra and let everything breathe it feels so much better. But this might just be normal? I know we're supposed to wear the sports bra 24/7 but I've been unzipping it and letting them breathe a little bit at a time. Here is a picture taken from a bottom angle without the bra on while
I was laying in bed this morning. I still am going to attempt to drive this afternoon so I can be prepared for tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes.

6 days post op

Today is 6 days post op. I'm doing better overall. I've been more nauseous the past couple days than I was the first three days post op. I have been back at work almost full time since Tuesday. I have had to leave about an hour early the last two days to come home and take muscle relaxers and ice and lay down. I started walking last night and did 1.5 miles and it felt great. I did 3 tonight and I think I overdid t. Super sore now! I go back for my first post op visit tomorrow and get my stitches out! Fingers crossed for a good progress report.

1 week post op


I week post op

Yesterday I had my one week post op appointment. Got the stitches removed!! Got cleared to shave my armpits again. Also no longer have to wear the compression strap! So thankful! I hated that thing. He also cleared me to wear whatever bras I want as long as I'm comfortable in them and showed me the massages he wants me to be doing on my breasts. He says they look good and to massage 3x a day and they will start to look and feel even better. I rewarded myself by going to marshals and buying some new bras and a bikini! I'm a 32D/DD depending on the brand. And a Medium in soft bras and sports bras. Can't wait to wear the bikini!

11 days post op

Today is my first full week back at work and I start back in the gym! So ready to shed the weight I've gained from having so much time off! My energy is returning slowly but everyday is getting better. I'm completely off pain medicine of any kind. I only take muscle relaxers first thing in the morning to help with morning boob! I wake up at 6 take them fall back asleep for an hour or so then start to get ready. It works wonders! I had enough energy to go through my closet tonight and try on clothes. Most still fit, but just look even better! Some of my bathing a suits didn't fit but some still did! I am really happy with how they are progressing too. I have started doing the more rigorous massages and they are already becoming softer and have more mobility. They even bounce a little! Here are a few pictures of me in the bikini tops that I took pictures in before surgery. I will take pictures of my incisions later this week!

One month post op appointment

I'm one month post op and am completely back to full strength and full routine. Back in the gym lifting, cycling, running, and riding my horse. No pain or soreness. My right one will occasionally make a squeaky noise but dr Lynam said that's normal and will stop eventually. I'm still doing the massages every day. My incisions look great and are in a natural crease in my armpit fold so you can only see them when I lift my arms up but they're fading nicely. My nipple sensitivity had gone back to normal what it was before surgery. Overall I'm SO happy. I have moments where I wish they were bigger but that thighs immediately leaves when I think about bra shopping and swim suit shopping which is already a pain for my 32DDs. The majority of my old stuff still fits too which is exactly what I hoped! Today was my last check up with Dr Lynam. He said I'm good to go unless I need something! Also buying the warranty for my implants today! I highly recommend him to anyone in the Richmond area. He was amazing and I am so thrilled with my results. Here are some pics from the appointment today.

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